CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)

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The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie

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8-Fev, 2019



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Hunter45 2 soat oldin
God you can even tell this movie is bad when they show most of the action in the trailer
poke kitty2
poke kitty2 3 soat oldin
Well someone needs to say it This looks like shit
Justin Z.
Justin Z. 3 soat oldin
This looks interesting, Instead of it being a possesed doll,Its an AI gone wrong! I think i might really like this movie. This REALLY steps up from the chucky has a kid doll with another doll drama shit.
a; r
a; r 5 soat oldin
if the kid dies im literally suing
Kebmo338 5 soat oldin
So Luke finally turned to the dark side. LOL
mad unicorn
mad unicorn 9 soat oldin
OH HELL NO! THIS IS BULLSHIT! This fandom has gone down the drain already! let it go! They changed Chucky's look and everything! I also I don't like how this is trying to makes it more like today and it's all technology related things because that's not scary at all, it's TOO common of a theme, where technology takes over. why did they make Chucky an intelligent robot? that makes it harder to deny that he might have done something bad.
ゞvodka 6 soat oldin
Håkan Thoresson
Håkan Thoresson 11 soat oldin
I lave chucky 😁😁😏
Gabino Rubio
Gabino Rubio 13 soat oldin
0:18 Why does Andy’s mom looks like my ELA English Teacher
smb41990 sonic1989
smb41990 sonic1989 15 soat oldin
I think...this is the end friend 😕.
Andre Nobre
Andre Nobre 15 soat oldin
Quando vai ser no brasil
ksssk eiifufu
ksssk eiifufu 12 soat oldin
25 de julho, acho
Mark Himill joins the chat
Jessica 17 soat oldin
My sister said he looks like Fiona from Shreck and now I can't unsee it...
Emiliano Capotorto
Emiliano Capotorto 17 soat oldin
Enough. Remakes. ENOUGH.
Day NININ 18 soat oldin
People let me tell you about my best friend.......people best friend best friend
wolfjedisamuel 19 soat oldin
_Hello, Andy._
Ethan kayl Valencia
Ethan kayl Valencia 22 soat oldin
Xavior TheLycan
Xavior TheLycan 23 soat oldin
So far....This movie looks like it resembles absolutely nothing about the original...Instead of a serial killer's soul trapped in a doll's body, it looks like we're gonna have Skynet trapped in a doll's body...God...and I seriously doubt we're gonna have a cameo from Brad Dourif
MrOnionCock Kun oldin
Looks shit.
TAZ_520 xx
TAZ_520 xx Kun oldin
Way to ruin another classic 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
DDP Wrestling
DDP Wrestling Kun oldin
Wait did Chucky move alit while he was by the Corner in Andy’s Room
Julie Dyar
Julie Dyar Kun oldin
Mother, why did you let a doll do this to you? No wonder why dad left your lazy self,
moropix Kun oldin
Y la continuación del culto de chucky??🧐
Big D World
Big D World Kun oldin
Looks shit
Damin Mance
Damin Mance Kun oldin
The suppose to be a scary movie not playing best friends music movie! Its a garbage movie
Damin Mance
Damin Mance Kun oldin
This is the worst looking chucky I have ever seen befor
Pastle_ Naklle
Pastle_ Naklle Kun oldin
Why does Chucky look so bad
Zen Kun oldin
Why the hell would they name it exactly after the original movie?!
Chcky is the new terminator
Jsweizston Kun oldin
Please don't be politically correct and please Chucky, don't hold back the jokes and zingers.
YukinoKary Kun oldin
...en que mes la estrenarán?
Jason Lives
Jason Lives Kun oldin
Since it's being made by the directors of IT, I think that it has a good chance at succeeding
Dangitdanger I
Dangitdanger I Kun oldin
This trailer to me was better than the second one in terms of anticipation and horror tone.
EmilyVanSickel Kun oldin
It looks promising!! The actual chucky doll in the originals never took himself seriously so hopefully this will be more of a horror movie.
tu papa
tu papa Kun oldin
Geez just stp leave the classics be dont do this shit this is the problem child of childs play that should have bin aborted its like the pull out game is terrible who ever wrote this just kill ur self for real make an evil alexa movie or some shit but dont disturb the classics
ItsDopeSponge Kun oldin
Sub to me and get a Sub back under 30 Seconds. Don't try lying, I get a notification every time Some subs so ya.
s_lx Kun oldin
The picture of Chucky looks like one of my friends. 😂
Shannon  Dobson
Shannon Dobson Kun oldin
Why would they make a reboot they completely dropped the story after cult of Chucky it’s like Halloween
Diego Gameplays
Diego Gameplays Kun oldin
I swear some funny in this movie
K Kun oldin
just because a lot of people liked "it" don't mean it was good.
Giselle Barajas
Giselle Barajas Kun oldin
If anybody has to voice Chucky I’m glad it’s mark hamill 😁❤️
Julio's Awesome Videos
0:10 looks like the very end of the movie because Andy didn't have that red mark on his right eye even the tv says (Buddi 2) hmmmm....
Daniel Lemus
Daniel Lemus Kun oldin
Anyone here after the second trailer?
Bloodzone 124
Bloodzone 124 Kun oldin
Sam's Baby Girl
Sam's Baby Girl Kun oldin
I can see from the trailer this movie is gonna make me want to smite myself New big time movie companies should leave Classic horror flims alone I bet Wes is in heaven say 'WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THIS CARP'
DrKatz Kun oldin
This make me mad, cause they didn't finish the series, they left a cliffhanger!
harterism Kun oldin
Hopefully chucky (Mark Hamill) appears for more then a few seconds at the end of the movie this time.
Danielle Chase
Danielle Chase Kun oldin
I feel like the original will be better
Wtf happened to his face Also is it going to be like bird box where you barely even see their fucking face? And why is this a remake? You couldn’t make another one? Why isn’t Chucky’s face not shown in the trailer? Also why couldn’t you do less animation and stick to the more original look? Another thought..... are you guys doing the same voice actor they used for basically all of the movies? Is he dead? Or are you guys not choosing to let him act Chucky? Will we ever see chuckys face? Will we ever hear his voice? I don’t know because none of that is in the trailer! CinemaSins needs to do this when it comes out! Unfortunately I’m not going to watch it, instead I’m going to watch all the other Chucky movies and then watch this one because I want to compare them. Not sorry that it’s so long, because you do know that most of this is just me asking questions, right? *MOST OF THE TIME* the originals are better so now I just have to see for myself! Not saying it’s bad, oh wait yeah I am. -InfoChan-
DAYASHII Kun oldin
Just use a fucking EMP damnit.....
A Guy
A Guy Kun oldin
Really? Can't make new movies so just make remakes of crappy movies
Mayke bolado Vanek
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker Kun oldin
Do I dare hope for a decent remake/reboot?
potato jeff
potato jeff Kun oldin
2017: makes remake of it that beats the first one 2019:remake of chucks that beats the first one
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
🔥 Chucky 💓
PianoMusic Kun oldin
I can imagine this to be a good/okay Movie but i'm telling Ya nothing can beat the originals of Chucky. Just please try to make Chucky Funny like in the others because I can tell in the trailer he's kinda just kill kill kill kill kill in the original Chucky is going Joke kill kill Joke Kill Joke Kill kill so Just please try to make him funny.
L Kun oldin
John Marshall
John Marshall Kun oldin
God damnit, Hollywood, stop remaking movies.
Kolobos0523 Kun oldin
Is this fanmade?
Bloodzone 124
Bloodzone 124 Kun oldin
No dumbass 😒
Kevin Ferguson
Kevin Ferguson Kun oldin
kid seems a bit old to receive a doll for a gift
Arturo Rodriguez
Rip harambee
Fahad Okami
Fahad Okami Kun oldin
The only way to sell horror movies nowadays is Remake and focusing on trailers.
joseph samano
joseph samano 2 kun oldin
you better change that fucking face and read this comment
Emilio Guerra
Emilio Guerra 2 kun oldin
Dead Meat! This has cool kills btw
mintysquinty 2 kun oldin
Sure. A boy this age is playing with dolls and not alternating between IRL THOTs and fortnite gameplay on Twitch. Suspension of disbelief shattered and it's only a trailer
Brenda Lizama
Brenda Lizama 2 kun oldin
like so happy to this to release
Rager 2 kun oldin
Not a continuation rip :/
GrafxGramp 2 kun oldin
is Andy a little too old for dolls or is it just me?
Orangegam3r 2 kun oldin
Is this a sequel or a reeboot (please be sequel)
Jay 2 kun oldin
1kayters 2 kun oldin
Hey can I be in this movie
Jeet Roy
Jeet Roy 2 kun oldin
Not bad
MPT1983 2 kun oldin
From the producers of IT.. Think I'll pass then
Xixilovesanime 2 kun oldin
Sorry but 1980s Andy is still cuter I mean the way he tumbles around with a knife in that one scene was so cute
YowLife Productions
Red flag, they're not showing us Chucky's face.
candy girlll
candy girlll 2 kun oldin
Put chucky in solitary confinement. Then he will commit suicide.
Zachary S.
Zachary S. 2 kun oldin
They better not mess up remaking this classic comedy film!
Robert0 2 kun oldin
Since when was chucky a terminator?????
Cain hammering 14
Cain hammering 14 2 kun oldin
This movie look cool bride and 1 is still better
WeLP_ sOrrY :3
WeLP_ sOrrY :3 2 kun oldin
This better *be good* I swEaR.
Save PewDiePie
Save PewDiePie 2 kun oldin
Why on God's green earth did they set it in current day. WTF, I don't wanna see it. They should have set the time back in 1988
ElementOfLoyalty 2 kun oldin
Holy avocado! I did triple flips when I heard Mark Hamill was voicing Chucky XD
vme MK11istrashnowcry
Reboot or sequel?
NotYoCheeese 2 kun oldin
Chunky's fucking terminator
Flou 2 kun oldin
Who the fuc is buddi, why is he a robot. Overall creepy appearance
mynameisalabama 2 kun oldin
Is this real cuz I miss chucky man
69PoloW69 2 kun oldin
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 2 kun oldin
This creepy doll was threatening to murder an entire family. Now it does their taxes. "Everything's deductible."
Prototype0z19a Forgotting scarecrow
People let me tell you about my BEST friend
Ienjoypotatosalad 2 kun oldin
"How do you do fellow kids"
Emily Vass
Emily Vass 2 kun oldin
Luke Skywalker is Chucky.....Tempted to watch for that fact alone, and I hate horrors
matthew8432 2 kun oldin
Let me tell ya about my best friend!
Dayraven Scream Crack
A killer doll is on the lose... I don't look at it like the original. Sorry, but the bathroom scene scared the Hell out of me and if they do that they got a movie.
Eikman Almond
Eikman Almond 2 kun oldin
Why is Andy so old
Jasper Arce
Jasper Arce 2 kun oldin
ugly on the inside
Simon P
Simon P 2 kun oldin
Looks rubbish .And the doll looks crap is it cgi . The original is scary , great film
xxnycstruballaxx 2 kun oldin
Looks like shit
Drkmoon Drkmoon
Drkmoon Drkmoon 2 kun oldin
Hmm i gotta say i preferred how chucky looked in the 90s then right now, idk i dnt like his face, nothing like the first Chucky
Mar Celo
Mar Celo 2 kun oldin
Seriously NOBODY from the whole production haven't said "Changing the doll is the only thing we cannot do otherwise the movie will be a total failure?" ... I doubt producers of IT were at this project: producers of the new Ghostbusters that actually are behind this movie that, well, isn't Child's Play, PERIOD.
ArtWolf Girl
ArtWolf Girl 2 kun oldin
I want a chucky doll now
Edward Bliffin
Edward Bliffin 2 kun oldin
I mean yall literally get paid millions to think of new movies, and the only thing yall can do is fuck up classics...OK
Ten 31
Ten 31 2 kun oldin
Edward Bliffin love everything you just said.
Uruxok 2 kun oldin
Just turn off the internet
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