CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)

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The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie

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8-Fev, 2019

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The Tribal Funkster
The Tribal Funkster 26 daqiqa oldin
Aubrey Plaza would be in the remake 😂
Raven Of Shadows
Raven Of Shadows 27 daqiqa oldin
The remakes are never as good as the Originals. Just take the last Nightmare on Elm street movie & the lame ass Ghostbusters remake has good examples of what i mean. They both sucked big time.
Arlex Estiven Pineda Escobar
No mames casi me cago :}
Zave 34 daqiqa oldin
My guess is chucky turns out to be a killer AI?
Nate Butler
Nate Butler 48 daqiqa oldin
OMG this made my life
Alfie Welsh
Alfie Welsh Soat oldin
I used to be petrified if chucky i had to ask my mum to come up stairs with me so i could go to the toilet
Zachary Konen
Zachary Konen Soat oldin
I hope everyone achieves there dreams in life I wish everyone great luck(:I'm trying to start a youtube channel and grow any support would be much appreciated
NutterButterFlutter HD
Chucky waswnt scary when i was 4...im still not scared jsjsjsjdjxjzjz
Tiger takeover gaming
i don't like new chucky movies because, they use a new chucky doll but, i like the one in the original 3 movies.
ash 2 soat oldin
Ummm what...???? (I will never call these dolls buddi they are good guy dolls)
Big_NatePs4 bros
Big_NatePs4 bros 2 soat oldin
So no one realized that Chucky is slowly moving his arm down at 1:00?
heretik21 2 soat oldin
Took a long time for me to get over my fear of Chucky after my brother made me watch part of it when I was 4. Looking back at some of the clips from the old movies Chucky was actually pretty hilarious at times, seems like this movie is aiming for pure evil without the humorous quips?
SJmemes 2 soat oldin
Whoever is disliking this it’s a hole new franchise which is gonna be pretty tight
Its Morts
Its Morts 2 soat oldin
This Doesn't even look scary lmao
fucc umom
fucc umom 3 soat oldin
emily n
emily n 3 soat oldin
Chucks back
͡ッ 3 soat oldin
Miss. Me88
Miss. Me88 4 soat oldin
Maybe if they would’ve stopped at child’s play 2 this would seem more interesting. But no.. they had to go and ruin his legacy with constant BS sequels. Sorry but I’ll catch this online.
Dylan Roberts
Dylan Roberts 4 soat oldin
Who the fuck plays with dolls in 2019?
Copyright Aniki
Copyright Aniki 4 soat oldin
Why do i have to buy this freakin doll?
Nate Conagher2002
Nate Conagher2002 4 soat oldin
I don't think we're gonna be hearing any jokes or one liners from this chunky anymore, I think we're just gonna get distorted lines that the buddi doll has uploaded onto it
Luiz Pikachu
Luiz Pikachu 4 soat oldin
Mackenzie Banks
Mackenzie Banks 4 soat oldin
Hidey hoe!
rosezx 4 soat oldin
I fucking hated chucky growing up oh my fuck no.
DrizzyTheBoy'z 4 soat oldin
Gilbert Garcia
Gilbert Garcia 5 soat oldin
What’s the name of that song???
yungsasaki 5 soat oldin
They should a rename the title to the evolution of the terminators they started off with little dolls and it progressed to Arnold Schwarzenegger. 😂
RonLadd Hung
RonLadd Hung 5 soat oldin
Who dus the voice of chucky dis if not brad douirf fuck chuck
Pres1dentN1xon2 6 soat oldin
The fact that Andy's strapped with a knife and chainsaw in the final showdown makes me think this chucky is gonna be brutal
GuitArian Rockin!
GuitArian Rockin! 6 soat oldin
Omg yassss another chucky movie!!!! I grew up with chucky
Brandon Wiesner
Brandon Wiesner 6 soat oldin
WTF, I thought it was an actual ad in the beginning, lol. I will reserve judgment until I see a full trailer but this just seems unnecessary at this point.
Andres Foster
Andres Foster 6 soat oldin
not gonna lie...pretty stoked for this.
AsHLEγ T 6 soat oldin
Joh Souza
Joh Souza 6 soat oldin
why why june
Kiersten W
Kiersten W 7 soat oldin
Scrolling threw the comment section and theirs a lot of ppl saying the kids too old to be into those kind of dolls and it made me think my 2 guesses r 1 it's not supposed to be modern day maybe back when toys were more popular or 2 it's like Robbie in Poltergeist he got this clown doll that he hated and wanted to get rid of but couldn't bc it was from a relative
Cammyy 7 soat oldin
Movie will probably be great if Chucky didn’t look so different
Abhishek Masih
Abhishek Masih 7 soat oldin
The song made trailer very creepy . Suddenly Chucky childhood scare creeps in
Taee B
Taee B 7 soat oldin
Who the fuck buys their 12 year old (he looks 12), a damn Chucky doll 😐
Marco Antonio Burga Romero
Único español xd?
Andrea Francia
Andrea Francia 8 soat oldin
Pongan el doblaje de la 1 da demasiado miedo
Spider Gamer
Spider Gamer 8 soat oldin
If this kid found Chucky playing fortnite with other bitch es 🙁🙁🙁
Nicole Negron
Nicole Negron 8 soat oldin
Hes Baccccck!!!!!!
Spacemen 2
Spacemen 2 8 soat oldin
dat fucking papar boi?
Hudson Horror
Hudson Horror 8 soat oldin
I am so excited!!!! Can not wait! It looks like its going to be much more gory with blood and guts and all that stuff!!! Awesome!
alina 8 soat oldin
time to scare my sister
CARNAGE 8 soat oldin
Around 0:49 and after you’ll hear chucky say andy three times the last one sounds like his real voice
Crazy VillainFan
Crazy VillainFan 8 soat oldin
So apparently Aubrey Plaza's a mom now in her roles....that's interesting. She can be a pycho therapist possesed by a monster, she can be an angsty assistant, she can be a cursing nun, but mom....that doesn't sound right.
DJ MIXX 8 soat oldin
Why won’t they let chuckle just die. Tooooo many of them
free talk
free talk 9 soat oldin
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alpo 702
alpo 702 9 soat oldin
Chuckie ain't playing!
Jovi Nazianzus
Jovi Nazianzus 9 soat oldin
...... Isn't tat Chucky?
Fawnje Pollard
Fawnje Pollard 9 soat oldin
Now I remember this kid he was in lights out that movie was really good😂
Dark Player
Dark Player 9 soat oldin
So is this taking place in an Alternate universe or Does Charles Lee Ray Exist In the same Universe as This doll/Robot
super aryen
super aryen 9 soat oldin
Love from India & please release in Hindi
Richard Manuel
Richard Manuel 9 soat oldin
Skyler The Wolf
Skyler The Wolf 10 soat oldin
OMG yay a new Chucky movie I been waiting for so long OMG I love Chucky
David Gerstein
David Gerstein 10 soat oldin
They should make it so it's questionable if Andy is behind it and Chucky is just a scapegoat.
Zoie H
Zoie H 10 soat oldin
if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
A- -L
A- -L 10 soat oldin
No 10 soat oldin
WTH the kid looks too old and it’s not believable he would want that doll. Haha.
سـRـاوي مـHـيف
Subscribe to my channel please
J-800 Model HaHaHa
J-800 Model HaHaHa 10 soat oldin
Since they're going with tech gone wrong instead of voodoo... what if one of the software programmers for these dolls is called... Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray? An oddball recluse with a brilliant mind and a bit of a dark side underneath finds himself slipping into insanity and having murderous tendencies. He program's a doll to kill just for kicks? That would actually be kind of interesting but probably won't go that way at all. And Brad Dourif aint involved ffs 😠
The Potatos
The Potatos 10 soat oldin
Im Chucky The humans are my math questions
Ivanxgamer 11 soat oldin
Who else can't stop watching this?
Jimmy 691
Jimmy 691 11 soat oldin
Yeah, nah. It's been cool 20 years ago.
ZENI gaming
ZENI gaming 11 soat oldin
He was.lit
Andrew Ramos
Andrew Ramos 11 soat oldin
Are they doing a remake of the first one instead of a sequel to cult of chucky? D;
W.G. Forever
W.G. Forever 11 soat oldin
I have a good feeling about this reboot
Surgery on Craig Army
Surgery on Craig Army 11 soat oldin
Why tf a doll? Just give him v-bucks.
Fernando Gutiérrez
Fernando Gutiérrez 11 soat oldin
Jajajaja ésto es basura :v (Jajajaja this is trash :v)
Monster Mousse
Monster Mousse 11 soat oldin
This definitely needs to be rated "R" as some of the best parts are of Chuckie swearing.
Susan Appleby
Susan Appleby 12 soat oldin
I will remember the original movie for as long as I live. I remember the end too. It scared me senseless. This looks really good but I dont know if I want to watch it to be honest. Dolls in general dont freak me out....just this one lol. This doll does not play.
anna wong
anna wong 12 soat oldin
shuvo mistri
shuvo mistri 13 soat oldin
Woooooooow!!!!!! aawesomeeee
Junior M
Junior M 13 soat oldin
As long as its better than trash ass cult of chucky
samm s
samm s 14 soat oldin
I Still think that the old look for chucky is more scarier than the new one...the new one looks clean and safe ish kinda way...the old one....that one makes me shit outta myself causing me depression and trauma to not watching horror movie ever again until today....
KTHREE31 14 soat oldin
Ese Callum
Ese Callum 15 soat oldin
qinki 15 soat oldin
JPrice Nice
JPrice Nice 15 soat oldin
thought the first 10 seconds was an Ad
Kelso1011 16 soat oldin
does he sound like the 90's chucky cause he better
Mr. Tee
Mr. Tee 16 soat oldin
It would be nice, every once in a while, to have an original horror movie that isn't a sequel or reboot.
Shayaan Elahi
Shayaan Elahi 16 soat oldin
Will Cult of Chucky get a sequel, because we still didn't see the end of that movie?
MsDoctorWhoFan1 16 soat oldin
I'm excited about this a lot more. And I was excited about Spiderman Far from Home, Pet Semetary and Detective Pikachu. Forget that now, this is going to be the shit!
SealDude 16 soat oldin
Chucky:What?! Again?!
Rex_626 16 soat oldin
It better be the same voice actor for chucky 😤😤
Verify Controversy
Verify Controversy 16 soat oldin
I really hope Jon Gruden makes a cameo appearance.
Npc 2000
Npc 2000 17 soat oldin
slipknot00010 17 soat oldin
This movie is disturbing
ervinjaizah 17 soat oldin
It’s 2019,can we finally admit that chunky doesn’t scare anyone anymore
Sleepy Kodak420
Sleepy Kodak420 17 soat oldin
Andy looking like he plays more Apex legends, then with chucky
Teshiku 17 soat oldin
0:55 is lit
tom balmer
tom balmer 17 soat oldin
i will watch it just for aubrey plaza tho
carlos alcantara
carlos alcantara 17 soat oldin
es una basura lo unico que hacen es intentar sacarle dinero a esta pelicula solo porque tiene el nombre de chucky la verdad estas peliculas echan a perder aquellas sagas maravillosas que vimos en nuestra infancia no ire a ver la pelicula al cine y lo que es peor la vere en ilegalmente en una pagina de internet o me lo comprare pirata en el mercado no pienso derles un centavo
Y H I N 18 soat oldin
I just noticed that the movie is going to be PG-13 😑 Is like making porn but censored so the all family can watch it 😑 Screw you, really
CherryAddictz 10 soat oldin
How do you know that?
Shad0wGh0stBr0s 18 soat oldin
People let me tell you about my worst friend
Serino Siders
Serino Siders 18 soat oldin
Man I seen all of the chuckys and they were not scary this is not eaither
Y’K Gaming
Y’K Gaming 18 soat oldin
28s year later
Jimmy Chungus76
Jimmy Chungus76 18 soat oldin
This is the end, friend.
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