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Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic (Audio)

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“Summertime Magic” by Childish Gambino smarturl.it/n3g9db8
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11-Iyl, 2018

Childish GambinoR&BSummertime MagicWolf+Rothstein/RCA Records



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Kfam Be lit
Kfam Be lit Kun oldin
i love childish gambino
lukeM Kun oldin
Who is here because their bing watching all of Donalds music, and not from riri XD
KluKluxKLAM Kun oldin
do-LA-me- do-
TwitchyModder 2 kun oldin
wtf even is this shit like wtf dying unicorn ftw
I’ll fucking rip ur face off bitch.
Oh my gosh I’m so glad I didn’t have a chance I could come to the school if you want me or I wanna is a time for us I wanna is a way I wanna was the day day trip and then we can go get out the of my kids mom is gonna is a way for you guys and then we will be home.
Lenna FANTASTIC 5 kun oldin
My new fav! Cant get this out my head
Kris V
Kris V 6 kun oldin
Green skull
Green skull 7 kun oldin
Is 🌟
Green skull
Green skull 7 kun oldin
Summer☀️ magic✨
Underated 7 kun oldin
KD3HNND GAMING 7 kun oldin
Even in November this song still makes it feel like summer 😤
slime hit dat beat
slime hit dat beat 8 kun oldin
am I the only one of few who didnt come from RIRI's insta or shit?
T8HPO 10 kun oldin
First time I heard this.... even though I am in my upper 40s, I like the laidback tone of this song. Its refreshing that new pop music can have some tones that are about chilling and relaxing, and this song has that chilled out effect. I could sleep with this on and relax.
Chris NullNull
Chris NullNull 11 kun oldin
Winter is for winners!😒
Shann B
Shann B 11 kun oldin
My iiiiiiisssshhhh
Daniel 7u7
Daniel 7u7 12 kun oldin
(Lo bueno es que aquí no hay comentarios estupidos de autistas) Me esta gustando bastante Childish Gambino, tiene canciones muy buenas!!
CoolBro DJ
CoolBro DJ 12 kun oldin
November 2018?!
stoney grower
stoney grower 12 kun oldin
whos here because they heard this bomb ass song on Xm radio
xo._ jahseh
xo._ jahseh 12 kun oldin
Was my mom's favorite song 😭
Obnoxious Duck
Obnoxious Duck 13 kun oldin
This song makes me see reality
Donald McKinley Glover
And suddenly, pregnancies skyrocketed in the summer of 2018 SUBSCRIBE MEEE
Kay Milkkshake
Kay Milkkshake 13 kun oldin
My boyfriend said this song reminds him of me. So like I’m here.
tallyta lemes matias
Algum brasileiro??
Dsplita 16 kun oldin
The energy this song gives off is amazing Real Music for Real People open.spotify.com/album/3fWh1jG04hGBepwTXtAA3C?nd=1
Nicole Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez 16 kun oldin
Im here from Rihanna instagram story 😒😒😒😒😒
Calliope206 16 kun oldin
here from Empire
Tyreke .t
Tyreke .t 16 kun oldin
Here after Empire ❤
Riri doesnt make. The one Riri nothing make and No use
Riri was DJ in MA city from. But I always reject and kick riri. Cz Riri always nastyier than other
Adella Reyes
Adella Reyes 17 kun oldin
Mauro Silva
Mauro Silva 17 kun oldin
Childish Gambino Summertime magic. Bruno Mars 24k magic. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. 🙃
RABBAH 18 kun oldin
@ #ChildishGambino Luv, luv, luv it! Can hear Stevie Wonder's "Ngiculela" all through it...feels so good! Thank you!
RABBAH 18 kun oldin
Summertime Magic Donald Glover You feel like summertime You took this heart of mine You'll be my valentine In the summer In the summer You are my only one Just dancin', havin' fun Out in the shinin' sun Of the summer Of the summer Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do (yeah) I love you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do (ohh) Put no one else above you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do (yeah) I need you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do (ohh) Oh! Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do I love you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do Put no one else above you Do love me, do love me, do (ohh) Do love me, do love me, do I need you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do Hoo, oh! Is it summertime magic That makes me wanna dance all night long It's your summertime magic Make me feel this way, got me boo'd up Girrrrllll o O you're my worrlllld (baby) Baby girrrllll (woo, ah) My whole worrrrlllllld Hoo, oh! You feel like summertime (oh, yes you do) You took this heart of mine (you know you did) You'll be my valentine (valentine) In the summer (In the summer) In the summer I love you (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) (I love you) Put no one else above you (Do love me, do love me, do) Your style, your braids, your eyes (Do love me, do love me, do) So summertime (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) All I wanna do is let you shine (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) I love ya (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) Put no one else above you (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) It's your summertime It's your summertime magic Songwriters: Donald McKinley II Glover / Ludwig Emil Tomas Goransson Summertime Magic lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Mike Fritz
Mike Fritz 19 kun oldin
It's nice to see this video all day long
Mark Ortega
Mark Ortega 19 kun oldin
Do la me do la me do do la me do🎵
jklgraphics 20 kun oldin
Ryan Leslie type beats 1:17
Z I I K V SA 20 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-YAULfIHBnn4.html Afromix at my channel... after this I invite you world 😍
Dillon Toot
Dillon Toot 20 kun oldin
💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🎵🎵🎵Do love me, do love me, do. Do love me, do love me, do🎵🎵💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺
Desmond Alohan
Desmond Alohan 21 kun oldin
Im here because i accidentally clicked this instead of Feels like Summer Still a good song though
Hackels 21 kun oldin
Honestly I came here dem noteblocks.
Matt Britzius
Matt Britzius 23 kun oldin
Dulami dulami doo
Nya Bud
Nya Bud 23 kun oldin
Here because of Rihanna 😩🔥
Nathan Larson
Nathan Larson 23 kun oldin
I love Donald Glover, but this song reminds me of the song the snowman sings in Frozen.
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz 23 kun oldin
This song will hold a special place in my heart. The day it was uploaded I recently graduated and was crashing at a friend's house because my parent's decided to make horrible decisions and got my family evicted. It was raining hard, it was unusual because it never rains in Arizona, and as I look out the window I see the Safeway down the street up in flames. Needless to say it felt surreal and I was just confused. Anyway I found a nice little apartment for my sister, brother and me, also I'm going to enlist with the air force soon, things are looking up.👍
Michael Heber
Michael Heber Kun oldin
@Justin Cruz I share a similar story before I joined the USAF message me if you have questions or need someone to talk to
Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout 5 kun oldin
@ FuiBanContaFake Yes, war is a job and so is prostitution or selling drugs in some corner. The difference of the latter with being a paid murderer is that at the very least you don't leave 800.000 starving Iraqi orphans behind you. Everyone is faced with hard decisions in life, but this doesn't leave him off the hook because there are millions more struggling in this economy who would rather do anything else in life rather than killing people for money. I'm sorry to say this, but when people like me all over the country hear about US soldiers killed in Afghanistan or any other place we just shrug our shoulders and think they just got what they asked for. It may sound insensitive but then again what about the feelings of their victims and their families.
FuiBanContaFake 5 kun oldin
​+Kilgore Trout The military gives a great salary. Excellent for someone who has troubled parents and need to provide for their siblings after an eviction and no parent support. Also, unlike 90% of the job market, they won't spit at the face of recent graduates with no field experience whatsoever. After leaving the military, you'll have aquired field experience, and extra credits for "serving your country" (patriotic act), plus you'll receive several bonuses during and after your time in there. I personally wanted to serve my military as a Combat Enginner (couldn't due to several physical problems), which are responsible for building over 60% of my country infrastructure. We never took part in any international conflict (besides a small part in WWII, which we help took down the Italian Regime), and our military is an essential part to our research and study fields. It's not a matter of having a ideology. It's about survival and life improvement. You should consider everypoint of view, war is a job, afterall.
musicvideos2695 5 kun oldin
One can’t enjoy the harvest without enduring these thorny days.....be the example for your siblings. Good luck to you and your family.
Rebellious 24 kun oldin
Yas the pan! Omg yes!
tamyaaa 24 kun oldin
i swear i love this song, really love the vibe
Damani Dorsey
Damani Dorsey 24 kun oldin
Do luh me do
William English
William English 25 kun oldin
i love the song. do love me do!
Joy Nyambura
Joy Nyambura 25 kun oldin
ANNA ROSE 25 kun oldin
The resident anyone?
Leslie Emanuel
Leslie Emanuel 25 kun oldin
pure talent and strategic music too
Chris Romero
Chris Romero 25 kun oldin
Who’s here because of patriot update?
nicoco le
nicoco le 26 kun oldin
af te amo :(
Ayodapoet Tv
Ayodapoet Tv 27 kun oldin
put on 1,5 speed thank me later.
akainsane 27 kun oldin
Please thumbs up the lyrics down below
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Sandul G
Sandul G 28 kun oldin
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Slim Boy
Slim Boy 28 kun oldin
Wow it's magical xd
Peter Sullivan
Peter Sullivan 28 kun oldin
My bus driver put this on the radio... After than I went home and instantly put this song on.
Javier Daniel Tosta ツ
*More songs like this please*
XxwolfmeetstheskyxX 29 kun oldin
Funny thing is, I don't see anyone who's here from Rihanna's Instagram story, just people complaining about the people that are
Crazaow13 Willy
Crazaow13 Willy 29 kun oldin
Hear dat boss sweet pan intro and throughout the song 😊😊🤗🤗
Jay Harris
Jay Harris Oy oldin
love this tune, amazing summer 2018 spent it with someone really special I listen to this to remember just how good I felt
Raivis Oy oldin
Autoplay brought me here. anyone?
Olivia Hamilton
This was published on my birthday! I love you too Mr. Glover it felt like he was singing to me lol
quincio rangel
If a video is made , is going to ruin the music.
ash h
ash h Oy oldin
Why i got this confused with "feels like summer" 😂 Anyways this my song 💃 ♥
Moto Meto
Moto Meto Oy oldin
I love how this was made in summer but Feels like summer was made in the beginning of fall
Keeanu Zavala
Keeanu Zavala Oy oldin
Good song xd
Glenda Wati
Glenda Wati Oy oldin
Need this on Tidal
Jazz CoCo
Jazz CoCo Oy oldin
I remember playing this at my brother's wedding in my mom's car my mom told me that I should of been my brother's dj.
cyberneak Oy oldin
Ya’ll wrong for this 💦💦💧🌊
Hēvani Purcell
So many songs about summer
Chazdacharm Oy oldin
Why not
RihannaBetter Oy oldin
Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy Oy oldin
Daaamn a hit
Potato Salad
Potato Salad Oy oldin
I get a heavy Princess Mononoke vibe from the sound at 0:39
Beautiful_ Savage
Riri brought me here 😍😍😍😍😍😍
L H Oy oldin
Who's listening in the fall?
Nicole Fernandez
Mercy Mercy
Mercy Mercy Oy oldin
David Sidwell
David Sidwell Oy oldin
literally uploads just as Summer ends omega lol
ATUiLOL Oy oldin
Rihanna fans STFU!! We here because of Childish Gambino!!
Geun Young Yoon
Came here because of my favorite mexicana’s recommendation, Thank you B (gorgeous girl 😘)
Cat Pink
Cat Pink Oy oldin
Pretty music
Charles Anderson
this song makes me want the summer to never go away😭😭
Leo Vsavge
Leo Vsavge Oy oldin
Watch freememeskids’s videos
FIFA 19?
KEN DILL Oy oldin
I love this joint what a vibe
Cameron Arnold
A bunch of girls at my school thot they got prego my eggo at homecoming from grinding
Monique Murphy
Tina Jean
Tina Jean Oy oldin
The resident bought me here!!!!!!
Zeidin Oy oldin
Donald Glover you are soo OWESOME!!!! >:3
깽낑꽁 Oy oldin
Lyric please
Dekel Wright
Dekel Wright Oy oldin
I love the beat
Uprise Music
Uprise Music Oy oldin
This sounds like Xavier White - How Deep 😎😎
Dj Goliday
Dj Goliday Oy oldin
stop posting this shit on every video bruh.
Ueslaine Barbosa
Não conhecia essa música, vim ver por causa da Bruna marquezine na entrevista 😁🤗❤
Nicola Howell
Nicola Howell Oy oldin
My mom loves playing this song omg I love it 😍😘😘
Nicola Howell
Nicola Howell Oy oldin
This is a good song ☺ 👍 💕 😍 😘
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Better Now
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