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Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic (Audio)

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“Summertime Magic” by Childish Gambino smarturl.it/n3g9db8
tour tickets and merchandise available at www.childishgambino.com/




11-Iyl, 2018

Childish GambinoR&BSummertime MagicWolf+Rothstein/RCA Records



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Grashaun no name
Grashaun no name 6 soat oldin
Travis Scott Beibs In the Trap ft Nav
Vicki Talley
Vicki Talley 6 soat oldin
feel good music 🎶 Yessss loving it GOOD VIBING SOUNDS😍💯💯✔ AND THE BEAT DROPS 🎶
PopstarplaysROBLOX Capsize
I LIKE dis song btw I’m black my name is Jai’ya I’m 8 years old it’s summer :DDDD
Neshal Sharma
Neshal Sharma 8 soat oldin
able lagoon
able lagoon 8 soat oldin
Lethal weapon brought me here
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 9 soat oldin
🌹The rose was a.death threat
Sanjay Gaikwad
Sanjay Gaikwad 11 soat oldin
Mr. Foundation
Mr. Foundation 18 soat oldin
This song on 1.25! I can dance to this all damn day.
Ida-Marie Vega Jensen V3B Vibeengsskolen
i love song i love love love song
John Smith
John Smith 23 soat oldin
This man is too talented. What can't he do
NURUL NADIAH 23 soat oldin
Kinjaz brought me here
Melissa White
Melissa White Kun oldin
💜this song
Rosalind Campbell
Love this
Jareth Kun oldin
#🇧🇧SoulSmiles 👽
Jareth Kun oldin
#SunshineSamantha my sister da bomb ☺️
T - SuedeTV
T - SuedeTV Kun oldin
When's the official video????
Lia Batiste
Lia Batiste Kun oldin
Makes me wanna get up and dance
DynamiteChic Kun oldin
Wow!! nice rhythm ... You took this heart of mine You'll be my valentine in the summer...
BertleMcGertle Kun oldin
I don't have Instagram
Julius Ekandem
Julius Ekandem Kun oldin
Love this song
죄옹절 Kun oldin
Korea 🇰🇷
Dean McGee
Dean McGee Kun oldin
Chucked it onto my Playlist, coz this song is cool 😎
Zachary Krauss
Zachary Krauss 2 kun oldin
CHECK OUT HIS BRAND NEW SONG (SEP 2018) HERE: uzvid.com/video/video-x8khKKk2Ygg.html
JennieROBLOX 2 kun oldin
what if it is winter???????
Grass Cyat
Grass Cyat 2 kun oldin
Thought this was maroon 5 ...
Quishanty Coffy
Quishanty Coffy 2 kun oldin
i can't stop listening to this song❤❤
JBx Gaming
JBx Gaming 2 kun oldin
who been a fan since day one
Camilo 2 kun oldin
You're the best Donald. My generation icon. Thank you for this and everything.
Dime Dime
Dime Dime 2 kun oldin
Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic (feat. Minecraft)
B.A.D Games
B.A.D Games 3 kun oldin
Sounds like dolphins or whales
Cheyenne Ibbott
Cheyenne Ibbott 3 kun oldin
flavio 3.0
flavio 3.0 3 kun oldin
Bon le son Funck !
Law Dawg
Law Dawg 3 kun oldin
Drop top beach music super dope vibe
clαѕѕíc mαч
clαѕѕíc mαч 4 kun oldin
Whos here cuz this was on their recommended?
Angela Du Lac
Angela Du Lac 4 kun oldin
Troy & Abed in the morrrrrrrninggggggg
Oscar López
Oscar López 4 kun oldin
Like si viniste por el video de Rihanna en Instagram,
marisela ramos
marisela ramos 4 kun oldin
I can't stop playing ❤
Cheetah 4 kun oldin
Why does everyone comment where they heard the song from?
Ruthie Gullett
Ruthie Gullett 4 kun oldin
Love this song totally relaxing and easy going😍
boxboy50 4 kun oldin
Sounds like mark morrison
Antfarm2002 4 kun oldin
I need a Music Video, Please!!!!!!!!
TULENY 386 4 kun oldin
Я один слышу: дуло в меду ?
Xtian 4 kun oldin
Cancun 2018
KERO KEKE 4 kun oldin
i come from rihanna Vogue
FTH_ Steve
FTH_ Steve 4 kun oldin
.75 playback speed. I’ll see y’all at the baby shower.
Sol Bp
Sol Bp 4 kun oldin
Amo a este hombre. 🤤😍❤
George Whitehead
George Whitehead 4 kun oldin
Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥
mademoiselle e.
mademoiselle e. 4 kun oldin
nice👌 Can I get some coktails please 🍹🍹🍹😁
Rgg Snts
Rgg Snts 4 kun oldin
Rihanna's impact 😊😝
Edison Tatad
Edison Tatad 4 kun oldin
Rihanna brought me here !
Rih Obsessed
Rih Obsessed 4 kun oldin
The rihanna's fave
sophie Large
sophie Large 4 kun oldin
Rihanna's Diamond Ball Experience
Von Gerald Bagares
Von Gerald Bagares 4 kun oldin
Rih brought me in YT and hit "Do love mo do love me do"
Rico Jr
Rico Jr 5 kun oldin
Actually I feel like summertime when I listen to Childish Gambino's songs
Asia Shine
Asia Shine 5 kun oldin
The perfect song to dance on your man to.
Javier Olmedo
Javier Olmedo 5 kun oldin
This looks like R&B
pngmick 5 kun oldin
This is shit
MielPopsKiller 5 kun oldin
Hi from France ! Someone can brings the lyrics plz
phunkey 5 kun oldin
Oh! Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do I love you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do Put no one else above you Do love me, do love me, do (ohh) Do love me, do love me, do I need you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do Hoo, oh!
aims86ac 5 kun oldin
Kimberly Henry
Kimberly Henry 5 kun oldin
I love you childish Gambino
chango babalu
chango babalu 5 kun oldin
I first heard this song at the hardware looking for electrical goods. Left with all kinds of shit. I blame this song
sarah mank
sarah mank 5 kun oldin
this song is soo so good
Màřÿ Ķŕŏl·
Màřÿ Ķŕŏl· 5 kun oldin
*Все пишут, что подогнала Рианна, а я напишу спасибо @vberberry)* 💗 Влад, я требую больше музыки в твоих историях) ♡
puk edenaroga
puk edenaroga 5 kun oldin
Я тут от Влада с: @vberberyy c: ГЫЫЫ С:
Zac Bohannon
Zac Bohannon 6 kun oldin
The fact that so many people don't know what a steel pan drum is concerns me.
Esoteric Volts In Ice
Dapre Gillis
Dapre Gillis 6 kun oldin
This reminds of one of cherubs beats
Penny Lopez
Penny Lopez 6 kun oldin
I love Him as Troy, Childish Gambino and even more as Donald Glover!!!❤️
Prima Ballerina
Prima Ballerina 6 kun oldin
Do yuh luh me to
Alejandro Londoño
Alejandro Londoño 6 kun oldin
Chris Camille
Chris Camille 6 kun oldin
Play this at the Mall or H&M or Forever 21
Nicole Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez 6 kun oldin
I luv himm so muchhh this song is so good💝💝💝
Millicent Grant
Millicent Grant 6 kun oldin
Wow... So talented... I'm loving this song.
Momo Ro
Momo Ro 6 kun oldin
Who else? Blowing trees to this one...
Eduardogiven 6 kun oldin
I think my speakers got damaged by hearing this song.
BTS Fan 6 kun oldin
Rihanna's impact brought me here again
Jacob Evanson
Jacob Evanson 6 kun oldin
:( bye gambino
KingSavagejr 6 kun oldin
Nounil Nounil
Nounil Nounil 6 kun oldin
🔥song Cause #BadgirlRiri
sherry mahoney
sherry mahoney 6 kun oldin
good music good for the soul
Zygarden 6 kun oldin
gimme that note block please 😩
destiny cc
destiny cc 6 kun oldin
Keep it up bro so awesome
Seth Williams
Seth Williams 7 kun oldin
Personally like this most of the two summer-themed songs from Glover.
Adriana Alegria
Adriana Alegria 7 kun oldin
who is here cause they heard this song in the bus? cause i did lmao 😂
Jeanie Jean
Jeanie Jean 7 kun oldin
Here from "Feels Like Summer", Great vibe! 😊Sexy new single "REFRESH" OUT NOW ON MY CHANNEL, SUBSCRIBE😘
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell 7 kun oldin
"Troy was very talented at Steel Drums."
Diverse Landscaping
Donald Gambino taps Into his true artistry it shows through his music he's made timeless hits be here long after he's gone true renaissance man no homo love your work
Omair Islam
Omair Islam 7 kun oldin
just drop the album
sarthak pathroliya
sarthak pathroliya 7 kun oldin
Love his music. So inspirational.
Atik Aziz
Atik Aziz 7 kun oldin
Who is here because they actually love Childish Gambino?
Marianna Kallio
Marianna Kallio 7 kun oldin
Intro reminds me of another song.. Any idea which?
Trini Kinks
Trini Kinks 7 kun oldin
This song makes me wanna go to Cancun & enjoy life
Nesian Kid
Nesian Kid 8 kun oldin
bigbrain457 8 kun oldin
Gambino looks like trey from community or they both look like donald glover.
I ate screws
I ate screws 8 kun oldin
this is do love me do don’t catch you summertime
Moilatch 8 kun oldin
sounds a bit like bruno mars sometimes :o
Chris Holley
Chris Holley 8 kun oldin
Gambino is the man i will be following for life. Keep up the good work god
Tita Mirela
Tita Mirela 8 kun oldin
Summer time
Andres Nieves
Andres Nieves 8 kun oldin
This just brings the 2 step right out of me.
Gregory Saniel
Gregory Saniel 8 kun oldin
This should be the one that has music video.
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