CHILI Crab & ORIGINAL Black Pepper Crab in Singapore

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I went to Jumbo Seafood and Long Beach Seafood to try their chili and pepper crabs in Singapore. Here's how they were...
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Tom Brackett
Tom Brackett 9 kun oldin
Totally agree Mike Singapore chili crab and black pepper crab are some of the best food experiences I have had traveling to over 28 countries.
fredrik Liljeblad
fredrik Liljeblad 25 kun oldin
siba prasad biswal
I want to sell live green crab so my contact no-7978171634,yours-?
its.yaireliz Oy oldin
Good video☺️
its.yaireliz Oy oldin
4:40 yo he bouta get married 😂😂
Franco Ngai
Franco Ngai Oy oldin
I went to Singapore with my best friend and my Aunt treated us to dinner at Jumbo - we had a large crab each - delicious!
Gwen T.
Gwen T. Oy oldin
My vote goes to Long Beach too!
fadiwadi Oy oldin
Flew into singapore from Sydney yesterday... dressed and ready for long beach @mikeychen 😍 ur reviews have inspired me! 14min by grab to get there 😂👍👍👍
AwesomeFig Oy oldin
You should try the seafood in "No Signboard Seafood"
Graham Small
Graham Small 2 oy oldin
100% agree - Black Pepper Crab kicks chilli crabs arse all day long
Ramy 2 oy oldin
The black pepper is way better than Rachel/Ross, wayyy better.
SamYune 2 oy oldin
I had chili crab at Jumbo a couple of years ago after hearing all the rave recommendations. As a crab aficionado I was so disappointed. Mud crab flesh is already so sweet and I found that the sweet chili crab sauce overwhelms the crab taste too much and did nothing to enhance its flavour. Black pepper crab tastes better but is often overcooked. I prefer my crab to be cooked simply as I like the natural taste of the crab meat. I usually cook crab with just garlic, ginger, pepper and lots of spring onion. Great channel btw.
Johnny Woo
Johnny Woo 2 oy oldin
My hidden preposterous secret eating style. Chilicrabs with McDonald's fries
Btw I-am-Kyle
Btw I-am-Kyle 2 oy oldin
Black cramps this thing looks like it made crime
Vanessa Mallard
Vanessa Mallard 2 oy oldin
Agreed about the chili crab being better at Long Beach. Also, agreed about the black pepper crab being better than the chili crab. I want to go back again!!!
private private
private private 2 oy oldin
that sauce SCREAMS for white rice
private private
private private 2 oy oldin
my dream is to travel the world and mimic his experiences. If I had the money that would be my bucket list. Study Strictly Dumpling's channel and travel the world w/ his vids as my navigators
Anne Corey
Anne Corey 3 oy oldin
Beautiful beaches very nice food and lots of nice food in this Restaurant very beautiful food very fresh healthy foods thank you for sharing love your video, 6-12-18:
Erina Tan
Erina Tan 3 oy oldin
HOW DARE U DIDNT TAKE THE 馒头?!!!?! Sorry....me saltiness came out....anyways... order the man tou and dip it into the sauce and 馒头 btw is a steamed bread that is like deep fried or something and together it is very nice and i must say the bread is a little sweet and would help with the spice for kids who cannot handle spicey food
EC S 3 oy oldin
This is really sick! So many crabs, so little time. Watching you eat and enjoyed these is soooooo orgasmic! Its like we were waiting all our life for this moment, the first time experience...... oooooooh
Mập Chuột
Mập Chuột 3 oy oldin
Dang, stop saying "it's the best... In my life" man it sounds anoying sometimes
EC S 3 oy oldin
You have eaten too much sour grapes..... should he say its the worst in his life? Anyway if you dont like, just dont watch.
J Lee
J Lee 3 oy oldin
Long Ji Zi Char - I think this place is a little underrated and not as popular but the crab is really really good. I think the price ranges slightly depending on whether crabs are in season, but the last time I went, I paid SGD $170 for a chilli crab, a black pepper crab plus some drinks. Slightly pricey and it's located at a somewhat ulu(nothing to shop around there just dining places) but despite that I'm going back for another meal in a few weeks time 🤷🏻‍♀️ Got to treat yourself every now and then :') P.S. It only opens at night(5pm onwards) and the restaurant isnt very big so do consider making a reservation'
Top 10 List New
Top 10 List New 3 oy oldin
Mouth watering
Jerome Joz
Jerome Joz 3 oy oldin
I miss singapore! I arrived early in the morning. 4am. I was hungry. My friend (who lives there) brought me to one of the 24hr hawker centers, somewhere near Changi boardwalk./bay area. Damn. The hainanese chicken was more bomb than any other I've eaten. TT^TT And that was just from some dinner!!! Food and travel are the best! But you gotta earn it. Maybe that's why they mean so much to us. :"(
HikaruRain 3 oy oldin
I couldn't eat crab like that. It is still looking at me. I know people call that spoiled but to me it is just looking in its eyes and I feel bad for eating it. Then I just cannot bring myself to eat it.
raptor theok
raptor theok 3 oy oldin
wtf for breakfast, he has a heart attack yet?
Bloxy Modz
Bloxy Modz 4 oy oldin
chen joshua
chen joshua 4 oy oldin
Hello strictly dumplings! Just wanna recommend if you love crab, do a review on mellben’S crab beehoon. Their soup base is to die for. I’m serious
master ugly
master ugly 4 oy oldin
I have seen films where this man starred in
Amanda Cole
Amanda Cole 4 oy oldin
Watching you eat that crab makes me think you are an Amazing kisser? 😅
drmseeker 4 oy oldin
Do u do Thai food cause in California the was a Thai restaurant it had garlic shrimp that was amazing but it wasn't like our garlic it was sweet & garlic yummy.
Jocelyn Richmond
Jocelyn Richmond 4 oy oldin
Mikey, Mikey, Mikey!!! And I am subscribed to both but Mikey’s overall personality and sense of humor appeals to me more.
Lee Kaiquan
Lee Kaiquan 4 oy oldin
I live in singapore and i suggest u to head to sentosa to play the games they hav
bryan goh
bryan goh 4 oy oldin
Find someone that describes you like how Mike describes his food
AmriHavox 2
AmriHavox 2 5 oy oldin
Why do they fry the whole crab not only the flesh coz you can't eat the shell??
Bethany Grimes
Bethany Grimes 5 oy oldin
No fair. I want your life😃
shiplu2963 5 oy oldin
Hello Sir, love your video. Please mention prices. Price is most important info for ordinary people like us
twenisix 6 oy oldin
should have tasted the black pepper at jumbo
Tous Shong
Tous Shong 6 oy oldin
Crab is too much work. I would substituent two lobsters for the crab cook in that black pepper sauces. LOL
Derold Ee
Derold Ee 6 oy oldin
Try the salted egg yolk crab at Master Crab, Ghim Moh. It will change your views
Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos
Singaporeans : Chili Crab is overrated.
Kasandra Williams
I was literally imaginary eating with you 😩😩😩! I just discovered this channel and now I’m binge watching
Naturalbeauty 6 oy oldin
What is that green veg he ate at the beginning?
maya maya
maya maya 7 oy oldin
Sambal is originated in indonesia lol
Evren Shistar
Evren Shistar 7 oy oldin
Black pepper crab go to Eng Seng coffeeshop.
MonMon298 7 oy oldin
Can you make a best food in southeasr asia list?
Zhi Bin Liu
Zhi Bin Liu 7 oy oldin
Eng Seng in Joo Chiat has the best black pepper crab. More reasonable than Long Beach and Jumbo cos the place is not fancy
Natalie T
Natalie T 8 oy oldin
OMG looks so delicious.... i'm from the Caribbean and i would love to visit Singapore sometime.
Oliver Sørensen
Oliver Sørensen 8 oy oldin
Your making me hungry
Mykittypwnsyou 8 oy oldin
damn I wish i had sum seafood rn.
PhiSh Stix
PhiSh Stix 8 oy oldin
Damn I miss those chili crabs!
Ken Sim
Ken Sim 8 oy oldin
thebeggiekangkong is water spinach
Bleu envy
Bleu envy 8 oy oldin
Hey mike thought you might make it at home... Singapore Chili Crab 1 tablespoon cornstarch 7 tablespoons peanut oil 2 to 3 shallots, minced (about 1/2 cup) 1 1/2-inch knob ginger, grated (about 2 tablespoons) 6 medium garlic cloves, minced (about 2 tablespoons) 4 Thai chiles, minced 2 whole Mud or Dungeness crabs (about 1 pound each), prepared king crab (see note below) 2 cups homemade or store-bought low sodium chicken broth 1/4 cup tomato paste 1/2 cup hot-sweet chili sauce (see note) 1 large egg, beaten 1/2 cup thinly sliced green onions 1 cup chinese parsley leaves Rice or steamed chinese buns to serve on side In small bowl, stir cornstarch with 2 tablespoons water; set aside. In large wok with lid (or Dutch oven), heat oil over medium heat until shimmering. Stir in shallots, ginger, garlic, and chilies. Cook until fragrant, stirring, about 1 minute. Add crab pieces and broth. Increase heat to medium high and bring to a boil. Cover loosely and gently boil (decrease heat if necessary), until crab has turned red and is nearly cooked through, about 6 minutes. Remove cover and stir in tomato paste and chili sauce. Simmer 1 minute and season to taste with salt, sugar, or chili sauce. Stir in cornstarch and bring to boil to thicken. Remove from heat and stir in egg. Stir in green onions. Ladle into serving dish, sprinkle with Chinese parsley, and serve. NOTE: get your fishmonger to do it for you. I keep the creamy part inside the top shell for the extra crab flavor that it lends to the dish. If using a wok with lid, make sure that it's supported on the stove well. I used ABC brand hot chili sauce. I found that I didn't need to adjust my flavorings, but you may want to adjust so that it has a balance of sweet, salty, and heat from the chilies. Take care when eating the sauce-it may have bits of shell!
陰陽師 8 oy oldin
how to make your mouth wet ? Watch this video
Anita Boddie
Anita Boddie 8 oy oldin
I was blessed that my mom was raised in a city that was very ethnically diverse. She loved food from around the world. She also loved learning how to cook these varying foods and raised me on a lot of them. From a simple ragu of Italy to Asian stir fries and the best Mexican tacos (and I don't mean the hard shelled Tex Mex kind). Now I live vicariously thru Mr. Chen wishing my health would allow me to travel and try these foods. Thank you Mr. Chen for reminding me to keep my food horizons open and continue to explore great foods from around the world.
Cindy Lem
Cindy Lem 9 oy oldin
Tks I knw where to bring my boyfriend to hv crabs 👍🏻🙋🏻‍♀️
Daniel Kephart
Daniel Kephart 9 oy oldin
And Rachel and Ross broke up like 3 times u could have said Beyonce and Jay-Z type relastionship 😂😂
tofuhime 9 oy oldin
Try Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant for their Chilli Crab the next time you are here in Singapore!
Lucius Vorenus
Lucius Vorenus 9 oy oldin
He came like 20 times
haikr 9 oy oldin
I wish i can eat crabs but im allergic
Poyo Yukimiyo
Poyo Yukimiyo 10 oy oldin
im so hungry watching this damn
Haveabowl 10 oy oldin
AYYY my mom works there
Rizlan Ghazali
Rizlan Ghazali 10 oy oldin
Chilli Crab with toast please... i can eat 50 mantou with that crab... Jumbo summore... Break out the seafood allergy pills...
Bruce Knight
Bruce Knight 10 oy oldin
After all these videos I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Chen marries a bowl of ramen or seafood.
G Vlogs
G Vlogs 10 oy oldin
I have never even had crab!!
I C 11 oy oldin
Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson 11 oy oldin
OMG!! I wish I had Mike's capacity (and his ability to travel places where the food is REAL)! I'm 67 and stuck in the worst place in the world for food - Trumposlavia.
Inspired by Analog
Inspired by Analog 11 oy oldin
This or the SF one?
Dennis Tchen
Dennis Tchen 11 oy oldin
Mikey, you should have a cold beer with all that seafood. It would heavenly to your mouth.
Heredia Eduardo
Heredia Eduardo 11 oy oldin
jackie chang
cheah tiong
cheah tiong 11 oy oldin
How come no one recognise u. U can also go to ponggol end at the beach there to try the restuarant call house of seafood for their crab there. When u be coming Singapore again?
Youjun Ng
Youjun Ng 11 oy oldin
Wait till you try eng seng crab
Benson Teo
Benson Teo 11 oy oldin
Hey Mike! I just came back from Long Beach and I have an amazing update for you. They know provide more black pepper sauce for you to put in whatever! All thanks to you! Time to look for air tickets to come back to Singapore??
LED 11 oy oldin
It will be better video if you share the price too ... but i love your food travel video Jackiechan hahaha
Sofia Grace
Sofia Grace Yil oldin
My husband took me to Jumbo and Long Beach in SG and tried both Chili and Black Pepper Crab. And they are amazing (I like Jumbo’s better than Long Beach). Just last week we went to SG again and had a 2 kilo each of black pepper crab at the riverside across Clarke Quay. My husband spoils me a lot..❤️❤️❤️
Sri Lankan Flyer
Going to Singapore for this!
goldenriffle Yil oldin
Hi, i’m from Indonesia. I love to eat blackpepper crab from “First Grade Seafood Restaurant” at Joo Chiat Place Singapore near Malacca Hotel. I’ve try these 3 restaurants before: Jumbo, Long Beach and First Grade Seafood restaurant. I love the last place. You must try. But before that make sure you make a phone call to book your crab, because there’s so much oldies come just to eat their blackpepper crab.
Zakira Tillmon
Zakira Tillmon Yil oldin
@Strictly Dumpling omg the chili crab n black pepper crab from Long Beach look so delicious the chili garlic sauce dripped on ur lip n I lick my lip ! lol fr I truly appreciate you :-)
Man, I have watched all of your Singapore videos, and I can not wait to hit these places! I'll be there very soon, so excited...
Patricia Elizabeth
I'm about to have crab for lunch so I'm watching crab videos to get excited
raptor theok
raptor theok Yil oldin
chilli crabs for breakfast O_O
Nathan Beechey
Nathan Beechey Yil oldin
love this guy!!!
Benjamin Zhang
Benjamin Zhang Yil oldin
man I hate you
Origami and match attax Channel
I'm from Singapore so I prefer Jumbo
Isaac Goh
Isaac Goh Yil oldin
I live in Singapore and I love to lick the sauce off the shell
Ttakashii Yil oldin
When Singaporeans always thinks our food aren't delicious compared to Malaysia food
One Love
One Love Yil oldin
im srry fyi ... you can never have to much crab..
Sour Apples
Sour Apples Yil oldin
I can imagine you going on a date and getting some food, then saying “Thanks you for coming into my life!” And your date would say “Omg, really!!?” And you would say “woman I ain’t talking about you I’m talking about this CRAB!!
Ttakashii Yil oldin
Omg u are in East Coast hahaha by the way there's one even huge crab at holland village coffee shop but I'm not sure which one
Hiretsuna Yil oldin
Aw, i watch this right before eating my crab
Cris Yorke
Cris Yorke Yil oldin
Chili crab tastes so much better than black pepper crab.
Shmevan Riceballz
Love the videos but the faces he makes when he eats good food is soooo cringyyyy
Karine Lauw
Karine Lauw Yil oldin
Best vid on yt ❤️
DAFFY DUCK Yil oldin
where can I find the best chicken rice and chili crab in SG is there 1 location that has both?
Deathlock Games
Deathlock Games Yil oldin
I thought you said you love the first scary more ;-;
Highestcloud Yil oldin
*drools the entire video
pasan tharuka
pasan tharuka Yil oldin
Sri lankan crabs are sweet....?? 😅😅🔫🔫
NotAProSoYeah Yil oldin
I can barely eat 1 crab, and this dude ate 3 crabs in one day which is more than what I would in four months.
Chan Yoke Onn
Chan Yoke Onn Yil oldin
Veggies is call samba kangkong
Midknight1124 Yil oldin
Just got back from Singapore. Long Beach is legit :)
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