Chocolate Dessert Taste Test

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Are these fast food restaurant chocolate desserts a sweet treat or should we stick to the dinner menu? GMMore #1356
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23-Iyl, 2018



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Bobby Ash
Bobby Ash 5 kun oldin
Shoulder talk graphic t
Lesley Tarves
Lesley Tarves 10 kun oldin
Link seems so kind, Rhett’s cool but not as nice
Amy Feldhut
Amy Feldhut 18 kun oldin
Is it bad that I recognized that kfc cake before they said where it was from? There’s one in my kitchen right now.
Hazmatx220 20 kun oldin
Dominoes in my country went bankrupt xD doubt their cookies/brownies are any good rofl
Pwenko Jammy
Pwenko Jammy 26 kun oldin
That woman's voice is so smooth and even it sounds like an infomercial when she talks lol
Earth Walker
Earth Walker 26 kun oldin
The dominos cake turned my face into mini super volcanoes
Daniel Salibi
Daniel Salibi 26 kun oldin
Hearing Stevie say lava is better than any asmr.
MMO Lite
MMO Lite 27 kun oldin
Lava ! Lava !
Jenna Bromley
Jenna Bromley 28 kun oldin
On a real note, how tf did Rhett open the KFC cake so quietly? I would’ve woken up all my neighbors 😂
Channel Happiness
Channel Happiness 28 kun oldin
Sorry Rhett the little piece of cake fell off Links fork ✌
Katie Jennings
Katie Jennings 29 kun oldin
stevie is the best
Rene Alamo
Rene Alamo 29 kun oldin
"I dont like burnt chocolate, It makes me Angry!"... Honest words there Sir!
kels matthews
kels matthews 29 kun oldin
Usually at Bdubs the "chocolate fudge cake" comes with ice cream. And yes it's frozen in a box and gets shipped to the store
앤디 Andy
앤디 Andy Oy oldin
at least once a month my friend and i go to kfc just to eat that cake. yeah it’s not that great but when you need a good cry the taste doesn’t matter as much. i always end up eating most of it by myself nd i’m quite proud of that
V Larsen
V Larsen Oy oldin
I'm so sad they didn't like the lava cakes.....
V Larsen
V Larsen Oy oldin
I need chocolate now!!!
For the shoulder talk I could have sworn I was have a weird dream
Muddy Sea
Muddy Sea Oy oldin
I love how Rhett is amazed at the concept of an expirathion date! edit: expiration* lol
Devorantem dolls
*Link* "Rhett doesn't often get happy, but when he does it's for a weird reason" Hahaha, so true~ Weird reasons and good food seems to make Rhett happy
Murkey Waters
Murkey Waters Oy oldin
Now I really want some chocolate
Nathan Mond
Nathan Mond Oy oldin
Except Stevie isn’t right because cold pizza is the best thing ever.
Anne Shafer
Anne Shafer Oy oldin
I love that Link wants to save as much dessert as possible so their crew can eat some. They are both so thoughtful.
Becky Filer
Becky Filer Oy oldin
Freeze the chocolate lava crunch cake it’s 🤤
Turtle Shell Gamer
Link: I don't like burnt chocolate stuff it makes me angry! Lol that made me laugh so hard idk why!😂...but also I agree
j w
j w Oy oldin
maybe i have low standards for chocolate but i friggin love the dominos lava cake 🤤 or maybe its better in canada
Kaitey Chervenak
PSA!!! Cardboard and paper that have had food on them shouldn’t be recycled!
Starla Lunde
Starla Lunde Oy oldin
They chew so loud😂😂😂
Steven Loomis
Steven Loomis Oy oldin
The commercial on this video was for me plumber. It was titled "will it clog" I was so disappointed I think didn't feature they and link.
Dah Cringe
Dah Cringe Oy oldin
Jezebel Olander
Applebees has the best chocolate dessert I've ever tasted
Ah good thing I have chocolate crepe this time.. every time you eat and I just.. stare and listen😂
JWGFoto Oy oldin
I wait fir Stevie's voice . . . always.
DylBot Oy oldin
People who like wing stop will forever be close minded to any other wing place
Nolan Brouse
Nolan Brouse Oy oldin
I’m the same bro I’m like taking a big ass slice of cake then a really small one to eat on the way to sitting down 😂
ElleCullen17 Oy oldin
1:37 lava I'm making this my text tone😂😂🌋📱
Jake & Andy
Jake & Andy Oy oldin
check out our taste test!
jane Doe
jane Doe Oy oldin
Stevie should do asmr.
Shay Slayer
Shay Slayer Oy oldin
My mom orders Grammy and G.G pops a chocolate lava cake from dominos every year on their birthdays
Tippi B
Tippi B 2 oy oldin
Link being so charmed by Rhett's moment of happiness was adorable.
Harmony Martinez
Harmony Martinez 2 oy oldin
I love the. Molten lava cakes from dominos but I might need to go to wing stop soon
Fabio Miranda
Fabio Miranda 2 oy oldin
cupcakexlindsay 2 oy oldin
I love dominos pizza. Hot and cold lol
Zero subs with no Videos
Why didn’t they any DQ ice cream cake
xydoit 2 oy oldin
When Link want chocolate it is not matter how he got it. Even that Rhett chew that before
xydoit 2 oy oldin
You are so cute that you take care for your workers
xydoit 2 oy oldin
Lava cake
Zerovampire X
Zerovampire X 2 oy oldin
This may be old but I work at wingstop and this kind of makes me really happy 🥶
Anastasia Busacco
I worked for Buffalo Wild Wings here in Morehead City North Carolina. I hate to break it to you Link but that cake is frozen and we microwave it 👍
TheDiscardedFoot 2 oy oldin
You should try the FreeBirds pot brownies... :)
Momo Chan!
Momo Chan! 2 oy oldin
0:33 Rhett ; Starts some weird mating dance. Link ; Does the same me ; welp.
Isaiah Duran
Isaiah Duran 2 oy oldin
“I don’t like burnt chocolate it makes me angry”
Mr Original Abides
You didnt tell them what wings they got right >:(
Princeyomi 2 oy oldin
Rhett should always follow his first instincts
Anonymous 2 oy oldin
I love chocolate.
sara helvest
sara helvest 2 oy oldin
7:28 - *ANGRY BOI*
Sama Dadash
Sama Dadash 2 oy oldin
I love dominos everything Link and Stevie 😈😈😈😡😡😡👺👹👿💩
J B 2 oy oldin
0:28 it seems like there is some rooster chicken brawl going on.🤣🐔
GodivaRealness 2 oy oldin
Stevie should do asmr or like a google voice thing.
Jawunleashed 2 oy oldin
1:36 "Lava... Llllaaaava."
Wyatt Renaud
Wyatt Renaud 2 oy oldin
King Noctis
King Noctis 2 oy oldin
Link's got more shoulder-talk skills, lol
Philorg Neopolotin
Lol I don’t think link said more than 1 positive thing the entire episode. All he did was trash all the desserts and argue what was wrong with all of them. Pretty sad life if that’s how he feels about so many foods.
Brandon Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen 2 oy oldin
piggybankvillan 2 oy oldin
KFC cake >>>
skillcoiler 2 oy oldin
KFC lost the desert round when they got rid of the little bucket parfaits.
Jacob Williamson
Jacob Williamson 2 oy oldin
Do brands of cinnamon rolls!!
Gael Alaniz
Gael Alaniz 2 oy oldin
1:37 lama or lava lol
Norel Perryman
Norel Perryman 3 oy oldin
When Rhett was talking about the answers with Stevie all Link was thinking about was eating the chocolate cake 💕😂
Albino Gorilla
Albino Gorilla 3 oy oldin
2:45 link wanting to eat cake while rhett elaborates on his choices
Hayleigh Jones
Hayleigh Jones 3 oy oldin
Domino's has the worst food in my opinion. Their pizza is so bland that the pizza my high school use to serve had more flavor than it.
Alfie Spafford
Alfie Spafford 3 oy oldin
buffalo wild wings cakes are crazy. they arrive in the store presliced with pieces of wax paper between each slice. then they prep them from the freezer by pulling each piece of wax paper to get a slice and putting it on a place and wrapping it with cellophane and putting them in the fridge. and when it’s time to serve they stand them upright and peel off the wax paper and drizzle it with chocolate and/or caramel. it’s crazy but they’re so good. you can also get a milkshake made with an entire slice in it.
Max ENRIQUEZ 3 oy oldin
Forza horizon 4 anyone?
Whitney C
Whitney C 3 oy oldin
Domino's lava cake is the best. I will fight someone over this.
Quantum Chronicler
Im a 30 year old man and I just found this channel. Should i be happy or sad?? 😂
Tested Things
Tested Things 3 oy oldin
Nothing. 3 oy oldin
There is something called “its” guys
Ellie Spite
Ellie Spite 3 oy oldin
I may go so far as to say that I HATE dominoes, but I'm 30 weeks pregnant and after watching this I'm almost in tears because I want dominoes so badly (no dominoes within an hour drive lol) Pregnancy is weird.
John Todd
John Todd 3 oy oldin
You can't judge lava cake after it's been sitting there for that long. It's supposed to be eaten immediately while hot. HUGE difference in taste.
WetRee 3 oy oldin
link doesn't like food
Caryl Ackley
Caryl Ackley 3 oy oldin
LINK I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SPIT OUT THE DOMINOS LAVA CAKE!!!!!Should of heated it in the microwave for a couple seconds.
Rebecca Hanley
Rebecca Hanley 3 oy oldin
I hate chocolate cake and brownies.
Cyique c:
Cyique c: 3 oy oldin
Shawna Smith
Shawna Smith 3 oy oldin
Domino's Lava Cakes are the beeeeeeeeeeeest ughhhhhhh, I've been craving them for months but haven't been able to get any😣😣
Dalton Wyatt
Dalton Wyatt 3 oy oldin
No joke i straight up found a bug in dominoes lava cake
Rosalba A
Rosalba A 3 oy oldin
Stop killing innocent animals!!! 🙏🏽✌🏾💪🏽go vegan🌱🍎
Rosalba A
Rosalba A 3 oy oldin
Go vegan✌🏾♥️
bubblishousness 3 oy oldin
Ok I had to pause.. this is my first time ever watching one of your videos and I have no idea who you are. I am 37 seconds in and you’re having “Shoulder Talk” ? Lol what am I getting myself into? Lol
Erika Callahan
Erika Callahan 4 oy oldin
Best way to eat those lava cakes are after they've been chilled in fridge. I'm not a fan of hot sweets. (Like y'all were really wondering anyway. 😆)
Karissa Shutler
Karissa Shutler 4 oy oldin
Why are they so mad In this video.
Øof 4 oy oldin
The aliens are here
Lauren Kendall
Lauren Kendall 4 oy oldin
The Buffalo Wild Wings cake is best when it's cold, not gonna lie
jishthepickled 4 oy oldin
Raptors 4 oy oldin
*Lava cakes are the best*
Jake Torres
Jake Torres 4 oy oldin
Whaaaaat stevie you're bugging, dominos pizza is bomb af cold😂
Coke boy Nunu
Coke boy Nunu 4 oy oldin
eat of the same brownie you
Jayme Soto
Jayme Soto 4 oy oldin
They are so mature now 😑
Francheska Jolie
Francheska Jolie 4 oy oldin
Rhett and Link should do ASMR videos😂😂
JThomas Mickel
JThomas Mickel 4 oy oldin
You can tell they tried to rush through this episode lol
xydoit 4 oy oldin
Link and Rhett you are so cute. You save the cakes for your crew
xydoit 4 oy oldin
I want to work with you
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