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Chris and Doug on how much longer LeBron will be in his prime | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Chris Broussard and Doug Gottlieb discuss LeBron James and how much longer will King James play at an elite level.
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Chris and Doug on how much longer LeBron will be in his prime | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright




31-Iyl, 2018



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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
How much longer will LeBron James be in his prime?
youngnebula187 7 oy oldin
Shout out to Sarah 💪🏀Nets Should Possibly Involve Her In Trade Schematics For The Nets🤔....
Cptn DedpoOl
Cptn DedpoOl 7 oy oldin
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright 2 more years. Kobe got injury ridden his 18th season, but up to his full 17th season he was arguably the best player in the nba. Still 27/5/6 Lbj will still be all star probably his next 4 years if he continues to slack on D. Which is why he needs the klaw or butler.
Nick Whitehead
Nick Whitehead 8 oy oldin
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright forever
legendary soldier
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright ask God how long he will b n his prime.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Oy oldin
I’m not so sure LeBron isn’t already past his prime
James Wheat
James Wheat Oy oldin
What did LeBron do with the school? He paid 10% of the costs for the school while taxpayers in the surrounding area paid 90% for the school cost. Yet LeBron takes all the credit? That's cool he through down 10% for a school but let's be honest about the school thing..
Eddy Shluger
Eddy Shluger Oy oldin
Mario Van Holle
Mario Van Holle 2 oy oldin
lebron can still come of the bench in a few years ...
Mario Van Holle
Mario Van Holle 2 oy oldin
Kareem played until he’s 40 ....by that time we will be loaded with AD for sure and maybe another few stars....
Peter 3 oy oldin
The fact is nobody can win against father time. Every player will lose a step and can't go no further on continuing their career.
christopher womack
Chris Brossaurd Lebron has no post game
stoic romulan
stoic romulan 4 oy oldin
Lebron still looks amazing. Super smarter on offense with passing. Still the most Athletic force in the league. At least 3 yrs same level of play
lloganmusic 5 oy oldin
I would take KD as a better player too. Lebron wanted none of KD in the finals. Lebrons defense is horrible and is just stat padding.
stoic romulan
stoic romulan 4 oy oldin
Are u serious.....lebron was obviously the best player. Kd has a huge safety net wit curry and klay...along with Draymond who is the modern rodman/artest type player. Thats like playing 2k on rookie mode
Pyroman /
Pyroman / 5 oy oldin
Laker fans though they so the Lotto getting LeBron but they just injected a cancer into their org.
stoic romulan
stoic romulan 4 oy oldin
1.5 games out the lead in the west. Tied for 4th
Johnny Moore
Johnny Moore 5 oy oldin
I'm sorry but there is no other player who works harder than kobe besides a few others...
Rudy Cooper
Rudy Cooper 6 oy oldin
So far he is not in prime anymore, not very impressive first 2 games
Once You Pop You Cant Stop
LeBron in 2022 is like a Paul Millsap now "Without the IQ" GOAT when he leaves the NBA with ALL the records!!
Militarize 6 oy oldin
I take care of my self and I'm in great shape, and I don't have to spend a million and a half for it. LeBron is an idiot if he really needs to spend that much to be eating and working out. But hey maybe if he is close to reaching billionaires status he can afford it.
Definitely Not
Definitely Not 7 oy oldin
"Let's talk in terms of age." Why? Minutes are the point of comparison. LeBron, right now, has played the equivalent of 115 FULL 48-MINUTE NBA games more than Jordan did in his career. Entire career. Adjusted to MJ's career average in actual minutes played, it's 144 games. Bron's legs have more mileage right now than Jordan did when he retired with Washington. Jordan took time off twice. I mean, please. I'm not getting into the GOAT debate, but discussing it "by age" is ridiculous.
Julio De la Cruz
Julio De la Cruz 7 oy oldin
Chris and Doug work so well together
Joshua Ware
Joshua Ware 7 oy oldin
It’s annoying when men cut women off while they’re speaking. I wanted to hear what she had to say.
Jay Tillah
Jay Tillah 7 oy oldin
Kd will eventually surpass bron in rings and carry okc or Washington to chips mark my words💯
Jay Tillah
Jay Tillah 7 oy oldin
He won’t be the best in the league right now Kd is
le-steriod ...to prolong his prime years...kevin is breathing in his neck to become the best player in the world
Edgar Brito
Edgar Brito 7 oy oldin
Best player and play zero defense????
Dashaun Crawford
Dashaun Crawford 7 oy oldin
Y'all give LeBron to much credit everywhere he go the rosters change dramatically LeBron is the face of the NBA 9 straight yrs to the finals between switching teams y'all know these games be rigged
Alvaro Diaz
Alvaro Diaz 8 oy oldin
What happens is that Kevin Durant knows how to play with other players better than LeBron James LeBron James had Kyrie did not take advantage of that LeBron James had Issaih Thomas did not take advantage of that LeBron James had Kevin Love did not take advantage of that LeBron James had JR Smith did not take advantage of that LeBron James had so many great around him just in the Cleveland Cavaliers and still did not manage to win more than one championship what is going on why is he the best player.
XXPirateGamingXX 8 oy oldin
Kobe did not avg 25 points per game in his 17th year, but 27 Chris get ur facts right ESPN>FOX SPORTS
MJ 23-4 GOAT
MJ 23-4 GOAT 8 oy oldin
Its called P.E.D.'s Thats LeBrons workout regimen
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige 8 oy oldin
Has he (Chris Broussard) quit? It’s been a while since the last show of his I’ve seen including this episode? A loooong vacation?
Robert Percy
Robert Percy 8 oy oldin
He is not in his prime people. Miami was his prime. Now he doesn't play defense really. Players get smarter as their physical gifts diminish. So there is an illusion of being prime. Example. The Bulls first 3peat, Jordan was in his prime. 2nd 3peat he was not. His intelligence was making up for diminishing physical abilities. You're not in your prime if you have to not practice in order to play all 82 games. Sorry but it's true. He will look like he is in his prime for a couple of more years, but it won't truly be his prime. Oh and btw, the Lakers are gonna get the brakes beat off them this year.
Heem Heem
Heem Heem 8 oy oldin
Garage Box Studios
Heem Heem
Heem Heem 8 oy oldin
Origen 8 oy oldin
Easy to be "better" when you have three-four top 50 players on your team
Yung Grant
Yung Grant 8 oy oldin
smh lebron is number 1
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 8 oy oldin
I just cannot respect the opinion of anyone dumb enough to say that Durant, or anyone else, is better than LeBron. What a joke.
courtney collins
courtney collins 8 oy oldin
Soooo he really doesn’t have a legit reason to why KD is better than Bron in his eyes lol
R C 8 oy oldin
He could probably have about 4 years or more. I agree he is evolving and becoming probably the most efficeint player overall. Lets just hope he continues to stay healthy.
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis 8 oy oldin
This is a slightly relevant topic, but the reason it's not impressive that LeBron has started this school, is because it's a public school. Taxpayers pay for 75% of that school until that school reaches capacity and the school can run itself. LeBron's gonna pay 2 mill a year for about 2-3 years until the school can run itself. After a while, he won't have to put a dime in it anymore, and he'll just have his name on it. On top of that, it's only a couple grades, and so it's capacity won't be very large. If it was a private school, he would have to pay for the teachers, what level of education they get, what type of teachers to hire, teacher's salary, and would have to pay yearly to keep the school running. This is basically a tax write-off for Bron. Financial advisors probably were informing him to only open a public school, lol. There's been more people than me who've also addressed this topic.
Dustin Bridges
Dustin Bridges 8 oy oldin
Why do these idiots keep saying he had his best offensive year when he clearly didn’t
Kangman02 8 oy oldin
Funny how nick says kobe not in goat convo yet kobe always is mentioned when talking about Jordan. Kobe top 4 all day long. Stop hating
HARJEET SINGH 8 oy oldin
Type error it is LeBron not Durant. Durant is no where near LeBron. The king is the best
Robert Mclean jr
Robert Mclean jr 8 oy oldin
The haters are growing weary it’s hilarious! Their literally sick, hoping and praying for LBJ to fall off lmao
ethem erdogan
ethem erdogan 8 oy oldin
If anyone can play at an elite level til 40 years of age, It's Lebron James
L McG Jr.
L McG Jr. 8 oy oldin
Why continue to ignore lebron's juicing? The real reason for his longevity. KD has been the best player for over 2 years.....
Anthony Colon
Anthony Colon 8 oy oldin
Lebron didn’t build the school. He only donated. He’s not paying for me he school and he has no say in what happens in the school. This is just theater
Serendipitous Bliss
On first take when the main guys go on holidays they bring the C team off the bench and everyone stops watching. With this show - they take the C team out and bring in the A team. The show is more interesting to watch in the offseason then when the league is actually playing :P Come on - give these guys the show!!!
natskis 8 oy oldin
I think Doug and Chris are the best bball commentators on Fox. Easily. Possibly on TV.
#EyesDontLie Chosen 1
Lebron 16th season , He gonna win first year with the lakers. 16 is my birthday. Only goats are born in January.
DKH 8 oy oldin
Why tf is Laura Ingraham on this show?
Jason Wong
Jason Wong 8 oy oldin
This is a much better version of First Things First. Nick Wright is annoying, and CC looks lost at times - you see him staring up into the air trying to find words or something
Messiah Jetz
Messiah Jetz 8 oy oldin
Alexander Lonsbrough
His prime been over
Oliver Crespo
Oliver Crespo 8 oy oldin
Waahhhhh Durant plays more defense than Lebron! Ummmmm he’s 5 years younger? 5 years ago Bron was DPOY caliber
Sam S
Sam S 8 oy oldin
Durant was not even in the conversation of beeing the best before he joint the Warriors. Lets not forget how different his situation is. Lebron is the best for sure.
Oliver Torres
Oliver Torres 8 oy oldin
It’s easy to be an Ironman when nobody plays defense against you. It’s a lot easier when people get out of your way when you drive the lane! Almost as if the league is protecting him.
Oliver Torres
Oliver Torres 8 oy oldin
Jordan had to fight off up to four defenders going to the lane. Look at the game videos of how physical people were in his era.
Armando Koz
Armando Koz 8 oy oldin
At year 17 Kobe was perhaps better than LeBron (in 2013), was dunking on people every week, and I thought he would be the all time leading scorer and win one more ring. But then the Achilles popped and it was the end for the Kobe we know. Something will most likely sneak up on LeBron and an injury will happen.
Andy Brown
Andy Brown 8 oy oldin
Armando Kozomara don’t put that kinda stuff in the air brotha
killa cam
killa cam 8 oy oldin
Doug wanted to debate KD vs LeBron so bad lol.... im glad Chris didn't bite and go off topic
Fat Boy
Fat Boy 8 oy oldin
Lebron does more during the regular season offensively he dominates the ball but when they meet in the finals and go head to head KD kills Lebron he is so much more efficient and Lebron does not play defence anymore. He just doesn’t. Lebron is no longer in his prime, if you need to rest in D to pad them stats (and if you don’t think he is doing that you crazy) KD is far far superior defensively and KD you could make an argument KD is the better offensively player
Bobby Trump
Bobby Trump 8 oy oldin
lebron at 40 will still be top 10 in the nba no question
¿SabesQue...? 8 oy oldin
this trio is fun to watch.
Nick Whitehead
Nick Whitehead 8 oy oldin
Wow Durant taking over games... wait u mean like lebron does every day. Durant does it for 6 games and he’s better than lebron? Smh
Bobby Orr
Bobby Orr 8 oy oldin
I believe that LBJ is mastering basketball the way mayweather did boxing
Joe Bon
Joe Bon 8 oy oldin
Even though Kobe had good stats in his 17th season, he definitely wasn't in his prime. If you look at footage of him from around 2008, you notice a big difference in the explosiveness and spring in his step. He transitioned from blowing by people to posting up more.
legendary soldier
y'all stupid 33 is young if u take care of yourself I taught my 3 sons to play basketball when I was 34 ,so cut the bull LeBron is n the top condition athletes n the world
jcanthony16 8 oy oldin
No more than 2 years. Father Time is undefeated
cptamazing12 8 oy oldin
lmao its 2018 and CB is giving credit to LeBron for being an example to what African American athletes can do to help their community!!! I don't ever wanna hear the system keeps blacks down, you keep yourselves down and yes im here going against you for me and my white people.
Manu Gulati
Manu Gulati 8 oy oldin
He is clearly past his peak now. Still best player in the world though, currently.
X-Ghost- 22
X-Ghost- 22 8 oy oldin
LeBron still better than KD
X-Ghost- 22
X-Ghost- 22 8 oy oldin
For Kobe to be in his Prime he just has to shoot under 50% NOT Pass to anyone and shoot until his team loses. Nice legacy.
Bookie Allen
Bookie Allen 8 oy oldin
Ped’s will keep LeBron around
Instagram: pac_the_god
I love the comments on Lebron videos. Snowflakes and haters are so easily triggered when they hear his name that they click on videos with his name in the title and still complain about how they mentioned his name in the video! Y’all are the biggest dickriders of Lebron 😂
Andy Pierre
Andy Pierre 8 oy oldin
Men I love these two guys. Please get rid of CC and Nick
ClassicJM85 8 oy oldin
How dare they even talk about this! Bron will be in his prime forever!!! Just ask ESPN and this blonde!!
EKG14 8 oy oldin
Thank god we are nearing towards the end of his career. So we don’t have to see these topics over and over. Or will we.
J D S 8 oy oldin
Lebron stopped playing defense after 2016.
J 8 oy oldin
so glad Nick is gone. hope they keep this crew forever....FOREVER!
Max 117
Max 117 8 oy oldin
This just goes to show how much muscle mass matters in health. Can't overlook that with LeBron. The man has been able to take more punishment and dish out just as much because he can bulldoze over pretty much all these NBA guys. And it's a lot easier to absorb a hit from a lanky NBA player when you're 50-60lbs heavier and a lot of that is actual muscle. He's basically what Shaq should've been if he'd cared about working out more. Shaq was unstoppable when he was just muscular enough to run over everybody but fit enough to not run out of breath after 2 quarters. It'd be interesting to see how future stars decide to work out in the post-LeBron era.
Live From The Motherland
What is prime ? Cause lebron hasn’t been as physically dominant on the court since he left the heat. That was his highest peak to me offensively. ( not statistically) but the amount of things he could do on court . Size. Speed. Defense. Etc. today he doesn’t even play defense really. So nah. I think he’s just playing at an elite level . But his prime is gone
Garrett Hoffman
Garrett Hoffman 8 oy oldin
Turned it off when Doug said KD is better.... anything he says is automatically invalid
legendary soldier
only God knows his timeline,sports commentators have become straight up drama queens,and n their feelings when a athlete make a decision that's better for their careers.
RamblingBaba _
RamblingBaba _ 8 oy oldin
Lebron's the only athlete to ever do something big for the community....my lord..
Jay King
Jay King 8 oy oldin
Niggahs is really using the word efficient and Kobe Bryant in the same sentence
kingdom 2
kingdom 2 8 oy oldin
ImAviex 8 oy oldin
Kevin Durant isn't even the most important player on his team can we please stop the argument that he is even remotely the best player in the league lmao. Swap KD and LBJ last year and KD wouldnt have gotten out of the first round, hard facts only.
I'm not the biggest LeBron fan but it's pretty clear he is still the best player in the world. His mystique alone scares teams. We all saw the Raptors dominate the east then they face the Cavs and they caved. LeBron took out his broom and sent the Baby Dinosaurs back home with ease! Also LeBron just had his best offensive season ever ! Hitting fadeways and even 3 pointers like he has never done before. It's quite incredible actually. In my opinion here are the current rankings. LeBron Durant AD James Harden Giannis
Dank You
Dank You 8 oy oldin
Durant's not even in LeBron's stratosphere right now. I thought they were close 3 years ago but LeBron somehow got even better in the last season. Just look at the numbers and what he was able to do without any serious help.
Shaan Rathod
Shaan Rathod 8 oy oldin
Kevin D isn't even the best player on his team smh
SolteroConDinero 8 oy oldin
Apparently the school was a good low cost PR move
William White
William White 8 oy oldin
I see lebron 3 point shoot getting way better as he age
omieg89 8 oy oldin
KD can defend Lebron and score on Lebron. Lebron has trouble defending KD and scoring on KD. Lebron is the best player in the world 🤔
Yuvi Arora
Yuvi Arora 8 oy oldin
As long as his steroid dealer is out of jail.
Jason Hill
Jason Hill 8 oy oldin
the fact remains....Father Time is unbeaten
C Jones-Parker
C Jones-Parker 8 oy oldin
Stupid People keep bringing up the finals to say that kd is better than Bron kd ain't have to use as much energy because he got Steph Klay Draymond to help out so he can drop 40 a night
Kenny Sixers
Kenny Sixers 8 oy oldin
Lebron James is the GOAT
Kameron Poindexter
A new blue print? Hasn't David Robinson been doing this for a number of years now?
RiChard Ma
RiChard Ma 8 oy oldin
funny they mentioned peyton manning, he looked so bad his final year haha
Radi Sadek
Radi Sadek 8 oy oldin
One thing is sure, thanks to LeBron these guys have work.
James Allen jr.
James Allen jr. 8 oy oldin
I didn't want to believe the "Miles on the legs" theory... until Kobe went down... shot in the leg by Mr. Miles... or is it minutes on the court... something like 40 or 44,000 minutes is when everybodies body starts breaking down.
Yuvi Arora
Yuvi Arora 8 oy oldin
James Allen jr. Unless they are on steroids, like Lebron.
Ross Best
Ross Best 8 oy oldin
Last great year of Lebron. We will see a decline this season or next then will fade out. Year 15 is on his way out.
Ross Best
Ross Best 8 oy oldin
Yuvi Arora LOL Yup. But even roids & HGH cant hold off tendinitis, and tears forever.. Year 17 you will likely see something indicative of wear & tear, happens to the best.
Yuvi Arora
Yuvi Arora 8 oy oldin
Ross Best naaaaah. He's got a great hookup for designer steroids.
Daniel Bortz
Daniel Bortz 8 oy oldin
Get outta here doug w Durant better than lebron
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 8 oy oldin
I enjoy this so much more than Chris Carter yelling at everyone! It’s fantastic. But then again, anything Chris Broussard is on is amazing
FC Uncangco
FC Uncangco 8 oy oldin
2 years, maybe 3 ... 8 straight finals appearances, COM'ON-MaNN!
I might need to take a break
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