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Chris Broussard analyzes the Lakers and says Luke Walton is on the hot seat | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Chris Broussard breaks down the Lakers problems and says Luke Walton could be fired with a bad upcoming stretch. Broussard also has an opinion on LaVar Ball's comments regarding Ball's ability to coach the Lakers.
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Chris Broussard analyzes the Lakers and says Luke Walton is on the hot seat | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




7-Noy, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Is Luke Walton the right coach for the Lakers?
Paula Cross
Paula Cross 3 kun oldin
No he's not.
HeavyLobster43 6 kun oldin
He's a better choice than Jason Kidd at least.
Chuck Shakur
Chuck Shakur 7 kun oldin
No period mark Jackson or unretire someone please give lebron a real coach not a joke like Lue Blatt and Walton
James Johnson
James Johnson 7 kun oldin
Lavar can’t do no worst
trevor stevenson
trevor stevenson 7 kun oldin
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED na they need more experience to put that together
Donae Morrow
Donae Morrow 16 soat oldin
Gabriel Waggoner
I’m a simple man I see chris, I nut
Gabriel Waggoner
Chris is wearing a nice tie
HEAT1996 Kun oldin
Rondo is not a leader. He wouldn't have bounced around to so many different teams if he were. Just because you are smart, or think you are smarter than the leader, and try to "take over" doesn't make you a leader. It actually makes you the opposite. Because a leader knows who to follow. He's been on teams who already have a suitable leader, and instead of just following the guy, Rondo clashes with him. That's not a leader, that's a liability.
Raging Savage
Raging Savage 2 kun oldin
So at what point does lebron get labeled a coach killer. Everywhere he goes the coach is the “problem”. Spoeltra would have been gone too if Pat Riley wasn’t the president of operations in Miami.
320000 BOY
320000 BOY 2 kun oldin
Luke not getting fired.
Cash King Cole
Cash King Cole 3 kun oldin
Mark Jackson will be perfect to coach the Lakers.
Antjuan Jenkins
Antjuan Jenkins 3 kun oldin
Don't bring Ty Lue to the Lakers
lucas maglio
lucas maglio 4 kun oldin
i think at this point the only coach who lebron would shut up and listen completely is pop. anyone else is a flip of the coin
mrchicago87 5 kun oldin
PG Lonzo SG Hart SF LBJ PF Ingram C McGhee
He A MAN Buddah!
He A MAN Buddah! 5 kun oldin
Lavar fell back like Lebron's hairline against the Mavericks.
Scott Caldwell
Scott Caldwell 6 kun oldin
Bring back Phil!!!
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige 6 kun oldin
The coach should stay. What about operators or those who hunted and collected players to make the team? Haha I’m irresponsible for saying and having no side. Lakers must be a special team to many people and fans.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 6 kun oldin
Lonzo cannot get into a flow with Walton's erratic substitution pattern. Walton hear's footsteps to his office as Magic is itching to pull the trigger. Rondo is the focus over Lonzo because Walton is trying to save his job. No knock on Rondo , whos playing well, but he is not the future of the team. You gotta play Lonzo more to see what you have as a future full time starter.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 6 kun oldin
The media pushes hard for Lonzo to get traded to get at his father. If he gets traded , he becomes an all-star for another team.The kid can play.
Saul Cole
Saul Cole 6 kun oldin
The lakers starting five should be 1: Lonzo Ball 2:Josh Hart 3:Brandon Ingram 4:Lebron James 5:Tyson Chandler. 6thman Kyle Kuzma(this is the real issue)
Lee Arthur
Lee Arthur 6 kun oldin
Brandon Ingram is sooooooo overrated
Shlomo Zelman
Shlomo Zelman 7 kun oldin
Skip is stupid again.... Not to throw shade on Lonzo, but, Rondo is just a much better player. By the way, passing Tatum for Lonzo? Incredibly disappointing! A minute of silence for LA fans.
Live From The Motherland
If he’s replaced Marc Jackson is the only guy that makes sense
Ricky Dean
Ricky Dean 7 kun oldin
Ol Shay Sharpe rocking merlot color suit. Casket sharp boy!!
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth 7 kun oldin
This dude acts like Key from key and Peele and has a dust covered brillo pad on his head.
SuperArab 7 kun oldin
Luke is fine. The media just wants to milk this story for ratings.
Terrence PERKINS
Terrence PERKINS 7 kun oldin
I like ball when his father not talking
Duck Da DoN
Duck Da DoN 7 kun oldin
kuzma and kcp for Ben Simmons don't @ me I'm right
Lost Race
Lost Race 7 kun oldin
Luke and Lue are gonna be looking for jobs in the NCAA
And0ne35 7 kun oldin
Mark Jackson for the lakers would be perfect
Anthony Drake
Anthony Drake 7 kun oldin
C'mon... Lebron didn't play for Ty Lue... Ty Lue coached for Lebron. Rondo has better assists AND more points...Winning NOW is the emphasis.. Rondo is the choice.
Cooke's Floor Service
Luke is on the clock!
Chuck Shakur
Chuck Shakur 7 kun oldin
Fire Walton keep lue away he a joke
Ass Violator
Ass Violator 7 kun oldin
thou tht was dean ambrose
Hero 3
Hero 3 7 kun oldin
1:46 Sorry CB and Bron fans but he is not the king anymore and hasn't been for the past 4 years. It's time to wake up NBA analysts.
joseppi4cinqua 7 kun oldin
LaVar Ball head coach of the Lakers how could you not see that. How would be the most interesting movie of all time. I want it.
John Carlo
John Carlo 7 kun oldin
Kcp needs to go rs 12 million you could’ve got tyreke Evans
Bobby Tenor
Bobby Tenor 7 kun oldin
Luke Walton 38 years old, Tyson Chandler 36. That’s got to be some kind of record.
Christian Malbroux
Christian Malbroux 7 kun oldin
News flash lebron ain’t the best player in the league no more coming from a fan
Aj Torres
Aj Torres 7 kun oldin
All the blame cant be on luke, sometimes the Lakers out there playing stupid cuz they dont click yet. Yes the coach is supposed to make changes to win but the players need to execute. It's a team sport for a reason everyone has to do their part.
Mike Marek
Mike Marek 7 kun oldin
The lebron coaching carousel continues I guess
DoubleAA 760
DoubleAA 760 7 kun oldin
Bring back Phil Jackson!
Nate 7 kun oldin
I don’t think Lebron is as difficult to coach as some make it seem. Maybe he’s difficult sometimes, but we haven’t heard a bad report from any of his former coaches, just media media members to my knowledge.
El Comandante
El Comandante 7 kun oldin
Chris B aka Sasquatch,,,, just shut your piehole. You're clueless bout the NBA. Who hired u by the way?
Rice Will
Rice Will 7 kun oldin
lavar ball head coach
johnny utah
johnny utah 7 kun oldin
Lonzo below Josh Hart as well.
yes, i am shook.
yes, i am shook. 8 kun oldin
How can you be a laker are the lakers lakes that play basketball?
WhyAlwaysMe 8 kun oldin
Magic is a bad gm. All signings are stupid. Chris, Shannon is right let me play to prove it.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 8 kun oldin
Hello, Humans. Sometimes in life, two random black guys leave a comment. Everything is a mystery, until it isn't. TERRANCE OUT
A B 8 kun oldin
too much Lakers circus...enough of that for me...Ima gonna turn this of!
Vegeta The Goat
Vegeta The Goat 8 kun oldin
Chris is very unbias that's respect 💯
P Tourne
P Tourne 8 kun oldin
LeBron is the problem.....
michael gingery
michael gingery 8 kun oldin
they dumb.. cant build around james
onenite2nite 8 kun oldin
So off no prob. D need to be tighter. They not being blown out. Quiet Steven 2.0
Terry Gyimah
Terry Gyimah 8 kun oldin
Jason Kidd should replace Walton as coach
apetheape9 8 kun oldin
He tried to get Spo fired but Pat Riley said no hes your coach. Lebron is a Coach killer and an attempted coach killer
Tango 10
Tango 10 8 kun oldin
Lonzo has gots to go!
TLMFILM 8 kun oldin
www.gofundme.com/x7ynk-i-have-a-dream ❤ PLEASE SEE THIS
Michael Ford
Michael Ford 8 kun oldin
That guy isn't laker news. He's not a Laker.
Tee 357
Tee 357 8 kun oldin
Heres the solution - Rondo needs to only past the ball like John Stockton, so that forces LeBron to shoot the ball about 30 times a game. And when I say LeBron needs to shoot more; I'm not talkin about jumpshots, I'm talking about driving to the lane. That point-forward position is not going to replace two point guards.
apetheape9 8 kun oldin
Yo chris got some jacked up teeth
JORDAN MICHAEL 8 kun oldin
LeBron never had that all star coach in his career don't be surprised if Phil Jackson shows up
David duFresne
David duFresne 8 kun oldin
Lonzo is a bust, move on. At best he'll be a good passing point guard who can play D, but won't have a reliable shot. If he plays his cards right, he might stick in the league for 10 or 15 years as a role player.
Sanji Allen
Sanji Allen 8 kun oldin
David duFresne Exactly Rondo plays 10x better than Lonzo. Rondo utilizes his minutes he gets boards stops and makes plays
Mellie Mel
Mellie Mel 8 kun oldin
That's when lance feels like Jordan 🤣🤣🤣
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 8 kun oldin
They are a average team in the above average western conference. What's to be expected?
JDawOfficial 8 kun oldin
Why can they not address the fact that Ingram is never going to be "that guy". He will eventually become a bench role player and nothing more. They thought with size like KD he could become that, but as much as I hate to say it, he won't be half the baller that snake is.
isaac debeila
isaac debeila 8 kun oldin
me i would give Lonzo 5-10 games of 30+ mintuse to prove his worth... but for the past season and this on Lonzo never got a chance at least fultz has 76ers showing him trust and giving him real time on the court
Sadik Hammad
Sadik Hammad 8 kun oldin
Ty lue worst coach ever
BigTrap Cash
BigTrap Cash 8 kun oldin
LeBron want that #1 pick fr
Dj Larry F
Dj Larry F 8 kun oldin
Lonzo has to play his game and he will be okay
Dj Larry F
Dj Larry F 8 kun oldin
Lance Stevenson need to go
Robbie A
Robbie A 8 kun oldin
Just want to ask Chris what team (other than the warriors) and what moves he would make that team a competitor?
El Comandante
El Comandante 8 kun oldin
Y ask him? Chris B aka Sasquatch knows nothing bout the NBA... If he did,,,he wud b in the front office or coaching a team. He's uneducated, obnoxious,clueless n a joke. His fav phrases/ words,,, look,listen,u no,I mean... WTF is he doing analysing if he has no knowledge bout the game?
truththatlies 8 kun oldin
I want marc jackson!!
Jordan Salmond
Jordan Salmond 8 kun oldin
What people don't understand yes Luke Walton can be the Fall Guy but that's still not going to make the Lakers play defense their whole problem is that they did not play Team defense quote on quote defensive Stoppers like kcp or on the bench he's not a defensive stop until you can stop somebody from scoring it's going to continue to be a losing record
Timothy D
Timothy D 8 kun oldin
J.Kidd and Lue isn’t a good hire for the Lakers......mark Jackson would have them defending and knows how to beat GS
MrLavender Valentino
Remember that one time Lonzo had ankle surgery?
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 8 kun oldin
Overlook Memphis?! Conly back. Grindhouse back. Just rolled Denver
The Black Mantis
The Black Mantis 8 kun oldin
he's pushin some1 else's agenda - Ty Lue in the conversation to coach the Lakers, LMAO.
Yassen Subane
Yassen Subane 8 kun oldin
no more nba
Yassen Subane
Yassen Subane 8 kun oldin
nba no ufc like u?
Yassen Subane
Yassen Subane 8 kun oldin
ufc are nba ?
Yassen Subane
Yassen Subane 8 kun oldin
ure nba
Yassen Subane
Yassen Subane 8 kun oldin
ufc ase nba ?
Yassen Subane
Yassen Subane 8 kun oldin
nba like yes
Ilias Mavromatis
Ilias Mavromatis 8 kun oldin
Problem starts and ends with Lebron
dylan yates
dylan yates 8 kun oldin
Bring Phil back
dylan yates
dylan yates 8 kun oldin
Lavar would win coach of the year
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Undisputed finally got 1 MILLION subscribers..🙌🏼🎉👏🏼 well deserved!!
Brehon Mills
Brehon Mills 8 kun oldin
Trade Lonzo and Ingram.
Brehon Mills
Brehon Mills 8 kun oldin
These guys talk about Lonzo more than the players that are playing at a high level, like Dennis Smith, Jason Tatum, etc.
Kevin Daguio
Kevin Daguio 8 kun oldin
Im with shannon on this. Luke plays too many players, tries to please people. He too doesnt have a definitive rotation of players. Hes been doing this since DLo still in LA.
Brehon Mills
Brehon Mills 8 kun oldin
These guy talking about fire the coach? Who will they bring in?? Ty Lue?? Ridiculous!
Antonio Dominguez
Antonio Dominguez 8 kun oldin
didnt the season just start?
Ashraful Alam
Ashraful Alam 8 kun oldin
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Antwan Frazier
Antwan Frazier 8 kun oldin
Lonzo is not that good!
Zachary Laid Finding Freedom
This ain’t easy
Josh Blake
Josh Blake 8 kun oldin
Chris Broussard. the new Brian Windhorst.
El Comandante
El Comandante 8 kun oldin
They're both clueless bums.
Chuck 8 kun oldin
Trade Ingram and Kcp for jimmy butler and taj Gibson
El Comandante
El Comandante 8 kun oldin
Throw in Lonzo
moe 8 kun oldin
Who cares about Lonzo it should be all about Josh Hart. Boy be guarding 7footers in the paint and shooting 3s. He should be starting over Kuz or BI
terence tottrrss
terence tottrrss 8 kun oldin
Zo reminds me of Tim Duncan he always has that blank expression
Peace Love
Peace Love 8 kun oldin
Lonzo ball needs to go..the dude is lame..not balling at all
WickedMo13 8 kun oldin
Let Kobe coach! he will become obsessed and rise to the occasion
Jasen Handy
Jasen Handy 8 kun oldin
Get Chris Broussard his own show called the Bottom Line lol 💯✅