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Chris Broussard on LaVar Ball calling Rajon Rondo 'a little backup' | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Chris Broussard talks Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk NBA. Hear their thoughts on LaVar Ball, Rajon Rondo and the Los Angeles Lakers.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Chris Broussard on LaVar Ball calling Rajon Rondo 'a little backup' | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




5-Iyl, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Will LeBron mesh better with Lonzo than Kyrie?
Jason Howell
Jason Howell 15 kun oldin
I can't believe this is actually a question on this show, damn comparing a 20 yr old with a broken jump shot with a top NBA point guard and one time NBA champion? Ask a college football or NFL question.
Jimmy D
Jimmy D 21 kun oldin
Skip and Shannon we'll have to wait and see I think it'll be ok but LaVar needs to keep his mouth shut
Dan 3
Dan 3 29 kun oldin
no Lebron needs a scorer not playmaker.
jimmy devron
jimmy devron Oy oldin
no but he'll mesh better with rando then lanzo
Jrtheth3rd Channel
NBA music --> itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-in/1338615692?i=1338615695
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez 5 soat oldin
lavar taught his kids the art of cherry picking, it all came naturally after that for lonzo
jonathan Highsmith
jonathan Highsmith 3 kun oldin
Idk why they are talking about this i have respect for lonzo but he's no where near kyrie with or without LeBron. Lonzo would benefit with LeBron but LeBron benefits more with kyrie.
Gixxer1100 7 kun oldin
it will be so funny to see those three idiots together in LA= labum, magic and lavomit
Deon 69
Deon 69 11 kun oldin
Oh, someone not shouting like silly crackhead Rapaport...
Baby Boy
Baby Boy 13 kun oldin
Rondo will help make or break Lonzo. This is how we do it, young fella!
rman 13 kun oldin
Could anyone objectively tell me how good liangelo ball is? I know his dad hypes him up a lot but is he actually good? Can he make the league?thanks in advance
Serial lova/Cheerios
Welcome to Santana or the NYC folks!!!😂👆🎌👀👫✊
roger johnson
roger johnson 15 kun oldin
Shannon is LeBron's godfather. Much of the time he is in denial. LeBron can do no wrong when it comes to Shannon.
Christopher Coe
Christopher Coe 18 kun oldin
Y'all will see LeBron be a flat out finisher this year be ready
roger johnson
roger johnson 15 kun oldin
COE,can a leopard change its spots? LeBron will never be a great closer. He is a mediocre outside shooter. He is effective when he is surrounded by perimeter shooters. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Jon Mcmann
Jon Mcmann 19 kun oldin
this guy is like 1/4 black but that dominant gene messed his looks all up and his voice
Reliablethreat 23 kun oldin
LeBron and Rondo will work. Both have high basketball IQ's and both have championship experience. Rondo's passing and LeBron's scoring makes for some exciting basketball!
Paul 23 kun oldin
I tell you what, if Lonzo gets on the court and starts throwing bricks again, Hart and Rondo will bench him for good
Tywain Harris
Tywain Harris 24 kun oldin
Rondo is proven. He won a ring with great or good shooting % but people fail to realize he carried boston and took Lb out.... He got that job
daviddrewmills 24 kun oldin
There can be no comparison. Kyrie is an animal. C'mon man!
Oof Z
Oof Z 28 kun oldin
Lebron lead the league in scoring last year tho...
Erin Scott
Erin Scott 28 kun oldin
rondo will fit better cause he can go to the basket off the wing
Erin Scott
Erin Scott 28 kun oldin
no they not lonzo not going yo be effective if he doesn't become a straight shooter
VLVentureWorx 1
VLVentureWorx 1 28 kun oldin
Skip stop trolling Lavar and TO also! I think the Lakers are thinking Express with every member scoring like Andre Ware and the UH football. CA! Suuuuu I am Chicago then Rockets but I see it! BBB
danni boi
danni boi 29 kun oldin
Last time i checked in the nba you get points by shooting the ball not by passing it and playing defense...ijs
danni boi
danni boi 29 kun oldin
Wonder who will be the next nba poster child after lebron retires?
Ryan S
Ryan S 29 kun oldin
Skip smells his farts and loves it. He got called water pistol Pete and cried
Ryan S
Ryan S 29 kun oldin
Shannon thinks if he announces every syllable and wears thick glasses he seems intelligent lol
Ryan S
Ryan S 29 kun oldin
Yo shannon Sharp...skip bayless... if I was stuck on a island with either one? I'm straight trying to get eaten by a shark asap
MuMu124 Oy oldin
So LeBron is going to LA and is going to demand everyone around him plays in the LeBron system..that's gonna end up just like the cavs are now...smh...and they have the audacity to say Lonzo needs to go somewhere else...wtf man I can't wait till were finally done with this cancerous LeBron system
Black Sweater
Black Sweater Oy oldin
Discussions in "Undisputed" are better than "First Take"...
e k
e k Oy oldin
Lavar ball should play with the LA galaxy
e k
e k Oy oldin
Lavar ball should play with the LA galaxy
Jrtheth3rd Channel
NBA music --> itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-in/1338615692?i=1338615695
John Rose
John Rose Oy oldin
THEY SAY Lebron has a great basketball mind. Why do they think he can't play off the ball . just a question ??
Van Oy oldin
nobody talks about how lebron had the most points period this year
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen Oy oldin
I'm glad they swapped Molly out. She's a man in a wig that keeps interrupting. If you don't believe me, Google her pic and use your hand to cover her hair. You'll see a big, burly man.
Blessed Always
Bruh 0:00 that beginning tho
tavo Vazquez
tavo Vazquez Oy oldin
Lonzos passing isnt anything special. I think thats just the narrative everyone follows. Ben Simmons is a much better passer right now. Lonzo just goes out and TRIES TO GET ASSISTS NOT MAKE THE RIGHT PLAY. He doesnt get teammates easy looks like Simmons Rondo or Lebron does. I hope Lakers bringing Rondo here takes Lonzos passing to another level
Michael Edwards
Look guys who never get laid! A girl!
DoJoee Oy oldin
Why is shannon still on tv
Masoud Abdun-Noor
Rondo is an tenured elite point guard, earned stripes galore in the L...Daddy Ball in his heart of hearts would give his left nut for any of his boys to have a Rondo career, ring-wise or individual stats...once Rondo hears that he will begin destroying Ball in practice daily
Jose Aponte
Jose Aponte Oy oldin
Warriors 16-0 in next year's playoffs and eventually champions!!!!!!
Jose Aponte
Jose Aponte Oy oldin
The question is can lonzo stay healthy. Lonzo can't SHOOT!!!!!!! Hey lavar rondo's no punk!!!
Steve  McClain
Steve McClain Oy oldin
That women is beautiful wow...
watchyourst3p Oy oldin
I couldn't stop looking at that woman, WOW.
raymond briggs
Lebron cannot mesh with this barely average Ball brother. When will everyone stop feeling sorry for this UCLA bust and trade him. Rondo is the beginning of the end.
Scharleston Johnson
Damn zoe half white and they still don't like him. Guess it's just to much real in his DNA💯
Perry Jones
Perry Jones Oy oldin
STOP IT ALREADY - Lavar always has a huge smile when he says stuff, so just stop thinking Lavar will affect the Lakers in some way. Magic probably learned that Lonzo will be great - later. Right now Lonzo just wants to make music videos, and play basketball, so for right now - Rondo is needed. Lonzo not ready. Three years from now - yeah, Lonzo can lead the Lakers.
albert brake
albert brake Oy oldin
Give Ball a chance if you can't trade for a little future.
Trump supporter
What a waste of skin, its begging to be more useful than just sit there and be looked at
BankBoy LightsOuT
Rondo was the first tripple double point guard of the 2000's. So nice I'm a say it twice he nice.
nkyryry Oy oldin
Rondo all day.
TheK1t3 Oy oldin
rondo should start
Gregory Wisniewski
Lonzo will eventually be joining his brothers in the JBA! Sorry LeBron but you will wish you remained loyal to the Cavaliers, no title here, as the Balls will ensure that!
Leslie Love
Leslie Love Oy oldin
Lonzo is trash
dyshr d
dyshr d Oy oldin
Please trade Ball!!!!
Jalen Gordon
Jalen Gordon Oy oldin
Every time they have a change in terms of who is the facilitator or the show and it’s a woman she’s always so fine 😂😂😂
dave rich
dave rich Oy oldin
rondo and holiday killed portland lonzo needs to it and learn.
Jaliyl Hill
Jaliyl Hill Oy oldin
Lebron Rondo and lonzo all that passing might look like the showtime Lakers hmmmm...
Ben Ksyd
Ben Ksyd Oy oldin
Truth serum reference, Shannon seen ant man and the wasp
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker Oy oldin
Even with that burst Skip loves to bring up he shot 30% and Drummond bad on freethrows as a point guard lol
Luke Pascoe
Luke Pascoe Oy oldin
Rondo is gunna check that punk Lonzos attitude good n proper
Livin Lit
Livin Lit Oy oldin
Holly, a snack.
Dwight Stewart
Weeeeell Kyrie was a scorer not a fascilitator so he has a point. Kyrie was next level with Lebron. Lebron could just sit down and not even be on the court but it wasn't a better fit when they were both on the court.
Luk1887 Oy oldin
Broussard be like 'Lebraaaaaaaaaaaan'
Ham 1982
Ham 1982 Oy oldin
make no mistake, Lonzo is a great player, and once he gets a better at shooting, he will be one the best in the game
D DatsWhatSheSaid
If Michael Jordan had the hyperbaric chamber and all of the things that these athletes have today to keep their bodies up to par, who knows how many championships he would have won.....
Martell Mcclain
I'd solve her rubix cube
Matt Lane
Matt Lane Oy oldin
Skip was on his A game
Dylan Austin
Dylan Austin Oy oldin
If someone hates on Broussard they are just a hater....such a likeable dood. Plays no favorites
Connor Wise
Connor Wise Oy oldin
anybody catch Chris saying "F that" ? lmao
Prophet Don Clarke
Rondo will cause lonzo to be gonzo. Rondo is tough, gritty, and smart. Lonzo plays entitled which he gained from his father's tongue. The air is coming out of the BALL again. It will eventually be flat lol
tmotivate Oy oldin
Why you do that Sthkip?
Mister T
Mister T Oy oldin
Lebron didn't suppress nothing for Kyrie. Coaching could not teach Lebron how to play with Kyrie. When Lebron sat when the Cavs beat GS, Kyrie went mad. When Lebron got back on the floor, Kyrie was just a filler on the floor. Cavs coaching and front office dropped that huge ball.
Noah Williamson
Is skip actually complementing lebron
Zach McCabe
Zach McCabe Oy oldin
Joy still the baddest. Yall are trippin
Edgee 9977
Edgee 9977 Oy oldin
Molly the female and the water
Frank kwesi
Frank kwesi Oy oldin
LeBron has become a much better player ever since he hugged and spoke to Lonzo during a game last year! Says LaVar
Oc reed
Oc reed Oy oldin
already a circus in LA...
kaeros fentis
kaeros fentis Oy oldin
The chick would be more useful topless at the table.
Broussard + Lavar = 1 mili views
pound4pound Oy oldin
His farther is going to get him kicked out of the NBA fast. Mo team wants this much pr drama
Ken Town
Ken Town Oy oldin
Lonzo 15.7 pts 10.5 ast 6.9 reb 1.3 stl with LeBron lonzo points will up every season
Ken Town
Ken Town Oy oldin
This bout to be a historical 4 seasons if lonzo stay with Lakers LeBron bout to make us believe in lonzo hype now y'all gon see
Chris Oy oldin
So disrespectful to a champion pure-point with some serious bball IQ and grit & grind; lavar seems to be just a don-king-esque bully that is destroying his kids' future
Dee Loc
Dee Loc Oy oldin
idk who the woman moderator is but cot damn
skelleytor Oy oldin
He's just young....HE can develop his shot in time.
damgelo Jackson
lit asf
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Oy oldin
Shannon loves to dig his own hole.
Juice Gassett
Juice Gassett Oy oldin
Zo will never be half of the guard rondo is.....
SuperArab Oy oldin
lebron is gonna score less with the lakers, in the regular season he's gonna average like 24 points
lil cj
lil cj Oy oldin
Gsw in fo
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith Oy oldin
America is so uneducated. In Europe, M. East or Far East Asia this Lavar Ball guy would have been reprimanded and taught some manners. By force.
walter blanford
Always saying "what Lonzo can't do" just because he doesn't act or shoot like some of these other ball hogs. We'll 👀 see!
John Vaughn
John Vaughn Oy oldin
ball sucks players will just lay off ball and double LeBron. lebron will not be able to get those assists because ball cannot shot the ball. nobody in the league is worried about ball scoring. Rondo is the starter if la is serious about winning.
Gregory LaGrange
Regardless of point guard, I think LeBron off the ball will be him posting up, or him just receiving a pass and holding it while the shot clock runs down and either shooting a 3 or driving to the lane in iso. In what amounts to him playing the same way as always, just that he won't be bringing the ball up court. The real question should be will LeBron mesh better with Lonzo than Rondo because if LeBron stagnates the offense, Rajon will say something to him.
ggaccentc Oy oldin
Now we can wash off Rob Parker's stink.
George Harris
George Harris Oy oldin
Used in military or police force: Reinforcements, support, help. I guess, ball needs a lot of support or help.
Art Artwell
Art Artwell Oy oldin
Love skip.... get away from lavar.... lol.... I feel u skip.... That's a shame what that boy has 2 go threw.... Great breakdown from the whole cast....
Say Goodbye
Say Goodbye Oy oldin
It’s crazy when lavar on the show Shannon all lovey dubbey and friendly but when ain’t he bashing zo and throwing shade 😂
Derek Yeary
Derek Yeary Oy oldin
I ain't even have to read the comments on here, to know Broussard got shooters out here. unlike rob (bumasss) parker, or Jason fatlock.
If LeBron gets Lillard it's a game changer.
Lillard is better.. let's be honest. Kyrie never lead his team to the playoffs alone..or with a good shooter.
Sim W
Sim W Oy oldin
Why is there a woman sitting at the end of table??...??...??
James Corsey
James Corsey Oy oldin
What about lillard they should try to get him