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Join Chris Morocco in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes molten caramel cake. Everybody has heard of molten chocolate cake, so we thought we’d try to create a caramel version, with a toffee-ish tender cake encasing a runny dulce de leche center.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/molten-caramel-cakes
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Chris Makes Molten Caramel Cake | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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13-Mar, 2019



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Apocalyps 5 soat oldin
2:21 Let me go ahead and remove these dishes from a sink so I can take them to another sink and clean up. 😕
MILLA M. 8 soat oldin
No offense but Chris gives me auntie vibes
yusuf banna
yusuf banna 13 soat oldin
I donno why Chris acts so nervous while doing his own recipe, but I must say, as delicious as the molten cake sounds and looks, the recipe developer, Chris, seems to be as gentle and humble a guy like his cake. He really enjoys feeding people, I've never seen in any recipe video before where the cook gives away all what's been made without himself tasting it. Is Chris on a diet or he doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Chris also seems a bit too cautious as if he has some kinda OCD.🙂
cakeeamanteigados delicious
Dolce? Isn't it dulce? Doce?
Jonathan Francia
Jonathan Francia 13 soat oldin
Why are his fingers yellowed?
BubblewrapHighway 15 soat oldin
Carolyn Irizarry
Carolyn Irizarry 19 soat oldin
Delicioso! Se ve fácil de hacer. Thank you for sharing.
Nicole 22 soat oldin
Chris is awesome Gabby is cool Brad is a famous buffalo header and budding ceramicist
Kyomi Kun oldin
If it's dulce de leche that cake is obviously gonna taste bomb af 😍😍
rottingrobin Kun oldin
Stopped watching after he said he didnt know who doug funny was.
H.P. Pixie
H.P. Pixie Kun oldin
Omg Gaby is from Argentina? De que parte?
Kathleen McCauley
tommy is hair color goals
Kathleen McCauley
wow close to clicking away from chris not knowing doug. offended. offence. rude.
Kathleen McCauley
pps brad nice jeans bro lookin sharp all around
Kathleen McCauley
ps give gabby a show and ten billion dollars bye
Victoria Beveridge
Has anyone commented on Tommy's hair? It's amazing
mon van
mon van Kun oldin
Chocolate with caramel lava cake mmmmm
Roberto Mon
Roberto Mon 2 kun oldin
Sisu Garcia
Sisu Garcia 2 kun oldin
Can I just say, Tommy's hair is magnificent that color, the swoopiness, the cut all of it!
veritush 2 kun oldin
Gaby making our country proud
Inmydreamsimhunglikeabear 2
BA is just insisting on making the Doug references this week
444musicmusic 2 kun oldin
So... Volcán de dulce de leche
Gabriel Martins
Gabriel Martins 2 kun oldin
What's up with the spanish monopoly on milk candy? Our doce de leite is just as good if not better. Yeah, probably better.
salinaa97 2 kun oldin
Looks great Chris! I'm not much of a caramel person but this looks amazing. Can't wait to try it out.
Nizar Noor
Nizar Noor 2 kun oldin
omg I want
Andres Vidal
Andres Vidal 3 kun oldin
Why is this dude finger tips always Orange ? Last video was understandable because of the carrots but now, I don’t know what the hell is on those finger tips !
Sister See ya later
Chris knew he couldn’t make chocolate lava cake because that chocolate is not tempered and he only stans tempered chocolate so now we have caramel
Farah Rose
Farah Rose 3 kun oldin
This was so lovely and relaxing. Chris has this calming nature that makes me want to kick back and relax with a cup or coffee while I watch this. I might actually try and make this.
Saule Siliunaite
Saule Siliunaite 3 kun oldin
zoetherebel 3 kun oldin
"Claire you gotta make your own peanut butter and you gotta temper the chocolate." *doesn't make his own caramel*
Aruna 3 kun oldin
Wow, that cake just flew off the counter, lol! Yum
Sebastián González Ormazábal
as a latin american I would love to see an episode starring gaby! She seems very sweet and I'm pretty sure she can make a bunch of latin american dishes.
WeeItsNookies 3 kun oldin
I'd rather eat that than bang a supermodel. So there's that..
Thomas Barker
Thomas Barker 3 kun oldin
Why is brad “contributing editor”? Wasn’t he “kitchen manager”?
Karolina Enríquez Ortiz
You can use "cajeta" too, maybe "arequipe" :)
Elyze Laserna
Elyze Laserna 3 kun oldin
love u king ~
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim 4 kun oldin
chris is the sheldon of bon apetit and i love it
Dina Zikopoulos
Dina Zikopoulos 4 kun oldin
Madison Fisher
Madison Fisher 4 kun oldin
8:01 Brad is described as a "budding ceramicist" and now we know why!!
Mr. Awesomepants
Mr. Awesomepants 4 kun oldin
I knew a lady named Dulce, she was actually very sweet
Paullette Tarvirian
love u Morocco, can u plz ask Clair to make tossi bars plzzzzzzzz
xiaooyyuu 4 kun oldin
oh come on chris, claire has to make her own peanut butter but you can use dulce de leche from a jar? 😆😆😆
xiaooyyuu 4 kun oldin
kidding, but it was the first thought that came to mind when you said it 😆
Brielia Reyes
Brielia Reyes 4 kun oldin
Omgggg For the Gourmet series , Claire should do gourmet Girlscout cookies. Especially the savannah smiles! Since this is the last year they will be sold.
Ira Marie Azucena
Ira Marie Azucena 4 kun oldin
yay! more of Chris pleaseeeee 🙂
J S 4 kun oldin
Dulce de leche is the best ice cream on the planet.
Alex T
Alex T 4 kun oldin
the way he pronounces stuff omg XD
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks 4 kun oldin
That lil breath & prayer before putting them in the oven was such a mood
Emerald Dream
Emerald Dream 4 kun oldin
Chris deserves MUCH more views and love! He's such a sweety tbh!
Mathew Woolhouse
Mathew Woolhouse 4 kun oldin
Not the same day as the Carrot cake yet your fingers are orange... Hmmm......
thedr00 5 kun oldin
As nice as this is, folks should also try Sticky Toffee pudding: It will blow your mind!
Johnee Villanueva
Johnee Villanueva 5 kun oldin
Clearly this is not Claire`s show. So.... when are we going to temper those chocolates Chris?
Carlos Brown Jr.
Carlos Brown Jr. 5 kun oldin
I too am compelled by self-saucing puddings.
roman campuzano
roman campuzano 5 kun oldin
First and foremost DOUG FUNNIE
wanderlust 5 kun oldin
You can't avoid the tempered chocolate forever, Chris
Tom Kord
Tom Kord 5 kun oldin
Sooner or later, Brad will bust out a "cream rises to the top" joke in the Macho Man's voice.
Natalie 5 kun oldin
Why’re his fingers always yellow though???
Irit Levi
Irit Levi 5 kun oldin
I need help I made it yesterday it was delicious but all the dulce de leche came out of the bottom it didn’t stay inside as in the video please help me where I have wrong thank you
Maha Usef
Maha Usef 5 kun oldin
The thing is Claire show is about upgrading she has to make it better , so it makes sense if she had to do her own peanut butter, where Chris is making a normal recipe not upgraded or anything like that I personally love both of them 😘
Benjamin Renteria
Benjamin Renteria 5 kun oldin
As someone who doesn't like chocolate, this recipe makes me happy :)
Mark James
Mark James 5 kun oldin
So many Doug references!
Henry Caldwell
Henry Caldwell 5 kun oldin
why are his finger tips orange?
August Mannertorn
August Mannertorn 5 kun oldin
In European romance languages it’s pronounced with a tch instead of a c.
Grace Charron
Grace Charron 5 kun oldin
Self saucing pudding...
Josh Puckett
Josh Puckett 5 kun oldin
why his fingers always orange?
Charlie Vovor
Charlie Vovor 5 kun oldin
Funny how much lower he sets the bar when it comes down to his own recipes...
Jack Hamson
Jack Hamson 5 kun oldin
hes got such a nice temperament
MageInWhite 5 kun oldin
“It’s like your stuck in Doug Funnie’s world” “Yeah I dunno who that i-“ *Chris Makes Molten Caramel Cake*
Robert Beauregard
Robert Beauregard 5 kun oldin
Chris, I love you man, but please can you work on your "like"s? In this video, you said "like" 47 times. Just rewatch your video from 4:03 to 4:17 and you said "like" 4 times. The "you know"s are almost as bad. I want to watch your videos because you give great advice, but they're almost unwatchable with your verbal ticks. I have them too, so let us soldier through them, like, together. :)
Dan 5 kun oldin
10:26 "The Cake has a beady little Eye staring back at me." OMFG "Focus, stay on Target" geekbuttfreak. Chris is actually the Self-Saucing Pudding. I like the cake, but the comment at 10.26 went South with too much innuendo.
Rebecca G.
Rebecca G. 5 kun oldin
Why did you cut the cake with a spatula
Lujan C
Lujan C 5 kun oldin
gabby my argentinean heart gets so warm whenever you appear
Sierra Boone
Sierra Boone 5 kun oldin
more videos of Jesse eating things please
unwild 5 kun oldin
why does the kitchen feel so empty these days?
genuwine21 5 kun oldin
I now need a gourmet slim jim episode with a macho man randy savage impression included.
Rebecca Rich
Rebecca Rich 5 kun oldin
This looks really good
JLAShazam 5 kun oldin
That looks soooooooooooo good!!
London1869 5 kun oldin
Money shot 10:37 I might do this but serve the sauce on the side, microwaved, so I can take the cakes somewhere less immediate.
London1869 5 kun oldin
More love for the spoon guy!
Matthew B
Matthew B 5 kun oldin
You think you know what to expect with Chris, and then he asks for a Macho Man impression. And Brad doesn't come through? FOR SHAME!
Luka 5 kun oldin
what's with the yellow fingers?
Jody Newell
Jody Newell 5 kun oldin
Would've been hilarious to end the video with Brad's "ohhhh yeaaaah..." in Randy Savage voice.
Touching The Rainbow
BA guys butchering foreign words is my kink. I also still take bets when and in which episode that mixers gear will finally break completely.
Abbey Bishop
Abbey Bishop 5 kun oldin
when he talked about built in sauces being compelling, i felt that. big mood.
Foncé Boursain
Foncé Boursain 5 kun oldin
"Hey hey hey! It's a family show, dude!" Love this 😂
julianoyugibrito 5 kun oldin
A easy and nice doulce de leiche recepi is put a can of condensed milk in a pressure pan and cooking. 30 minutes
Shaun Gunning
Shaun Gunning 5 kun oldin
"now we just leave it alone for 30min and it'll be fine" wise words even outside of the kitchen
Aboli 5 kun oldin
I would love to see one of the BA staff interpreting the reverse magic cake where the frosting and cake switch places in the oven!
Augustine Jesmer
Augustine Jesmer 5 kun oldin
This video is entirely too long
Brian Genthner
Brian Genthner 5 kun oldin
Claire would have made her own caramel. Poser
Real Salica
Real Salica 5 kun oldin
I might try it for my husband's Birthday ^_^ Wish me luck !
Harlequin Ely
Harlequin Ely 5 kun oldin
Blessed Chris
debdianne 5 kun oldin
I'm hungry 😭
Philip DiCicco
Philip DiCicco 5 kun oldin
Alex Smiga
Alex Smiga 5 kun oldin
11:22 Chis:*cuts cake* Gaby: *purrs in Argentinian accent*
Nina 5 kun oldin
The audio isn't very good. It didn't make it more pleasant to watch sadly, turned it off after a minute or so...
Okay Martini
Okay Martini 6 kun oldin
yo when's gabby gonna get her own show
David Zafra
David Zafra 6 kun oldin
nice mug cakes! 👍
Ivey Luo
Ivey Luo 6 kun oldin
can we appreciate how good this looks and not the little details wrong
Catalina Reveco
Catalina Reveco 6 kun oldin
that's MANJAR
bbnguyen92 6 kun oldin
Is that a Benchmade knife in Brad's pocket? I'm curious what kind of knife Brad would carry.
eric cp
eric cp 6 kun oldin
If any Brad fans want a taster of macho man, go watch the mushroom foraging video! He's actually so damn good
Kathleen 6 kun oldin
What's with the soft, Instagram-like (subtle) filter
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