CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!

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Thanks to Jurassic World for sponsoring this episode. Catch it in theaters on June 22nd. Tickets on sale now at fandan.co/2JscUWs
Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!
Ian Hecox
Chris Pratt
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp
Directed by Ryan Todd
Written by Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
Produced by Ryan Todd
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11-Iyn, 2018

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Alana Rheinhardt
Alana Rheinhardt 20 daqiqa oldin
4:28 after Olivia says that Courtney laughs like "hOw do yoU tHinK I FeeL?"
Boss Yurbb
Boss Yurbb Soat oldin
Chroutney or Shourtney or Shaylivia? Chroutney = Chris Pratt + Courtney Shourtney = Shayne + Courtney Shaylivia = Shayne + Olivia
kathy baker
kathy baker 3 soat oldin
I like it when you hear shayne Laughing in the audience
Roos vanEsch
Roos vanEsch 3 soat oldin
Aaaah that is sooooo cute i melted😍😇
Reece Anderson
Reece Anderson 3 soat oldin
Chris Pratt is such in an inspiration and a very good role model I hope to be like him 1 day
Captain Crunch 64
Captain Crunch 64 4 soat oldin
Next time someone pisses me off ill call them a Pratronus, ty Chris Pratt 😘❤.....no homo
Jimins jams
Jimins jams 5 soat oldin
*when you crush tells you a joke* 9:33
Cdh 2294
Cdh 2294 6 soat oldin
This is just awkward to watch myself
Cdh 2294
Cdh 2294 6 soat oldin
This is just awkward to watch myself
Monica Ivsin
Monica Ivsin 8 soat oldin
That's amazing
Shadow Marco
Shadow Marco 8 soat oldin
Ian is just fucking enjoying himself torturing Courtney and he fucking knows it xD
John M.
John M. 8 soat oldin
Awwwww that was awkward and sweet in all the best ways
Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?
Still want to see Ian and Chris Pratt dance
Mike Reep
Mike Reep 9 soat oldin
I wanted Chris to win that but I also wanted Courtney to win as well
LordOfThe Flightless
What a fuck9ng legend
Liam Ninon
Liam Ninon 10 soat oldin
You posted that 👏👏 embarrassing things in the past 👏👏 instagram, twitter but not snapchat👏👏 you posted that 👏👏 😂😂
Adama ba
Adama ba 11 soat oldin
Can I date you Chris Pratt
Anshula Kumar
Anshula Kumar 11 soat oldin
This was probably the best episode of this ever
Chase Raines
Chase Raines 11 soat oldin
I died
Leo Hamilton
Leo Hamilton 12 soat oldin
I have that same LG flip phone
Ava Kelly
Ava Kelly 13 soat oldin
This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen lmao 😂
robloxlove 14 soat oldin
Courtney you so lucky thet you did a slow dance with chris pratt i want it too 😭
Sebastiana Singleton
Sebastiana Singleton 15 soat oldin
Jurassic World And Jumanji Are My Fav Movies!
Sebastiana Singleton
Sebastiana Singleton 15 soat oldin
Norikochin Mūnfurawā
Fantasia Plays
Fantasia Plays 16 soat oldin
Courtney sounded realy drunk
Lydia 16 soat oldin
Preston Ramirez
Preston Ramirez 17 soat oldin
Chris is married and has a baby
GerudoKing 17 soat oldin
He's seriously one of the best like :)
TheGalaxyCupcake 17 soat oldin
i can't wait to the next movie! , i'm a huge fan of jurrasic world! , but my dad said that it would take two to three years until it comes out..
manikaaa 17 soat oldin
poor courtney😂
Tom 17 soat oldin
Chris Pratt the entire video Hahahahaha ha haaaaaaa
Safetydummy 18 soat oldin
That was pretty funny. Poor Courtney, but it looked like she enjoyed her "trophy". She's so cute- kinda reminds me of Traylor Howard from "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place". :)
Ravenclaw Serpant
Ravenclaw Serpant 18 soat oldin
1:25 dat face do!!
Caitlin_337 ?
Caitlin_337 ? 18 soat oldin
I love how you can hear Shane's laugh I the background
Bounce Bumps
Bounce Bumps 20 soat oldin
Pyro Gaming Inc
Pyro Gaming Inc 20 soat oldin
With Chris Pratt involved, how does this only have 147k likes?
Andrew Zaybekian
Andrew Zaybekian 20 soat oldin
Find the diffrence😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 like if you found it
Warlock Generator
Warlock Generator 21 soat oldin
Nice game show how about avengers infinity war cast
Petsarea Aj
Petsarea Aj 21 soat oldin
Olivia is such a third wheel XD
Totsuki Plays
Totsuki Plays 22 soat oldin
Chris’s voice is so memorable
lord awesome
lord awesome 23 soat oldin
Chris didnt do that bad, the worse that I know of was mat pat with negative 4.9 million
Katrina Wangen
Katrina Wangen Kun oldin
Actually me with my crush😢😢
justsaiyan05 Kun oldin
It hurt me to watch this, yet, here I am, watching it again. I'm so fucking sorry for Courtney.
Teal Rose
Teal Rose Kun oldin
MY BABY BOI I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️💜💞💓🧡💝💛💗💚💖💙💘💕❣️💜
Will B
Will B Kun oldin
Chris Pratt is like wtf are they doing?
Sara Whelan
Sara Whelan Kun oldin
Omg when Chris Pratt first came in I actually cried because I was so happy for Courtney and Olivia
Simon Tusun
Simon Tusun Kun oldin
Is Anthony here
bob don
bob don Kun oldin
Maybe the best video on all of youtube
Grace Rose
Grace Rose Kun oldin
If I was on that show and I saw him there I would say " Be right back " and go to another room and scream "OH MY GOD " and just scream for a few seconds than come right back XD
Mortal Roblox & More !
i hate chris pratt when he did in the Infinity war
Mortal Roblox & More !
he deserves that
georgeownz216 Kun oldin
Mortal Roblox & More ! He got turn into ash just like the dinosaurs with the meteorites
Baylie Glenn
Baylie Glenn Kun oldin
I watched this with my cusen and she freaked out with Courtney’s second tweet
Walrus Wizard
Walrus Wizard Kun oldin
That guy looks like starlord
G9VIN and Zoey the fury
She’s so happy dancing
Incognito _0-0
Incognito _0-0 Kun oldin
I feel so bad for Courtney oml. I’m a huge Chris Pratt fan too
I don’t even know anymore But spiderman tho
When they solo danced I was just like GAMORA IS QUAKING
John Cage
John Cage 10 soat oldin
I don’t even know anymore But spiderman tho Gamora had a little fall she isn’t doing anything anymore
Quote_ Kun oldin
Courtney won in the worst way possible.
Zach Cross
Zach Cross Kun oldin
Courtney is having a seizure when Chris Pratt comes out
CONOR PIG Kun oldin
I love how you can hear Shane’s laugh in the backround
Peanutz Kun oldin
Just had the worst second hand embarrassment experience of my life, I would have died
Woosh Kun oldin
Scarface quotes?
Za007ky Kun oldin
Night Shift
Night Shift Kun oldin
13:16 Dude thats harsh but funny tho
Balaschown 2 kun oldin
this is actually cringy
dinosaur in the strike studios
Where's anthony
dinosaur in the strike studios
Hello starlord
Fadil Efece
Fadil Efece 2 kun oldin
AC1DELEVERTE 2 kun oldin
Mike Shkrabak
Mike Shkrabak 2 kun oldin
I wonder how much they paid Chris Pratt lol
NJC 2 kun oldin
9:28 i could here shaynes laugh xD
Redxofnarnia 2 kun oldin
courtney looks extremely uncomfortable
me boy
me boy 2 kun oldin
I LOVE Chris patt he's my favorite actor
James Tran
James Tran 2 kun oldin
Can Chris donate to Courtney's baby pocket ;P
Michael Kerker
Michael Kerker 2 kun oldin
1:28 *teleports behind you*
The Panda bears v. Con
I ship it
Hacker Kitty
Hacker Kitty 2 kun oldin
Courtney reminds me of my Finesse Finisher skin lol
DVAFP 2 kun oldin
I would let Courtney see my peepee
Shaun The Producer
Shaun The Producer 2 kun oldin
Courtney looks like Lizzie from GMM
Maitreya Wall-McManus
I ship it!!!!! Courtney+Chris!!
Maitreya Wall-McManus
Courtney is me
Valdemar Bojsen-Møller
i have reached a new level of basic... get this: clapping along to the intro
Jaeger Bombastic
Jaeger Bombastic 2 kun oldin
I love how nervous she becomes instantly Ecks Dee
Thazuali Khiangte
Thazuali Khiangte 2 kun oldin
5:35 when my crush makes a joke
Caxibe 2 kun oldin
this is so terribly scripted
Abdullah Ibn Eskandar
MsFeliciaRene 2 kun oldin
Give me more you posted that
XxFearExemptxX 3 kun oldin
At the same time I’m crying laughing and feeling terribly sorry for Courtney
beefyjerky3 3 kun oldin
Mak Attack
Mak Attack 3 kun oldin
Poor Courtney
David Arrington
David Arrington 3 kun oldin
That's pretty gay
Malakai Wood
Malakai Wood 3 kun oldin
Im jealous
Madison Wade
Madison Wade 3 kun oldin
What did Chris say at 14:42-14:43?
RedWolf 3 kun oldin
9:34 I can hear Shayne just dieing in the background.
na fam
na fam 3 kun oldin
I don't care about Jurassic world fallen kingdom only marvels infinity war
Kupa'a Kaleo
Kupa'a Kaleo 3 kun oldin
9:27 I love how Shayne is just laughing his ass off in the back
He yelled out my name. I’m so happy even though it wasn’t meant for me.
scout troopa19playz
9:38 you can hear Shayne laugh
Nat _ Playz
Nat _ Playz 3 kun oldin
I’m sorry Courtney but I need to see Chris Pratt on the channel again plzzzzzzzz
Staci Woods
Staci Woods 3 kun oldin
Awe, that was so sweet! Thank you for rigging it and thank Chris Pratt for being so awesome and nice!
duhitsallixx 3 kun oldin
“I’m sorry.” “I’m not.”