CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!

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Thanks to Jurassic World for sponsoring this episode. Catch it in theaters on June 22nd. Tickets on sale now at fandan.co/2JscUWs
Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!
Ian Hecox
Chris Pratt
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp
Directed by Ryan Todd
Written by Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
Produced by Ryan Todd
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
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Editor: Leonard Wilkes
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First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
Production Designer: Taylor Frost
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Camera: Mitch Anderson
Gaffer: Nick Giomuso
G&E Swing: Trent Turner
G&E Swing: Justin Thatcher
Sound: Greg Jones
Makeup: Rachel Jenkins
Art Director: Steven Smyka
Art Assist: Talia Brahms
Art Assist: Jake Sperling
Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
DIT/Media Management: Tim Baker
Senior Design: Ness Cardano




11-Iyn, 2018

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Adriana Bonini
Adriana Bonini Soat oldin
Courtney and Chris would be a great couple tho
She's gay for Jungkook
I'm laughing at Chris laughing at Courtney throughout the whole video
Secret Person
Secret Person 14 soat oldin
Shoutout to Shayne in the background just holding up the radio
Hailey Conn
Hailey Conn 17 soat oldin
9:29 you can hear Shane topp laughing in the background
Deadpool ryun rnrds
Isabel Guillen
Isabel Guillen 17 soat oldin
Can someone tell me why I cried at the end 😂😂😆
Kim Jazmin Babasa
Kim Jazmin Babasa 19 soat oldin
i wish i made money like how my chris makes pratt
LazerHog Gaming
LazerHog Gaming 22 soat oldin
And very embarrassing
LazerHog Gaming
LazerHog Gaming 22 soat oldin
I met Stan Lee but this is way better PLUS it’s CHRIS PRATT
Mikaylah Estrada
2:49 Courtney is my legit mood when I had to wake up from my comfy bed😂
marcoantonio ZaragosaAcevedo
9:35. Where it talks about baby pocket Who heard Shane in the background laughing
Joshua Senske
Joshua Senske Kun oldin
She’s soooo star struck, it’s adorable.
Leah Stewart
Leah Stewart Kun oldin
“You good?” “yea-aa”(extreme levels of not okay-ness) That’s my entire existence in one conversation 😂
Dragica Ljubinkovic
Courtney was Shook and I mean SHOOK
Sophia Joseph
Sophia Joseph Kun oldin
I would be fangirling so hard
Mega Punch
Mega Punch Kun oldin
I don't get the 21 Savage either
Kinz -13
Kinz -13 Kun oldin
This was awkward
Bsb 2
Bsb 2 Kun oldin
Laura Jordan
Laura Jordan Kun oldin
When Shayne comes out with the camera 😂😂😂😂
THEEND4444 2 kun oldin
How to Break a Human
Tdg ,dx
Tdg ,dx 2 kun oldin
The crack in her voice
-Stella May-
-Stella May- 2 kun oldin
Sabine Messer-Goodall
You can hear Shane laughing in the background
Nick Rhodes
Nick Rhodes 2 kun oldin
Aww so cute
QuikRubik 2 kun oldin
I ship it, wait he’s married!
Ruby Suarez
Ruby Suarez 2 kun oldin
I wonder if Shayne is jealous by now..
TJ Gallman
TJ Gallman 2 kun oldin
I love that you can tell Shane's in the audience by his laugh
Opindahouse 2 kun oldin
9:31 all i can hear is shayne laughing
Haeinscute 2 kun oldin
Is this an actual game show or a scripted show? Either way, this is freaking hilarious.
One Handed Gamer
One Handed Gamer 2 kun oldin
When I was younger I accidentally at the hard tail on the shrimp.
Jamie Bullock
Jamie Bullock 3 kun oldin
Courtney is friggin HILARIOUS!
Evan Hall
Evan Hall 3 kun oldin
This is hilarious.! 🥴😜🤪😆🤣😂
Fabrobin 3 kun oldin
Wow look! Back when working at smosh was a real job
Portal 455
Portal 455 3 kun oldin
Courtney.exe stopped Working
Marissa Lynn
Marissa Lynn 3 kun oldin
I just want to know the name of the song that they play when they slow dance but I I scrolled through tons of comments an they are all just about shayne laughing in the background. Yes we all heard it like we get it
Marissa Lynn
Marissa Lynn 3 kun oldin
14:42 What song starts playing when they slow dance
Alexa Jimenez
Alexa Jimenez 3 kun oldin
Jess Weed
Jess Weed 3 kun oldin
4:37 when Ian says MAY 15 THATS MY Birthday
Katherine Teideman
Katherine Teideman 3 kun oldin
Shayne 's face when he was watching them dance 14:40
Caden Bradley
Caden Bradley 3 kun oldin
Shaynes laugh at 9:33 is the funniest shit
Ella horner
Ella horner 3 kun oldin
I Wana meet Chris pratt
Brayden Spilde
Brayden Spilde 3 kun oldin
😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😅😂😂that starlord tweet first round doe
Erin bullock
Erin bullock 3 kun oldin
I feel so bad for Courtney lol
MrPineapple 3 kun oldin
Shayne in the back 😂
Ava Magana
Ava Magana 3 kun oldin
You can hear Shayne in the background laughing his head off 9:33
Xx_Lovely_Xx 3 kun oldin
Dude, I just watched Jurassic world,AND I HIM SEE AGAIN!
Manar Dilaruntes
Manar Dilaruntes 3 kun oldin
this is so scripted im cringing ewwww this is not a fangirl
Paul O'Reilly
Paul O'Reilly 3 kun oldin
I just had the stupidest grin on my face the whole time while watching this 😅
joseph kranz
joseph kranz 4 kun oldin
all i noticed was shayne laughing in the back
Hollie Brannan
Hollie Brannan 4 kun oldin
Did anyone else hear Shayne laugh in the background of Courtney second is it funny
rick losque
rick losque 4 kun oldin
This is so fake
Wolfie Blackheart
Wolfie Blackheart 4 kun oldin
Yeah its not like smosh paid Chris Pratt to lose for the amusement of UZvid and to surprise the employee of smosh Courtney.....No I don't think it's fake at all hehe
Mega Comics
Mega Comics 4 kun oldin
They should have played it with James Gunn. That would be fun. Right?
Migo Abunio
Migo Abunio 4 kun oldin
Lol that dance lol 😂
Kawaii Kitty :3
Kawaii Kitty :3 4 kun oldin
I could hear Shayne laughing 😂😂😂 it’s great 👌🏻
Averybun_ 19
Averybun_ 19 4 kun oldin
My heart was just went through so many emotions and I don’t even know Courtney 😂♥️
Cody Destroyer
Cody Destroyer 4 kun oldin
Chris Pratt looks like my uncle
Allie Svendsen-Dumencu
Remember when smosh was funny?
Valerie Leriche
Valerie Leriche 4 kun oldin
9:33 Shane laughing in the background XD
get uwu’d on
get uwu’d on 4 kun oldin
I feel the embarrassment radiating off Courtney
LeGeekMaster 4 kun oldin
the face of Courtney was worth a 1000$
Steven Universe HD
Steven Universe HD 4 kun oldin
OH MY GOD!! Everyone at Smosh loves to embarrass people.
Stale Meme Lord
Stale Meme Lord 4 kun oldin
Crisp Rat 😮
Skitzie T
Skitzie T 4 kun oldin
I can’t escape this video!!!
Cooper Hampson
Cooper Hampson 4 kun oldin
Not baby groot 😂😂😂
Rustie 4 kun oldin
Ya see, I’m just poor and can’t afford McDonald’s
Cianan Comey
Cianan Comey 4 kun oldin
KesMikeJan 4 kun oldin
9:33 you can hear shayne laugh in the background
the cup RM throws in the Run MV
poor Courtney
Pumpetphoenixhunter 2
Addyson Mayhew
Addyson Mayhew 4 kun oldin
Shane in the back lol
Foxy 678
Foxy 678 4 kun oldin
poor courtney ! she was so nervous
chim chim
chim chim 5 kun oldin
9:32 que shaynes obnoxious laugh 😆
AwesomeAlex500 5 kun oldin
1:19 I love how you can practically read Courtney's mind based on her facial expressions Ian: "It's the guy who told my mum I had an STD" Courtney's mind: Uhh, what? Ian: "And star of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Courtney's mind: Wait a second Ian: "Chris Pratt" Courtney's mind: Nah, it can't be, he's kidding (Chris Pratt walks in) Courtney's mind: ..................................................
CHOMP cookie
CHOMP cookie 5 kun oldin
I’ve been here since 23m
xSupernova Galaxyx
xSupernova Galaxyx 5 kun oldin
Its ok courtney im cringing for you....i would probably act like you too xD
That guy under the staircase
I didnt realize this show was made by smosh until Now, I thought the channel died ages ago
Alesasandra Lovelace
I fell so sorry for her!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 R.I.P😅😅😅
Seth Little
Seth Little 5 kun oldin
Greatest episode ever
Marsis Cool
Marsis Cool 5 kun oldin
I'm so sorry for Courtney.She must have been so embarrassed.
Roderick McCulloch
Roderick McCulloch 5 kun oldin
So adorable
Blackheart Ontario
Blackheart Ontario 5 kun oldin
Chris was just so entertained by Courtney
Taylor Crowley
Taylor Crowley 5 kun oldin
This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen
Savanna Hadra
Savanna Hadra 5 kun oldin
Same here Courtney if I were you right now I would pass out because I'm like the one biggest fan like you Chris Pratt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn 5 kun oldin
I feel SO bad for Courtney! Poor Court Bort
lena truong
lena truong 5 kun oldin
Avior Shadestar
Avior Shadestar 5 kun oldin
Chris looks so uncomfortable XD
Evan Biller
Evan Biller 5 kun oldin
real comedy, niceeeee
Brian Gilroy
Brian Gilroy 5 kun oldin
And that marks the worst day of Chris Pratt’s life
TS Lucky
TS Lucky 5 kun oldin
Shayne's laugh in the background is contagious 😂
Landry6 Eads
Landry6 Eads 5 kun oldin
Oml Courtney XD
JasonTheChooChooTrain Has Been Done Triggered
9:33 who else heard shayne’s laughing in the background
Wanted Tiger
Wanted Tiger 2 kun oldin
Cannot unhear
Emma Dionne
Emma Dionne 6 kun oldin
This is one of my favorite Smosh videos I keep coming back 😂😂
Kyaire keMya
Kyaire keMya 6 kun oldin
Username Here
Username Here 6 kun oldin
I wanted to see Ian and Chris dance
Anonymos Anonym
Anonymos Anonym 6 kun oldin
This is so cringy cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dieing!!!!!!!
fujiMaster 6 kun oldin
did u see da face on shane its like he was heartbroken
Evafamia Langstodir
Is this some wattpad fanfic? XD
Autumn Dunlap
Autumn Dunlap 6 kun oldin
Their so lucky they got famous people on there shows every time
Alaura Mercereau
Alaura Mercereau 6 kun oldin
Now I'm glad I don't have friends...
Riley _
Riley _ 6 kun oldin
It's Courtney bitch RATATATATATATATATATATATA I'm still emo yall that song still slaps
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