Chris Rock's Opening Monologue

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Host Chris Rock at the 88th Oscars® in 2016.




23-Mar, 2016

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Jo Jones
Jo Jones 3 soat oldin
He looks so young. It's remarkable.
tasnim jelassi
tasnim jelassi 5 soat oldin
i didn't found that funny
D Mihai
D Mihai 17 soat oldin
I agreed with his speech until the Leonardo part. I think Chris Rock doesn't get acting and specific roles that much. DiCaprio is the absolute best for the roles he plays!
Ian Dog
Ian Dog 23 soat oldin
This Black clown is an annoying whiner.
rp Damdul
rp Damdul Kun oldin
Market(movie fans) are more racist than Hollywood. Hollywood is a business trying to serve the market. Question is: is Hollywood willing to take a risk to change the perception?
Arlet Rodriguez
Arlet Rodriguez Kun oldin
2:26 what the heck was that lol
Surf Board
Surf Board Kun oldin
The greatest Oscars host of all time!
DIININET Kun oldin
1:50 who is she
uncommon sense
uncommon sense Kun oldin
So fuckin racist. Funny or not. I hate race haters
Seanokeng Lefebvre
How relevant is this in 2019 post Kev scandal? Life. This monologue should be an hour long.
Laurent Borioli
Laurent Borioli Kun oldin
"Rocky is science fiction"
Richard Rice
Richard Rice Kun oldin
I appreciate chris for exposing Hollywood like this
An Onimous
An Onimous Kun oldin
Blacks apes fk go back to somalia
Bryson Ko
Bryson Ko 2 kun oldin
Samuel L Jackson is in so many movies what do you mean blacks dont have and equal opportunity, you even said kevin hart is putting out all kinds of movies, tyrese and ludacris had big roles in fast and furious, michonne from the walking dead is a huge deal (I know it's a tv show but still) Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Anthony Mackie, Terry Cruz, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Forest Whitaker, Terrance Howard, Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, etc. Are all well known black actors, they have all hit millionaire status and can be in all kinds of different movies, they just might not fit the part that the movie might be going for. Django Unchained had Leo, Jamie, Samuel, and Christoph as the main leading roles respectively, and they all played such interesting roles it's hard to even choose who was the best actor, so its not lack of equal opportunity, the movies just aren't tapered to certain actors, Black Panther for example ended up doing very well, and had minimal white cast and even less asians and Hispanics yet no one is saying that they aren't getting treated equal.
Mayhem 2 kun oldin
Chris Rock is funny..... but why can black comedians only make race jokes i dnt get it lol
Steven Ganoza
Steven Ganoza 2 kun oldin
Rock never scared. A true comedian and did this well.
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan 2 kun oldin
I’m white and I don’t understand why everyone looks so uncomfortable
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan 2 kun oldin
Chris rock saying the truth
A 2 kun oldin
Not funny more racist propaganda. fuck Oscars.
Ben88 2 kun oldin
Oscars... please.. this is 2019.. Netflix should make is own "Oscars"
Gin Geek
Gin Geek 2 kun oldin
and then black panthers blew the world
Marty Miller
Marty Miller 2 kun oldin
Hope Chris subs in for Hart this year...
Swatkat 2 kun oldin
Chris Rock's monologue is all about a campaign for blacks. I said he is one hell of a racist, I'm not white or black and I never complain. Not only white people are racist but a black person can get racist too.
ERAUPRCWA 2 kun oldin
Bless your heart.
Pradeep Bhatt
Pradeep Bhatt 2 kun oldin
I didnt know I would get to see Priyanka Chopra😍😘
John Zion
John Zion 2 kun oldin
Nobody is like Chris rock. He just don't give a dam. Raw and uncut in your face
Peter Siperki
Peter Siperki 2 kun oldin
Ricky Gervais at golden globes was the funniest host.
Sunish? 2 kun oldin
Who watching dis in 2021???
Siya Dlamini
Siya Dlamini 3 kun oldin
Rocky is a Science fiction...😂
Tiffany Adams
Tiffany Adams 3 kun oldin
Big Facts! He speaking on things we still see and this is so true mane too true!
belmaralex 3 kun oldin
Gandalf the Gay
Gandalf the Gay 3 kun oldin
What a bunch of libtards.
Donnie 3 kun oldin
0:43 / 10:01 Chris Rock's Opening Monologue I never noticed it before and I've seen many of his standup's but i never noticed But now I realize he always does this, watch his hands he keeps touching the 2 fingers to make the 666 sign
Paul Diamanté
Paul Diamanté 3 kun oldin
Chris Rock took something cringe-sational and made it sensational... that was a masterclass in comedy. Odd that the biggest ovation he got was for the cops killing black people in the upcoming memoriam “joke”.
Christopher Ram
Christopher Ram 3 kun oldin
The should have gotten Marty the zebra on the screen giving this speech.
give haechan a solo album
white ppl nervous asl all the 10mns 😭😭
A. H.
A. H. 3 kun oldin
Black people so obsessed with race. Whites, latinos and asians just staying busy running the country.
Anthony Bengimina
Anthony Bengimina 3 kun oldin
This is why they dont want kevin hart cause of the exposing of the liberal media
Jaeboy 3 kun oldin
Kevin Hart was supposed to host this year’s!!!
donjen3 3 kun oldin
Gee,a black man talking race...YAWN
funkymunky1275 4 kun oldin
Racist ass crackers gay Jewish Hollywood Illuminati
funkymunky1275 4 kun oldin
Chris rock is real , hes the man
Jermanos Petalos
Jermanos Petalos 4 kun oldin
Anyone else notice how they gave the biggest laugh for blacks getting shot, but barely a sound for the kapa joke. Shows how whites and Jews think. Denzel spoke about it, look it up.
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh 4 kun oldin
Black people White people black people blah blah blah. Would’ve expected something special for the oscars but he’s doing the same thing everyone’s been doing since the 80s
Levis Christian
Levis Christian 4 kun oldin
People saw comedy all i saw was a grown ass man bitchin
123QBKid 4 kun oldin
FoFo kahn
FoFo kahn 4 kun oldin
Black folks that I know they Don't watch the Oscars
Jennifer Bailes
Jennifer Bailes 4 kun oldin
Maybe is a black artist did something Oscar worthy they would be nominated🤔
ozinusa 4 kun oldin
fuck this racist cunt
graceful beauty
graceful beauty 4 kun oldin
I love chris
Gibson1961SG 4 kun oldin
Hollywood at its wannabes live in a completely different paradigm from the rest of the country...
nik 227
nik 227 4 kun oldin
7:18 isn't that racist?
Harlequin_wars 5 kun oldin
When you add it to the fact that there have long since been feeling that the academy was 'rigged,' then it is an issue worth protesting.
Thomas Ellis
Thomas Ellis 5 kun oldin
He just isn’t funny wtf
ely 5 kun oldin
His voice is so unique
Jay Z
Jay Z 5 kun oldin
Tell de trooth
Jay Z
Jay Z 5 kun oldin
I take it back
MightiestArm 5 kun oldin
Cause he never said some controversial shit back in his time
1:10 'lose another job to Kevin Hart' - And then Kevin lost the job, depressing shit
The Sentinel
The Sentinel 5 kun oldin
" jamie foxx was so good in ray they went to the hospital and unplugged the real ray charles , we don't need two of these ." lol
soourav r sandeep
soourav r sandeep 5 kun oldin
How funny is it that the Oscars do Kevin Hart like that! Ffs
Ryan Bamford
Ryan Bamford 5 kun oldin
Can't complain about racism anymore. Not when looking at the NBA, the NFL and the last US President. Black people really are doing the most.
Guy VanBuren
Guy VanBuren 5 kun oldin
More blacks are shot by blacks than cops
Dixie Petty
Dixie Petty 5 kun oldin
its A joke but deep down he is broken cause he’s a sheep lmaoooo
Combat Bananas
Combat Bananas 5 kun oldin
Kill yourself pussy.
Nyemia Memba
Nyemia Memba 5 kun oldin
8:42 what?
Aashish Sharma
Aashish Sharma 6 kun oldin
Matt Damon is always chewing
fireshedares 6 kun oldin
Almost all of his talking points revolve around race. Quite tiresome as a delivery vehicle for humor.
PCSPITTER4NY 6 kun oldin
If your insecure
Joey Wanjau
Joey Wanjau 6 kun oldin
I'll take Ellen or Chris again for Oscar's host
Leroy Stewart
Leroy Stewart 6 kun oldin
this dude is one of the best to ever do it
Farrukh Saeed
Farrukh Saeed 6 kun oldin
Bane 6 kun oldin
Blacks want the same opportunities as whites? Than produce the same result and give the same value. Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock make more money than 99 percent of white actors. Don't forget about The rock and Will Smith being in the top 5 highest paid actors of all time. You get what you earn.
Bane 5 kun oldin
+PCSPITTER4NY Saying "we live in America" is not evidence. What I am using is evidence by naming these actors. But let me drive this point even further. The producers of these movies are money hungry business men. They're not going to leave 50 million dollars on the table to discriminate towards a black person and deprive them of a role just to let a white person have it. They want the best actor they can find so their movie gets better ratings, and they want a popular actor so that actor alone draws a crowd. If you think a business owner will leave all that money on the table, you don't know how these men think.
PCSPITTER4NY 6 kun oldin
Not always true. Your using anecdotal evidence. Be honest, we live in America
A G 6 kun oldin
Chris is to polite to the audience. Its Ju awards.
Yie Dela Cruz
Yie Dela Cruz 6 kun oldin
President Duterte actually publicly exposed US government of its hypocrisy allowing its national police murder black people from a place they call the most liberal place on the face of the earth. Ironically, during that time the first black US president is at the helm.
Aaron’s Articulate Opinions.mp4
3:58 Chris makes really jokey joke 4:11
Chelsea Bella Gallo
Bring back Chris 2019! Funny as ish!
nour ashraf Rashad
nour ashraf Rashad 6 kun oldin
9:28 ok there's your black joker.
Ramar Mcghee
Ramar Mcghee 6 kun oldin
Fuck Chris rock he been a sellout fa years
Nick Pye
Nick Pye 6 kun oldin
of course he had to bring up racism. He says it's a fact that black are better athletes than whites but then cries because there are no black nominees, well maybe whites are better actors.
Johanne E.
Johanne E. 6 kun oldin
When there were no pans to the audience, you knew all the sphincters were too tight to laugh. Good comedy is introspective and not politically correct.
Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien 6 kun oldin
That's why black panther got nominated this year smh
TheOGKSJ 6 kun oldin
The Oscar nominations haven't been announced yet; watcha talkin' about, Dude?
張泰銘 6 kun oldin
johnny Bgood
johnny Bgood 7 kun oldin
Tell the trooofff
TheXycho213 7 kun oldin
Dave Grohl at 1:52, positive?
brandy wade
brandy wade 7 kun oldin
10 minutes of truth 😁
Za3rour 7 kun oldin
Savage. Fire. good even great, but a little too harsh on Jada.
tommyboy 7 kun oldin
Black actors are becoming the trans people of Hollywood. It’s not allowed to say a black actor is bad. Just like your not allowed to tell a trans person they are literally mentally impaired
Joey T
Joey T 7 kun oldin
I dont know why black people complain about these kinds of things, they're in like every movie now, every show, every sport, every song. I feel like Latinos are the left behind group that nobody stands for.
Edson Chamorro
Edson Chamorro 7 kun oldin
Tell the truth
Edson Chamorro
Edson Chamorro 7 kun oldin
4.6k white,ass crackers disliked this video .,..........2019 mf
Kaleb Bailey
Kaleb Bailey 7 kun oldin
Why is Marty from Madagascar hosting the Oscars?
# 1
# 1 7 kun oldin
Wtf? Those jokes were not funny, not true and not worth watching. Comedy has changed. Keep up Chris, those black and whites jokes not funny anymore, u gotta be more creative. Kmt! Hope u see this Chris.
DJ Mello Warner
DJ Mello Warner 7 kun oldin
is racism invisible
DJ Mello Warner
DJ Mello Warner 7 kun oldin
whole family is raped by the clan and they still don't want to pay us
The Money Club
The Money Club 7 kun oldin
If there was no white people, this guy would have no jokes to tell.
Chicho Charli
Chicho Charli 7 kun oldin
Let's divide even more Chris. Best LGBTQ actor/actress subdivided by all the options. Same with tall, short, obese, fit, pretty/unpretty. And of course divide categories by religion. That would be "nice". Haven't heard athletes to brag how many of each race should participate. You either good athlete or not. Same goes with acting. Chris is a great comedian, but a bit of a racist in not only my opinion,
TheFoolinthe rainn
TheFoolinthe rainn 7 kun oldin
China doesn't want movies with black actors. Look at the market statistics. Hollywood is international now. Compared to China they don't give a damn what Americans want. They're going to give The market what it wants. they're a professional for-profit industry, not like PBS claims... They are not there to do a service for our world or culture, they are there to make money. Otherwise they would not exist. People need to stand back and take a look with clear unemotional brains. Not everything goes back to USA slavery. We're Global, so if there's still a problem with race maybe it's not just white people? Male black actors have passed white female actors in salary in the short amount of time they were finally given the lead opportunity. However - Market is supply and demand. Caucasians are the minority on this planet, there's many people who have never actually seen a blue eyed white person in their personal life, but they've seen a black person. So often Chinese and non-white people go to the movies looking for things that are not common, exceptional to their world. Lack of Interest or ticket sales from white people isn't the problem - they're not the ones ignoring these movies - they don't matter compared to India, South America and China the movie producers and Executives might be white, But they only see green! When Jackie Chan got hot, Everybody tried the Chinese karate guy in the movie... Remember? The Karate Kid generation grown-up - it worked beautifully, for a decade and then they moved on to the next thing because Jackie Chan became too Common. They hit diminished marginal returns. the latest has been women in combat fighting roles Hollywood makes money off of uncommon, new innovation, the rare the swedes don't care about our movies :-) Look carefully - it's usually only one hot black actor at a time, because that's what the international global Movie Market absorbs. Those are the Limited tickets that sell - those facts don't lie. Hollywood is not out there to do any favors for anybody, promote any causes, doesn't actually care about oppression - it is a movie machine industry - you stick a bunch of people, makeup and some film in at one end - and dollar bills come out the other. It's always about money. But let's ignore the statistics and Market numbers Hollywood knows the truth - but their silence on this fits the latest political agenda.
Eathams3 7 kun oldin
And they wonder why there's racism
Eathams3 2 kun oldin
+Jermanos Petalos Yep, in the past. Not currently. What year do you think it is?
Jermanos Petalos
Jermanos Petalos 4 kun oldin
Oh right it was black, not white people who created the racial divide with Jim Crow and slavery, trail of tears, holocaust, pogroms and colonisation...oh wait
Eathams3 6 kun oldin
+HIPHOPTV Not lying lmao. Pointing out race, after their entire equality motto "see character, not color." All he seems to see here is color. It's a pathetic double standard
HIPHOPTV 6 kun oldin
Eathams3 u so fucking ignorant😂
Eathams3 6 kun oldin
+HIPHOPTV All he did was separate blacks and whites. All blacks do is create a divide and then get mad when white people do it
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 7 kun oldin
I love Paul Giamatti. Funniest character actor in the game!!!! PERIOD!!
Kevin 7 kun oldin
Man, he really couldn't shut up about racism. It got really annoying.
blue_pearl_22 7 kun oldin
Thank god Chris Rock got lucky and hosted the Oscars in 2016 when people were still occupied with the election drama rather than digging up his faggot jokes from decades ago.
Jason Pate
Jason Pate 7 kun oldin
The Oscars; also know as "The White People's Choice Awards"
nvr mnd
nvr mnd 7 kun oldin
Damn the dudes a great comedian