Chris Rock's Opening Monologue

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Host Chris Rock at the 88th Oscars® in 2016.




23-Mar, 2016



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Yadav Avdhesh Singh
Yadav Avdhesh Singh 14 soat oldin
मेरा यूट्यूब चैनल पसंद आये, सब्सक्राइब करें एवम ग्रुप में शेयर करें, लोगों से सब्सक्राइब के लिए, मेरी तरफ से निवेदन करें। uzvid.com/show-UCt1o14iXPu2cpifuklNiElQ
willon50 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one that sees him touching his in-ear like someone is telling him stop or something?
Lancelot Trivino
Lancelot Trivino 3 kun oldin
*”Well* *hello* *there”* 😏😎 1:50
Azor Ahai
Azor Ahai 4 kun oldin
2:16 Look at fucking racist Christian Bale!
Samantha Thompson
Samantha Thompson 4 kun oldin
Only Chris Rock gets to pull this off and walk away as if it never was truthful. Real hardcore truth using humour. Who's still here 2019
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 4 kun oldin
impeach trump and lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fidas sino
fidas sino 5 kun oldin
I love it how when there is a black host it has to be about race.. cuz they can talk about it xd if the joke about rocky was reversed and told by a white guy it would be so racist right..
Akash Kunte
Akash Kunte 6 kun oldin
Two years later, Black people say NASA and white people say Jazz.
J Read843 BlackPanther
Fuckin funny asf Chris Rock!
Chinese Gods chosen people Jesus Christ is Shang Di
chris sock puppet, the racist negro who spits on asians faces, ironic that yellow dog eating heathens are out supporting black lives matter, because to black people, no other lives matter. hope this shows the world what kind of dark ungrateful low iq parasites people like chris rock are.
SandoTrini 10 kun oldin
In America, the black host will never stray away from black / white comparisons. His entire routine was a cry for help
alex mcmullin
alex mcmullin 11 kun oldin
Killing them softly lol
PositiveLastAction 12 kun oldin
Chris Rock was an awesome host. I wish he would have hosted this year.
blingximus 12 kun oldin
Cameraman on point!
Shawny Samuels
Shawny Samuels 13 kun oldin
Chris rock is so wack and I'm black
Janica Hampton
Janica Hampton 14 kun oldin
What a amazing way to use your platform. Round of applause
I'm boss to my life
I'm boss to my life 14 kun oldin
White people's choice award hahaha
Shemar Williams
Shemar Williams 16 kun oldin
Spike got mad. 2019 Oscars, Spike wins an Oscar 🤷🏿‍♂️Congrats to Spike though.
dongkao 16 kun oldin
Worst OSCAR opening speech I‘ve ever seen
dongkao 16 kun oldin
+Oliver Zay Just a boring speech
Oliver Zay
Oliver Zay 16 kun oldin
r u that mad?
Viktor Hill
Viktor Hill 16 kun oldin
Nigga ain't she on a tv show? 😂🤣😂
royd77 17 kun oldin
isn't this black/white race thing getting a bit old? Chris pointing out difference in race and skin color every F*cking sentence sounds a bit racist.. Stop dividing people Chris.. Make a movie and get your award. (and no, not as a donkey, a gangsta or a adam sandler movie.. thats not gonna cut it)
Chief Captn
Chief Captn 17 kun oldin
Dude obsesses over race man couldint even watch lol
Tikus Keriting
Tikus Keriting 18 kun oldin
76% population in America is white. That's why.. Don't only blame the whites
Secundus 19 kun oldin
This dude does not look like Chris Rock
Never Not Phil
Never Not Phil 19 kun oldin
What's up with that girls upper lip at 3:10 🤔
MegaAshWilliams 21 kun oldin
This is embarrassing. 'Black..'Black...' 'Black...' We get it, sometimes the Oscars seems awfully white. But you know what? Hollywood IS awfully white. If Eminem hosted the Soul Train Awards and started riffing on how there aren't enough white people in the room he'd be thrown out of the building by his ankles. Also, 9 minutes in to a 10 minute speech 'It's not all about race man.' YOU COULD HAVE FOOLED ME!
royd77 17 kun oldin
Chris rock.. the biggest public racist i have ever seen.. couldn't say 2 sentences without pointing out the difference in race and color.
Martin S
Martin S 18 kun oldin
Please don't compare soul train awards to an entire multi billion dollar hundred plus year old industry don't be ignorant
mindcrime2010 22 kun oldin
Can’t beat this....so intelligent and masterful
royd77 5 kun oldin
+Chinese Gods chosen people Jesus Christ is Shang Di We.. You and i. And every other human. And yes, got a frog in my pocket.. Didn't test his IQ though
Chinese Gods chosen people Jesus Christ is Shang Di
+royd77 "we are all the same" who is "we"? you got a low iq racist parasite frog in your pocket?
royd77 17 kun oldin
all i heard was black.. black... race.. racist.. black.. white.. racist.. black.. the man is a racist and it is gettig old.. we are all the same Chris, stop dividing us, get over it!
Kavesh Naidoo
Kavesh Naidoo 23 kun oldin
This incredible!! Chris Rock is a legend
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama 23 kun oldin
Everyone in the audience have literally token an L at the old Oscars Chris you rule.😎
Bry Ocampo
Bry Ocampo 24 kun oldin
why do black people always cry about black people not being included, i mean i dont care about the academy, but maybe there was no good black performer that year... i mean wtf, why blacks always ahve to be about race?
Gore 24 kun oldin
8:28 woah they predicted the black panthers or what ?
Casanova jackson
Casanova jackson 24 kun oldin
isabeladorie 24 kun oldin
Well that was... ignorant. They shouldn't have pushed Kev that far this year.
mboiko 25 kun oldin
Shocking indeed...since the United States is 72% Black.
Joey Doherty
Joey Doherty 24 kun oldin
Mike  Jones
Mike Jones 25 kun oldin
Truth!!! Spoken eloquently!!!!
Tshepo Marumo
Tshepo Marumo 25 kun oldin
A well balanced delivery to a very diverse crowd, love CR
asd 25 kun oldin
The beginning of the shitty oscar
ilie ilie
ilie ilie 25 kun oldin
They kill it all.. is talkingreal shit here
Jess Jamez
Jess Jamez 25 kun oldin
#Savage good sh** Chris!!! 😂💯
Thomas Fundgrube
Thomas Fundgrube 25 kun oldin
let's fill the place with hitler's cyanide gas - NOBODY will miss this pedophil satanic bustards
juma Mwasie
juma Mwasie 25 kun oldin
James Deng
James Deng 25 kun oldin
this monologue is historically remarkable.
Eduardo Mirabal Armenteros
It’s always the same talk about black or gay people just stop dividing simple
gustavo jimenez
gustavo jimenez 25 kun oldin
Pure genius
Evets Zerimar
Evets Zerimar 25 kun oldin
This isn’t as bad as ppl make it out to be. Ray Charles joke was good.
Trinder3467 26 kun oldin
Oscars 2019 are most anti-white. black panthers my ass.
Gibbet Hoskins
Gibbet Hoskins 26 kun oldin
A black guy doing black victimized racism jokes ...how original. Ironically while hosting the actual event. Meanwhile no Asians hosting and none even in the crowd ...yet the Asians giving zero fucks and moving on with their lives.
Patrick Sarona
Patrick Sarona 26 kun oldin
The beginning in the video Lol
N H 26 kun oldin
I love what you did Chris Rock! Making all the fonies squirm!!! 😂🤣#truth
Ege Urgan
Ege Urgan 26 kun oldin
2016 oscars: White people's choice awards. 2018-2019 oscars: Racism is bad movie awards.
Kevin Michael
Kevin Michael 26 kun oldin
this too old.. stop to use this as a peptalk..
GEMfanatica 26 kun oldin
The funniest monologue in oscar history Thumbs up if you agree
D C'mon
D C'mon 26 kun oldin
Best Host Ever. Chris Rock Come Back. The Oscar's Needs You!
shaftshaft 26 kun oldin
His monologue prove true today as everyone is talking about some dudes crazy outfit
Chris Andreev
Chris Andreev 27 kun oldin
Do black people really get less acting gigs because of their race? Seemed a bit forced, is all... all this talk about black folks.
bonna parta
bonna parta 27 kun oldin
The best host ever
Adam Richardson
Adam Richardson 27 kun oldin
Sly didnt look happy.
That was interesting.
Corvir 27 kun oldin
White people are "racist" yet I don't remember any to highlight word "white" as often as this man mention "black". Truly ironic...
Spiral13 UpKat™
Spiral13 UpKat™ 27 kun oldin
It's not funny anymore Chris.
Cassiaphire 28 kun oldin
blacks support and create an image that does not often cast a black person to have the same image as a white person. the actor has to fit the cast. blacks don't fit many casts because of the image that they seem to support for being 'black'. thus, black actors lack range to fit many roles.
aeopmusic 28 kun oldin
Chris is permanently 30 years old
Tom Mcfadden
Tom Mcfadden 29 kun oldin
Chris is too good for Hollywood.
Mz Kegz
Mz Kegz 29 kun oldin
LOOOL ive never seen so many white people scared to clap, these jokes a hilarious
Vm Abijeet
Vm Abijeet Oy oldin
The year he delivered this opening monologue I felt it served less impact. Now, after these years coming back to listen it again, I just feel how good was his decision to host and make every white guy in that room uncomfortable. Do pay attention to the part where he focuses the photo session at White House. The question almost resounded every white guy in the room followed by the statement on Leonardo DiCaprio. Why Leo gets parts every year while Jamie Foxx waits for the turn. Kudos Chris Rock, you rock man! Mission accomplished. They can not erase you.
Dumezweni Dlamini
Ray Charles...hahaha
Joseph Vega
Joseph Vega Oy oldin
He could knit a quilt and it would be hilarious
Joseph Vega
Joseph Vega Oy oldin
Chris kills everything he does hes freakin awesome!!!!!!
Gwen Poole
Gwen Poole Oy oldin
"this is the wildest, craziest oscars....." 3 years later....no host.
Sidcup Cyclist
What about Asian people Chris, stick to comedy not politics, what your'e kinda good at.
Punkanelly Lovejoy
Is he referring to the underwear and lingerie by the fashion designer named Rhianna? If he's referring to the fashion underwear then joke is even funnier than I thought.
Kenn Dao
Kenn Dao Oy oldin
Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh Oy oldin
take a shot everytime chris says "you know"
Dirty Diana
Dirty Diana Oy oldin
If he is white and talking like this about afro-americans, they would call him racist. But this way, the whites calls him only unfunny, nothing else.
Ramón Köhler
Hahaha he's just killing it!!!
Rolling Ormond
Christian Bale such a snob, sits there blank and doesn't clap for anything...
Rolling Ormond
Was this only 2016? Man the Oscars went downhill fast...
#FakeLifeSquad -36
The first thing that hit me me was MADAGASCAR!!!!!!
Sindile Mathole
Its the best oscar monologue ever!!!
Miguel Romero
Miguel Romero Oy oldin
J_rab101 Oy oldin
Chris rock exposed the liberal racists
Bruno Dantas
Bruno Dantas Oy oldin
Daaamn, he roasted Jada! 😂😂😂😂😂
Bruno Dantas
Bruno Dantas Oy oldin
I love this dude!
a. Noniem
a. Noniem Oy oldin
Within 3 seconds he brought up race. What a fucking prick.
HN YS Oy oldin
I didn't like the way he spoke to Leonardo Dicaprio. Of course Jamie Foxx is a good actor but I personally don't think he's on the same level as Leo.
7620313 Oy oldin
starting with black-victimized joke? sure... sjws at best
AnonTheNine Oy oldin
*He was trying to say Hollywood is raciest in the nicest manner*
Bruce Terrence
So beautiful this was
Cheetah Cheetah
lol Chris. luv ya. but u should go to Africa and watch how whites get treated there. Even shouting in SA parlement kill all whites. so b gratefull, u guys hav a fantastic life u shouldn't complain.
Cushty Oy oldin
Ricky Gervais needs to do this, least people will laugh a good jokes
jeffin g
jeffin g Oy oldin
this is classic mannnnn!!!!
Almighty King Turtle
2:58 he was so close to saying the n word😂
Duckworth III
Duckworth III Oy oldin
I understand that some comedians like to raise awareness for racism using their comedy but when every joke involves race it just gets boring and repetitive.
C John
C John Oy oldin
Brilliantly said ,
Nick Thill
Nick Thill Oy oldin
And also just bcuz someone is famous doesn't mean u need to blow them. I like cr too but damn. Get off his d
Nick Thill
Nick Thill Oy oldin
When he started out maybe but by now... still man?
Nick Thill
Nick Thill Oy oldin
I like chris rock but he thinks about skin color more than the kkk
Sarai KUN
Sarai KUN Oy oldin
Should we Asians protest because there are no oscars nominees?
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