Chris Sails - Love Language (Official Music Video)

Chris Sails
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Click this link to download song!! itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-language-single/1443445692




28-Noy, 2018

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Chris Sails
Chris Sails 2 oy oldin
Love You Guys So Much ! This Song Means A lot to Me so make sure you guys click this link and download itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-language-single/1443445692
Aretisha 17 kun oldin
Chris Sails Not trying to sell anyone anything I just want some support on my UZvid channel. Click the link in my bio and subscribe and let me know what y’all think of my videos. Thanks in advance and god bless
Whatsgoodie Bitch
Hi Chris
Miguel Santiago716
Chris Sails this towards queens?
Carla2bodit 2 oy oldin
Union Bey
Union Bey 9 soat oldin
Parker McKenna
Kelsea Forbes
Kelsea Forbes 4 kun oldin
He can sing y'all just petty😒
Natasha Stewart
Natasha Stewart 6 kun oldin
he's gonna blow. just wait for it. his times coming and im following. under rated and that dunseparker but trust me he's gonna smack it. he was the brains and image to his and Queens success. he's the talent. gwaan kill it big man. I'm rooting for you
L Wiggins
L Wiggins 8 kun oldin
Omg this song!!!!
Dornevil Emma
Dornevil Emma 9 kun oldin
Yow I love this song why this ain't hit 10 million yet
Sujata Limbu
Sujata Limbu 11 kun oldin
Nice songs.💜
JayMuneyy 11 kun oldin
Chris dangnear beat shorty after the vid👎🏼🤣
Theparkkbum 12 kun oldin
This song “she’s playing hard to get” cane on and I realized he got a sample from there
RealTalk Pal
RealTalk Pal 12 kun oldin
Great video!
Jay YT
Jay YT 13 kun oldin
Lyrics U wear ur heart on ur sleeve u make it harder to leave cant find nobody like me i said i never would cheat( i was wrong 2x) I know i was wrong i cant believe that we done i know u missing my love how can i gain back ur trust They say love dangerous Whats ah love language Whats ah love language They say love dangerous SKIRT!! Can i get it one more wanna know if im on ur mind ( on ur mind ) can i get it one more time (one more time) i know i said that last time I know i was wrong i cant believe that we done i know u missing my love how can i gain back ur trust They say love dangrous Whats ah love language Whats ah love language They say love dangrous SKIRT!!!! Can i get it one more time wanna know if im on ur mind can i get it one more time i know said that last time Who fuck u better u know i do fuck up the room do whateva for u i dont like my side now that u aint by my side uss to be down to ride I know i was wrong i cant believe that we done ik u missing my love how can i gain back ur trust SKIRT!!!!!!! PLEASE LIKE THE COMMENT!!!
Suni Marie
Suni Marie 15 kun oldin
Song was great but acting was badd
Aretisha 17 kun oldin
Not trying to sell anyone anything I just want some support on my UZvid channel. Click the link in my bio and subscribe and let me know what y’all think of my videos. Thanks in advance and god bless
Saucy Elnor
Saucy Elnor 17 kun oldin
I’m a nigga and I keep running back to this song 🔥
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 19 kun oldin
Had to watch this again im really digging this video Chris.. Lit 🔥🔥❤💚💛💜💙😱💯💯💯🔥🔥❤
Wulu Sohn
Wulu Sohn 19 kun oldin
i love your songs
Rickeal Rix
Rickeal Rix 20 kun oldin
I'm addicted to this song. If y'all don't hurry up and get this to a mill. God damn. Don't @me 😂 no ... seriously 😩
brina omi
brina omi 20 kun oldin
He should've stop faking on her then.
ad cd
ad cd 20 kun oldin
Amari Partee
Amari Partee 21 kun oldin
For a girl
Amari Partee
Amari Partee 21 kun oldin
This the best song
Random 21 kun oldin
They say love dangerous❤
Angel & Tk
Angel & Tk 21 kun oldin
I Love It 🤩😊😘
SeanP& Cane
SeanP& Cane 22 kun oldin
This Still My Shit 🎼🎵 Who Still be Banging This 🎼🎵💯
Tamya Hunter
Tamya Hunter 23 kun oldin
i like this song to hi chris
S U B S C R I B E R 24 kun oldin
To many times is to much Chris👖
KEEP YOUR HEAD UP 25 kun oldin
the song is not bad at all but.... that jacket lookin a little to small!!!! Lol
Futurezz 26 kun oldin
This shit is 🔥
TroyBa Gaming
TroyBa Gaming 27 kun oldin
Chris ur songs fire bro your talented bro like if u think so
Jasmine Kirkman
Jasmine Kirkman 28 kun oldin
Chris idk you at all but what I do see is that you’re going through a lot... but you got so much talent in you and don’t even see it! This song is beautiful every song you made is beautiful! Put everything you going through in your music KEEP GOING💯 we gone watch regardless! #keepyaheadup
Kashawna Harrington
Kashawna Harrington 28 kun oldin
angelseay gang
angelseay gang 29 kun oldin
Ik i use not like u for what u did but People make mistakes 🙏😄
Tahj Ce
Tahj Ce 29 kun oldin
She’s 18
miyahthe_cutest Samiyah
I am in love with this song for real tho👅😄💗💗💗💗
adoreadia Oy oldin
love it
tavotv Oy oldin
Sampled she’s playing hard to get by hi five.. song still fire tho
Yessy MYOB
Yessy MYOB Oy oldin
Chris you done fucked up with what u just had huh?? Smh this song go hard though 💯💯 whatever’s meant to be will be 🙌🏽 Stop fucking up, learn from your mistakes! This song is 🔥 🔥
Nontando Mohosana
Well this song is dope asF
Sauced Up Kac
Sauced Up Kac Oy oldin
“What’s your love language?” Very catchy
carla j
carla j Oy oldin
I listen to this all the time
Real.garcia Oy oldin
Trash !!!
Trash !!! Oy oldin
I bought it on iTunes
Trash !!!
Trash !!! Oy oldin
My fav song
Brandy Rae
Brandy Rae Oy oldin
Does he think he’s Bryson tiller
Jay YT
Jay YT Oy oldin
This song go so hard stop sleeping on chris
Bri Kelly
Bri Kelly Oy oldin
I’m only here cause my fellow classmate is in the video 🤷🏽‍♀️
Eric Ayon
Eric Ayon Oy oldin
Its good an bad
Erika Jazzyy
Erika Jazzyy Oy oldin
oh i felt this song 😪❤️
Sky Sky
Sky Sky Oy oldin
Never heard this song until yesterday but I have this on repeat 😩🔥❤️
Santon Valentine
This shit🔥🔥 I feel yo pain
T&J’s Wörld
He really killed this song🔥🥰
Mya B Black
Mya B Black Oy oldin
Push this song it could be great
lovely lala
lovely lala Oy oldin
I love this song🤩🤗
Briasia Jordan
Daisy Lesson
Daisy Lesson Oy oldin
No cap... dis it right here😭😭💀folks ass just gotta keep making shit like this and he gone be thurl
Ery Vlogs
Ery Vlogs Oy oldin
She don’t miss yo love
Sofia’s Little Gremlins
Trecia Smith
Trecia Smith Oy oldin
gotta love this fuckboy music! 🎶🎧😊🤡
khay boogie
khay boogie Oy oldin
I think chris sails need to stay heartbroken his music way better 😂
Arianna Gilbert
Chris this actually doesn’t sound bad , I like it 🔥🔥
Mizz Savage
Mizz Savage Oy oldin
Allysah Hernandez
Damn I actually like his music it’s pretty good not gonna lie
denay Cox
denay Cox Oy oldin
I love this😍💕
Ella is lit 23
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⛽️this song really gass
Kandi Tilles
Kandi Tilles 21 kun oldin
Ok p7
Jay YT
Jay YT Oy oldin
Who fucked u better u know I did
His songs get even better when he gets in feelings❤
Melissa Rollocks
Love this song
Jorquasha Martin
Chriiisss this beat is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Clare Fay Lifestyles
Good song to make from hi five back in the day 90s
Farfrom Brokeboy
So we jus gon sit here n act like he ain’t hit that bitch @00:59???
Antx Jewel
Antx Jewel Oy oldin
Bro I hated you but you become a better man this shit hardddd 🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💗💗🤦🏽‍♀️
Marsha Mattis
Marsha Mattis Oy oldin
U want too much chance.
‘ miraaa
‘ miraaa Oy oldin
‘ this song fye ain’t gonna lie 🔥
nisha simmons
nisha simmons Oy oldin
Not that bad
K.N.C Oy oldin
Nice work Chris keep it up 👍🏾
I wonder what happened we only got lil bits of shit I really wonder what drove this nigga off the edge....This a banger🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
LUIS_killer gzz
Yo wassup bro
- BRAGGALOT Oy oldin
Whole time this shit tuff
YMG Keezo
YMG Keezo Oy oldin
1:54 I really fw that lil flow right there og 🔥🔥🔥
Skates Godly
Skates Godly Oy oldin
Either partynextdoor wrote this or bro heavily influenced
Bree Lashae
Bree Lashae Oy oldin
This song is actually litty 🔥
Anthony West
Anthony West Oy oldin
Devin Carson
Devin Carson Oy oldin
This is actually a good song
Jocelyn Clark
Jocelyn Clark Oy oldin
Chris you'll find someone that really loves u Definitely can't go backwards just forward from here
GemLuv Oy oldin
Go subscribe thank you
Inda Stu
Inda Stu Oy oldin
0:09 “bro cheeeeel” haha. Chris favorite line. I heard him say that so many times. This song a FUCKIN BANGER my guy. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tennisha jackson
I love how this nigga still grinding😭💛stay up bro😥 this my favorite song by him 🔥🔥
Lea Faye
Lea Faye Oy oldin
Oop. I actualły like this lol
Ava Kutz
Ava Kutz Oy oldin
I see you go to moves 🤤🤪♥️
Gshshshsh Twuwyhwhhwhe
You sound like shit nigga👹👹👹👹
Anna Jackson
Anna Jackson Oy oldin
sike that was my cousin
Anna Jackson
Anna Jackson Oy oldin
bro this a kid I texted you on Instagram
kia kia
kia kia Oy oldin
Chris ‼️ Fight for your Wife 😢 She needs your more then she ever would in life. Her soul on the line God you and her is what it’s gonna take too fight everything that’s rising against her and your son 😔 didn’t realize how deep shit is getting. I’m hurt
Chris is so fine bro
Taeja Taeja
Taeja Taeja Oy oldin
Subscribe To Me Guyss Please ❤️❤️❤️
Spooky Vives
Spooky Vives Oy oldin
Bestttt I den hearddd all year🤪😍😍
Darryl G
Darryl G Oy oldin
Song would’ve been so much better without that stinging noise in the background on the chorus...😑
Pamela Barry
Pamela Barry Oy oldin
your voice is unique use that till your advantage ( don't sell out though 666) it ain't worth it this place bout to be destroyed !lord willing
IG SHORTS Oy oldin
This song really Sounds Good
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