Chris Sails - Love Language (Official Music Video)

Chris Sails
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28-Noy, 2018

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Chris Sails
Chris Sails 16 kun oldin
Love You Guys So Much ! This Song Means A lot to Me so make sure you guys click this link and download itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-language-single/1443445692
Demi S1606
Demi S1606 2 soat oldin
Anyone can whisper sweet words into your ear, but where tf is the person to whisper in a language my heart, mind & body understands. There are so many layers to uncover & the surface has barely been explored...
Trew Velazquez
Trew Velazquez 6 soat oldin
Can't wait til u drop what are u waiting for and please stay prayed up Chris ☝️☝️☝️
Siannah Knight
Siannah Knight Kun oldin
Chris Sails wack ass song
Melody Perry
Melody Perry 4 kun oldin
This dude really out here beating up hoes and acting like it never happened 🤣
Dcs Life
Dcs Life Soat oldin
Continue to stay on this wave Chris
Taniya Walker
Taniya Walker 3 soat oldin
Bro this song 🔥🔥🔥 We also know who he miss 😜 Like if you know
Tayden Hogan
Tayden Hogan 3 soat oldin
Chris make some hot cheeto nacho
Kadriana C.
Kadriana C. 3 soat oldin
Who fuck you better? You know I do ❤️🔥🔥
Neesh, Née'nee C
Neesh, Née'nee C 5 soat oldin
Chris I must say I LOVE this song,💯❤️ very beautiful, and just to let you know I love the way you love baby CJ. as well.
Rashee Hayes
Rashee Hayes 7 soat oldin
Bee_EaZiE 8 soat oldin
Did he sample Hi Five - She's playing hard to get?
Dani Royce
Dani Royce 10 soat oldin
Nevaeh Love
Nevaeh Love 13 soat oldin
Love This.
bellamibelle studios
bellamibelle studios 14 soat oldin
first of all wth was that nut ass dance you did 😂😂😂
Badness Shawdy
Badness Shawdy 23 soat oldin
C S Kun oldin
This shit has been on repeat since I first heard it!
Dcs Life
Dcs Life Kun oldin
This shit is the shit 🔥
Rich Ling
Rich Ling Kun oldin
This song fire 🔥
Melina Jackson
Melina Jackson Kun oldin
Idk what gravitated me towards this song but it’s actually not too bad tho🤔
Alysia Ingram
Alysia Ingram Kun oldin
mind blown , best song yet 🤩
Natavia Carr
Natavia Carr Kun oldin
Emojae B
Emojae B Kun oldin
I actually like this song..
Cynthia Mate
Cynthia Mate Kun oldin
I like it
Brea Zai
Brea Zai Kun oldin
This song goes hard Chris! Fuck your past because your future is lit! Keep grinding! 💎
NAY&KAY so cool
NAY&KAY so cool Kun oldin
Good job Chris 😍 it’s straight 🔥
Monica Apodaca
Monica Apodaca Kun oldin
Chris sails to chris brown lol
Joel Bates
Joel Bates 2 kun oldin
he still sounds horrible even with Auto-Tune
Cassie Dolly
Cassie Dolly 2 kun oldin
Damn this nigga becoming a pro with the autotune 😭 I can’t hear his sore throat
aniya jackson
aniya jackson 2 kun oldin
Yess Keep it up Chris !💕
Bake House
Bake House 2 kun oldin
Chris what do you know about love 🤦🏽
GreenvilleMadeKCG 2 kun oldin
Who knew dis nikka could dance Brett ong dis my shit!🤟🏾🔥
xxfreeguccixx 2 kun oldin
I know you missin my loveee
Eboni Edwards
Eboni Edwards 2 kun oldin
Another girl
sola_ ace
sola_ ace 2 kun oldin
is it me or the shirt chris is wearing seem familiar wizkid and tiwa fans where are u?
Sayeta Zonen
Sayeta Zonen 2 kun oldin
Cheaters are good for nothing.
Natalia Davis
Natalia Davis 2 kun oldin
This goes hard 🔥🔥🔥
Ti Topics
Ti Topics 2 kun oldin
I'm hooked on this song...on replay 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Wisdom more precious than Rubies
People makes mistakes. Sounds good. Like ur hair and beard shorter.....
alexis ashley
alexis ashley 2 kun oldin
to much auto tune 👎🏼
Krystal 2 kun oldin
A CG FILM 2 kun oldin
ArielJourneys 2 kun oldin
His music is getting better 🔥, this tho🤩
Richh Yungin
Richh Yungin 2 kun oldin
I see u son tap me in da yungin in Houston
Kamala Thomas
Kamala Thomas 2 kun oldin
Actually wasn’t that bad of a song 🤔
Kash Jones
Kash Jones 3 kun oldin
nigga what the fuck u doing fucking up the forces
Just Keke
Just Keke 3 kun oldin
Not even gonna lie this song is really good ❤
All_my _Diamonds
All_my _Diamonds 3 kun oldin
Flight got ya bitch
Rachelle Paullette
Rachelle Paullette 3 kun oldin
First song I heard of his solo and I love this song. Keep it up 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
cheryl clay
cheryl clay 3 kun oldin
like the music, coulda picked a cuter girl with a better shape tho
Terricaaa ._
Terricaaa ._ 3 kun oldin
Which ex he talking about?
Cassie Dolly
Cassie Dolly 2 kun oldin
Terricaaa ._ shit he beat both of they asses so it could be either one 😭
Terricaaa ._
Terricaaa ._ 2 kun oldin
elijah piere ^ok
elijah piere
elijah piere 2 kun oldin
Its just a song
Rafael Lobo
Rafael Lobo 3 kun oldin
No one is perfect keep doin you bro
LYRICAL 3DDD_MUSIC 3 kun oldin
Darius Porter
Darius Porter 3 kun oldin
lit_fame _Carlos
lit_fame _Carlos 3 kun oldin
When he in his feelings his song be fire
troy the king of basketball talk
This song is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Andrew Yano
Andrew Yano 3 kun oldin
Chris Jackson with the moves 🤣
benji Nieto
benji Nieto 3 kun oldin
Yo my boy Chris do the Viagra prank lmao
Wicked Games
Wicked Games 4 kun oldin
I seriously love this song
Aneda Dalay
Aneda Dalay 4 kun oldin
Bro idk but now I'm starting to like Chris 😭
Doctor Maya
Doctor Maya 3 kun oldin
Aneda Dalay stg I’m saying the same thing , I’m liking Chris a lot
Annie Akofio-Sowah
Annie Akofio-Sowah 4 kun oldin
William Estrada
William Estrada 4 kun oldin
#WOULDBMUSZTBNICE.... 🕓🕖🕡🕕🕝 .. PERHAPSZz I||π×∆=°^•`
chun barbie
chun barbie 4 kun oldin
0:58 my boy got tha moves
ITZ YANA 4 kun oldin
Make more music like !!!!!!!!! This is your style
Javay Gregory
Javay Gregory 4 kun oldin
Qeen and Chris should be back together
JadaTingz TV
JadaTingz TV 4 kun oldin
Okayyyy Chris go in🤪!!!
lamar kinch
lamar kinch 4 kun oldin
How you get a Party Feat???
Ebony Moorer-Gonzalez
I think the song and video is dope i'm proud of you Chris keep pushing cause I truly can see this being your hit song to make it to the top with please please please promote this song as much as you can. much love from your fan.
Cursha Joseph
Cursha Joseph 4 kun oldin
Out of all the youtubers trying to make music y’all gotta admit, he’s one of the very few who actually does
Melody Perry
Melody Perry 4 kun oldin
This dude really out here beating up hoes and acting like it never happened 🤣
Tonio Venchy
Tonio Venchy 4 kun oldin
I’m a upcoming artist form Detroit, MI if you want More music to listen please subscribe & comment on my videos ... I’ll really appreciate it 🙏🏻❤️🔖
Kaliyah Martin
Kaliyah Martin 5 kun oldin
i love this ❤️ keep going chris
Natasha Farinha
Natasha Farinha 5 kun oldin
I’m #teamchris he just too fine and his music fire. Loving you all the way from BROOKLYN lol fuck the Bronx ahahahaha nah nyc loves you
Aubrey Walder
Aubrey Walder 5 kun oldin
People really be hating. I fw this song heavy 🔥
Roses Areredds
Roses Areredds 5 kun oldin
Second top song ✨
K STYLÌNGZ 5 kun oldin
Mitchel Wattley
Mitchel Wattley 5 kun oldin
2 Capital Boys From Ekasi
Love this song and it teaches me lot about love 😭❤...n I'm a big fan of u Chris n plz guyz u can even like my freestyle called "Zone freestyles" plz n we all need success in life
Quis 5 kun oldin
Jourdan Blade
Jourdan Blade 5 kun oldin
Putting this on repeat 💖
M. M.
M. M. 5 kun oldin
I know you and Chris Brown got the same name but don’t mean you can dance like him😂😂
Makeout 999
Makeout 999 3 kun oldin
M. M. Don’t even see him dancing get off his dick 🤣
KayKay KmoreProductions
Not bad
orlando emecheta
orlando emecheta 5 kun oldin
i love this song
Unicorn McFan
Unicorn McFan 5 kun oldin
I hope there are more of his songs getting popular soon in the future 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😁😁😀
Rolde Aguiar
Rolde Aguiar 5 kun oldin
JOY LOVE 5 kun oldin
Everybody makes mistakes but he fucked up frlfrl
Roshondao Frazier
Roshondao Frazier 5 kun oldin
she look fine
Sosav Guwop
Sosav Guwop 5 kun oldin
His ass gonna catch a disase watch 😂😂😂
Lisa Lux
Lisa Lux 5 kun oldin
Jaayyyofficial 5 kun oldin
This. Not bad at all
La’Keira Wilkinson
Omg that’s Mikayla Kimbre they should go out they be a cute couple 💜💜💜💜
The lashed Barbie
The lashed Barbie 6 kun oldin
I can’t believe I’m saying this but I like this 💀 make more music nigga 😭👌🏽
The lashed Barbie
The lashed Barbie 6 kun oldin
He sounds like Party!!
Nik Nakz
Nik Nakz 6 kun oldin
Ngl he did a good job with this video 👌🏾
I love it
Sanae Popin17
Sanae Popin17 6 kun oldin
Omgss this my songgg... Who fuck you better YOU KNOW I DO ayeeee you know love dangerous whats your love language what's your love language...😍😍😇
Nupassion Johnson
Nupassion Johnson 6 kun oldin
First favorite song by you Love it keep doin yo thing❣️❤️
Shameka Holloman
Shameka Holloman 6 kun oldin
Totally fucking with this🥰
Anisha Boyd
Anisha Boyd 6 kun oldin
Partynextdoor vibes
Brittany Henderson
Brittany Henderson 6 kun oldin
This My Song All 2k19 Lmao 🔥🔥😘
Zoe Anderson
Zoe Anderson 6 kun oldin
I respect Chris all the shit he’s been through he still coming out with music and manages to make it a bop💯💯
HØN ËÌÌ 6 kun oldin
He looked like baby cj @1:30 with tht facial expression he had made💯💛
Smiley Sanique
Smiley Sanique 6 kun oldin
The hell is love langue 😂
Baby Ross
Baby Ross 6 kun oldin
Say the Word
7 oy oldin