Chris Tucker Visits Jackie Chan in China

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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milan #R80
milan #R80 Kun oldin
Stfu James let Chris talk for Christ sake
BabiMuza channel
BabiMuza channel 4 kun oldin
Chamoooneah lee😁😁😁
Termy 7 kun oldin
Jackie and Chris? Best duo ever.
QuickPlay TV
QuickPlay TV 8 kun oldin
tuckers voice is so funny xD
HARTHIK HONEY 11 kun oldin
Industry didnt used his talent in right direction...........
esteban ruiz
esteban ruiz 13 kun oldin
Rush hour 4 pls and a new trilogy of anything
Elwin Bu
Elwin Bu 14 kun oldin
This short clip alone I already laughed like a retard🤣🤣🤣
Elwin Bu
Elwin Bu 14 kun oldin
I can see why Chris Tucker indeed sound like the King of Pop
Kana 17 kun oldin
Lol the accent though is very much Jackie's XD and oh Tucker never age wow..
Jhordin Graves
Jhordin Graves 19 kun oldin
So they really had a karaoke night like in Rush Hour. That’s epic!
Free Speech
Free Speech 20 kun oldin
Chris Tucker is simply annnoying...where is martin
Andrew Loner!
Andrew Loner! 21 kun oldin
I see why he deserves the best he fuckin funny🗣️🔥🔥🔥
Humberto Freitas Dos Santos
Esse nasceu comediante kkkkkk
Rainy Daiz
Rainy Daiz 23 kun oldin
Explain abuse
Yu William
Yu William 24 kun oldin
Hey man. When is rush hour 4 ?
madá 27 kun oldin
aw he always talks about michael. he was a really good friend!
Equalizing while Rising East
Can't wait for the new Rush Hour movie!
Al Mohanad
Al Mohanad Oy oldin
I could watch chris tucker telling stories all day
pakistani drama
I love Michael Jackson I love jakie and i love crish tucker
Deepak KM
Deepak KM Oy oldin
This guy is non stop energy.
girukwishyaka Oy oldin
Rush hour 4 is gonna break the internet!!!
Enias Dziva
Enias Dziva Oy oldin
Martin Frederiksen
love this guy
I'd love to see a Carpool karaoke of all Michael Jackson songs with Chris Tucker. I think that'll be fun :) :)
100 Subs With no vids
He almost Sound like daequan
TK JOHN Oy oldin
Chris Tucker always makes most host's job easier and fun because of he's spontenious funny personality 😁😁
Leonel Lomas
Leonel Lomas Oy oldin
He came into the Foo chow restaurant to see Mr. Juntao because it’s his half brother from Beijing and they have the same baby mama. He’s blackanesse..
Larsson 2 oy oldin
Chris will age over 80 and he will still talk about Jackie chan
What The Dude
What The Dude 2 oy oldin
watched rush hour 1-2-3 and then watching interviews !! XD
baatarkhuu mongkuu
Still a funniest man in the world
Vishnu sasikumar
Vishnu sasikumar 2 oy oldin
We want him in movies. Miss u tuckr....omg if tuckr and rowen ATTINKSOn... Comes in same movie... It I'll be laugh riot... I cnt belive
Chambers Heros
Chambers Heros 2 oy oldin
Bro u lie, cause everybody love Chris turker even in real life period
Chambers Heros
Chambers Heros 2 oy oldin
Turker n chain r greatest chemistry we ever the wide world ever witness in this generation
Chambers Heros
Chambers Heros 2 oy oldin
The next rush hour chain n Chris will have now is gona be end of an era. Is gona be incredibly unbelievable cause the world had been waiting on it for long. Is gona put all the movies to Shame when it comes to sells. Rush hr. U can beat that around the world
jonis jebisow
jonis jebisow 2 oy oldin
i am yu!!!
Kharifhele Netshilema
Rush hour 4 should be in South Africa. At least the previous three covered U.S., Europe and Asia.
Nessy Bartolome
Nessy Bartolome 2 oy oldin
Hahaha so funny
Namique Khan
Namique Khan 2 oy oldin
He sounds more like michael jackson 😂
Kae Lee
Kae Lee 2 oy oldin
jackie chan + owen wilson most underrated duo of all time dont @ me
Naz Timothy
Naz Timothy 2 oy oldin
Chris Tucker said it himself, he needs to be in more movies...yet I'm here waiting for Rush Hour 4
Fatmata Barrie x
Fatmata Barrie x 2 oy oldin
Love Chris Tucker he still misses Michael
Clutchless19 3 oy oldin
man he and lee are the best xD i wanna see more from them
Phead128 3 oy oldin
This guy is funny. Keenan Thompson, not so much.
Chillhop Wrestlin
Rush hour > Lethal Weapon
Bobiwine2 people power onelove
Just to remind u guys,,, it's October 2018,,,, khabib beat McGregor chicken
Viet Vu
Viet Vu 3 oy oldin
I love his passion for MJ music.
Carolina River
Carolina River 3 oy oldin
Most Michael loyal friend out there!!😻☝️
ponmari selvam
ponmari selvam 3 oy oldin
one more rush hour pls
florian florian
florian florian 3 oy oldin
I like this man his modeste cris we love you
Rubens 3 oy oldin
He and Michael Jackson were very close friends