christmas isn't real

bill wurtz
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27-Noy, 2018



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Artificial Sweetener
This is the unedited version
Ike Dakhlallah
Ike Dakhlallah 6 kun oldin
The subliminal messages throughout this video are being missed by so many people. Bill has some knowledge.
Georgios Bakirtzis
Georgios Bakirtzis 7 kun oldin
What I learned about this video is that the Easter Bunny gives a lot tips
Peppi 7 kun oldin
I needed this today
The awesome Dog 500
1:52 I ask myself that every summer/fall
Jay Feather
Jay Feather 8 kun oldin
I think i just found my new favourite song
RedHairdo 9 kun oldin
Try To Get Angry challenge.
Tw!l¡ght_ Ghøst
Tw!l¡ght_ Ghøst 9 kun oldin
*Is this the new religion I've been hearing about?*
*•* :P
*•* :P 10 kun oldin
Ok it’s coming up to Easter now and I’m paranoid.
Flash ykins
Flash ykins 12 kun oldin
I have no idea how I stumbled across your videos, but I am so fucking glad I did.
Iris Dreamwood
Iris Dreamwood 12 kun oldin
*Why is the west coast on fire?*
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 14 kun oldin
*Who wants to buy some Jesus?*
A M I I R A 16 kun oldin
Wait what?
Tackbackwards 18 kun oldin
dab abd ba bd dab dab eb bdab dab dbe dab abd ba bd dab dab eb bdab dab dbe dab abd ba bd dab dab eb bdab dab dbe dab abd ba bd dab dab eb bdab dab dbe dab *DIE*
Henry 717
Henry 717 19 kun oldin
Billizm is the religion
Logen Felxon
Logen Felxon 20 kun oldin
Ohh, human music, I like it.
Orion D. Hunter
Orion D. Hunter 20 kun oldin
Greek gibberish: κφκφξψνψνκδμδ English gibberish: dhndncbcbd
Sally Face
Sally Face 21 kun oldin
0:26 Ba da dee Da da dee *die*
Lainie Picklesimer
Lainie Picklesimer 22 kun oldin
Easter Bunny: Christmas isn’t real. Me: wELL tHen EaSTeR iSnT reAl
Sakura Tree
Sakura Tree 22 kun oldin
Ba da Dee ba da dee DIE (0:26)
Australia- Hungary
Australia- Hungary 23 kun oldin
Santa is dead that what I always say (R.I.P Saint Nick)
*I freaking love the retro vibes of these videos omg*
Alex Belman
Alex Belman 24 kun oldin
literal sarcasm
literal sarcasm 25 kun oldin
This is the strangest bit of social commentary I've ever watched.
Ceci Matos
Ceci Matos 25 kun oldin
1:56 Why do I always think he’ll say “everything looks so gay”
Riley12 26 kun oldin
I stop listening for a second and don’t know what’s going on
gerMANy jhonson
gerMANy jhonson 26 kun oldin
I like this
Amory Acosta
Amory Acosta 27 kun oldin
Dude you gotta stop listening to the easter bunny
Cordelia Nugget
Cordelia Nugget 27 kun oldin
my favorite christmas song
Bozza12 Roblox
Bozza12 Roblox 28 kun oldin
Ba da dee ba bee yo bing bway your mom is so gay
trashbvbe 28 kun oldin
the rest of my side-bar recommendations were Christmas-based
no. 29 kun oldin
Gacha Kitty
Gacha Kitty Oy oldin
It went from the Easter bunny to Christmas to the diamond store and then roses and then...
GeeVee KillMe
GeeVee KillMe Oy oldin
Were you ok...
Gustav Günther
Ba da dee Ba da dee *die*
Sam The Mountain Egg Lim !
It's Easter in snow
Mewiewee Paws
Mewiewee Paws Oy oldin
The easter bunny is probably jealous of santa
Enzo Mangru
Enzo Mangru Oy oldin
Ba da dee ba da dee *DIE*
Ignacio Sánchez
that random youtuber
Let's all get Bill Wurtz to surpass pewdiepie(srry pewdiepie still like ur content)
Tc Oy oldin
The leprechaun told me that the Easter bunny isn't real
DarkValorWolf Oy oldin
0:55 to 1:08 is honestly gold tho
ChristmasM Oy oldin
your not real
Pink Bandito
Pink Bandito Oy oldin
U had to diss California like that
That One Penguin
Dan the Dangerous
This is my jam
Nathan Pratt
Nathan Pratt Oy oldin
All parents now hate u lol
Omnipresent Commenter
Don't you love it when it's Valentines Day and your valentine gives you walnuts?
multzy Oy oldin
I think the easter bunny is high
Fred Jones
Fred Jones Oy oldin
I would like to see tame impala cover this!
Rosie TheSkinnyPig
I find these videos entertaining but I get a head ache after watching like 4 in a row
Delicious Food
What about *nAsCaR*
yee yee
yee yee Oy oldin
I think the Easter bunny is code for drug dealer
charlotte nunan
i'm so lost.
MillyandMolly Oy oldin
My favorite Christmas carol
Ali Madi
Ali Madi Oy oldin
Wow.. Now I want to tell Santa my parents aren't real..
Dżejkob Oy oldin
*this video was sponsored by the diamond store*
Sanjay L
Sanjay L Oy oldin
This might be the first bill wurtz video that is tame enough for our universe
The Gaming Photon
This is like legal LSD
Max B
Max B Oy oldin
The Easter bunny sure likes to say lots of fake news to you.
Jermaine Dreamur
The only language is feelings... That's kind of deep.
Kellerwärter Nahui
E V E R Y T H I N G F E E L S S O A l IvE - Dude hows real high on a graveyard
Kr Oy oldin
Sherman Jonathan
Last night I saw Santa, sat in his lap and I sang him this song. He leaned in and whispered into my ear. "I going to kill that bastard tonight," then ho ho ho into an evil laugh and I ran away and I found myself at the airport, and imaged myself flying away.
TripshotGaming K
._. English is real
Mr.grandbig mac
For some reason I really enjoy watching these
Luzz The ultimate
you better watch out you better watch out YoU BeTtEr WaTcH OuT YOU BETTER WATCH OUT *YOU BETTER WATCH OU-*
Some Guy Who Likes Chickens
Ik I'm a tad bit late but why is the east coast on fire?
Angry tiger Cub YT -
‘In a world full of snow’ _A world full of snow? What world full of snow?_ _I mean I live in a world full of kangaroos, spiders, barbecues, no hat no play policies and extreme heat, but I’ve_ *_never_*_ come across a world full of snow._
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Oy oldin
This is VSauce but in walmart version
T- Series
T- Series Oy oldin
wait *_w h a t_*
Paul Floyd
Paul Floyd Oy oldin
Hes a great singer!
moehr Jaam
moehr Jaam Oy oldin
His style oft music weirdly reminds me of the Band toto..
Petrovo SCP Foundation.
Da ba de da ba *die*
Dd Dd
Dd Dd Oy oldin
citrus universe
Neither are birds,come on Earth this isn't rocket science
Ryok Oy oldin
Jack Stauber & Bill Wurtz collab when?
Tajpizza52 Oy oldin
0:38 furry confirmed
wolf treetruck
wolf treetruck 2 oy oldin
"Not Jesus Christ" Santa isn't real either. But the real Jesus would probably agree about the Easter bunny
GamerMassExpert 2 oy oldin
i'm gonna take this is a warning
Bacon Doge
Bacon Doge 2 oy oldin
*London bridge is falling down*
Odin Danielsen
Odin Danielsen 2 oy oldin
You should do more videos like the entire world and stuff video you did I couldn’t stop laughing
Ikku Hishikawa
Ikku Hishikawa 2 oy oldin
"Why is the west coast on fire?" *Top 10 burning questions science still can't answer*
matt's gaming
matt's gaming 2 oy oldin
this man is a legend on UZvid
Sri Kai
Sri Kai 2 oy oldin
Have a nice day everyone! You deserve it ✨
Daveshave 2 oy oldin
I believe in Santa, but not Christmas now.
Knollee 2 oy oldin
How can something be so random yet so true and deep?
Pigeon Poop
Pigeon Poop 2 oy oldin
How to explain to your 6 year old Christian sibling Santa is not real-
someone unimportant
i have a feeling that bill wurtz is sponsoring the diamond store
Γιώργος Παγώνας
Bill is the only original and funny youtuber
OYe Nations
OYe Nations 2 oy oldin
Christmas really isn't real. It's a pagan holiday. Good thing they got the Savior's true incarnation anniversary date wrong so as not to desecrate it. Also He actually made sure that inn (hotel) had no vacancy so as to be born in a holy, wilderness setting unspoiled by sin.
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My eyes hurt
Laura 2 oy oldin
0:31 omg broadway got a s/o
Crys Heart
Crys Heart 2 oy oldin
ba da dee da da dee *die*
Not Enderswift
Not Enderswift 2 oy oldin
and neither is your mom
Luigi's Lasagna
Luigi's Lasagna 2 oy oldin
Dudeman yor tunes are so fabtabulos
Kerbal Chris
Kerbal Chris 2 oy oldin
I get the west coast is on fire... but the queen didn’t die right?
George Napper
George Napper 2 oy oldin
If for whatever crazy reason Broadway ever decided to produce a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy musical, Bill Wurtz should be the composer.
Wojtek Świeca
Wojtek Świeca 2 oy oldin
I don't know what is it about the word "bway" that kills me so much
ez Kqaan
ez Kqaan 2 oy oldin
0:08 plot twist santa claus is santa claus and not jesus.
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