christmas isn't real

bill wurtz
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27-Noy, 2018

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Odin Danielsen
Odin Danielsen Kun oldin
You should do more videos like the entire world and stuff video you did I couldn’t stop laughing
Ikku Hishikawa
Ikku Hishikawa 3 kun oldin
"Why is the west coast on fire?" *Top 10 burning questions science still can't answer*
matt's gaming
matt's gaming 3 kun oldin
this man is a legend on UZvid
Sri Kai
Sri Kai 4 kun oldin
Have a nice day everyone! You deserve it ✨
Daveshave 4 kun oldin
I believe in Santa, but not Christmas now.
Knollee 4 kun oldin
How can something be so random yet so true and deep?
Pigeon Poop
Pigeon Poop 5 kun oldin
How to explain to your 6 year old Christian sibling Santa is not real-
someone unimportant
i have a feeling that bill wurtz is sponsoring the diamond store
Γιώργος Παγώνας
Bill is the only original and funny youtuber
OYe Nations
OYe Nations 8 kun oldin
Christmas really isn't real. It's a pagan holiday. Good thing they got the Savior's true incarnation anniversary date wrong so as not to desecrate it. Also He actually made sure that inn (hotel) had no vacancy so as to be born in a holy, wilderness setting unspoiled by sin.
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My eyes hurt
Laura 10 kun oldin
0:31 omg broadway got a s/o
Crys Heart
Crys Heart 10 kun oldin
ba da dee da da dee *die*
Not Enderswift
Not Enderswift 12 kun oldin
and neither is your mom
Luigi's Lasagna
Luigi's Lasagna 13 kun oldin
Dudeman yor tunes are so fabtabulos
Kerbal Chris
Kerbal Chris 14 kun oldin
I get the west coast is on fire... but the queen didn’t die right?
George Napper
George Napper 16 kun oldin
If for whatever crazy reason Broadway ever decided to produce a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy musical, Bill Wurtz should be the composer.
Wojtek Świeca
Wojtek Świeca 16 kun oldin
I don't know what is it about the word "bway" that kills me so much
Fortnite Extra
Fortnite Extra 16 kun oldin
0:08 plot twist santa claus is santa claus and not jesus.
amdcrash 16 kun oldin
Em0 Purple
Em0 Purple 18 kun oldin
Santa claus is still jesus
Imperator Augustus
Imperator Augustus 19 kun oldin
Bunny react
Zara Blue
Zara Blue 19 kun oldin
Santa is a anagram for satan
Squares And Stuff
Squares And Stuff 19 kun oldin
0:55 is SO GOOD what the hell
BobeeBil 21 kun oldin
i love your channel and videos so much!
Charles Boyhood
Charles Boyhood 22 kun oldin
Did this guy take drugs...?
PyroTrainThing 24 kun oldin
The Easter Bunny isn't real. He's just a random rabbit people dress up and then hunt on Easter Sunday.
Charles Lee2
Charles Lee2 26 kun oldin
Am i on acid?
Einar Amund
Einar Amund 26 kun oldin
Something tells me you might want to be more careful with believing what the Easter Bunny tells you.
Ann 26 kun oldin
For some reason watching this at night feels completely different from during the day. It's making me nervous... I still love this song though X)
Nihil 27 kun oldin
Serbia Ball
Serbia Ball 27 kun oldin
what ㅈ ㅗㅁ ㅅ
Need memes? I got u
Need memes? I got u 27 kun oldin
I’m confused
i just wanna live
i just wanna live 27 kun oldin
*the only real language is feeling* mY hEarT iS mElTinG hElP
Mason Freer
Mason Freer 28 kun oldin
Just like Finland.
PengyGoy 28 kun oldin
my favorite bill wurtz vid
Jules Dahl
Jules Dahl 28 kun oldin
Lol I live on the west coast and when he said the west coast is on fire I died laughing bc seriously all the fires are giving me anxiety 😅
Xavier Xtgunzz
Xavier Xtgunzz 28 kun oldin
Mike Recek
Mike Recek 29 kun oldin
When someone discovers that hristmas isnt real and satan is still jesus
Mia Mitchell
Mia Mitchell 29 kun oldin
Stumbled across this when I was high
M J 29 kun oldin
Betiful mussic billo
XxKizzywoo60 xX
XxKizzywoo60 xX 29 kun oldin
FBI 29 kun oldin
I love the uselessness
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton 28 kun oldin
FBI 28 kun oldin
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton 28 kun oldin
Some random shit
It's the Christmas season And there's gifts on the *treason*
It’s Whatever
The whole song is great 😂
It’s Whatever
“The only language is feelings” Love that lyric
The Easter bunny said that? That bastard!
petrzalkai Oy oldin
“The easter bunny showed me that english isn’t real” I almost shit my pants
ZennithPT Oy oldin
Moral of video: "The only language is feelings"
Timberlinn Oy oldin
*The only language is feelings* 😂😂
Connor Rodriguez
I love
sengeke God of war
I hope everyone here can see this I'm not asking for likes but I would like everyone here to know this song has some hypnotic properties due to its melodies.
Javian Valentin
We could make a religion out of this!
Horia S.
Horia S. Oy oldin
You are fake news
potaeto 0
potaeto 0 Oy oldin
Santa Claus has left the chat .
ThE PeRsOn WhO DoSeNt KnOw
November isent real
No Bro
No Bro Oy oldin
BILL WURTZ THEORY TIME!!! How if Bill is in an alternate universe where Christmas doesn’t exist and the Easter bunny is someone from our dimension telling him about our dimension. And him asking “why is the West Coast is on fire?” Is just him being curious about our dimensions west coast. (I have way too much time on my hands) Save Bill Wurtz
Abbas Ismail
Abbas Ismail Oy oldin
Watchin this at 1;56 am
Lorenzo Oy oldin
We could make a religion out of this.
I'm Not Perfect
what will we name it?
Rolando de las Alas
The Easter bunny isn't real pewdiepies penis is real and good feelings
Hannahhh Oy oldin
0:54 *wipes tear* this beat is so fresh.
Ti m
Ti m Oy oldin
Did I learn something? I honestly can’t tell.
Not Magic Ok
Not Magic Ok Oy oldin
is this brexit?
James Smith
James Smith Oy oldin
I think Its trying to communicate.
Howell Oy oldin
No u
King. of. Cats
Fun fact, santa is an anagram for SATAN. Jist something to think about...
Skeet Skeetington
bill only one channel is allowed to use the impact font and thats animeme
Brian Philip
Brian Philip Oy oldin
From Christmas to Diamond Store. Sounds like my girlfriend
FTB Vlogs
FTB Vlogs Oy oldin
"It's 8000 Degrees Celsius" sounds like a bill wurtz song
Tristan Band
Tristan Band Oy oldin
What is bill wurtz? Is he weird twitter to the tune of pop music?
Penguin King
Penguin King Oy oldin
Santa Claus is still Jesus!
Vexus gaming
Vexus gaming Oy oldin
Make the history of America
Vexus gaming
Vexus gaming Oy oldin
Bill wurts make another history of
Playsisco Oy oldin
i'm everywhere!
Australia isn’t real
The definition of a lsd trip
Антон Гужва
"The easter bunny showed me that english isn't real" Ha, yeah, that's funny "And the only language is feelings" ...holy shit, that's deep. How the hell it got so deep so fast?!
The Trio With A Capital T
Why do these videos make me rethink my life
Mominul Hoq
Mominul Hoq Oy oldin
so basicly ur saying its about relations and family
freddie penn
freddie penn Oy oldin
Why is the west coast on fire?
Jesse Loef
Jesse Loef Oy oldin
You sound like jacob collier
AsYouSee :3
AsYouSee :3 Oy oldin
Just Did It
Just Did It Oy oldin
This is my new favorite Christmas carol
shordee Oy oldin
I think ‘ba da dee ba bee yo bing bway’ is just the essence of my soul put into song
Kars Ma02
Kars Ma02 Oy oldin
santa aint real, so grow the hell up
Recro 17 kun oldin
Danel Corsanes
English isn't real and the only language is feelings that's fucking deep
Rrek Oy oldin
arcticberrynose !
arcticberrynose ! 15 soat oldin
No, don't.
Wilted Rose
Wilted Rose Oy oldin
I don't know why but I keep forgetting that Easter exists.
jemima a
jemima a Oy oldin
lol some people actually think this stuff has a deeper meaning
Calibre 707
Calibre 707 Oy oldin
This is so sad, Alexa play "Christmas Isn't Real" by bill wurtz
Bigermax25 Gaming
*Why is the west coast on fire?* *Why is the East cost Drowning?*
Abilene Cardenas
These ShaneCo ads are getting weird
lIBeastIl Oy oldin
for some reason this song is so fucking relaxing to me
Lightning Light
Lightning Light
Suécia mapper
(Brazil is an tropical country)
Tc Oy oldin
0:26 wait is that super hexagon?
Camila Cerini
Camila Cerini Oy oldin
"The easter bunny showed me that english isn't real and the only language is feelings" Honestly, wow.
Arie Dezt
Arie Dezt Oy oldin
jesus christ he’s goddamn good
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