Christmas Song Challenge ft. Jack Black

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Jack Black joins us to turn some tired old Christmas songs into the season's hottest new hits. GMM #1245.1
Watch Part 2: uzvid.com/video/video-qvOGjhtF1B0.html | Watch yesterday's GMM: bit.ly/GMM1244
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20-Dek, 2017



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Kealoha 14
Kealoha 14 Yil oldin
DJ Parum-pum-pum-pum is back with the clickety-click-click's
Madison Arnold
Madison Arnold 2 oy oldin
+ElfenDidntLie it's was last Christmas's episode with Miranda sings
Trey Owen
Trey Owen 3 oy oldin
Uh, where was Kyle at? We coulda had Tenacious D on GMM!
Eric T Chap
Eric T Chap 5 oy oldin
midnight moon
midnight moon 3 soat oldin
Jack's Silent Night, is my fav now oml
Sara Hart
Sara Hart Kun oldin
All of you guys have a pretty good voice even though you were just messing around😁
gjoe merc
gjoe merc 3 kun oldin
I need a collaborative music from all three of you guys
Kiefer Pruitt
Kiefer Pruitt 8 kun oldin
Tenacious D
Samuel King
Samuel King 9 kun oldin
You won’t like this
Jadeybugz 10 kun oldin
This was glorious ❤❤❤❤
TheAudiotinker 10 kun oldin
I hope they do another one of these (not necessarily Christmas) with Jack now that he has his new Jablinski games channel.
Shawn Flynn
Shawn Flynn 10 kun oldin
Does everyone else agree that Rhett killed it?
MaNson Fan. Bye!
MaNson Fan. Bye! 11 kun oldin
I honestly wouldn't mind an actual full song of Jack Black's Metal March thing!
Melia Wilber
Melia Wilber 11 kun oldin
Jack saying "Partridge in a pear tree" cracks me up!! Like tears and screaming. I am dead 🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Callaghan
Ryan Callaghan 12 kun oldin
Now they need to do an episode with Tenacious D (Jack and Kyle)
Natrallini Fettuccine
that Seattle grunge with that joy to the world is my kind of music. I need a full track of that XD
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez 13 kun oldin
I had re-watch this episode multiple times and still one of my favorites makes me laugh hard every time
LANDON ECONOMY 13 kun oldin
i think this is my favorite episode from GMM. I wish that they would do another one of these. wink wink
isaac Frebertshauser
Rhett could probably nail a Brooks and dunn cover spot on
Bara H
Bara H 14 kun oldin
Shoulda used that ho ho like a hoe xD
AaronC -987
AaronC -987 14 kun oldin
TBone 13
TBone 13 14 kun oldin
That guy looks a lot like that Badunski guy. Maybe a cousin?
Loner Knight
Loner Knight 15 kun oldin
jack is the best !!!
scott murray
scott murray 15 kun oldin
one of the best GGM ever! JB is the all-time best guest
Arteek 16 kun oldin
When Rhett sounds like kurt cobain
Sophie Belle
Sophie Belle 16 kun oldin
school of rock is my favorite movie
Mike Seal
Mike Seal 16 kun oldin
That was pretty good guys 😂😂 you sing well
Jim Worthington
Jim Worthington 17 kun oldin
Dharmesh Mistry
Dharmesh Mistry 18 kun oldin
I can just hear everyone frothing at the mouths looking for an iTunes playlist of these songs.
GrubGaming 19 kun oldin
I would listen to Rhett as a country singer.
Kryxys 19 kun oldin
My favorite by far.
Emma H.
Emma H. 19 kun oldin
Seedilicious 20 kun oldin
Oh dear Santa, wont you, fill it well 🍆🍑
miui mamh hj
miui mamh hj 20 kun oldin
Plohka Plohka
Plohka Plohka 20 kun oldin
Okay but like they’re actually really good singers
annie caver
annie caver 20 kun oldin
Rhett can sing good
JellyfishGroupStan 21 kun oldin
i have so much second-hand embarrassment from link
Jenna Grace
Jenna Grace 21 kun oldin
How is Rhett actually good at this
Ann dang
Ann dang 21 kun oldin
Why does Rhett actually sound good??
Mushroom Island!
Mushroom Island! 21 kun oldin
*A L L I S C A L M*
Prestin J
Prestin J 21 kun oldin
Rhett's first song was actually pretty good.
Celeste Greene
Celeste Greene 21 kun oldin
One of my all time favorite guests
xydoit 22 kun oldin
Link hand in the first song was restless
Cassidy Smith
Cassidy Smith 22 kun oldin
They were all great but wow Rhett was my favourite by far! Love his voice.
Angel Boone
Angel Boone 22 kun oldin
Wow talk about Grungyyyy Rhett!! Lol can you please let me download that version please lmao
Kyla Remmert
Kyla Remmert 22 kun oldin
Why is rhet low key good at signing country
J. Hogg
J. Hogg 23 kun oldin
This needs to become an album!
Oscar 24 kun oldin
Is it me or does he look Like jablinski games
Daniela Reynoso
Daniela Reynoso 24 kun oldin
Oh jablinkski he is great
Riley Rockow
Riley Rockow 25 kun oldin
Dude please do this again this was awesome
Tara Rindt
Tara Rindt 26 kun oldin
So around 4:30 I accidentally hit the sound button, full volume and it’s 1:40 am. My cat jumped and knocked stuff over, I went to fix it all, music still blasting. And now everyone is up. 😂
flabgasteroy blisterboodle
Jack in this one looks like an alcoholic robert downey jr
AniTheSmolBean 27 kun oldin
I would love to see the raw footage and not the auto-tuned and edited audio 😂 because that would be great
Vbastard 28 kun oldin
Rhet was really good!!! Nirvana it right up 😂😂
River !
River ! 28 kun oldin
Rhetts first one was amazing
Medical Doll
Medical Doll 29 kun oldin
Omg Jack has me laughing so hard on the potty in the middle of the night 😂🤣😂 this one and the Post Malone one are SO GOOD!!!
Ashli Geran
Ashli Geran 29 kun oldin
Is anyone gonna talk about who is the obvious best singer out of the three of them haha definitely Rhett in my opinion
Madison Wickham
Link flexed so hard when he cut the music
I don’t know why 1.2 people thumbs Thisbe video down?
Kian Caudle
Kian Caudle Oy oldin
Teah Peterson
Teah Peterson Oy oldin
Why are they all actually do good at singing?!😂
Soe Ta eh
Soe Ta eh Oy oldin
gothcostco Oy oldin
Juju Mess
Juju Mess Oy oldin
You three are the actual best
Unicornz R Life!!!
Silent night had me crying of laughter 😂😂🤘
Tanner Fowler
Tanner Fowler Oy oldin
Bring him back for Christmas 2019!!!!!!
what's jablin jables
\\Cheech Unlimited\\
how did they already know how to sing the songs in the correct style? Some of them were unknown to a couple of them
Liz Oy oldin
I need more episodes with you three, this is GOLD 😂
Hot Dog Studios
Was joy to the word a cover of Come as you are by Nirvana
Cody Riddle
Cody Riddle Oy oldin
if jables reminds you of kung fu panda before anything else, you're too young.
Yoanne Creates
5:50 -5:56
Kerryn Dobbin
Kerryn Dobbin Oy oldin
Whenever I'm sad, no matter the time of year, I always watch this episode. Makes me laugh and smile every time.
Z N Oy oldin
I first saw jack sing on the movie High Fidelity, he sang "let's get it on". It blew my mind, he's so very talented
Star Watcher
Star Watcher Oy oldin
RIP Santa
aaliyah Oy oldin
I’d download Seattle grunge joy to the world for sure Also little town of Bethlehem reminds me of shrek😂😂
crush mania
crush mania Oy oldin
10:50 dat studder doh
i dont know why but i love this video the kind of songs is just better even who sings them
Matchman Oy oldin
First day of Christmas went hard lol
Stephanie Halim
I am obsessed with Link's come o yee faithful
Goran Hrastovik
jack perfect singer..so talented and funny
Pop tart that is tart
Rhett actually reminds me of some country artist that plays on the radio. No idea who though. Alan jackson or something. I don't listen to country but yeah.
sub 2 pewdiepie
you mean... *Jablinski Games*
Rattiegamer 6
Rattiegamer 6 Oy oldin
I loved Rhett's Little Town Of Bethlaham
Rattiegamer 6
Rattiegamer 6 Oy oldin
and Jack's Silent Night
MoteKat Oy oldin
I just hear Po from Kung Fu Panda the whole time 😂😂😂
Natalie Melvin
Joey turner
Joey turner Oy oldin
Rhett peaked years ago 😂😂
Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese Oy oldin
Jablinski rocks!
sub 2 pewdiepie
Swiss Cheese positive lmao
Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese Oy oldin
Well, it matters if your comment was positive or negative.
sub 2 pewdiepie
Swiss Cheese ok i just commented something about jablinski and we have the same pfp i’m scared
Bethany Campione
This is now the only I way will sing Joy to the World
Heather Quince
Jack Black's going on the naughty list this year!
L eiram
L eiram Oy oldin
R.i.p. Santa
Adam Clurman
Adam Clurman Oy oldin
i could watch an hour of this
Vluezz Oy oldin
This is not the best gmm this is just a tribute
mr gumball
mr gumball Oy oldin
Why do some of these sound good
EstepClan Oy oldin
I would love to hear the first one in a full version
AnimeWolf56 Oy oldin
i feel like link needed a mic drop on that last one
Stacy R.
Stacy R. Oy oldin
I love this!
I want my kids susan
Why have I not seen a single comment mentioning 4:37 ?
lacy jewell
lacy jewell Oy oldin
Alex's Garage RIGHT
I want my kids susan
Seriously no one is mentioning 4:37 ?
I want my kids susan
Who else got chills at 4:37 ?
Shreddie Herger
I'VE GOT A SECRET (GAME) ft. Jack Black
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