Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

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In this video I explore an elaborate cryptographic internet puzzle orchestrated by a mysterious individual or group known as Cicada 3301.

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The puzzle I hid in this video has been solved:

Own work
Erang - Forever Lost In An Endless Dream
Erang - The Highway Goes Ever On
Erang - Silent Bones
Cicada 3301 - The Instar Emergence
Cicada 3301 - Interconnectedness





19-May, 2018

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dopameanBRICK 24 daqiqa oldin
Cicada schmada
Skullies !
Skullies ! 2 soat oldin
3+3+0+1=7 First puzzle was in 2012.. 2012+7=2019 Last puzzle and the revelation will all be in 2019!!
ElectroIsMyReligion 3 soat oldin
Imagine doing all this work and deciphering all the cryptic messages and puzzles only to get to the very end and then click the final link and then get rickrolled..
You’re Not My Daaad!
What’s the music at the very start? Lowkey bop
Triston McCoy
Triston McCoy 4 soat oldin
Plvg Visuals 漢
Plvg Visuals 漢 2 soat oldin
I came from there
Alex Sharp
Alex Sharp 5 soat oldin
I called that number yesterday it said that the number isnt available anymore
Darcy Jovic
Darcy Jovic 5 soat oldin
Hey, MEL MiNO how did you come to know so much about this? ;)
SkidrowFilms 5 soat oldin
I think it was a fraternitised segment of anonymous.
Mary S.
Mary S. 6 soat oldin
I feel like such a weenie cause I'm just a little too freaked out by this. Anyone else?
AZ70900 6 soat oldin
the pusssel is still going
_ Echoez_
_ Echoez_ 6 soat oldin
I wonder if cicada is like Assassins creed and the Templars and its been a thing for years and years. And the authors of these books were part of it. Maybe they have a plan to take other the world...
fsker 7 soat oldin
Swedish soundig english!
yunii 7 soat oldin
cicada 3301 = egg
Aiden Gaming999!!!
Aiden Gaming999!!! 8 soat oldin
16:06 plossible
Aiden Gaming999!!!
Aiden Gaming999!!! 8 soat oldin
[insert name here]
[insert name here] 9 soat oldin
God I love this video so much editing and quality and the music just makes the video even better keep up the good work
dragoezcurra 10 soat oldin
OMFG iT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME ON 10:15. I was so deep into the story I truly believed it was Cicada lol! FK U
sreedevi shine
sreedevi shine 11 soat oldin
This is some type of shit bighit would do
Purpill 12 soat oldin
Cool vid
Roman Karol
Roman Karol 13 soat oldin
I had exactly 5 panic attacks while watching this... Am I the only one experiencing it?
imtxchnical 16 soat oldin
they used the dark web in basically every puzzle, anyone with access to that and that level of knowledge in cryptology and coding is incredibly intelligent and has the ability and resources to do so much more than just some puzzles. i feel like there’s something more going on here than just that
imtxchnical 16 soat oldin
the point is that you’re never supposed to solve the puzzle, it’s a 74 page book that’s in code, eventually everyone will have given up, and if someone does manage to solve it then there’s probably a massive reward at the end. nevertheless whoever they are or whoever the person that runs cicada is; nobody will ever meet them or know who they are. cicada 3301 will go down in history as a mystery because of the lack of identity behind the creator
Zak YT
Zak YT 16 soat oldin
Who wanna play with me
Reema Alsharqawi
Reema Alsharqawi 17 soat oldin
moriarty is behind this I'm telling u
FullNoobShon 17 soat oldin
Time to get real
Time to get real 20 soat oldin
2012: cicada 3301 2019: Tyche 5765
Xenovity 21 soat oldin
Idk about you all, but I'm having a blast reading this comment section.
SiegeBrickStudios :
SiegeBrickStudios : 22 soat oldin
I was hoping that at the end After all that work What the people found would just be a picture of this 👌
Mobile Task Force Epilison-11
Here is something very easy 1 is 3, 3 is 5, 5 is 4 and 4 is 4 it's not a code at all It is easy if you know.
Hunt Kun oldin
Quin McFly
Quin McFly Kun oldin
The original “don’t click the link in my bio”
Godfrey Lee
Godfrey Lee Kun oldin
Did anybody try to call that number?
Lunar Tea
Lunar Tea Kun oldin
Something tells me this is gonna end In one big sans rickroll
Valectic Official
This dude is truly talented to edit his videos like this from scratch and even create HIS OWN music like omg it doeskin get better
Sean Sweno
Sean Sweno Kun oldin
I agree, good skill editing maybe with after effects.
Platypoos Kun oldin
I get chills every time that cicada shows it’s face and theme. It’s so cool!
Devansh Rathore
Devansh Rathore Kun oldin
2019 anyone??
Sean Sweno
Sean Sweno Kun oldin
Hello how old are you?
zombiepanther Kun oldin
At the end of the puzzle is half life 3
Edi Kun oldin
산코코아 Kun oldin
calessassracer Kun oldin
The Last Starfighter (1984).
Arno Thomson
Arno Thomson Kun oldin
Mind Blown
Cody Maclean
Cody Maclean Kun oldin
The interconnectedness recording sounds like my tablets alarm 😅
Jay theKK
Jay theKK Kun oldin
Useless Hands
Useless Hands Kun oldin
I literally jumped at 10:16 when it cut out ~~why am i like this~~
idk what to type here
I can't stop watching this video
Sean Sweno
Sean Sweno 15 soat oldin
+idk what to type here Maybe because you are so delicious kid
idk what to type here
idk what to type here 15 soat oldin
+Sean Sweno 20 years old and idk why I keep watching this
Sean Sweno
Sean Sweno Kun oldin
Why, how old are you delicious kid?
Galaxy Mew
Galaxy Mew Kun oldin
3 hidden challenges Reveal 3 hidden gates Wherein the erent will be tested for Worthy traits And those with the skill to survive these straights Will reach the end where the prize Awaits
KaiserLuther Kun oldin
张荣梅 Kun oldin
Wonderful video! Thanks for the information but Personally, I disagree with the multi-person poster plot in the video. The countdown clock probably is a countdown for the last poster to be put up. If the posters were put up by a single person, there would be no garuntee that the posters wouldn't be damaged. Just my personal opinion.
Brent Christian
Brent Christian Kun oldin
What a load of shit.
Ronan Sanico
Ronan Sanico Kun oldin
Cicada 3301was probably a retired hacker
Heronite Kun oldin
0:04 song? Please I didn't find it in the description
Tin Majdandžić
prajwal lokesh
prajwal lokesh Kun oldin
your editor needs to slow down a bit
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Kun oldin
Easy done it
Rile Kun oldin
i think they found there guy for the job then let everyone else on a goose chase after
Tree Kun oldin
Front Lawn, Face up, Feet to- Oops wrong video
Sean Sweno
Sean Sweno Kun oldin
XD how old are you?
zurkius _
zurkius _ Kun oldin
0:35 what is the song name
Douglas Bull
Douglas Bull 2 kun oldin
It leads to the real buffalo bills basement
Armando Jimenez
Armando Jimenez 2 kun oldin
This sounds something like Anonymous, who believe that information as well as natural rights and that the government is hiding something. In one of the images it said do you believe cesorship harmful... this indicates that these people believe that someone is hiding something...
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 2 kun oldin
I got the didgital division on this
Shawn Tang
Shawn Tang 2 kun oldin
maybe one or more initial group members gone, i mean phsically
theOriginal 2003
theOriginal 2003 2 kun oldin
Guys, he did it once a year because cicadas only come out once a year....trippy
Ranger Mixie
Ranger Mixie 2 kun oldin
Ok umm... this is strange. I’m scared. It’s weird. Why would they not want others to know also what do they mean bye “Not the followers” I’m very intuitive, and these feels fishy. Also if they want the intelligent, then why not just pull off some spy stuff. Be carful when you do this, something isn’t right, also what does “Cicada” mean. I live where cicadas always are in the summer. And they are known for losing shells. Could this be just the shell of something much more sinister?
Lyn 2 kun oldin
does anyone know the background music he used for the beginning of the vid bc i fuck with it lmao
solidstatejake 2 kun oldin
Can you imagine how pissed this guy would be if no one cared about his puzzle?
HeadHunter Edits
HeadHunter Edits 2 kun oldin
Alright youtube, i've watched it now. Please stop suggesting...
mark allen
mark allen 2 kun oldin
music is great. reminds me of The Last of Us
Matrix Master
Matrix Master 2 kun oldin
Sounds Like The Spirit and The Bride: 666/0.2 = US 3^^
Turfy 2 kun oldin
It's basically Ready Player One
Iman Diaz
Iman Diaz 2 kun oldin
*Knocks on door FBI: FBI OPEN UP!!!?
Nicholas Navarro
Nicholas Navarro 2 kun oldin
I solved it. CICADA is A WASTE OF TIME.
FUP _ NICOpro7
FUP _ NICOpro7 2 kun oldin
Hello . We are looking for highly intelligent encryptors. In this message there is a secret image which leads to more clues the top 25 will find all of the hidden files of area 51. 3301 btw The earth is flat and many species of big chungus lives on mars and species of ugandan knucles on venus. 3301
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh 2 kun oldin
This can be the work of some time traveller's who are on some kind of a mission....
blackzed 2 kun oldin
Queen Fahg
Queen Fahg 2 kun oldin
Y’know it kinda reminds me of American horror story
Simone Mueller
Simone Mueller 2 kun oldin
@Lemmino It's spelled 'Nox populEE' - with an english e not an i. Because it is latin.
Gabunviper 453
Gabunviper 453 2 kun oldin
What’s the music at 7:44 and the other transition parts pls it sounds so good
Izabella Sabby
Izabella Sabby 2 kun oldin
When the Cicadas Cry
Berserkasaurus Rex
Berserkasaurus Rex 2 kun oldin
Wasn't this how that evil AI in 'Person of Interest' found smart people to cull?
Omar Cervantes
Omar Cervantes 2 kun oldin
Cicada3301-273619263817373*¥£€}HE193 t1m32
婚攝英聖 2 kun oldin
Angel Star
Angel Star 2 kun oldin
Thinking Emoji
Thinking Emoji 2 kun oldin
Imagine if its a rick roll
eman tsrif enam stal
OK wtf was that sound bite at the end??
ohjoes 2 kun oldin
when u win its 100% gonna be some meme
Jj Animates
Jj Animates 2 kun oldin
Finished puzzle Clicks last link Quiz to see what of expired candy you are
J R Animation Studios
you know that the music can be decrypted. nice job hiding the ending
fitzy ツ
fitzy ツ 2 kun oldin
what’s the song that plays for about the first 35 seconds?
subchimmienals 2 kun oldin
Erang- Forever Lost In An Endless Dream
Sir Joshawott
Sir Joshawott 3 kun oldin
10:20 just about gave me a heart attack
Jake Albert
Jake Albert 3 kun oldin
I suspected that the garbled mess of audio at 10:17 had been reversed, so I recorded the message on Snapchat and counter-reversed it: Behind ten signs an image you will find Scour the timeline to locate the signs I did this without watching the video past 10:22 or looking for the answer in the comments.
Matthew Hoppe
Matthew Hoppe 3 kun oldin
and that's when i got screwed. There were no coordinates near Boston...bs
Not Chad
Not Chad 3 kun oldin
Tritium Exposure
Tritium Exposure 3 kun oldin
The runes are in Nordic
Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas 3 kun oldin
Bryen Shillito
Bryen Shillito 3 kun oldin
Why was this never on the news oh because it’s fake
blackoutgod 1
blackoutgod 1 3 kun oldin
Eivind Andersen
Eivind Andersen 3 kun oldin
so it's the internet dollars
Nayeb gamer
Nayeb gamer 3 kun oldin
10:17 I got scared
Ghoul Fury
Ghoul Fury 3 kun oldin
BURRRPP “Morty hurry up grab the poster, you know how I’m the smartest person in the universe. BUURRPP Cicada hired me” Who else is waiting for season 4
Phi6er 3 kun oldin
UZvid... fucking stop.
The Black Lotus
4 oy oldin