Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

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In this video I explore an elaborate cryptographic internet puzzle orchestrated by a mysterious individual or group known as Cicada 3301.

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The puzzle I hid in this video has been solved:

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Erang - Forever Lost In An Endless Dream
Erang - The Highway Goes Ever On
Erang - Silent Bones
Cicada 3301 - The Instar Emergence
Cicada 3301 - Interconnectedness





19-May, 2018



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xXCosmicDreamerXx 5 daqiqa oldin
behind ten(or two) signs an image youll find, scoure the timeline to find the signs
Ramyar Kamrava
Ramyar Kamrava 34 daqiqa oldin
10:18 to 10:20 Reverse and slow down this video: (( The shine sky and the walking suns ?))
XxLyricxX Secure
XxLyricxX Secure Soat oldin
What is the song called at 0:33
Zildjian Lopez
Zildjian Lopez Soat oldin
I worked in Cicada 3301, and they would not like to provide any information to not anyone else except the talented people that were in this 'hunt' I quit Cicada... But I just don't want to end this immediately... If you people are in this ''hunt' then 3301 is still more then the number actually is... I will tell the people in this 'hunt' something though... This does involve the deep web. We're still making more puzzles for these special people... I will not give any more information away.
icrazy icrazy
icrazy icrazy 2 soat oldin
rhen77 2 soat oldin
The website ended with a .onion that is the dark web
Dennis Sumbana
Dennis Sumbana 2 soat oldin
Love your vids♥️
Akseli Anteroinen
Akseli Anteroinen 4 soat oldin
Doesn't anyone think it might be Anonymous?
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 4 soat oldin
Detective L could solve it in days.
Colt Holland
Colt Holland 4 soat oldin
This was like a documentary that you’d watch on TV. Very well edited video.
Riley Narayn
Riley Narayn 4 soat oldin
I think cicada is Qanon or in contact with Qanon. Maybe cicada was to find people for the cause of stopping the new world order from taking over. or it was to prep the public for this era of puzzles/deciphering. or it was both.
канал подписка
The creators of Cicada 3301. I know you're reading this. And I want to address you about the isolation of the Russian Internet. As far as I know you promote the idea of anonymity and freedom on the Internet. It would be interesting to know what you think about the possible loss of this very anonymity in the near future
liamotheman 5 soat oldin
the fastest 17 minutes in my life
Nonja Ninja
Nonja Ninja 7 soat oldin
Please be "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."
Charlie Yang
Charlie Yang 7 soat oldin
Cicada 3301 created NordVPN. Change my mind.
Mr. /{CROSSHAIRS}\ 8 soat oldin
Fabius Irvan Fabian Abron
so can i call nicholas cage
RikkTheGaijin 10 soat oldin
I solved the final puzzle. It was a dick pic.
nugget 13 soat oldin
The end of the puzzle leads to the URL of the rickroll
Lieutenant Gaz
Lieutenant Gaz 14 soat oldin
8:49.... Those dots at the bottom, I think that’s a symbol frequently used to prevent counterfeiting. There’s a specific number that breaks the copyright encryptions on CDs or something. Considering the number itself is illegal though, maybe this is too much of a stretch.
Aaron V
Aaron V 15 soat oldin
This video was uploaded on my friend's birthday
TitanZz 19 soat oldin
Interconnectedness is the best Minecraft song ever
John Pippins
John Pippins 19 soat oldin
What is the music that plays in the first minute of the video and at the beginning of every section? It isn't in any of the music links provided in the description.
e.ff. ec1s
e.ff. ec1s 20 soat oldin
Hey do you know wahts song for when the cicada pops up
TheMAnimal617 21 soat oldin
This is some videodrome shiiii
TheMAnimal617 21 soat oldin
Or dancer upstairs on second thought-a chaos ideology buried in chaos nonsense-read tlon uqbar urbi tertius too-this is a lot scarier than some other stories
Ashish Kantia
Ashish Kantia 22 soat oldin
I want this to be turned as a movie with this exact music and the exact thrill... I just want it.
David P
David P 23 soat oldin
posters are by large the most weak point on their network. if theyre posted by minions or ordered, why no fame or money can the workers to tell everything? and if they posted by cicada themselves, a lot of unnecessary risks. first, how many days a paper poster survive in a city? clean workers, posters covering them, vandalism, weather, etc. and... nobody see a guy posting cicada shit on a bike storage? no security cameras around? i think its sooo weak and risky take a PAPER and depend on it to follow next step on an international conspiracy
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis Kun oldin
The final test rewards you with an in depth guide on how to beat majoras mask
Zhoee Danny
Zhoee Danny Kun oldin
this is the best "way", if u seeking for fucking good worker with focus like john wick.....
Mark Kun oldin
"Only some international collective possessed the means and resources to create a scavenger hunt of this magnitude..." *Proceeds to show 5 locations with cheaply printed logos anyone with a library card could have made lmao.*
You sound kinda Swedish
Rebellious Robot
Some guy in the comments: This is a load of barnacles
tea pot
tea pot Kun oldin
why is everyone so smart? like, seriously how would i know that i needed to convert a picture and extract hidden info. dude, props to these guys
Jewish Dad
Jewish Dad Kun oldin
whoever posted this knew that only 4chan could figure it out, people on reddit, facebook, twitter, etc. would never be able to figure it out
The Lost shadow
The Lost shadow Kun oldin
I was part of the mystery
Meme_Lord_31 Kun oldin
plot twist: cicada is the iluminati
wolfuu Kun oldin
What if it ends up being like one of those "Don't click on my post!" things you see on instagram and it ends with "You made it this far, you might as well follow my main account 😉"
Crazy Slayer
Crazy Slayer Kun oldin
Hello, I really love Fortnite. It’s a cool game! Play it sometime.
Fuzion Insanity
Fuzion Insanity Kun oldin
Jackeline Delfini
it doesn’t have any recordings on the surveillance cameras of someone putting the posters in that places?
Wouter de vries
Wouter de vries Kun oldin
"we want the best, not the followers" What if one of the late comers is actually better than the first ones. What if that person was just late to hearing about this puzzle. Just because you're first doesn't make you the best.
kurwitz Kun oldin
Have you ever got the feeling that some members of Cicada are watching this video?
Striker 198
Striker 198 Kun oldin
10:15 that sh*t scary man
Striker 198
Striker 198 Kun oldin
wait what this is part of his puzzle lol
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup Kun oldin
5:20 what is the song? I need it!
Seamour Butts
Seamour Butts Kun oldin
I got jump scared by the part where he said End at 10:16
dan bob
dan bob Kun oldin
i thought about this puzzle 6 times in 3 languages,13 theories,66minutes and 46 sec. and .... ..wait,what?
They Lie We See
They Lie We See Kun oldin
Where can we purchase the beat @ 5:20
Syfarout Kun oldin
The video just refuses to leave my home and my suggested.I can't get rid of it.I HATE IT FOR FUCK'S SAKE
Yogendra Marandi
I can't even imagine the level of intelligence of those people who craked this and I am here crying for Physics.😢
UnbRave Warrior
UnbRave Warrior Kun oldin
Cicadas are weird
dead soul 3903
dead soul 3903 Kun oldin
0:30 that would be a cool intro!
Quinn Mears
Quinn Mears Kun oldin
10:15 monkaW
cicada 3301
cicada 3301 Kun oldin
You failed
cicada 3301
cicada 3301 Kun oldin
You failed
cicada 3301
cicada 3301 Kun oldin
You failed
cicada 3301
cicada 3301 Kun oldin
You failed
Dankest Memes
Dankest Memes Kun oldin
Me making up a puzzle so my parents don't know I took the last cookie
d3ug Kun oldin
I wouldn't be surprised if it was a recruitment for Anonymous or Wikileaks based on the 3 questions given in the email.
Jane What
Jane What Kun oldin
I just think it's so hypocritical and pretentious to say "all information should be free" and also that "privacy is an inalienable right." What, so you want to know everyone else's business but you can't stand having someone know what you're doing? Mr. "oh we never do illegal activities" then why do you crave privacy so badly? What do you want so badly? Honestly, these guys have their heads so far up their own assholes. "Enlightenment" bullshit. They're just another group of cultists who think they're better than everyone else because they know how to use a computer. Still, good quality video. I just hate jerks like these
Croatoan Kun oldin
so this all started on 4 chan? definitley just a bunch of nerd white knights sitting around with their computers then
ProClientLeaker Kun oldin
Shawn Weddel
Shawn Weddel Kun oldin
Anyone figure out what the garbled language and cypher are at 10:15???? Is this a clue?
Dmitry Litovka
Dmitry Litovka Kun oldin
article 13 lol
Ana Beatriz Gurgel
Does this have any connection with LOONA?
Cattack Kun oldin
They created a vpn
Niko KL
Niko KL Kun oldin
one of the greatest videos of youtube. true Legend
Eva Reihill
Eva Reihill Kun oldin
Here's me just thinking about this being spectrum from ruby redfort
Fexon HD
Fexon HD Kun oldin
Dude, someone make a movie about this?
TacticalTaco Kun oldin
What is the song during 0:32
Fexon HD
Fexon HD Kun oldin
What if someone would have broken the posters? The posters must have been there for some time.
TheTechnoMaster Kun oldin
8:55 why does this sound like an alarm
Inside64 Kun oldin
whats the name of the song at the start of the video?
TikTok Tutorials
TikTok Tutorials 2 kun oldin
10:49 I’m watching a marvel movie
Reaper O1
Reaper O1 2 kun oldin
What song was played at the very beggining
Kylene Beilharz
Kylene Beilharz 2 kun oldin
oof i didnt expect to recognize the runes they used lmao
Runaway.cheese 2 kun oldin
justin 2 kun oldin
i hate you for putting that thing after 10 minutes >:(
Efface 2 kun oldin
Who else thought of the series Death Note while watching this video?
Team Canada
Team Canada 2 kun oldin
This is scary
Yes 2 kun oldin
What’s scary about the internet is that anyone could be behind cicada including lemmino himself but we’ll never know
PotatoMayo 2 kun oldin
the truth is at 17:49 100% no lie
Lily Sansetsukon no Rirī
The Cipher hunt vs Cicada 3301
Alice Acosta
Alice Acosta 2 kun oldin
10:17 I was not ready
dennis dayag
dennis dayag 2 kun oldin
Jesus Christ, you're not supposed to take the word "quality" so literally.
snatched 2 kun oldin
imagine if its only for loona
Lottine 2 kun oldin
Jaden probably took some ideas from this
snatched 2 kun oldin
orbits trying to decode this even though only 3 were tagged to solve this
Lin Jiajin
Lin Jiajin 2 kun oldin
How cool!
mr. random guy
mr. random guy 2 kun oldin
please, i want to know the background music that played during the transition
mr. random guy
mr. random guy 2 kun oldin
the one who reached the end of the puzzle is an anime protagonist
Mob K
Mob K 2 kun oldin
Dont challenge 4chan they can solve pretty much anything if they try
Mystery 2 kun oldin
Ah. It was this video that I first saw from this channel. How could I forget...
LYMER 2 kun oldin
came here because of loonaverse theory 👄
Astitva Verma
Astitva Verma 2 kun oldin
They will return in 2026
hmmm.. this could make for a fascinating book or movie. especially the way they just up and vanished. throw some embellishments here and there and bam... story.
Marco DiGiorgio
Marco DiGiorgio 2 kun oldin
this is one of the coolest video i've ever watched
Creep 2 kun oldin
transition slide music?
Loren Louisiana
Loren Louisiana 2 kun oldin
3301 6 1 Cicada = U+661F Son of Man Lucifer. Fuck all you pole smoking faggot fucks who work for any agency of " Government" (sic) You fucks are on borrowed time, as God as my witness, you will all hang on the steps of the builings you work from and your offspring.
Loren Louisiana
Loren Louisiana 2 kun oldin
Listening to this guys voice fills me with the urge to kick his fucken mouth in..
Runaway.cheese 2 kun oldin
Okay retard
Cameron McVicar
Cameron McVicar 2 kun oldin
U think that "he's" watching this?
Kozza 2 kun oldin
Intro: "Just LEMMiNO" ----> "Just let me know"
Runaway.cheese 2 kun oldin
No shit sherlock
Amid 2 kun oldin
Are you new here?
DinoZOR 2 kun oldin
So nobody’s going to explain what that weird thing was around 10:20?
Black Iron Boy
Black Iron Boy 2 kun oldin
who ever they are they have music
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