Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

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In this video I explore an elaborate cryptographic internet puzzle orchestrated by a mysterious individual or group known as Cicada 3301.

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The puzzle I hid in this video has been solved:

Own work
Erang - Forever Lost In An Endless Dream
Erang - The Highway Goes Ever On
Erang - Silent Bones
Cicada 3301 - The Instar Emergence
Cicada 3301 - Interconnectedness





19-May, 2018

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Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 3 daqiqa oldin
If you type in 33 latitude 01 longitude in google it corrects it and brings you to white sand missile range in NewMexico,USA. Or if you type in 33,01 in google maps it brings you to Algeria in a desert covered in full sand except one little house or shed like building
Kozito 32 daqiqa oldin
0:32 song pls
Pratyush Sandeep
Pratyush Sandeep 35 daqiqa oldin
Who just fast forwarded to the end to find out what this was
Simplelife Vlogs 'n stuff
Dang, the editing in the video is amazing. The song in the video(transition sequences) is amazing
Ethan Howell
Ethan Howell Soat oldin
What if this video is part of the puzzle?
Jodålf Chtaler
Jodålf Chtaler Soat oldin
Du e norsk e du ikke?
Anshuman Kar Music
urankjj 2 soat oldin
Knock ╤╬╤ Knock , 10370 = mh370 ?
Mitchell Dennison
Mitchell Dennison 2 soat oldin
Mohammed Naqbi
Mohammed Naqbi 3 soat oldin
I love it when you’ve been ignoring a video for 5 months and UZvid still recommends it for you
V1CK3Y 3 soat oldin
What is the music at 1:50
Alexander Her
Alexander Her 4 soat oldin
there were already someone who got through before it closed, who leaked info. nothing special. just nerdery
derunbekannte derunbekannte
I made it to the end and recieved a message. It says: "My mum is gay" :(
CZRaS 5 soat oldin
well, those who were said to be patient and never contacted since then, I guess they didn't match the requirements of whoever is behind this in the last step - honestly replying to the email..
Ultimatum 5 soat oldin
Watch the Patreon thanks list carefully. Thank me later 😉
Caio N.S
Caio N.S 5 soat oldin
..what about that "strange voice" in The middle and end of The video?
Lion Blue
Lion Blue 6 soat oldin
The runes look familiar like I've seen it in some fantasy tv show/book or movie
Lion Blue
Lion Blue 6 soat oldin
The runes look familiar like I've seen it in some fantasy tv show/book or movie
Original Nqme
Original Nqme 6 soat oldin
Whats the full music of the transitions of the puzzles? Just *LEMMiNO*
Wiza ʞ
Wiza ʞ 8 soat oldin
A moth??
Quinnicus Maximus
Quinnicus Maximus 8 soat oldin
I am REALLY looking forward to seeing more about 3301 thanks for showing us this!
jared hayward
jared hayward 9 soat oldin
What if its a puzzle to look for candidates to work for the SCP foundation and the cicada puzzle is a SCP itself. Fuck I think I have said too much and i'm going to be made a d-class prisoner to be sent to the slaughter.
Blizzard Lyric Studios
We need a movie about this.
Hats McJohn
Hats McJohn 11 soat oldin
8:54 I thought you said interconnectednessssssssssssssss
Kyofusho Hoshi
Kyofusho Hoshi 12 soat oldin
Makes me wish i was one of those few extremely intelligent people. However, i am not NEAR as intelligent, and im only smart enough to know not to join in if i know i cannot handle what i see... ... ... ... ... I am really hyped amd i dont even know WHY im hyped... ... ... ... ... Why is that?
ウチハフクブサ 13 soat oldin
5:23 Song Imago-san
Hay Mart
Hay Mart 14 soat oldin
Probably a link to Despacito 7
ναlєɾιє νєитισи
3301 is my locker numbers oH shEeT
LighterJames 16 soat oldin
This is amazing. That is the most I can handle saying.
Mikael Bloomqvist
Mikael Bloomqvist 17 soat oldin
The whole thing is a test. The message that claims they are looking for people to help develop privacy techniques is misleading on purpose. They ask "do you think all information should be free?" But then they tell you "Do not share this information." They want you to betray yourself by saying "Yeah, man... totally... FREE INFO MAN!" This is a quick way for them to discount you as a possibility. This is why so many of the winners were ultimately ignored and left in the wind. I wish I had the tech expertise to have done this.. but sadly... I don't. I have a strong feeling like these are the kind of people who think like I do. Give people what they need to disqualify themselves. Be patient. Even ONE person among the thousands is worth it... if it's the RIGHT person. We have never heard from that one person... only those who ultimately failed to be brought in. The audio puzzles are what really interested me... as well as the rune book. The whole thing reminds me a great deal of the Principia Discordia.
Worthystone 17 soat oldin
Wouldn’t it be funny if they did release new puzzles but there is another puzzle to access it, meaning nobody’s seen or has encountered this puzzle. Also, it’s kinda weird how all ‘communication’ was blocked at the same time, this kinda hints to the fact the ‘owner’ or ‘owners’ passed away or told the ‘recruitments’ to keep quite. Little too suspicious for me.
Batuhan Bozbay
Batuhan Bozbay 18 soat oldin
symbol that is used obviously about reincarnation to be something else and by the way after a question after 10.15 that is interesting...
MalloBlocLock 18 soat oldin
I got chills because I’m watching this at 12am
CHIRAG SAHU 19 soat oldin
How to learn this type editing n?
Marshmallow Gaming
Marshmallow Gaming 19 soat oldin
Lol this entire time I kept connecting this to the saw series.
TheNostalgicGamer 19 soat oldin
What's the song at the beginning?
Yasemin Akdeniz
Yasemin Akdeniz 19 soat oldin
Frank Drebin
Frank Drebin 20 soat oldin
How do we know that Nox Populi isn't Cicada covering it's tracks...?
Oscar Carrillo
Oscar Carrillo 21 soat oldin
Ha I see know
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 21 soat oldin
I believe they want people to be able to have their own privacy. I believe it is the start of a revolution for the u.s.a. plans for the new world order. I believe they are gonna be willing to help If something goes wrong. (by hacking) and I believe their will be a group of revolutuonists in person roaming streets and trying to fight back against tyranny. A totalitarian government. I believe they will both work together and fight for their rights and privacy.
Spookcord 21 soat oldin
the animal on the thumbnail is just a upgraded moth
Nerds Forever
Nerds Forever 21 soat oldin
At the end FR3Ë V-BŪÇKS 0R R0BÛX ÆT (insert website here)
Bowsera Dog
Bowsera Dog 22 soat oldin
But I am playing halo 2 at the same time 🤔
Atiharsh Singh
Atiharsh Singh 22 soat oldin
OMG!!!!! 10:14 -10:17 ..........WHY????????????????????? I almost DIED :'(
Zaeem Atif
Zaeem Atif 22 soat oldin
People are breaking human boundaries and i am not even able to wake my self in the morning...it sucks....!???? It doesn't sounded well...!!
*E X T E N D T H E C H I N*
10:19 ok fuck cicada what does this mean
xLi_amx 23 soat oldin
I need to know the first song. NOW
Gamma 23 soat oldin
Lemmino created the song
SKYREX 23 soat oldin
Interconnectedness means the state of being connected with each other.
icemanian4241 Kun oldin
Cicadas appear every 13 to 17 years and they are both prime numbers
Captain Barodeft
The end is probably free disneyland ticket, some free vbucks and a large soda. Why? Why not?
Charlie Bruso
Charlie Bruso Kun oldin
Can anyone decode the messages that Lemmono left
SmolBeanVids Kun oldin
I love this mystery
Aaryan Upadhyaya
What's that music on the beginning of every puzzle? Can anyone identify it?
Taco man
Taco man Kun oldin
At 10:15 it sounded Alot like someone talking so I recorded it with another phone and played it in reverse "behind 10 signs an image you will find, scour the timeline to locate the signs " ive seen a few comments saying the same like 2 or 3 I'm surprised no one else noticed it was something in reverse but I don't understand and I am to lazy to figure it out
Taco man
Taco man Kun oldin
Maybe the images of the cicada has something to do with it
Taco man
Taco man Kun oldin
It's creepy but I feel like its intentional maybe he has a puzzle himself
This sounds lie a single person with a lot of bullshit attached.
Toxik Kun oldin
name of the first song?
Po-Acé Sua-Coche
it led you to a way to save millions of people from opression of modern society dictators
Widzy Lol
Widzy Lol Kun oldin
LEMMiNO is the best, ofcourse, since I love such things. Trust me, I've been subscribed to him since 2013. All the best to didn't subscribe, your missing out alot!
Glen Renner
Glen Renner Kun oldin
"Be patient" is the last puzzle no one solved.
zargug Kun oldin
Tbh they didnt know what to do next
Bart YT
Bart YT Kun oldin
This video is awesome
DickHead Kun oldin
0:35 Songg?
aewtx Kun oldin
214 is Dallas area code. Beats me if that's significant.
Sean Elijah
Sean Elijah Kun oldin
This Is Actually Kinda Interesting I Like It U Deserve A Sub I Will Sub To You
Aishwariya Kun oldin
His voice is just so...soothing
Director Nerd
Director Nerd Kun oldin
Mreverywhere Kun oldin
11010001100001010100001110101001111001010001110101000110001010001110110101111000010101010111010010111010101010101011101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010010100011110101101010101011011110101100011110101010111101011101010100110101001010101110 Btw no this is not a code
Clone BombingPanda
It’s an organization that want people to debunk their mystery and Recruit them to their organization anyway I didn’t watch the whole video
Unfounded Whisper
Stalin Kun oldin
Plot twist: Me and lenin were behind it all
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Kun oldin
If the posters of the cicadas were in public places we could use near by cctv cameras and scan back to see who put those posters there!!!
Jonathan Martinez
SushiCrackerz Kun oldin
Does anyone know the song that was used in the intro to the video? I'm not very good at searching music..
Huskypup756 Kun oldin
Angelina Ye
Angelina Ye Kun oldin
This is kind of like Durarara!! and the Dollars
Natalie Spa
Natalie Spa Kun oldin
Text reads = self loathing BIG BABY jew haha. I'm HOME, you goofs. Someone! HAHA WOULD probably Rage or k[ill] themselves devoting their HAHA "life" to that PAYWALL puzzle if [t]hat "happened" sleep agent 666 "first prixe.. first PRI[Z]E" {U} {u} {11:11}
chitsanglop e
chitsanglop e Kun oldin
can someone decode the last five second of the video it sounds like its in reverse
Thothagata Kun oldin
“Stay tuned for further instruction...”
I have been watching since the channel was called top 10 memes. He was the first channel I subscribed to!
HaloB11 Kun oldin
Maybe there is an encryption in this video
Sensei J
Sensei J Kun oldin
The most logical thing to do when you are told to be patient is probably announce the world that you were invited to join Cicada
Crystal LaVoie
Crystal LaVoie Kun oldin
Nice jumpscare
TmosDHD Kun oldin
can anyone tell me what the background music this was
GuiFon_Qc Kun oldin
Doommaker100 GD
Doommaker100 GD Kun oldin
10:21 that's a nice beat, anyone know who its made by or what it's called?
Jai Kadam
Jai Kadam Kun oldin
Despacito 3301
Dead Zone
Dead Zone Kun oldin
All the winners will be flown out to North Korea where Kim Jong-un will be smiling with his fat face and clapping as a small TV is rolled out. Then he will put a VHS tape into a VCR and he will hit play... And it will just be some random ass kids show with him laughing and patting them all on the back. Then he will provide them with a free meal and send them home. The end.
Geister 85'
Geister 85' Kun oldin
Stop showing in my f**ing recommendations.
MrTomservo85 Kun oldin
Goddamit, I must've followed one of the fake clues on accident because I got to the end of the second puzzle and it was just dickbutt
John Kolano
John Kolano Kun oldin
latched superior
What is the name of the song that play throughout this
Francisco Machado
I finally clicked it youtube, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?
Jesus Sandl
Jesus Sandl Kun oldin
What if they just wanted some twitter followers on their "cryptic twitter account."
DoomedLucario Kun oldin
Near is probably behind this
Muhammad Fahad
Muhammad Fahad Kun oldin
Well decipher last page of his book you will probably find trololololololololo hahaha 😁
ErrorXXX Kun oldin
Idk but my guess is it was a mafia looking for new members...
BREADBOX 2 kun oldin
There is a message in this video
TikTok Trolls
TikTok Trolls 2 kun oldin
Next Shane Dawson series: Cicada 3301
illbran 2 kun oldin
Im tha lider if 3301, delet dis!
TriHard xd
TriHard xd 2 kun oldin