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Claire Foy Shows Off Her Accent Skills in 'Heads Up'

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From Canadian to Valley Girl, Claire Foy showed Ellen her excellent accent and dialect skills in a round of "Heads Up." Plus, the Emmy winner chatted about working as Ryan Gosling's wife in "First Man," and why she didn't look him directly in the eyes.




10-Yan, 2019

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Lm S
Lm S 10 soat oldin
Canadians do not say aboot
ME Y Kun oldin
1:47 Accidentally says "F**k!" 1:51 Apologizes for it in a Canadian accent!
Roberto Ruggio
Roberto Ruggio Kun oldin
Her Surfer Dude is haunting me
Harsh Ramlochun
Harsh Ramlochun 2 kun oldin
The french was on point
romana. 3 kun oldin
The laugh and the little scream 1:27 oh claire hahaha
Paula S
Paula S 3 kun oldin
Too bad she can't do an American accent. How she can be nominated for any awards for first man is beyond me... she butchered that one...
Lama Al-alfe
Lama Al-alfe 3 kun oldin
Can any body give me a website that I can see the whole episode 🤗
Mathy Siva
Mathy Siva 3 kun oldin
One of my goal/dream is to be in Ellen show before she end her show. Hope it will happen!!! Always my dreams come true!
Olivia95 3 kun oldin
The title should've been 'Claire Foy shows off her worse than average accent skills', because i was really in the mood to hear some good accents. I stopped an ABBA song for this
V Rocket
V Rocket 3 kun oldin
Canadian sounded Scottish 😂
gothic flower
gothic flower 4 kun oldin
"oh sugar...."
Dechen Shingsar
Dechen Shingsar 4 kun oldin
great job but can’t beat emily blunt what can i say
Erica Gamet
Erica Gamet 3 kun oldin
Or Kate McKinnon's from a few years ago! Hers and Emily's are the best!
FeDe RiCa
FeDe RiCa 4 kun oldin
The way we pronounce "ok" really sounds like that 😂😂😂
strawberry Matcha
strawberry Matcha 4 kun oldin
I dont know one canadian that actually says aboot 😪
strawberry Matcha
strawberry Matcha 3 kun oldin
Ive lived in canada my whole life but the only ones who may say anything close to aboot or abowt strongly are newfies and far east coasters
Erica Gamet
Erica Gamet 3 kun oldin
All my Canadian friends say a-buhwt (hard to spell is phonetically...maybe a-buh-oh-t all smashed together)...but when they say "sore-ee" it's super obvious they're Canadian.
Luca Castagnini
Luca Castagnini 4 kun oldin
The Italian one sounded pretty good😂 she was doing it right, I’m Italian guys, I can teel she was on the right path!
Gloria Foy
Gloria Foy 4 kun oldin
Didn't know of her but we Share the same last name! Love it!
Megan M
Megan M 4 kun oldin
Claire is bloody brilliant
em. 4 kun oldin
Haha, her French accent was on point.
Angelica 4 kun oldin
tbf her "ok" did sound very italian.. (im italian)
Pranit Shinde
Pranit Shinde 4 kun oldin
1:27 shocked.
_r ahmed
_r ahmed 4 kun oldin
“The only way I knew that was Canadian was aboot” .... ummmmm Is there anything else that Canadians say differently from Americans?
_r ahmed
_r ahmed Kun oldin
Maryam T “accent” not “phrases.” Pretty accurate though. Something only someone who’s been to Canada would know 🤔 .... have you turned against your own people?! 🤭
Erica Gamet
Erica Gamet 3 kun oldin
They pronounce "sorry" and "tomorrow" like sore-ee and to-more-oh.
Maryam T
Maryam T 4 kun oldin
I would like a double-double
Audrey Chase
Audrey Chase 4 kun oldin
_r ahmed bag in certain dialects
Nemie Anne MAteo
Nemie Anne MAteo 5 kun oldin
My Queen 👑
nutte 5 kun oldin
Italian one sounded like she's from sweden
LaviniaVeiled 5 kun oldin
Canadians don’t say “aboot” they say “aboat”...like a boat is about to be afloat! 😜
Marie Cruz
Marie Cruz 5 kun oldin
I am not used to the fact that she's doing interviews without Matt Smith beside her.
Letlhogile Mabilo
Letlhogile Mabilo 5 kun oldin
You're not normal if you disliked this video
Zachary John Gilbert
I feel like I could’ve done those impressions
cutebubbles2007 5 kun oldin
How do you call the holder Ellen has attached to her tablet? Where I can get one ?
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda 5 kun oldin
her laugh is SO contagious
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda 5 kun oldin
FINALLY CLAIRE IS ON ELLEN!!! i've been waiting for SO LONG
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda 5 kun oldin
ugh i love her so much
Janet Maskton
Janet Maskton 5 kun oldin
"Aboot" that?? What Canadian talks like that?!?!? Shes still cute doeee
Madeleine Isaac-Gooden
Nobody in Canada says aboot
Deez Nuggetz
Deez Nuggetz 5 kun oldin
Imagine blackpink on Ellen
Olly Ocelot
Olly Ocelot 5 kun oldin
James Frew
James Frew 3 kun oldin
Olly Ocelot uh yeah, they do.
ourbinacreative 5 kun oldin
I only came here for Claire Foy
saix music
saix music 5 kun oldin
Yes, as an Italian I can conferm We like spaghetti in our cappuccino
Chloe Amber
Chloe Amber 5 kun oldin
She’s so funny 😂
Heather Bella Belle
Canadians do not say aboot
Heather Bella Belle
Canadians do know say aboot
Tony Plenos
Tony Plenos 5 kun oldin
She is such a talented actress. Hope she gets more recognition and get nominated for an Oscar for First Man.
Mervé C
Mervé C 5 kun oldin
The french one was great tho
Drawing with Noel
Drawing with Noel 5 kun oldin
Sarah Paulson look alike
Mihika Samant
Mihika Samant 5 kun oldin
I need more of this
Nora 5 kun oldin
Her Italian accent sounded more like a Scandinavian accent like norwegian
Aung Hpone Moe
Aung Hpone Moe 5 kun oldin
i thought that she really nailed it doing the accents because of the captions..lol i fell off from the bed in her italian accent....
Sohail Jafar
Sohail Jafar 5 kun oldin
I thought this was a Sarah Paulson interview. Whoops!
Janneth2211 5 kun oldin
The Italian was very good tho 😂😂
Tristan General
Tristan General 5 kun oldin
I’m sorry but i dont think i can ever look at claire ever again without seeing the Queen on her.
bring it on
bring it on 5 kun oldin
- Spaghetti - Italian ? No, Russian ...
Ali Iqbal
Ali Iqbal 5 kun oldin
Boycott Israel land of sick dogs
Zoey Nutt
Zoey Nutt 5 kun oldin
Only northern Canadians say aboot
Amanda Lopes
Amanda Lopes 6 kun oldin
1:27 The best part hahahhahahahhhahha!!!!
Danex Pinoy
Danex Pinoy 6 kun oldin
OMG!! She's so cute! 😂
Abiramy Tharmendra
Abiramy Tharmendra 6 kun oldin
Canadian do not say abooot
abbie hicks
abbie hicks 6 kun oldin
Ma baby gurl
ShawN TyleR
ShawN TyleR 6 kun oldin
I just ❤️ her majesty 👸
ashlyn michelle
ashlyn michelle 6 kun oldin
i’m canadian and ive never heard anyone say aboot
Original Spooon
Original Spooon 6 kun oldin
Lived in Canada for 35 years and never heard anyone say “aboot”.
Brooklyn Brohat
Brooklyn Brohat 6 kun oldin
Italian accent 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jean Kennedy
Jean Kennedy 6 kun oldin
I'm not impressed. Canadians do NOT say "aboot". We say "uh-buh-oot", while most Americans say "a-bah-oht". We also say "sor-ry" not "saw-ry" like Americans do. And "hor-ible" not "har-ible", and "proh-ject" not "praw-ject". Those are the main ones Canadian actors have to learn when they are playing roles in American movies. (BTW, Ellen looks more like a guy every time I see her. When is she going for the operation?)
Erica Gamet
Erica Gamet 3 kun oldin
Wow...I was about to like your comment for the bit about pronunciation....then you were so petty as to make catty and unnecessary remarks about Ellen's looks. What makes her look "like a guy?" Do all guys look the same? Also, that automatically makes her trans? But way to drag the trans community, too, while you're at it.
Alana Karine
Alana Karine 6 kun oldin
She is amazing and naturally funny!
Venkat Manchikalapudi
She sounds and looks a bit like emily blunt especially when laughing.Its like almost all the british women are the same 😂
unknown feelings
unknown feelings 6 kun oldin
hi Ellen, have a great day.God Bless
little squeal
little squeal 6 kun oldin
As an Italian girl I found it a little bit offensive ‘cause we don’t have that accent while we’re speaking in English😬
Erica Gamet
Erica Gamet 3 kun oldin
Maybe not that accent (as she said she had a hard time with it)...but Italians I know have a wide range of accents when they speak English. Trying to imitate an accent isn't offensive...just maybe no good or off the mark.
sasawedx 6 kun oldin
2:15 she almost cursed LOL
M pertin
M pertin 6 kun oldin
She's so good in The Crown!
Felix Miller
Felix Miller 6 kun oldin
just give it a few more years and accent will become offensive
Jessie Ca
Jessie Ca 6 kun oldin
1:27 cracked me up. 🤣😂 Italian and French was definitely better than average. 👍🏼
aquamizu1 6 kun oldin
I'm Canadian and I've never heard of anyone say aboot here lol
Elisa H
Elisa H 6 kun oldin
Poet | Artist
Poet | Artist 6 kun oldin
Lolol aboot cute ;; im canadian , but literally haven't heard one Canadian say it ever.but eh we say unknowingly
Emmy Knobel
Emmy Knobel 6 kun oldin
Genuinely do not get the big deal about Ryan gosling... there are wayyyy hotter actors in Hollywood
natnut2008 6 kun oldin
She's a sexier version of Sarah Paulson.
Buenomars 6 kun oldin
"Accent Skills"
Laura Matos
Laura Matos 6 kun oldin
my queen
Jane Kohn
Jane Kohn 6 kun oldin
The part where she laughed after the attempt at Italian... i had to replay that part several times
if you are a feminist, i already love you
i love claire so much 😭😭
Natalia Miranda
Natalia Miranda 6 kun oldin
I actually love french accent in Spanish but i barely watch people speaking it on yt 😣
Loved Claire Foy in The Crown, amazing actress and series. Sad she won’t be in the 3rd series. She played Queen Elizabeth amazingly well. Ummm, I’m Canadian and I don’t say aboot but my Gran was British and she did. Strange that is.
Mrs. Maxwell
Mrs. Maxwell 6 kun oldin
Like how they don't like the giveaways may I get them instead I would love 12 day giveaways in December 2019 cause I got it from u I live in St. James Jamaica
Jennifer Cóbar
Jennifer Cóbar 6 kun oldin
She is NOTHING but average
ghosting101 6 kun oldin
Italian ordering starbucks???!!!
movi3srock 6 kun oldin
I feel like when I watch interviews with Ellen now she's not having as much fun as she use to. She's just kinda going through the motions. :( As much as I love the show, I hope she's still happy doing it and if not I hope she stops it and does something else while the show is still on top.
PT Sam
PT Sam 6 kun oldin
She did amazing on that movie
Jordan McKenzie
Jordan McKenzie 6 kun oldin
As a Canadian I’m not offended that she said “aboot”. But just so you guys know NO ONE says aboot. We say it the exact same way Americans do.
Anna Sofia
Anna Sofia 6 kun oldin
She looks like Claire Foy and no one else! God save the Queen!
Bella Bee
Bella Bee 6 kun oldin
I don’t know who she is but I love her already
livelove &laugh
livelove &laugh 6 kun oldin
She'll be missed on the crown. Cant wait for season 3, Olivia Cole, Helena Bonham Carter new cast will be great as well.
nick p
nick p 6 kun oldin
Who else clicked thinking she's Sarah Paulson on the thumbnail...
detective zinc
detective zinc 6 kun oldin
she sounds like Emily Blunt lol
detective zinc
detective zinc 6 kun oldin
+lisanm335 they laugh in a same way lol mystery...
lisanm335 6 kun oldin
Maybe because they're both Brits? Lol
Naitri Patel
Naitri Patel 6 kun oldin
1:27 that laugh though 🤣😍
Cece Cheung
Cece Cheung 6 kun oldin
My fellow Brits may get where I'm coming from here but I feel she was trying to channel Gino D'Acampo with that Italian accent 😂
Pen Pen
Pen Pen 6 kun oldin
Invite Catriona Gray on your show. The Miss Universe. Please 😘😘😘😘
BreAnna Foy
BreAnna Foy 6 kun oldin
Cousin?? 🤨🧐
SHaiLuVsTaCos 6 kun oldin
that laugh at 1:27 😂😂😂
cellophane 6 kun oldin
Kaushik Malepati
Kaushik Malepati 6 kun oldin
"First man" a brilliant movie about Neil Armstrong with amazing acting. Sadly the box office didn't agree.
skittles 6 kun oldin
She was AMAZING in Unsane.. that film fucked me up
Kris Taehyung
Kris Taehyung 6 kun oldin
I legit have never said aboot in my life and I have lived in Canada all my life nor seen a Canadian say aboot