Classic Sylas, the Unshackled - Ability Preview - League of Legends

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Sylas, Unshackled Ability Preview.
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8-Yan, 2019



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Ander MD
Ander MD Oy oldin
Lol just imagine an one for all in which the both teams pick sylas😂😂😂
Christoffer Majker Jespersen
Classic looks better than the skin lmao
Can I smash????
Aya! Oy oldin
Syla the next katarina XD
Zero Hikari
Zero Hikari Oy oldin
Bones.exe has stopped working
Karin Nia
Karin Nia Oy oldin
Special interactions ?
Alpha Grindur
Alpha Grindur Oy oldin
Taz Wild
Taz Wild 2 oy oldin
he is basically a less manly version of illaoi
Toshko :d
Toshko :d 2 oy oldin
What role is he?
Matt Barr
Matt Barr 2 oy oldin
when you cant think of an ultimate so you just use the other 100+ you already made
lucky SE
lucky SE 2 oy oldin
rubik skin =))))))) waooo
mason phipps
mason phipps 2 oy oldin
this is gonna fucking ruin League. Like legit this is fucking stupid. lets just take a decent champion and be lazy and make him steal others ulti. this is beyond stupid and I hope they change him before release.
LtLampshade 2 oy oldin
I'm not the only one that thinks he looks unfinished....right?
Feeluck 2 oy oldin
we definitely needed more champs with good gap closers and point-and-click spells - NOPE!
Caquiux 2 oy oldin
So zoe steals spells, neeko steals appearances, sylas steals ultis, what's next? Steal gold?
Dark Substance
Dark Substance 2 oy oldin
Imagine one for all with this champion. 5x Sylas V 5x Sylas???
WinTrain 2 oy oldin
Only thing I see OP about him is that monster ass HEAL that he gets from one of his skills... Wow.....
Thresh Prince of Bel-Air
So lux has two boyfriends or something?
Thresh Prince of Bel-Air
Suzanne MacMillan oh right!
Suzanne MacMillan
Not sure, just one. Ez likes to fuck Taric.
Suzanne MacMillan
0:35 you're welcome
Patricia sihombing
I whip ma chain back and forth I whip ma chain back and forth every time I played him this song always play in my head
John Lorenz Garcera
How to counter Sylas? Easy, Do not take Ulti
Toco 2 oy oldin
The next thing you know, the next champion steals yo girl.
Thresh Prince of Bel-Air
Toco Isn’t there already one? *points to self*
Marvin Del Rosario
It's unfair that his ult is not a skill shot but by it's clicking the enemy champ 😑
Common Sense
Common Sense 2 oy oldin
50% of the Male in LoL dont have shirts
Mapa de Runaterra
[ Ʌ B B E R Ʌ N T ]
Those hip movements though
[ Ʌ B B E R Ʌ N T ]
Those hip movements though
[ Ʌ B B E R Ʌ N T ]
Those hip movements though
Gabriel Paz
Gabriel Paz 2 oy oldin
Rework master yi pls!!!
Guille383 2 oy oldin
Im glad to see he has Ditto skills referring to its R
BreezyTown7 2 oy oldin
i am now convinced that riot has run out of ideas.....
People Hate Me
People Hate Me 2 oy oldin
0:37 oh make it rain 😆
rramos 2 oy oldin
this looks like krathus from god of war LUL
Spacellary 2 oy oldin
boring af
Rick Sacchins
Rick Sacchins 2 oy oldin
Goodbye Lol, it will be as i never played
SydneyStreets 2 oy oldin
Close the door on your way out bitch
Sableye 2 oy oldin
What about Nida and jayces ults?
Diogenes FFBE
Diogenes FFBE 2 oy oldin
Well, Riot finally ripped off rubick congrats
Asap Rocky
Asap Rocky 2 oy oldin
Thank fcking god, he aint black man.
SOULLESS exe 2 oy oldin
3 "dashes". That's cool.
vagueboy 2 oy oldin
Does he have a cooldown on the champ he steals ulti? Like, if his ult has a not so long cd and he steals that of a champ who requires a hell of a cd, can he basically use that ult more than the actual champ?
Plague Father Plays
what a boring, uninspired ability set and character design. Jesus riot, you can make genuinely unique characters like Neeko, Sion, Zoe, and even Teemo, but you settle for a boring human character with really generic abilities and boring looks and a voice that just isn't cool at all. I'm disappointed to say the least.
Ole Oleev
Ole Oleev 2 oy oldin
-so whats the idea for the new champion? -how about we make someone who can copy spells, like Rubick who can copy spells and ultimates. -wait, i got better idea. How about we split this mechanic on as many heroes as we can? -PROFIT!
Chickenalaking 2 oy oldin
Next champion will leak nudes and deal mental damage
Indie Denise
Indie Denise 2 oy oldin
Next champ will be connected to Alexa, Siri and Cortana. Me: “haha just beat those guys like they owed me money” Siri: “reporting a break in, dialing 911”
PurpleSpeeh 2 oy oldin
Zoe can copy summoner spells... Neeko can copy looks... Sylas can copy ultimates... riot is running out of ideas
旺贤陶 2 oy oldin
Skill stealer?
Edward De Jesus
Edward De Jesus 2 oy oldin
Daddy alert
NullorVolt 2 oy oldin
Rubick yes, Best Dota Arcana ever
John Lew
John Lew 2 oy oldin
Sylas: ALRIGHT BROTHERS AND SISTERS LETS SEE WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF *sees Orianna, Udyr, Kindred and 2 other useless champs* Sylas: wtf is this
Aephesilon 2 oy oldin
Aaaaaaand he dances like a male stripper. Rito is definitely going the right direction.
Heitor Silva Sousa
Obnoxious Beast
Obnoxious Beast 2 oy oldin
What if sylas uses his ult to another sylas? Will it cause a Infinite loop?
Diego Acevedo
Diego Acevedo 2 oy oldin
0:40 how to fuck lux
Unruly Jay
Unruly Jay 2 oy oldin
Max Mach
Max Mach 2 oy oldin
Please, tell me that Banshee, Edge of Night, Malza, Nocturne, Morgana and Sivir shields can block his ultimate..
K/DA ENIGOR 2 oy oldin
It can
Ryuji Desu
Ryuji Desu 2 oy oldin
Where's his lore?
Witchchick Imkamp
Ray Rodriguez
Ray Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
looks like a Disney villian
Seeyan 2 oy oldin
Maining him because of that dance of his
Mike Charles
Mike Charles 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one feeling a little "Dark Prince" nostalgic when hearing those chains?
Omar Nabulsi
Omar Nabulsi 2 oy oldin
his kit is so great BUT THE ULT IS SO OP AF especailly VS cho'gath """steal stacks too? really riot?"
Arian Samadzada
Arian Samadzada 2 oy oldin
Ults that make me Think whats gonna happen : Rengar ult, shaco ult, reksai ult
Herdobro 2 oy oldin
So what you’re saying is Sylas and Trundle can suck each other off.
DaRoflDoflZz 2 oy oldin
Does this mean that Sylas has the potential to steal Cho'gath's ult?
szymon kaczmarek
szymon kaczmarek 2 oy oldin
Zoe steal enemy spells Neeko steal enemy form Sylas steal ur ult Next champ will steal your passive
Project Naiad
Project Naiad 2 oy oldin
So what happens if he steals Karma's ultimate?
Tony Mai
Tony Mai 2 oy oldin
So you can have 2 teemo on each team.. Lol sick game @everyone
TheNiShow 2 oy oldin
You broke the game Riot, congrats 🙌
xZamBa 2 oy oldin
Wait. Is that you aatrox?
Shura Yashamaru
Shura Yashamaru 2 oy oldin
alright so ... not ok ...
Arre Effe
Arre Effe 2 oy oldin
They gave him a small knock up so he can use Yasuo’s ult lol
ethan panes
ethan panes 2 oy oldin
His colour scheme is kind of the same as K/DA pop group. It’d be cool if he was like a secret lgbtq member. His body would have glitters that glow in the dark same as akali’s tattoos, he’d have some shades and his hair would be styled like a smooth & silky hair type, he’d have some tattoos on his body too, then add some bling like a gold chain and gold rings. Just a suggestion 🤷‍♂️🤗.
Wicked 2 oy oldin
Ugh what a daddy
Dr Boom
Dr Boom 2 oy oldin
Should have made him blonde. We only have like 2 blonde male champions.
Fenris 2 oy oldin
Rubick>>>> Sylas Don't @ me
Luiz7429 2 oy oldin
like neeko..vi skin.. te recall.....rito gomes...WAKE UP!!
バラナー 2 oy oldin
Rubick: Yo what the fuck??
He didnt bother to learn dancing from Lux
benjamin stålhane
Zsirmik Marcell
Zsirmik Marcell 2 oy oldin
Who is that in the prison? 0:18
The Only Munchkin
Rubick looks buffed here for some reason.
BlackJaGuar 2 oy oldin
somebody get this man a blade of chaos
BlackJaGuar 2 oy oldin
i wouldn't be surprise if some next skins will have blade of chaos on the ends of the chains
chien bui
chien bui 2 oy oldin
Rubick wannabe
Dani Albano
Dani Albano 2 oy oldin
God of war music intensifies
EvenSand 2 oy oldin
Kratos ?
Kobayashi Akira
Kobayashi Akira 2 oy oldin
Oki Okabe
Oki Okabe 2 oy oldin
The white guy version of "Django Unchained"
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia 2 oy oldin
Who's the person behind him in the splash art?
Excuse me
Excuse me 2 oy oldin
Miły 2 oy oldin
Pyke r on this champ... ohhh (penta kill)
Jake Num
Jake Num 2 oy oldin
What If You Ult Udry Nidalee Or The Enemy "Like" Himself
FAT LETTER 2 oy oldin
Is this f*cker a hybrid?
Sayahasesse hillhill
Pool party (pool divider rope for chains) Debonair/Mafia (bling bling chains) Void (tentacles for chains) Demon/Executioner Spell thief/ soul stealer Cosmic (constellations for chains) Justicar Atlantean beasthunter Nightmare Elderwood (vines/thorny vines for chains
Ruger Manzer
Ruger Manzer 2 oy oldin
I kinda wish they actually animated him using ults, rather than transforming into the target.
Rita Rubary
Rita Rubary 2 oy oldin
Why does he do magic dmg? He looks like a pure physical dmg character. I am shocked!
Chukles343 2 oy oldin
He looks kinda boring and his ult is just completely out of placr
reign san
reign san 2 oy oldin
Is his ult pointon click?that would be Busted
Yu Narukami
Yu Narukami 2 oy oldin
0:39 This dance steals my money!
Axtec 2 oy oldin
Soo: Actuall Shaco, Shaco clon, Neeko as Shaco, Neeko double as shaco and Sylas doing shaco r Rito plz
EraPwnz 2 oy oldin
lol Kratos!!
Luna Windstar
Luna Windstar 2 oy oldin
It looks like Jayce and Garen has a child LMAO
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