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Clean Bandit - Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass [Official Video]

Clean Bandit
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2-Apr, 2014

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lewp95 4 kun oldin
Best tens seconds of any song 0:55 - 1:05 ❤❤
Alonzo Urra
Alonzo Urra 4 kun oldin
Pobre niño del minuto 2:23 estaba todo emocionado mirando como cantan y el grandote le manda su "despabila" xD
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen
She’s fiiine
VoeJoe 8 kun oldin
My favorite 3:17
Omar Zambrano
Omar Zambrano 8 kun oldin
This song is so underrated omg
Susi Wettin
Susi Wettin 11 kun oldin
I was just browsing through my old phones music and found this and was curious who sang it, i typed it into YT and now (btw No homo) She hot ( NO HOMO)
윤여준 11 kun oldin
I want to listen Jess Glynne singing this
valentina Luna Sole
valentina Luna Sole 13 kun oldin
Femke Ekmef
Femke Ekmef 13 kun oldin
No life without CLEAN BANDIT😍😇💖🤣😜☑️
bernz mongomiri
bernz mongomiri 14 kun oldin
butterfly girl
butterfly girl 14 kun oldin
Beautiful voice and song 💟 Love it. Thank you ✌
Walace Crispim de Oliveira
I loveeeeee so much
Mikilin R
Mikilin R 19 kun oldin
0:13 what??? 😢😢😢😢
Ia Nikolaishvilii
Ia Nikolaishvilii 19 kun oldin
I love this song so much 💟💟💟💙💙💚💜
The Purple Khaleesi
The Purple Khaleesi 21 kun oldin
Still my all time classic
Nio Antonio
Nio Antonio 22 kun oldin
agree 100%
Benjamin Fost
Benjamin Fost 27 kun oldin
Omg red shorts guy is so fucking beautiful and hot af.
alice !!
alice !! 27 kun oldin
1:19 the little mix t-shirt yasss
J L 27 kun oldin
The beat is absolutely mesmerizing.
Nigel Fittleworth
Nigel Fittleworth 28 kun oldin
2:16 - 2:18 the best part
Nigel Fittleworth
Nigel Fittleworth 28 kun oldin
so underrated
Za Dzu
Za Dzu Oy oldin
November 2018, and I miss summer.
S M Oy oldin
The first 30 seconds are just amazing does anyone know if there’s a longer version of that available?
jojon 777
jojon 777 Oy oldin
Grace so hot 😍
paper aviation 147
How many broken violins does it take to make this music video
"Am I the only one, who sees what you've become? Will you drift away?" and "If she's your only, then why are you lonely? 'Cause I'm the only one, who know the things you've done" are my favourite parts from this.
Its Marko!
Its Marko! Oy oldin
Would love to see clean bandit go back to Thier roots a little like around this time ...
Jesus Mario Cebreros
Sounds like a Sade's unrealesed song(a 90's singer)
Yahya Dagane
Yahya Dagane Oy oldin
Who’s watching this in 2023??
Enott Oy oldin
Still love in 2018 I miss old Clean Bandit 😭😭
Nerpa Seal
Nerpa Seal Oy oldin
A piano underwater?!!🙂 Dang, this took a lot of effort.😐
viperfwarlock Oy oldin
Was it ever addressed why Niel left?
Hafsah Ahmad
Hafsah Ahmad Oy oldin
New clean bandit is shit, this stuff used to be so much better , dust clears, telephone banking so unique. Now it's just mindless pop crap
Hafsah Ahmad
Hafsah Ahmad Oy oldin
+Enott it's so frustrating because they seem like sell outs now , quality music is lost
Enott Oy oldin
You have no idea how I agree with you.
Mora Diaz Betelu
Nadiru HHH
Nadiru HHH Oy oldin
Best Song ever
Bir Dünya Oyuncak - SUMOŞ TV
Şarkılara çok durgun başlıyor
2018 anyone?....no? Only me?.....ok, I’m fine with that lmao.
JacobMarcell Oy oldin
I Don't understand how many people disliked this excellent MUSIC it's the best Clean Bandit.. enserio son las mejores canciones que yo alla escuchado.
Joey Onnagan
Joey Onnagan Oy oldin
One of my fovorite😍
I LOVE YOU CLEAN BANDIT (im hohssin with abdellah ) from moroco for our visit
Ngọc Lan Hà Thị
2018?? anyone?
Joseph Perevimogha
The problem with this song is People aren't ready for this girl's sound and am very ashamed of it..what nice voice..Nice one clean Bandit
I miss the old clean bandit
NITESHAD3 Oy oldin
Truly beautiful song ❤️
Léa Lopes
Léa Lopes Oy oldin
I thought the pig at the beginning was DEAD i was so reassured when it moved omfg
octoling boy
octoling boy Oy oldin
Patricia Batista
Patricia Batista 2 oy oldin
Che conzione schifo Dio
Phuc Phan
Phuc Phan 2 oy oldin
Magelan M
Magelan M 2 oy oldin
1:15 That Chorus Cow is such a wonderful introduction to the chorus ! Amazing.
Francis Thomas
Francis Thomas 2 oy oldin
This made my heart beat.
Annarelys Zayas
Annarelys Zayas 2 oy oldin
I ❤clean bandit 😄😃😄😃😄 💥✨💥✨💥
Fire beat
Fire beat 2 oy oldin
Dayum this song is just so harmonically perfect 🌞🌞🌞
Irfan Candra
Irfan Candra 2 oy oldin
Σαρα Τσαρκαϊ
MallV0lli0 2 oy oldin
that -bacon- piglet tho
Rusu 2 oy oldin
Clean Bandit + Black Eyed Peas = my night just became perfect
END ME 2 oy oldin
looked for a few months and finally found it again
Michael Corrigan
Michael Corrigan 2 oy oldin
Why did the guy leave the band
GATaufik Chanel
GATaufik Chanel 2 oy oldin
Clean bandit selalu cerdas pilih temen duet buat lagu mereka ..nicee
Enih Holmes
Enih Holmes 2 oy oldin
This song needs to come back and save us!
Amartya Chakraborty
This song is really extraordinary ♥️
Jerry HQ
Jerry HQ 3 oy oldin
A DeLaurentis
A DeLaurentis 3 oy oldin
That pig is SO CUTE
Cupcakes Cupcakes
2 0 1 8 ?
Caproh 3 oy oldin
I'll always love this song, is always like chill song
Caproh 2 oy oldin
This song makes a lot of feels for me
André Caeiro
André Caeiro 3 oy oldin
The girl from Clean Bandit (the blonde girl) is sooooo beautiful 😍 2:30 ❤️
Muh.Luqmanul Hakim
Grace 😍😍😍
tiwul katul
tiwul katul 3 oy oldin
Where is the location shooting this music video?? The location so beautiful, the song too. Extraordinary... 😍
Juciara Passos
Juciara Passos 3 oy oldin
Que voz linda! A música é mto linda! Tudo mto lindo!
love song
love song 3 oy oldin
love song
love song 3 oy oldin
Henesy Hopkin
Henesy Hopkin 3 oy oldin
2018 :< Does anyone still listen to this song?
Ralf Hsl
Ralf Hsl 3 oy oldin
Thanks 😢
Imene Imene
Imene Imene 3 oy oldin
2018 still love it
7bimbim 3 oy oldin
piano and violin got abused
LUZ Maldonado
LUZ Maldonado 3 oy oldin
They can all collab with Clean Bandit
LUZ Maldonado
LUZ Maldonado 3 oy oldin
Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Halsey, Kehlani, Melanie Martinez or Ariana Grande!!! Who agrees?
LUZ Maldonado
LUZ Maldonado 3 oy oldin
Clean Bandit and Alessia Caira should do one together.
LUZ Maldonado
LUZ Maldonado 3 oy oldin
Luv Clean Bandit!!!!!!!
LUZ Maldonado
LUZ Maldonado 3 oy oldin
I'm crying so hard 😍😭😍😭
Badar Hasan
Badar Hasan 3 oy oldin
2018 augst 31
satoru kendai
satoru kendai 3 oy oldin
2018 anyone ?
satoru kendai
satoru kendai 3 oy oldin
3:22, R I P violin chan.
amir aloui
amir aloui 3 oy oldin
Crystal Fox
Crystal Fox 3 oy oldin
This is extraordinary music! Joy to my ears, mind, body and soul
MrVocalover 3 oy oldin
Nice song but I felt slightly disturbed at how the instrument is being treated...
SIR CORNELIUS 3 oy oldin
A nadie le molesta ver tanto instrumento destrozado y maltratado? pff
Tanapoom Choomsuwan
julius konyu
julius konyu 3 oy oldin
When is Clean Bandit visiting kenya
Vanlalruatpuia Paihte
They hold a special place in my Lists 😍
Caio Paladino TV
Caio Paladino TV 3 oy oldin
That song..
jiro dayrit
jiro dayrit 3 oy oldin
my kings and queens :)
victor de smet
victor de smet 3 oy oldin
Crowd make brain analysis evolution follow structural fool violation ease.
Aryudam Seresly
Aryudam Seresly 3 oy oldin
Is this herfirst time? She's pretty awkward
hwang hyunjin's laugh uwu
*old but gold*
ALE003 -
ALE003 - 4 oy oldin
This is my absolutely favourite song.❤
Adele Piccinni
Adele Piccinni 4 oy oldin
Nostalgica stupenda......
madhukiran c s
madhukiran c s 4 oy oldin
Grace love you
Will Smith grunt
3 kun oldin