CLG REACTS | Sylas The Unshackled Champion Trailer - League of Legends

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Julie N
Julie N 8 kun oldin
These are always amazing!
Counter Logic Gaming
<3 Will try to make sure we get these done consistently for each new rework / release! Glad you enjoy them.
This is an Original Name
Any Counters for Sylas?
Dan Li
Dan Li 2 kun oldin
"Oh no, God. Riot. Not this again." Same Stixxay. SAME.
Tân Hưng
Tân Hưng 2 kun oldin
"These champions are so cool, and you have Annie." - Biofrost -
Bell Bellum
Bell Bellum 3 kun oldin
Kung Fu Panda did it first
Dardan Bajrami
Dardan Bajrami 4 kun oldin
Rise up, brothers and sisters! Whatever they bring, we'll match it! Crush the oppressors, claim your birthright! And burn their kingdom to the ground!
Siegram Akito
Siegram Akito 6 kun oldin
Imagine ganking a malzahar as sylas. malzahar ults your team mate and sylas is like "NO U"
Fled Ged
Fled Ged 6 kun oldin
Vincent is really just super nice tho like not a crying bitchass bc of sylas beig op and hes always been so cool so i guess bc of him ill root for clg
Veynnn 6 kun oldin
Not like this riot. Same.
suace PLS
suace PLS 7 kun oldin
They must know the Lore :(
Cdu Sles
Cdu Sles 7 kun oldin
Let's channel almost die before realizing champion reveal reactions gets the most views and attention out of any other content.
AbyssArray 7 kun oldin
Use a team of.. Jayce, Nidalee, Zoe, Kalista, Karma. No functional ults to steal xD
Jeremy Daniel Petilla
AbyssArray like Karma, the empowered abilities will be shown when activated
AbyssArray 5 kun oldin
+Jeremy Daniel Petilla Interesting, changing from melee to ranged is much weaker of an ult though, Jayce's passive makes it flow a lot better. Interesting note for the Kalista though, how about Heimerdinger?
Jeremy Daniel Petilla
AbyssArray still functional tho. For Jayce Sylas gets the Ranged form w/ abilities, Nidalee the cougar form w/ abilities. Same as with Shyvana and Elise (Dragon and spider form respectively) Sylas also gets the option to get the oathsworn item from the shop when a kalista is on the enemy team.
Nico Leung
Nico Leung 7 kun oldin
2 Stixxay in one video?
Parker Kane
Parker Kane 7 kun oldin
Being a adc main i had the samd reaction as stixxay ahhhhhhh fuuuuuck
Jacob Wood
Jacob Wood 7 kun oldin
So it's baisically Rubick from Dota 2 but more OP.
Omega Drake
Omega Drake 7 kun oldin
I got blue essence for him . He’s like god of war lol
Alberto Pareja García
PoE with the 2000iq plays before knowing what the champ actually does
luisfelipe luisfelipe
prestar mais atenção no video e bom viu
Michael Lim
Michael Lim 7 kun oldin
I’m a simple man. I see Vincent “CHAD THUNDERCOCK” Wang, I click.
Gregg O'Donnell
Gregg O'Donnell 8 kun oldin
The cooldown reset looks broken, look at how he pyke ults, then steals ult again and ults a second time. Basically you could never pick amumu into this ever
Viowolf 6 kun oldin
+Gregg O'Donnell he killed mf with the first ult and got the reset
Gregg O'Donnell
Gregg O'Donnell 7 kun oldin
+Jason M he didnt kill them for the reset. it looked like he pyke ulted, stole ult, then ulted again
Jason M
Jason M 7 kun oldin
You know that Pyke ult has resets if you kill with it, right?
giugnolino !!!
giugnolino !!! 8 kun oldin
Hell yes riot that s so hype
2Dead 2Play
2Dead 2Play 8 kun oldin
I am a huge fan of powerofevil ! As a German I am proud that we have such a talent in the lol e-sport ! Also now I need a clg shirt 😊 oh and I love all the videos on the channel it’s always interesting what pros think about the new champions.
Piece Of Cake
Piece Of Cake 8 kun oldin
1:23 stixxay knew adc fuckedup
grrrindz 8 kun oldin
Why play pyke when u can steal it. Jajajajajaja
texasallstar6969 8 kun oldin
Riot. ok we made a champ that steals items. We made a champ who steals identities. LETS NOW MAKE A CHAMP THAT STEALS ULTS!!!! genius! so much creativity !!!
moo cats
moo cats 5 kun oldin
The kit comes together so nicely, I really like this champ.
Lauk D0wn
Lauk D0wn 5 kun oldin
texasallstar6969 Where the abilities lack creativity, the character, teasers, and lore don’t. So to be fair Riot did a good job with Sylas.
Luke The Cursed
Luke The Cursed 8 kun oldin
poor boy
poor boy 8 kun oldin
ZionSpartan mia care
ko_mi_kn-3 9870
ko_mi_kn-3 9870 8 kun oldin
i just saw that if he steals ults like jayce, karma, shivana, elise, etc. he can use all their abillity pack tho
Zyliath 8 kun oldin
You can stack cho'gath ults and get hp and size
Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee 8 kun oldin
Sylas is promoting communism guys, its like the russian revolution all over again
Tiago Francisco
Tiago Francisco 5 kun oldin
Your ult? OUR ULT
christopherwillson 8 kun oldin
Biofrost has to stop being so handsome
Mergan Freemern
Mergan Freemern 8 kun oldin
i bet quinn ult will look pretty cool
Victor Madsen
Victor Madsen 8 kun oldin
I only have one question... one for all times 10 Sylas... no ultimates at all?
quieness 2 kun oldin
MYA PS 4 kun oldin
death heat fake... it’s been tested
death heat
death heat 5 kun oldin
Matt Hellstrand fake news? i suggest that you go and see if it's plausible tskk
Jonathan Moua
Jonathan Moua 5 kun oldin
+death heat That's a lie. You should drop your news reports somewhere else.
Matt Hellstrand
Matt Hellstrand 6 kun oldin
+death heat Fake news
Piece Of Cake
Piece Of Cake 8 kun oldin
The question is can he use TK ult?
Counter Logic Gaming
Apparently yes! He just won't open his mouth big like Tahm Kench.
Trace ToyZ
Trace ToyZ 8 kun oldin
Oh looks its Sharingon
Gloria Zhu
Gloria Zhu 8 kun oldin
are we gonna get a reaction from the toplaner himself on this top lane champ
Counter Logic Gaming
He was originally planned to be in the video, but wasn't feeling well! Maybe you'll get to see Darshan play it in the LCS. =)
Ricky Meza
Ricky Meza 8 kun oldin
I'm a simple man , I see Biofrost, I click
Keepyourpride 8 kun oldin
im sad u didn't put stixxay and powerofevil next to each other D; i want to see the handsome devils.
Counter Logic Gaming
There will be more opportunities to see them together. ;D
Keepyourpride 8 kun oldin
Letsplaylikechamps 8 kun oldin
Bro haven't been playing league been getting slow for me.. now with them working with marvel and the lore getting insane-- and now this champion-- Riot always bringing me back!
Sampion 8 kun oldin
MVP_KZ 8 kun oldin
OK so when is the nerf patch? :)
1ce 8 kun oldin
Super early Pog
Marius Gul
Marius Gul 8 kun oldin
Wait a minute why is Stixxay getting 2 reactions ;) Poe
Counter Logic Gaming
You're actually wrong, Stixxay isn't in the video. Just PowerofEvil two times.
Hella Cringy
Hella Cringy 8 kun oldin
Haha tru
Paper Boat
Paper Boat 8 kun oldin
Why isn't PoE reacting with Stixxay so we can try to guess who's who?
riotbomberX X
riotbomberX X 7 kun oldin
Counter Logic Gaming
Didn't want to confuse our fans!
Charles Gwynn
Charles Gwynn 8 kun oldin
Very cool :)
Juan diego Galindo ruiz
Where is mr president
Counter Logic Gaming
He was feeling a bit sick, and we didn't want him to strain his throat. =(
Jack Tank
Jack Tank 8 kun oldin
Why was Stixxay sitting with Biofrost, then faked a shitty accent when sitting with Wiggly..?
guisteh11 8 kun oldin
Cool that you make content with PoE already :D
T5_consoon games
T5_consoon games 8 kun oldin
URF SYLAS Montage!
23 soat oldin
Who is Sylas?
7 kun oldin