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Trained to protect. Born to Survive. Watch Close on Netflix - January 18th, 2019.
To protect an heiress from highly trained kidnappers, a lone security expert (Noomi Rapace) must unravel a sinister plot -- while striving to stay alive in this thrilling, female-driven action drama written & directed by Vicky Jewson.
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Close | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




3-Yan, 2019



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Daniel Wirz
Daniel Wirz 3 kun oldin
Why can I not watch this on Netflix in Switzerland?
Mahmudul Hasan
Mahmudul Hasan 7 kun oldin
Could you please excuse me for acting on this movie film? Why all movie's story is about middle east? Pretending hero on drama? People are just like insects to the muslims all the time.
Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson 9 kun oldin
“You have to fight back” “Fight back” Instantly had me hooked
Jamez Combe
Jamez Combe 9 kun oldin
Fuck yeah! Good to hear a Trills song in here! Show looks good too!
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright 12 kun oldin
the trailer makes the movie looks boring..the movie is gr8888
Ali G
Ali G 13 kun oldin
everyone’s talking about noomi, im here for sophie nélisse
F dL
F dL 13 kun oldin
Eoin Macken is sizzling hot.
Alan Freeman
Alan Freeman 14 kun oldin
LOVE her movies. She's Bad Ass...
C Cabral
C Cabral 15 kun oldin
I want to watch this, but could anyone let me know if it’s realistic? Or if it’s some women-power, men are always bad guys type of film? Seems very interesting though.
Alex Florez Art
Alex Florez Art 15 kun oldin
I really enjoyed this movie no matter the bad reviews. I hope this becomes a franchise series. It was refreshing to see an escort mission where the person being defended is actually competent at defending herself. Here's hoping for a trilogy!
rahal hail
rahal hail 18 kun oldin
فيلم حركة وأكشن رائع وجميل يحق لك تكراره . دائماً تبدع النجمة العالمية : نومي رابيس ، في أدوار الحركة والأكشن والجريمة أكثر من غيرها في الأدوار الأخرى .
Keone Ramos
Keone Ramos 19 kun oldin
This movie was a little bit confusing, and kinda boring for me if you'll compare it to Hollywood films. But, it's not that bad! 7.5/10
عادل الحلبي
حقراء أنذال أوسخ زبالة منتنة
MrBlueberry25 23 kun oldin
I can't find the movie. Even if I go to the official link to Netflix it says "page cannot be found" why 🙄
Ingemar Kenyatta
Ingemar Kenyatta 26 kun oldin
The new Sigourney Weaver
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 26 kun oldin
who know the song of this film "take my life...." ???
Paulo Peron Peron
Paulo Peron Peron 27 kun oldin
O filme e uma bosta n percam tempo
Hail Coitus
Hail Coitus 29 kun oldin
BOMB, just watch it.
Nina T.
Nina T. 29 kun oldin
I thought it was Troian😂 (she played Spencer in Pretty Little Liars)
sintia1192 Oy oldin
so is the movie good or
Grace Takaruva
Who else was like is that it?? When the film ended😂😂
Tom-A062 Oy oldin
Love all these high fantasy stories where a 50kg girl completely overpowers men twice her weight and thrice her strength
Alais Penzleton
I'd say she looks like Tuesday but smart and strong like Wednesday and Thursday
FV G Oy oldin
I want to like this movie! 3.5/5 stars. Story line was not very original - occurs in 3-days. Characters weren't flushed-out very well. Overall the writing could've been improved.
Maria Rodriguez
I watched the film and it is fantastic! But can someone explained the begginning because it had no relation to the plot?!
Lueli de Paiva Silva
Muito bom filme parabéns Netflix 👏👏👏
Shtogie Oy oldin
Real convincing "emotional" musical score.
Hussein Nour
Hussein Nour Oy oldin
I see Noomi, I click. Great movie, already watched it.
Vxqancy OG
Vxqancy OG Oy oldin
shitty movie
HUBCUBE Oy oldin
Welcome to Morocco 🇲🇦 for any movie!
Lyrehs Rebca
Lyrehs Rebca Oy oldin
Firsstym i saw sophie nélisse. Men i was mesmerized by her! Gosh she is beautiful... And ofcourse Noomi? What happen to monday? She is amazing... This movie is awesome!!!!
James Huang
James Huang Oy oldin
yeah cool then smoking...idk meh probably enjoyable but too cliche I'll pass.
Another movie with small women beating up men twice their size I'll pass.
Bixop Oy oldin
yo this movie is badass and Naomi is very easy on the eyes
Peter Ange1o
Peter Ange1o Oy oldin
NepaliGaming streamers
one guy says her mother die when she was 10 then later she says her mother die when she was 8 WTF then i realized i just wasted my time
limhay chhum
limhay chhum Oy oldin
I truly feel that the fighting scene in this movie is very lack of entertaining or threatening. I kinda felt so so much awkward for most of the scenes. rate 4/10
Nova Chaerunnisa
great film ... sam ,, love you ... and zoe ... so beautifull ,
Justin Case
Justin Case Oy oldin
I know everyone is star struck on noomi but yall aint notice the great little lilly hopkins all grown up ? 😳😂
canal do JAMES
0:17 ELIA MARTELL. Who gave you the ordah??
Ivana Victoria Morgenstern Valo
I am gonna love this movie! I am waiting for it. Come!
Lee Pearl
Lee Pearl Oy oldin
Fantasy Garbage......
Ramadhan Budyanto
Sophie nellisse is grown up. I really feel old now
Miss Rae
Miss Rae Oy oldin
I thought it was a sequel of what happened to Monday 😁
Maik Costa
Maik Costa Oy oldin
this movie sucks, what a disappointment
WhiteNoise Oy oldin
Jewson lol
Bel Mordok
Bel Mordok Oy oldin
0:37 Niobi from Rome tv show
Карефан Гриб
Фильм не стоит просмотра. Это бессвязный ужас. Персонажи ужасны. Нуми играет отлично но фильм с таким дешевым сюжетом и сценарием просто разочаровал.
Frondaro Delarge
a 90 pound woman beating 3 full grown 300 pound men, in a car, and none of the men called for backup, a woman with a small calibur pistol killing a guy with a rifle, and the guy is alone, how long can feminism pay the bills netflix?
Ivana Victoria Morgenstern Valo
You start well, you end bad. The story of your life, maybe? Well, darling if I was you I learn to teach things instead of just throw bullshit. You seem almost intelligent. Almost. Keep working boy, you are close to do it fine. PD: You can and you have to criticize when the things are not right or have mistakes, but, c´mon you can do it better. There is no need of being stupid for telling your point. Have a nice day.
todd denmar mendiola
trailer was good, I dunno why the movie was bad
Wan Meireles
Wan Meireles Oy oldin
This movie could've been so good but ended up being very stupid. Extremely lazy screenwriting.
Wan Meireles
Wan Meireles Oy oldin
+Ivana Victoria Morgenstern Valo If you want to watch it, go ahead!! It's always best to discover for yourself if you would like the movie or not! Maybe you'll enjoy it!.
Ivana Victoria Morgenstern Valo
What were the mistakes on the film? I´m not see the movie yet but reading the comments I want to know what´s wrong because the trailer it´s good. Can you tell me the mistakes? Thank you.
Летчик Налетчик
Даже смотреть не буду
Calmlity Oy oldin
Very good movie.
Amal Emily
Amal Emily Oy oldin
Giles Lord
Giles Lord Oy oldin
Trailer pretty much shows the entire film. Ruins it.
Peter Meter
Peter Meter Oy oldin
good actor with a stupid script where a bound girls kills a men who has a gun.. so fucking stupid. Holywood, stop this womensuperhuman shit.. it really get borring
BaZi Ma
BaZi Ma Oy oldin
Why do Arabs insult in all netflix movie ?
StubbornMook Oy oldin
Towards the end I guess the the writer said fuck up...6/10
lordboy96 XCVI
They used South Sudanese flag as terrorist flag. Fuck y'all
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham Oy oldin
what happened to you monday HAHAHA
yodam moux
yodam moux Oy oldin
ive seen this on my netflix 2 days ago,and today when im gonna watch it, its gone... and suddenly now its on theater.. what happened? im on netflix indonesia..
Christian Arteaga
Buena película, pero fuman demasiado.
They added too many fucking music soundtrack, I seriously got a headache. Seriously. Overall, good movie. Had to lower volume cause of music smh
Hahahahahaha yeahhhh RIGHT! I LOVE these FANTASY projects! It would have been just as believable if she carried award a magic wand that put everyone to sleep! Hahaha
B J Oy oldin
Mike Mendez
Mike Mendez Oy oldin
Wein einer wann es in Deutschland zu sehen ist? Dachte es kommt am 18.1. aber hier nix zu sehen
Tik Tok تيك توك
sumit6190p Oy oldin
Doesn't the trailer show the crux of the plot?
jay la elegancia
Movie sucks. 3/10 at best.
movie was lit !!!! loved it
Abdellah Najime
PLEASE Netflix, stop your shitty ass movies, you're becoming a genre!!
rumvodkaf1 Oy oldin
Dumbest move I've seen in a while.
Uptee hooptee
Uptee hooptee Oy oldin
fairy tale lol
LocoVids 7
LocoVids 7 Oy oldin
came here to see ratings and if the movie is good or not.. comments failed.. thank you
Noomi's killing it again with the action. Definitely 1 of the best action actresses.
EasyTechno Oy oldin
that girl omg.. is that girl from "the book thief"? she's grew.. I definitely gonna watching it!!!
Uncle Spock
Uncle Spock Oy oldin
This was a good movie
DYGIII Oy oldin
Great movie
Azel Ilazi
Azel Ilazi Oy oldin
waste of cum
Fonzie Bulldog
Another good Netflix movie but i wonder why they wrote the story that Noomi/ Sam lost some of the fight power in the middle of the movie.
wendy fairytail
In the book foto thing she looks like Charlotte flair from wwe
I don’t know why but women with fighting skills and guns turn me on lol
Anyeudi Oy oldin
Good movie
Marvin's Reviews ETC.
The more people talk shit about a movie in these comment sections the more I want to watch. Out of all the comments I read none of you stupid fucks have actually watched the movie and you’re talking shit or the same “That’s what happened to Monday” comment. God damn you motherfuckers are dumb!!! OR “‘More feminist crap” it’s a fucking movie you fucking asshole dumb motherfucker, GOD DAMN PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID!!
Adrian Annyndra
MarvFIT i’ve watched the movie and trust me its NOT good, its not that bad but the trailer made the movie look better than it actually is. Its almost one of those straight to dvd movies but with better quality and acting
Fucking terrible ending. What a goddamn shame some idiot producer ruined this movie.
The script abruptly took a nose dive into the worst shit ever written category. Some moron with absolutely zero writing ability decided to change the script. I bet that the original script basically followed the logical progression that Rima is the villain. But for some dumb fuck reason someone wanted to change it. That elevator scene was terrible. The dialogue about Sam's kid didn't make sense and the action all of a sudden became drunk people slapping each other. What a shame.
The movie started out great. Then for some odd reason when they returned to the safe house, it turned into a Google translate script. Some idiot with third grade reading level finished off the script for some reason. I've seen porn that's better written than this shit towards the end. Basically seems like another idiot producer who thinks he knows better rewriting and ruining his own production. What a fucking tool whoever it is.
RollinHeavy Oy oldin
Great action, but the girl who is being protected sucks. She looks like a hot chicks nerdy sister trying to be hot.
Luna XNightmare
What's the song at 0:55 ?
June bugg
June bugg Oy oldin
It is "Close" by Trills - Mud and Gold, the song is here >> uzvid.com/video/video-b0IG0a_X3aM.html
Gabby Cattell
Gabby Cattell Oy oldin
so nice to see sophie nelisse turning into a beautiful young woman. her best role for me was as Liesel Meminger in the Book thief. the saumensch!
꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂
It's ok, 7 1/2 out 10!!!
Stan Gravano
Stan Gravano Oy oldin
I hope to find a movie this lead actress is in and get a true representation of her talent. Because this movie was total and utter trash. Everyone is a bumbling idiot on this movie.
Ramesh Tumbagi
Super duper Movie
Dusan Zachar
Dusan Zachar Oy oldin
Just to say how would they know that ZOE if the one that killed that cop and her the cops were bad guys anyhow
Dusan Zachar
Dusan Zachar Oy oldin
Finally NETFLIX made some pretty good movie damn it
Rescue Nurse
Rescue Nurse Oy oldin
Am I the only one who can't watch it on Netflix Germany?! Wtf
A J Oy oldin
Loved the movie,
杨瑞 Oy oldin
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杨瑞 Oy oldin
Fan Welfare: Watch a free full HD movie at www. video8399.com
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