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Trained to protect. Born to Survive. Watch #Close on #Netflix - January 18th, 2019.
To protect an heiress from highly trained kidnappers, a lone security expert (Noomi Rapace) must unravel a sinister plot -- while striving to stay alive in this thrilling, female-driven action drama written & directed by Vicky Jewson.
Watch Close on Netflix: www.netflix.com/title/80207371
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Close | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




3-Yan, 2019

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 932
Fuck You Homophobic asshole
"What happened to Tuesday" 😅
GanjaBurnBabe Spirit
If thats Noom then why did i see her as Troian
Ninfreak95 9 soat oldin
At least Netflix knows how good of an actress Noomi Rapace is!
Vocal Fry
Vocal Fry 14 soat oldin
This is the worst edited trailer I've ever seen
SOLITUDE SOLDIER 16 soat oldin
Noomi = Strong, Sexy, and Savagely badass!
Majed Alyousif
Majed Alyousif Kun oldin
First and don’t Press read more you will have bad luck for three years but to break the bad luck you will have to press the like button
Nova n
Nova n Kun oldin
whats the music ?
Stain 69
Stain 69 Kun oldin
The wonderful music is from the girl band Trills, it's called "Mud and Gold" > uzvid.com/video/video-k7O8yhVRHF0.html
Gabriel Glodean
Gabriel Glodean Kun oldin
@Netflix Did you also brought the distribution rights to Stockholm?
Rahul Baruah
Rahul Baruah Kun oldin
Looks awesome
John Doe
John Doe 2 kun oldin
Yeah, more violence. Just what the world needs!!!
Juan Marcus Lopez
Juan Marcus Lopez 2 kun oldin
Kamal Singh
Kamal Singh 3 kun oldin
What is the name of the song played in the background, if anyone knows , kindly reply.
Marcus Dinglasan
Marcus Dinglasan 4 kun oldin
Her hairstyle makes me see her as Tuesday. 😂
Layla Zarrouk
Layla Zarrouk 4 kun oldin
Why hasn’t she been on the ellen show yet!!?!???????!??!?!??!
IMvision Hoti
IMvision Hoti 4 kun oldin
Keenly waiting for it
IMvision Hoti
IMvision Hoti 4 kun oldin
Breathtakingly superbbbb and thrilling....
ANGELO 5 kun oldin
This is going to be good good
jaylyn broadway
jaylyn broadway 5 kun oldin
I hope they end up together. Only seen the trailer and I already ship them
Peleng SR2
Peleng SR2 Kun oldin
Same. Mother/Daughter thing would be lame 😒
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 5 kun oldin
Netflix is perpetually winning.
Gabe 5 kun oldin
Keep 'em coming Netflix.
jrthebody 5 kun oldin
zzodr 5 kun oldin
It's all good till she meets an Android called David
good goal
good goal 7 kun oldin
Ty bot
Ty bot 7 kun oldin
Looks good. Just hope they don't make it like she some super human Amazon who's able to knock dude's out in one punch. I hate that kind of BS in movies that are meant to have elements of realism.
Minalynn53 7 kun oldin
Anyone know what song is playing in the trailer?
GODLIKE99KINGZ 7 kun oldin
She is cool
FAV MOVIECLIPS 7 kun oldin
That's what happen to Monday
Yahaira Telleria
Yahaira Telleria 7 kun oldin
❤️ noomi
Alvin Penotes
Alvin Penotes 7 kun oldin
I love noomi since Prometheus
Thomas B
Thomas B 7 kun oldin
orlando rodriguez
orlando rodriguez 7 kun oldin
You have to check this videos uzvid.com/video/video-qMtIZoHhKwc.html
Adam Lo
Adam Lo 7 kun oldin
V Sen
V Sen 7 kun oldin
Noomi Rapace is just too good.
Iggy Pimental
Iggy Pimental 8 kun oldin
I will be watching 💙💙💙
Allison Lott
Allison Lott 8 kun oldin
My two Scandie favourites now have Netflix films, so..this is pretty much as good as life gets.
jean philippe laitram
I'm in love with Noomi Rapace. It hurt me to see her die so much in Seven sisters
Charles Coble
Charles Coble 8 kun oldin
Noomi Rapace!
John Wright
John Wright 8 kun oldin
Song title?
telldem1 8 kun oldin
I love my Netflix!
Chetan Chauhan
Chetan Chauhan 8 kun oldin
feminist bs
victor araujo
victor araujo 8 kun oldin
is she killing myrcella again in this remake?
amy li
amy li 8 kun oldin
0:40 same swimming pool from Revenge movie?
SebaUrbano 8 kun oldin
Noomi: personality, character and professionalism. Simply amazing.
Yago Santiago
Yago Santiago 9 kun oldin
I'm in love with Noomi.
Insidious Vidz
Insidious Vidz 9 kun oldin
For all of the insecure little bitchmade men in here talking about a woman could never beat a man’s ass blah blah blah. Well, you are wrong! Here is some homework so you won’t repeat the stupidity. Look up “Polyana Viana vs. mugger” to see what a trained 115 pound woman can do to a man.mmajunkie.com/2019/01/ufc-fighter-polyana-viana-beats-up-man-who-tried-robbing-Hera
Elenilson Pereira Reis
Quando e a estreia desse filme
Zakaria Rajaoui
Zakaria Rajaoui 9 kun oldin
This film in morroco!!
Andrew Park
Andrew Park 9 kun oldin
Noomi Rapace was absolutely terrifying in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I have a feeling she's going to BRING IT EVEN HARDER in this one.
Chester Cobblepot
Chester Cobblepot 9 kun oldin
can tell the little rich girl doesn't smoke cigarets in real life shouldn't of had her smoke in the movie looks dumb
Honey Rendon
Honey Rendon 10 kun oldin
this is what happened to Monday
Roy Kabanlit
Roy Kabanlit 10 kun oldin
I love Netflix.
BobRooney 10 kun oldin
dang this looks really good. she needs more firepower...like hellfire.
Ellie Davies
Ellie Davies 10 kun oldin
more noomi rapace being a badass... yes please!
Ted Zhu
Ted Zhu 10 kun oldin
When it comes to NETFLIX you know how good it's gonna be: TV shows rule, movies drool
Badro Benz
Badro Benz 10 kun oldin
Netflix going to be Paramount. And WB
IzeC0ld 10 kun oldin
Noomi is a underrated actress, sadly Prometheus killed her career
Gabriel Glodean
Gabriel Glodean Kun oldin
No Prometheus did not killed her career, as with that the Murican public got to know her.. If anything Child 44's bomb (which is unwatchable because of Tom Hardys awful faux Russian accent) and being allowed to continue with Alien Covenant did.
PerrySport 10 kun oldin
Sophie nelise and noomi rapace. Sounds like a great combo
jason lu
jason lu 10 kun oldin
female version of the bodyguard
Awol991 10 kun oldin
So when does she enroll in the Jason Bourne program?
Drack Zura
Drack Zura 10 kun oldin
I hate this kind of trailers that spoil The whole movie.
kemosabe19 10 kun oldin
While I think the trailer showed the entire movie, this looks amazing so I'll watch it anyway. But please Netflix, stop showing so much in the trailers.
s a m p l e t e x t
s a m p l e t e x t 10 kun oldin
Noomi Rapace can pull off any role. I'll be watching this for sure.
Jimothy Snooker
Jimothy Snooker 10 kun oldin
not to be sexist but c'mon the spoiled little princess instantly turns into a badass that can beat up grown men twice her size because someone told her to "fight back"?
Intekhab Natalwala
Intekhab Natalwala 10 kun oldin
Movie to look forward too ..👌
Mahtab Shuvo
Mahtab Shuvo 10 kun oldin
does anyone know the name of the soundtrack
ShawN TyleR
ShawN TyleR 10 kun oldin
Girl power movie.
S P 10 kun oldin
I like how Netflix doesn’t make us wait 7 months after the trailer to release a movie. 2-3 weeks max. That’s how it should be.
ABISAI IILEKA 10 kun oldin
Netflix Snapped.... 🔥😍
Sky Dalbah
Sky Dalbah 11 kun oldin
What is the song they're playing @1:35?
Jeremiah Eslao
Jeremiah Eslao 11 kun oldin
D 11 kun oldin
Soundtrack is already terrible lol
Hacke Rino
Hacke Rino 11 kun oldin
Does the music always have to be so loud?
mark wellman
mark wellman 11 kun oldin
Their going die from the cigarettes before the bullets.. counted 6 in just the trailer & 1 blunt.
Arrow Speedy
Arrow Speedy 11 kun oldin
Like if Netflix could make a King Kong film about king kongs family that would be awesome
Arrow Speedy
Arrow Speedy 11 kun oldin
Netflix all the way
James Swift
James Swift 11 kun oldin
Nommie Rapace is back with a bang
Antonio J Carrasco Alvarez
Damm! Hate when trailers spoil the movie...
smithchild80 11 kun oldin
I like me some Noomi.
Die ziy
Die ziy 11 kun oldin
Everyone here talkin about Noomi... WHAT ABOUT SOPHIE NELISSE!
09er123 11 kun oldin
Isn't Sophie Nelisse the little girl from the Book Thief ??? It's so weird seeing her grown up now
faded fella
faded fella 11 kun oldin
I'm sorry but in the real world having a female bodyguard is probably not a great idea, maybe if the attackers are all female.
Darren Gilliam
Darren Gilliam 11 kun oldin
Homeland meets Alias! ❤
Glenn H
Glenn H 11 kun oldin
Wow that house gets lots of movie action
mike gager
mike gager 11 kun oldin
looks pretty decent
Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli 11 kun oldin
Slowing but surly phasing out all white males from leading action roles
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 11 kun oldin
This is the type of trash that fuels the delusions of modern femanazi's that we have currently running around in western college campuses. Smh. I won't be watching this silly trash.
Collins Vincent
Collins Vincent 11 kun oldin
The fact that you refuse to watch a film on the basis that the gender of the main character will be used to push an agenda suggests that you have some serious issues you need to work through. Also, I think it’s safe to say that you are probably more delusional than the people you rail against.
R.N V.H 11 kun oldin
Merkel Rooney
Merkel Rooney 11 kun oldin
Anyone know the BGM?
manga3040 11 kun oldin
Cool except for the fact that most of the trained male combatants a woman such as herself would come across would kill her easily.
Brennen Fisher
Brennen Fisher 11 kun oldin
i love see ladies!
Dirty Saint
Dirty Saint 11 kun oldin
I was able to prescreen this. Completely unrealistic. No tampon usage throughout the entire movie.
Troy Mcfarlane
Troy Mcfarlane 11 kun oldin
Written and directed by women for women I think I’ll pass thanks
Troy Mcfarlane
Troy Mcfarlane 10 kun oldin
Bruh tell me you didn’t just assume ma gender
Collins Vincent
Collins Vincent 11 kun oldin
Another insecure male who can’t look past his biases and enjoy entertainment for what it is.
George Arnold
George Arnold 11 kun oldin
ChaaKam #igotcha
ChaaKam #igotcha 11 kun oldin
I hate to see woman kicking ass. It’s not believable
ChaaKam #igotcha
ChaaKam #igotcha 10 kun oldin
Collins Vincent (oh ok) which means I didn’t read what u wrote 🤣
Collins Vincent
Collins Vincent 10 kun oldin
It’s evident you have nothing meaningful to say about this topic. That’s why you adopt this dismissive attitude and act like you are too good to have a discussion about this. Just admit that you have an inherent bias.
ChaaKam #igotcha
ChaaKam #igotcha 10 kun oldin
Collins Vincent that was lame 😒 try again
Collins Vincent
Collins Vincent 11 kun oldin
I think we both know the real reason why you don’t like seeing women as the leads in action movies. So you can stop trying to hide behind the “it’s not believable” excuse.
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation 11 kun oldin
Girl Without A Dragon Tattoo protects another girl...On Monday
Aussie Roberts
Aussie Roberts 11 kun oldin
Instantly tell this is some feminist mess of a movie. Going to be over the top anti-men propaganda and fighting against the 'patriarchy'.
Collins Vincent
Collins Vincent 10 kun oldin
Found the bitter reactionary who stereotypes the person he’s talking to because he’s too stubborn to accept that he is being called out for having an inherent bias when it comes to women in action movies.
Aussie Roberts
Aussie Roberts 11 kun oldin
+Collins Vincent found the whiteknight cucklord that is a feminist cause it's easier to fuck fat insecure white chicks.
Collins Vincent
Collins Vincent 11 kun oldin
Found the insecure male who probably spends his days and nights ranting about the evils of feminism and social justice.
Syd 11 kun oldin
sophie nelisse !
Elise James
Elise James 11 kun oldin
Netflix an chillin'
Fudge Fantasy
Fudge Fantasy 11 kun oldin
Strong female lead. Beating up men. Eh no thanks