CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Mexico would pay for wall

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CNN's Kaitlan Collins presses President Trump on his promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall on the US-Mexico border.



4-Yan, 2019



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Mary Lee
Mary Lee 2 soat oldin
What would happen if America Decided to Stag a Shutdown on the Government " They would be at a Bigger lost Because Americans are the reason that the Government Works 'No People No Government .
Pankaj Sinh
Pankaj Sinh 8 soat oldin
Donald trump has some mental problem , he need a doctor not too many woman.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson 8 soat oldin
a new painting about the wall uzvid.com/video/video-iAoSvQ1PzXo.html
Seth Hamilton
Seth Hamilton 9 soat oldin
why does the strength of the materials of the walls even matter? steal or concrete its not like mexico is sieging us lol Theyre just trying to live over there. and that's a whole new topic. Why wouldn't we just strategically place the walls?. instead of trying to compete with chinas wall.?
Afsar Ali
Afsar Ali 14 soat oldin
Now I know that steel is more stronger than concrete my life will be easier now all thanks to Mr Trump
Srinagar Roads
Srinagar Roads 15 soat oldin
Even though I'm not American but listening to this guy is hilarious. Total time pass. Please make him speak often so that we can get entertained.
Mr. Cosmos
Mr. Cosmos 15 soat oldin
No future for USA with such a stupid president who can’t even see that tariffs are taxing your own people for buying foreign goods.
Paco Lopez
Paco Lopez 16 soat oldin
Que dijo? Hum!
Imtiaz Ali Khan
Imtiaz Ali Khan 22 soat oldin
Ralph C.
Ralph C. Kun oldin
So I was watching anime. And now I'm watching politics.
Anthony Jacobs
Anthony Jacobs Kun oldin
Notice how many times he says "I". He is so stuck on himself.
ThelastBestHope 14 soat oldin
Look, this sh*t got to stop from everyone. He didn't say "I" a lot because he was stuck on himself, but because they were busting his balls repeatedly. You ever get someone talking to you so fast that the sentence in your head just vanishes and you have to recompose yourself? Now realize that the goal of several of those reporters, is to, y'know, trip him up? Make people believe he's retarded so their fans believe the narrative they're pushing. In conclusion, just remember "Orange man bad". P.S I don't believe she was the first one there that had done this either (Meaning that night). They're trying to make people like you believe he's either stupid or a pompous asshole, or both.
Adolfo Meraz
Adolfo Meraz Kun oldin
Its going to take years for the wall to build and trump well not be president wone the wall well be finshd
darkness fall
darkness fall Kun oldin
Lol what
darkness fall
darkness fall Kun oldin
What the fuck
carluz cardozu
carluz cardozu Kun oldin
Terry Oesch
Terry Oesch Kun oldin
You open border idiot's sucking on this diarrhea ought to be horse tide and hog whipped
Chaosta Kun oldin
Trump is right lol, I don't see CNN asking questions when Obunga didn't do anything he promised
Hải Huỳnh Hoàng
Ng thi nghia sanh 15*7*1968thich nhat nuoc my con tat ca cung ok nhu my hang dauso cmnd la 079168000575cua ng thi nghia nha ap5to10thua dat 68quan hoc mon dong thanh no cho phep ai thai the neu giam la o tu ok
Felipe Catalan Galvez
CNN = Comunist News Network
Begona rodriguez
Keep talking that whats you are good at . Or telling jokes fucking comedian
Alf Dlg
Alf Dlg Kun oldin
Lying trump can't even answer the question: Mexico is NOT paying for anything. Trade deals, tariffs, blah blah blah.... Lying draft dodging coward.
WILD Domo Kun oldin
"I will build a great, great wall on the southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words."
p3rerang3 Kun oldin
I also forgot military bunkers aren’t concrete reinforced with steel, they’re just made out of steel.
p3rerang3 Kun oldin
Yea that’s why the Berlin Wall was made out of steel right? What a douche .
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Kun oldin
im sorry, this president is an idiot who dances around the questions with fictional idea's. We do not have the technology of making invisible walls. we can make glass or plastic walls but not invisible walls. And he wont make his plans that is beneficial to America public knowledge. We find out after the deals are made and hit the news.
jdphd 2 kun oldin
Ronan Caldeira
Ronan Caldeira 2 kun oldin
look her face lol hahahaha
Roberto Menjivar
Roberto Menjivar 2 kun oldin
Very concrete Mr. President 😅😅😅😂
Richard Thayer
Richard Thayer 2 kun oldin
James Watson
James Watson 2 kun oldin
Go Donald! Grab her by the Pu**y.
Blake Cross
Blake Cross 2 kun oldin
Make the wall out of glass lol😂
Not See Mike
Not See Mike 2 kun oldin
*Fake News*
Olivia Mae
Olivia Mae 2 kun oldin
He is the most pathetic and disrespectful man I’ve ever seen. I don’t even understand why he hasn’t been impeached yet. He has had multiple scandals and controversial actions that is against the law. Let me just ask some questions, Is a leader supposed to judge others for who they are? Is a leader supposed to make horrible sexual jokes and comments about women? I don’t think so America. The fact that makes me extremely angry is that he criticizes people for their ethnicity, their skin color, and their appearance. I’m sorry but I would much rather have Obama back. Or at least Hillary.
Greg Bowman
Greg Bowman 2 kun oldin
Trump is the sole reason that the USFL went bankrupt.........plus dozen's of other companies
info145 2 kun oldin
We vote for these officials to be elected and represent our wishes. But that doesn't seem to work. On a major issue like this is turning out to be, let's have the citizens of the U.S. vote on the issue itself... Do THE PEOPLE of America want that wall or not?
anon ymous
anon ymous 3 kun oldin
Talking about making walls for so long they already dug out the tunnels
Smart Hills
Smart Hills 3 kun oldin
That CNN's reporter, April, is very skilled and knowledgeable; just watch her ask questions, listening and writing, all at the same time.Only geniuses are known to possess such talents throughout the history of mankind.
Andrew Jakubisin
Andrew Jakubisin 3 kun oldin
This reporter is an idiot
Bobby J
Bobby J 3 kun oldin
Trump 2020
Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy
Wall is needed because first through waters anyone can intrude easily and again you need ground for placing security and arms. Wall is necessary and strong.
Yo Prxncess
Yo Prxncess 3 kun oldin
Fuck trump
IMPROVISE 4 kun oldin
What is the IQ of Trump?
Jonathan Poirot
Jonathan Poirot 4 kun oldin
I like how she tried to open her big mouth go ahead there sir
Mark Alex
Mark Alex 4 kun oldin
Mexico will pay for the wall, America taxpayer is Mexico.
Official Devil-Rising Gaming
Just waiting for the 50 cal to blow his head off. Come on hitman !
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 4 kun oldin
Trump is a piece of SHIT
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 4 kun oldin
Trump-making Russia Great Again
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 4 kun oldin
Hritik WOW!!!!
Hritik 4 kun oldin
Russian economy is in deep recession. I sometimes get amazed at how people just hate facts.
drew quick
drew quick 4 kun oldin
Democratic Liberals, Socialist Left Wingers care more about illegals and the Islamic refugees Then you do about the American people ! and not caring about the 53 million and counting of American lives lost do to Abortions. Not caring about the killing of babies !?!? Explain that !
Revolution NOW
Revolution NOW 4 kun oldin
Lmfao. Trump is a idiot
Angel Morales
Angel Morales 5 kun oldin
Mexico is not paying for the wall!, we deserve to be respected!, United States stole Mexican territory on 1848!
Dapdoi Ardon
Dapdoi Ardon 2 kun oldin
Angel Morales why not stay in Mexico btw? And why doesn't Mexico invite Nigerians, Koreans, Haitians, whites, Jews to their country? Assuming anyone would want to immigrate to Mexico of course. 😂 Answer please.
Dapdoi Ardon
Dapdoi Ardon 2 kun oldin
Angel Morales there's lots of "white trash". Far more Hispanic and black trash, proportionally.
Angel Morales
Angel Morales 2 kun oldin
+Dapdoi Ardon is that your way of thinking? hahaha that's why United States is populated with so much White Trash
Dapdoi Ardon
Dapdoi Ardon 2 kun oldin
anon ymous native americans don't own shit. Savages who were at each other's throats. The land was conquered, and a country built. Now everyone wants a piece. No can't do.
anon ymous
anon ymous 3 kun oldin
Man this dude really trying to troll you right here bro. But ehhhhh people dont really care about these past land agreementa and theft otherwise America would've given back Native American land. Or settlers in South Africa who are now being forcefully pushed out, wouldve nicely given back the land their ancestors claimed. Its a shame.
LadyNikita911 5 kun oldin
My one and ONLY concern with the "wall" was the way that it would stop movement for animals and migration routes. I'm MUCH happier with the idea of the "fence" that way small animals and birds are more likely to move across that border without concern.
CobraTheGreat 5 kun oldin
I just want a president to tackle our debt... Like it or not but we need it to come down...
James Brown
James Brown 5 kun oldin
Jim Brown Trump's capitalism wants to hide behind a steel wall. Capitalism and technology have brought us to a point that can benefit everyone and now they are scared it will affect their power. You can't keep the world out with walls they have been trying that for centuries. That is not what will Keep America great. Just another trick to dupe the population into think one they are powerful and to the are protecting you which they are not. With all our problems they have we are concentrating on a stupid wall
Ivan Muller
Ivan Muller 5 kun oldin
México pagaría por la pared
Custos Secretus
Custos Secretus 5 kun oldin
"CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Mexico would pay for wall" Just put a toll on crossing the border. Simples. The irony though of the press asking a politician to make good on their promises that got them into office when so many before have reneged on them. "No new taxes". I seem to recall.
Yonathan Taye
Yonathan Taye 5 kun oldin
Nah you can keep making the iPhones in China... don't know if ya'll have heard of the Foxconn suicides and the Apple suicide nets
Yonathan Taye
Yonathan Taye 2 kun oldin
+anon ymous Fax
anon ymous
anon ymous 2 kun oldin
+Yonathan Taye dammmmm, well nets are probably less expensive then shatterproof glass. But yea, hella companies be taking advantage of outsourcing to countries with slacker labor laws.
Yonathan Taye
Yonathan Taye 2 kun oldin
+anon ymous Apple workers in China that manufacture most Apple products began committing suicide in large numbers because of their repetitive work and low wages... Apple began placing nets outside windows to catch anybody that tried to commit suicide because it got so bad
anon ymous
anon ymous 3 kun oldin
???? Whatcha talking about im interested.
LeMagic James
LeMagic James 5 kun oldin
Damn that lady fought for question.
LeMagic James
LeMagic James 5 kun oldin
He becomes meaner and meaner. And crazier
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton 5 kun oldin
In 1961, the East German government built a concrete wall between East Berlin and West Berlin, to prevent some of its citizens from fleeing to West Berlin, it as been viewed by history as one of the worst blunders ever devised by a modern civilized people, it only lasted until 1989, before everyone took notice of it as an haltingly international effort. Then along came this American President, thinking the government of Mexico would seriously consider imprisoning its people, behind a wall, preventing them from fleeing to the United States, and committing yet another international blunder, especially after the lesson that was learned after that German affair in 1961…go figure…
Sakura Nippon
Sakura Nippon 5 kun oldin
Lee Allen
Lee Allen 6 kun oldin
Just say he failed, but he's trying to make it right by gaining money for the country in other ways and pulling from those funds. People respect honesty. Fuck. It's really not hard to spin this stuff.
R. Smith
R. Smith 6 kun oldin
trumps response is not normal
Matt Kitchen
Matt Kitchen 6 kun oldin
She asked about Mexico paying and he cut her off and spoke about something entirely else
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 5 kun oldin
you know people like you just don't listen trump said clearly " a trade deal" like america used to pay japan , china through trade deal and that's how we are reversing to do it to mexico and other countries , what so hard to understand
Miguel Reynoso
Miguel Reynoso 6 kun oldin
shut up the fucking mouth you idiot with your fucking wall in the border .. you are so urged to do something .. because you know that we Mexicans are better than you fucking corn hair the only thing you know is to separate the Mexican people from your fucking country .. where they do not have any fucking culture like mexico 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Diogo Monteiro
Diogo Monteiro 6 kun oldin
Well... we all know what happens to fascists when they wage war, no matter where they reside.
Bartolo Hernandez
Bartolo Hernandez 6 kun oldin
Thats why you have drones to see
Erron Black
Erron Black 6 kun oldin
Steel is stronger it will be more powerful 😂😂😂😂👌🏽
Alexis K
Alexis K 6 kun oldin
He keeps repeating the same thing..about steel n concrete wall, by evading the question that he had claimed that Mexico would pay for the wall The the man behind Trump is smirking that Trump is beating around the bush,
Angel Morales
Angel Morales 5 kun oldin
Mexico is not paying for the wall
Alexis K
Alexis K 6 kun oldin
GOOGLE : "TRUMP LIES TO HIS BASE " - Jared Kushner 'admitted Donald Trump lies to his base because HE THINKS THEY'RE STUPID.' Maya Oppenheim,The Independent•May 31, 2017. Check all the linked sources. “When I was the editor of the New York Observer, Kushner and I were going back and forth about how the paper should cover him,” Elizabeth Spiers wrote in a post on Twitter. “I told Jared that I was particularly appalled by his father-in-law’s birtherism stance on Obama, which I viewed as cynical and racist. “He rolled his eyes and said ‘He doesn’t really believe it, Elizabeth. HE JUST KNOWS REPUBLICANS ARE STUPID AND THEY'LL BUY IT." .. (That's what Trump thinks of his base supporters...STUPID).
onemanarmy 6 kun oldin
If Hillary Clinton said everything President Trump said, leftists would be praising her... How about everyone grow up, ditch who’s repressing which party and focus on what’s actually being said, instead of who’s saying it. Unless if you’d like to continue to act like children. Carry on.
Joseph Koroma
Joseph Koroma 6 kun oldin
Understanding the question is part of the examination.
Grant G
Grant G 6 kun oldin
I wanna slap her booty cheeks
Koren  Noll
Koren Noll 7 kun oldin
Thermite dumbass
Joshua Sipes
Joshua Sipes 7 kun oldin
Trump is a fucking con-man and a fucking moron.
MrMethadrine 7 kun oldin
I hope he builts that wall.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 kun oldin
Alot of shit CNN reports about is fake
jaroncreed Kun oldin
what about this is fake?
Elvin Olvera
Elvin Olvera 7 kun oldin
F u trump
Roger 7 kun oldin
Liberals don’t like anything Trump does, if Obama had done half the things Trump has then Obama would have went down as the greatest president in CNNs corrupt minds
Mash Fun On
Mash Fun On 6 kun oldin
+Logan McCutcheon so true
Logan McCutcheon
Logan McCutcheon 7 kun oldin
Roger don't you realize how much of a fucking imbecile Trump is? I'm not calling you out or anything, but he puts shame to my party and to this country
Reinaldo Palencia
Reinaldo Palencia 8 kun oldin
our boarder security is fine. Trump needs to get out of office he's a disgrace to our nation.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 kun oldin
Mike Kahotea
Mike Kahotea 8 kun oldin
That first sly reporter of a woman knows the answere of the USMCA being blocked by the DemRATs , the last to sign the go-ahead with congress . Deliberate bs to sham Trump ....fuck you Libtard drug dealers. Maga Trump 2020
anvith nayak
anvith nayak 8 kun oldin
Words you hear most often from this guy Billions and billions of dollars Fantastic Doing great Great. Great great Bloody great And lastly Billions and billions and billions of dollars,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
venu gopal
venu gopal 6 kun oldin
Also add great relationship 😂
M ZAKRIA 8 kun oldin
The state-owned China Railway Corporation plans to put a total of 6,800km of new track into service this year, a 45 per cent increase in expansion from 2018... You president who is clearly an idiot is building a WALL ,increasing military spending to $950 billion , and is happy with the Minimum wage staying low in the USA and happy with the Tax cuts of $1 trillion for Super Rich like himself and his Wife ... America thier is ONLY ONE NATIONAL EMERGENCY ,YOUR PRESIDENT IS AN IDIOT ..burning threw $3 trillion dollars of tax payers money , your kids are going to be Poor GOOD LUCK !
Andy Freeman
Andy Freeman 8 kun oldin
mike pence always looks like he's thinking about what he's gonna have for dinner
Andy Freeman
Andy Freeman 3 kun oldin
+Peter Nwachukwu Who said he's in this video? I was just thinking about him thinking about pizza.
Peter Nwachukwu
Peter Nwachukwu 3 kun oldin
where is he on this video?
Omar Cruz
Omar Cruz 8 kun oldin
Everything should say American made think about that?
Bkat 2d11
Bkat 2d11 8 kun oldin
President Trump with all due respect, now we know what the military and law enforcement Want!!! now listen to the other voice, what we the people want ... how can you choose a side sir ??? we are all brothers and sisters.... We the People What's really going on at the border between the two opposing political parties???? Mr. Trump jr.???
Riziman Vsli
Riziman Vsli 8 kun oldin
Cnn idiot reporter same question so many years ago why didn't ask Obama and Democrats last 10 years ago. ?
Dinesh P
Dinesh P 9 kun oldin
even though i am not a US citizen i have become anti-trump without even supporting dems. hell i want a genuine third party in the USA. Two party system has brought this about.
화룡점정 9 kun oldin
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zappaf poofter
zappaf poofter 9 kun oldin
did you think mexico was going to write us a check? mexico is going to pay for the wall in more ways than one. and walls work. trump 2020
Gurtej Singh
Gurtej Singh 9 kun oldin
So, he didn't answer the question. It's like I don't know the answer to the question but I can define a concept from that question. Thanks. I'll do that on my English test for sure.
Rommel Hechanova
Rommel Hechanova 9 kun oldin
YMLen EIMI 9 kun oldin
If u r american be happy and thank G-D you have a great Prsdnt.
Isenky Malik
Isenky Malik 9 kun oldin
He’s said something bout a company he made strong over the past 2 years, which company is that?? This seems important
azeri8819 9 kun oldin
0:14 look behind trump this man on the back saying him what say the media
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 9 kun oldin
My president knows what he's doing!
Franklin Crisostomo
Can anyone here use some brain? Think use your brains you hate the guy so much you forget to think, Mexico is paying tru the tax that they will pay, dens are to literal, it’s ok to use your brains to work sometimes you know.? The economy is doing good, don’t forget you all live here in America why not make America great again.? It’s for all Americans, don’t let your hate blinds you
Asha 9 kun oldin
I would've lost my job as a reporter. Tom F*ckery.
Cindy Friend
Cindy Friend 9 kun oldin
President Trump is the greatest thing that has happened to this country in a long time. You don't like him here, LEAVE this country. Pure and simple!
Phil Garvin
Phil Garvin 9 kun oldin
You can leave and take him with you
ChiNito MoFo
ChiNito MoFo 9 kun oldin
Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall based on his theory!!! Hahahah Trump TaxEnvasionPrise should build it n than he could Bankrupt Again!!!!! Lmaooooo
Dutch Henery
Dutch Henery 10 kun oldin
Only a person with a Brain made of Oatmeal. Brought into that Mexico was Paying for this BS Wall...
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