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What's Christmas dinner without eggnog? We're making the finishing touch to our spread in a coffee maker and... seeing how it goes. GMMore #1449
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21-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 440
Sri Lankan Flyer
Sri Lankan Flyer 14 soat oldin
For once Link did something RIGHT !! 😂
MeetOnPEI Kun oldin
Represent Saint John!!!
akaiyukihana Kun oldin
This is nice
Michael Kelsey
Michael Kelsey 4 kun oldin
Tried smoking clothes on 18th birthday. Djarm. Gross
Merlin Emery
Merlin Emery 6 kun oldin
I wonder how long before the key is on ebay
Scp 173
Scp 173 8 kun oldin
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kids ;)
Tiffany Munro
Tiffany Munro 8 kun oldin
They were all ragging on her "out" and I didn't notice anything weird about it and they totally didn't pronounce it the same way she did but ehhhh I'm Canadian. Kinda a moment where I realized there is a few differences between our accent and the American one, though I don't think about it much because I listen to so many American UZvidrs. I'm glad a Canadian won this contest. :D
Eden Ruthenberg
Eden Ruthenberg 9 kun oldin
I think Link become more smart at this
Luke Gainey
Luke Gainey 9 kun oldin
Josh is easily my top 3 favorite people on this show!! Love that guys personality!!
Nerdo 11 kun oldin
Woah! Link did a smart!
Sammi Graham
Sammi Graham 11 kun oldin
The noise Rhett made when she said it was her first time here 😂😂😂 like a cat sneeze
Captain Hope
Captain Hope 11 kun oldin
I love how calm Meghan was during this because I would have so shaky and cried at some point
Dragon Chasm
Dragon Chasm 11 kun oldin
People keep saying she was such a great guest when she was just rude and apathetic the whole time. "Have you guys ever gotten a package?" "Uh, no that's not going to work.." "Uh, no I can't fly." "Uh, no I don't." "Um, what does it open..? that's pretty cool...?" "Oh really?" Like she's too good to even be there. when it's literally her first time being in the country. An actual megafan would have been better, she just felt like Mike TV from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. "Uh sure that's cool I won."
Christel Robichaud
Christel Robichaud 11 kun oldin
OMG! My province! Hi from Moncton, NB, Canada
jd dose stuff
jd dose stuff 12 kun oldin
jd dose stuff
jd dose stuff 12 kun oldin
The next key blade in kingdom hearts
Janie 12 kun oldin
I couldn’t figure out why you were teasing her and then Megan said she’s from SJ. I’m from really near by. Makes sense I couldn’t hear my own accent lmao
Jon Barnes
Jon Barnes 12 kun oldin
I have the Whisk
Lily 12 kun oldin
she doesn't look like she likes them
Train Wreck
Train Wreck 12 kun oldin
I feel like link was feeling it by the end
Aaron  Bishop
Aaron Bishop 13 kun oldin
Newfoundlanddd 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Can we get 5000 Subs without a video
I've been watching ever since the play doh food video, and ever since I've thought you guys where in the Carolinas lol
zackery Chevalier
zackery Chevalier 14 kun oldin
I live in Ontario
Brett Sisson
Brett Sisson 14 kun oldin
Jenna Grace
Jenna Grace 14 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that link was a little interesting and energetic today 😂
John Collins
John Collins 14 kun oldin
Is it weird to say I would much rather watch Rhett and Link, just the two of them on screen working off each other, with no other 3rd person or party? It's just so much more fun for me
TheLegendAhsan 14 kun oldin
Marisa Greco
Marisa Greco 15 kun oldin
⚫️0:00-------------------------------------------15:37 GGM-coffe maker eggnog test make
SummerTop 13 kun oldin
Katherine Blix
Katherine Blix 15 kun oldin
12:47 is so great!
Marcello T
Marcello T 15 kun oldin
Please Please Please for 2019 invite Gordon Ramsey,Jamie Oliver and Houston Jones ! Pleeeeeaaaaaseeeee Stevie, make it happen!
G4G36TY Fortnite
G4G36TY Fortnite 15 kun oldin
Will it frosting?
Kathy Kampf
Kathy Kampf 15 kun oldin
I use to watch this on You Tube everyday when their was a new episode when I got home from school of being a senior when I was living my ex. He is the one that got me started on this funny and hilarious UZvid channel. Now I barely watch it since I work on 2nd shift at my job and ain't together with that ex which I regret everyday of what i did wrong in the relationship of how it ended.
ded _
ded _ 15 kun oldin
Rhett already looks drunk
firemage2840 16 kun oldin
I’m from newfoundland
Domi Nik
Domi Nik 16 kun oldin
"Been there, done that". I'm cracking up. Shoutout to post for using Rhett&Link's setups so well every time!
Hannah M
Hannah M 17 kun oldin
I’m from Saint John, New Brunswick 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Noght Fury
Noght Fury 17 kun oldin
The whisk to good mythical morning what could we get that is better! Now I can whisk my way to the newest episode!
AK 47
AK 47 17 kun oldin
Grace Unicorn
Grace Unicorn 18 kun oldin
red weene
red weene 18 kun oldin
2:05 power move of the year... Last year... 2018... Whatever
LiNdSeY R 19 kun oldin
I live in Maine 😊
TECNOFAIL :,V 20 kun oldin
ya no subieron traducciones en español xd
TECNOFAIL :,V 20 kun oldin
joder, desiaria saber ingles :(
Bob Shoe
Bob Shoe 20 kun oldin
They don’t know what they are doing
Diane Slaney
Diane Slaney 20 kun oldin
yeah go Canada and they mentioned Newfoundland i'm from there woohooo
Paisley 20 kun oldin
I squealed so loudly when I found out a fellow Canadian won! Congratulations!
Izzy Neal
Izzy Neal 20 kun oldin
That must have been so cool to fly out there and see what goes on, happy for her. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see these cool people live, honestly kinda feels like two cool uncles that’ll never know I exist lol.
West Town Slap
West Town Slap 20 kun oldin
More of Josh cooking in 2019!!
reese west
reese west 21 kun oldin
unpopular opinion: gmmore>>gmm
lord memeien
lord memeien 21 kun oldin
14:11 link: heeyy kids *’lips smack serruptitiously’
Cassidy Barton
Cassidy Barton 21 kun oldin
I’m from Fredericton New Brunswick!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so cool congratulations Megan!!!!!
Nora Holloway
Nora Holloway 21 kun oldin
im from canada too!
VitCat 21 kun oldin
Got some cloves on ya?
TBPT3 21 kun oldin
Surreal seeing someone from New Bruinswick winning something like this (I’m from Oromocto, NB) congrats!
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 22 kun oldin
Later that day link went to jail
Ayuk piyuk
Ayuk piyuk 22 kun oldin
This is awesome.. I really enjoy the fun and chemistry in here! Great episode to end the season guys 💪
Grant Campbell
Grant Campbell 22 kun oldin
Missed opportunity not calling it the mythicalikey.
Nick Levesque
Nick Levesque 22 kun oldin
New bruinswick
Matthew Long
Matthew Long 22 kun oldin
The fact that they had the opportunity to use the phrase "MythicaliKey" and did not take it makes me quite sad. 😂
Richay Bikhari
Richay Bikhari 22 kun oldin
This has to be the greatest GMMore of the season.
i7887 22 kun oldin
Shes thicc
GamingJaime 22 kun oldin
Can you do a challenge when there are 2 foods, one will be super delicious and the other will be gross. They will have to eat the disgusting one to get a point, but if they eat the good one they don't get a point. Pls I would love to see that c:
LeeAnn Stumpff
LeeAnn Stumpff 22 kun oldin
lmao cloves... i have a friend who has a wonderful job and smokes cloves. he's almost 40. it's kinda odd.
Whitehousegal89 22 kun oldin
Its cool to see a fellow Canadian win. I went to university in Moncton, New Brunswick. I can't really hear an accent since I'm from Nova Scotia. Congrats on winning and here's to a great season 15.
Javier lol
Javier lol 23 kun oldin
Aguan en español plis
itiscaino 23 kun oldin
I wonder if Rhett and link are partners, not the business type 😉😉. Wonder if that's why we never see there wifes.
IttyBittyGypsy 23 kun oldin
Omg I'm from there too !!!!!
LukanyYT 23 kun oldin
2:21 every wife with kids
Teflonavon Donavon
Teflonavon Donavon 23 kun oldin
Wow you cam really tell link doesn't like Josh stealing the spotlight huh
Michael Parent
Michael Parent 23 kun oldin
Rhett started talking about "Cloves" as I'm smoking some "cloves" 😎
Shannon Butler
Shannon Butler 23 kun oldin
I'm so JEALOUS 😖 I wanna be up there with Rhettster nd Linkster
Erica S
Erica S 23 kun oldin
Yay Newfoundland !
Britney Holmes
Britney Holmes 23 kun oldin
Go Meghan!!!!!!!
Zachary Holloway
Zachary Holloway 23 kun oldin
Yes police, 14:08
Lil Ezur
Lil Ezur 23 kun oldin
I want coffee eggnog now .-.
Dawson Mercer
Dawson Mercer 23 kun oldin
Lemon Boy
Lemon Boy 23 kun oldin
WAIT...RHETT IS KRATOS..BUT WITH MORE HAIR........but..... he doesn’t have that red tattoo......he doesn’t have the leviathan axe..nor the blades of chaos........and he doesn’t say bo- OKAY MAYBE HE’S NOT KRATOS.....RHETT PLEASE SAY “BOY” JUST ONCE IN THAT DEEP...SEXY VOICE(I’m sorry but I had to say it) AND YOU’LL MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON ALIVE
MrMadManMark 24 kun oldin
What the hell I'm from there! I could have won this???
Garrison Fellows
Garrison Fellows 24 kun oldin
I guess Rhet and link don't like us mainers
Swervo Sauceyy
Swervo Sauceyy 24 kun oldin
It’s a keyra
Lexi Bean
Lexi Bean 24 kun oldin
They should totally bring Megan back sometime as a guest in some shows. She fits them very well and complimented the show a lot.
Dragon Sanguis
Dragon Sanguis 24 kun oldin
I used to smoke cloves. They were tasty.
jkmcollins93 24 kun oldin
Merry Christmas to everyone at Good Mythical Morning and happy new year.
TheGamingSack 24 kun oldin
Lloyd3Dツ 25 kun oldin
8:10 nice sound
Halie Hope
Halie Hope 25 kun oldin
i know of new brunswick. Never been but I do know of it. for some odd reason a few packages I have ordered have gone though there.
Brittany Jj
Brittany Jj 25 kun oldin
We love a Canadian queen
Robert Cozad
Robert Cozad 25 kun oldin
Sometimes I hear real contempt in Josh's voice it's kinda sad
Tonya Stuckless
Tonya Stuckless 25 kun oldin
What’s wrong with Newfoundland!?!? We love Newfoundland!!
Chelsea Lushman
Chelsea Lushman 25 kun oldin
Ive heard of it! Moncton nb over here!
Victoria Kenny
Victoria Kenny 25 kun oldin
Josh always looks like he's in actual pain when he has to interact with Rhett and Link.
FNG_Daddie07 Fortnite Clips
I just got a new chrome book also make a fortnite video because (its a free country) you can.
Angelina Hope
Angelina Hope 25 kun oldin
I am from st. John New Brunswick
Katraca Leigh
Katraca Leigh 25 kun oldin
Josh nonchalantly pulling a whisk out of his back pocket is my favorite part of season 14
Adam Laski
Adam Laski 25 kun oldin
She should be an occasional guest on main episodes
Caleb Carter
Caleb Carter 25 kun oldin
I smoke cloves😂😂
Adam Eckles
Adam Eckles 25 kun oldin
I gotta say I love Rhett’s clove comments because I can relate 😂 can we get a cloves shirt?
William Gates
William Gates 26 kun oldin
Awesome video guys but not to make y'all feel super old but I was 12 when y'all started this
LesRoeKelly 26 kun oldin
So cool to see someone from New Brunswick! I’m from Miramichi, New Brunswick which is about 3 hours away from Saint John. Rhett and Link should take a road trip to the Maritimes!
TBPT3 21 kun oldin
LesRoeKelly that’d be sick, I’m in Oromocto
baileigh blanchard
baileigh blanchard 26 kun oldin
OH MY GOD! I live in New Brunswick Canada. ❤️
Will It Shoe?
3 yil oldin