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Colin and Whitlock disagree about whether Lakers fans will embrace LeBron | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself
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Dahntay Jones and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss whether or not Lakers fans will embrace LeBron James.
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About Speak For Yourself:
Speak for Yourself is a one-hour sports debate show starring Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre on FS1. Every day, Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock will debate the day’s hottest topics in sports and offer their unfiltered takes and some outrageous opinions from Jason McIntyre.
Colin and Whitlock disagree about whether Lakers fans will embrace LeBron | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
Speak For Yourself




16-Iyl, 2018



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Speak For Yourself
Will Lakers fans fully embrace LeBron?
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez 9 oy oldin
I won't
Mighty Fin
Mighty Fin 9 oy oldin
Armani Lafond don't use Jordan as an example at this age Jordan was still winning championships and the best player in the league with the same team he got drafted with
umar b
umar b 9 oy oldin
Kobephiles No. laker fans yes
Albert Lucero
Albert Lucero 9 oy oldin
Lakers fan for over two decades, not accepting LeBron and will not buy his jersey.
itshiho 9 oy oldin
As a Laker and Kobe fan LeBron is the only superstar that I did not want coming here and it stems from their rivalry in terms of who was the better player and the arguments and debates that have gone on from years. My main reasons though why I don't like LeBron is his passive aggressiveness and Lexcuses every time he does not win. When Kobe lost in the finals he took responsibility and talked about what he could have done himself and as a leader to give his team a better chance of winning a championship but when LeBron loses he takes no accountability at all and the media makes a bunch of Lexcuses for him for everything.
Alex Hern
Alex Hern 8 oy oldin
Big boy spitting da #truth... and not that sorry Celtic
Colmon Burrell
Colmon Burrell 8 oy oldin
To say there's "no divide whatsoever" shows how clueless that guy is about Lakers fans.
VOman07 8 oy oldin
Am I the only one who watches Whitlock and wonders who he knew to get that job? Jeez!
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez 9 oy oldin
He's speaking exactly what everyone is saying here in LA, that I talk to. Listen to this man!
ErickReyKing1 9 oy oldin
Lakers Fans will NEVER fully embrace LeBron because they know LeBron is in the Lakers for his own benefit, he wants to live the Hollywood life,he wants the Money & Fame of Hollywood, & Lakers Fans got used to a Guy that gave everything he have, even his own health to the Lakers,just because he wanted to Win!!! Kobe spoiled the Lakers with 20 years of excellence!!! the only thing that matter was Winning NOT the Hollywood Life!!! he created a Hollywood career after reteirement & already WON an Oscar & Emmy!!!
B Bailey
B Bailey 9 oy oldin
Lool Whitlock almost mad McIntyre cry with that "just because you shout, doesn't mean you're right" comment.
Mr. Fabian Reid
Mr. Fabian Reid 9 oy oldin
Whitlock is such a hater it is painful to watch him on any shows please get rid of this guy.
skyflyer 9 oy oldin
no they will not, he is a hired gun at this point and they will see how much he runs the team and bullies the coaches and gm's and that will be a turnoff
RedHEADEDmOnkey 9 oy oldin
Leonard Di Caprio lmao
Brian Gray
Brian Gray 9 oy oldin
Jason Whitlock keeps it real!
Stan Da Man
Stan Da Man 9 oy oldin
NY times what did you expect? Fake news?
Nicholas Giambattista
There is no LeBron Jame and Kobe Brynat riavl only the one the media made up. You never heard either one spoke out against the other. I as a Lakers fan think LeBron James will win a championship.
Ferne Smith
Ferne Smith 9 oy oldin
Whitlock is Stupid. I'm truly convinced.
bin boy
bin boy 9 oy oldin
lmfao kinda sad really lakers fans wont embrace bron cos of kobe so what your actually saying is 1 player is bigger than the team, america your junk
ddelaron 9 oy oldin
always saying things he can make true
ddelaron 9 oy oldin
Every body know that whitlock is a hater
Machine Guns ll
Machine Guns ll 9 oy oldin
Butter biscuit head is rite
Aryel Reyes
Aryel Reyes 9 oy oldin
Lets support Lakers not lebron :-)
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 9 oy oldin
Before LeBron: Come to Hollywood and make movies. Now: It's a basketball decision. We want titles!
Albert Lucero
Albert Lucero 9 oy oldin
Nah LeBron needs to deliver first, than we could talk about liking him.
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 9 oy oldin
Before LeBron signed with the Lakers, the Lakers Nation kept saying come to LA for Hollywood. Now that it happened, the expectations changed again.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 9 oy oldin
Lebron ain't bringing any title to LA while most of the current team in golden state exist.
Rozalind Jones
Rozalind Jones 9 oy oldin
Where is Kobe? Kobe what do you have to say? LeBron lives basketball. Ball is life. Why do ppl think this is changing who he is? He has showed us he is basketball.
Rozalind Jones
Rozalind Jones 9 oy oldin
Guess what? There are a lot of new Laker Fans now Whitlock 🥊
Tabari Horton
Tabari Horton 9 oy oldin
Idiot Whitlock
beastyguy123 9 oy oldin
The is the one time I can agree with Whitlock. As a Laker and Kobe fan and at least a title every decade. If he doesn’t deliver a title he will be known as that ONE who couldn’t.
Monee Boiii
Monee Boiii 9 oy oldin
listen to these guys show how out of touch with the lakers fan base they are
Pity DaFoo
Pity DaFoo 9 oy oldin
First time in life I have agree with Whitlock.. I’m surprised
Billy Jenkins
Billy Jenkins 9 oy oldin
Miami ain't really begging nobody homie. It's multiple titles in Dade county, too.
Parallax Peak
Parallax Peak 9 oy oldin
16 titles not 18
roidjones 9 oy oldin
Obviously fans will embrace him, once the winning starts the 'sports hate' will disappear
Isaac Barrow
Isaac Barrow 9 oy oldin
"Hasn't been title town for a loooong time" Colin you ignorant shoe they repeated barely a decade ago he makes it sound like they haven't won since Jerry West
Eric Prewitt
Eric Prewitt 9 oy oldin
Snacklock is an idiot
JahkR Music
JahkR Music 9 oy oldin
We can squash this right now. Laker Fans, is there a divide? How do you all really feel? Whitlock is speaking a lot on your behalf.
Udo Heinrich
Udo Heinrich 9 oy oldin
ricecube348 9 oy oldin
I couldn't disagree more with Jason. I am not a fan of most of his opinions but man does this bother me.
Ronald Chump
Ronald Chump 9 oy oldin
Don't they got 18 titles? It's 16 fatboy
Kyle Corrigan
Kyle Corrigan 9 oy oldin
Kobe won two rings on his own he didn’t have to face the warriors but regardless Lebron has to win at least one ring to consider him a success in LA
Obiajulu Nnamdi
Obiajulu Nnamdi 9 oy oldin
Snacklock!! Expectations of winning multiples titles against GSW? Speak for urself...and don’t talk abt lakers fans
Heat Lifer
Heat Lifer 9 oy oldin
KOBE FANS are throwing a temper tantrum, LAKER FANS are on this man's side because he gives them a real shot at more NBA dominance. I went through this with WADE FANS and HEAT FANS for 4 years and these guys actually were on the same team. Kobe's been retired lol.
bmw racer
bmw racer 9 oy oldin
All Lakers fans are NOT Kobe fans.
Al Abdel
Al Abdel 9 oy oldin
Why do ppl actually care about Whitlock's opinion? Just curious.
Dave Cooper
Dave Cooper 9 oy oldin
Favre was embraced by the Vikings fans so there is precedent
Daniel Ferreira
Daniel Ferreira 9 oy oldin
3:29 uncalled for arrogance...guy was not screaming, come on. Whitlock has one of the most hatable personalities out there to me
Jhen Dela Rosa
Jhen Dela Rosa 9 oy oldin
why tom brady always mention in a basketball perspective..🤔
thefifthestate 9 oy oldin
lakers ain't made the playoffs in 5 years fatlock....
littlesame 9 oy oldin
And please Colin, you don’t deserve to speak about Lakers, you’re a pro LBJ only.
littlesame 9 oy oldin
Agree, a bad piece from NYT.
Leo Williams
Leo Williams 9 oy oldin
Jason Whitlock deserves to be fired for terrible takes
Adrian Acosta
Adrian Acosta 9 oy oldin
You need to understand the history of great players that have had success wearing a Lakers jersey. You can’t really blame the supporters (fans) they have down in Los Angeles.
Adrian Acosta
Adrian Acosta 9 oy oldin
My expectations are low for this team.
Neonmoonwolf 9 oy oldin
Season ticket holders and hardcore Lakers fans have been lakers fans for generations. Lakers fans love the team and the players who play for the team. Lakers fans will love Lebron
Neonmoonwolf 9 oy oldin
Whitlock is clueless
Neonmoonwolf 9 oy oldin
If you are a real lakers fan, you would fully embrace Lebron. If you don't then you are just a kobe fan
Berendo Ball Bomber
"Lebron is the King of Los Angeles, long live the King is the LA battle cry," the Los Angeles fans say."Whitlock Magic Johnson plan is to rebuild the younger players around Lebron. The Warriors have 5 all stars nothing is going change that, as long as the Lakers have Lebron we are better than if we didn't have him."
Thanasis Golematis
Breaking news......LeSwept is not winning another title,he's DONE.
jlowrey68 9 oy oldin
Heyy LeBron fanboys..keep inflating expectations for these Lakers...gonna be fun to watch this thing explode
Hovig Demirdjian
Hovig Demirdjian 9 oy oldin
Stop saying 18 titles you zero bball iq idiot.
Desadee Allen
Desadee Allen 9 oy oldin
Too bad you idiots will not get what whitlock is saying
afterkwiss 9 oy oldin
Whitlock is such a hater. Why would Lakers fans not embrace LeBron? Were they happy with their team success since Kobe left? Once you add the best player in the league at the moment, you can't lose more than with a bunch of young players. Plus, I imagine Kobe, Magic and more Lakers legends will have plenty of input for LeBron to get in Lakers mode.
Dee Brown
Dee Brown 9 oy oldin
Whitlock is finally right
C D 9 oy oldin
When Whitlock can school you for an entire segment you have to reevaluate your life. He wasn't even trying and these dudes were trying to put words in his mouth just to make a point. 😂
Bigwill71M 9 oy oldin
Too funny....Kobe is retired and His supposed rival is a Laker now....Fans aren't stupid, they understand that you can love Kobe but still embrace LeBron....without LeBron the Lakers are probably 4 years away from making the playoffs....with LeBron they might contend for a title within 2 years...
JaM EvolvE
JaM EvolvE 9 oy oldin
So because he’s Lebron he can’t go have dinner with his famous friends even for business??? Don’t regular people do these things outside of their main jobs lol people like Whitlock are completely weird and automatically hypocritical, because if he leaves this set rn and goes and has dinner it’s no problem lol
mikejp2008 9 oy oldin
Prediction Warriors break up after losing in the 2nd round to Rockets. Lakers beat Celtics to tie for most championships. Kobe celebrates the win by challenging LeBron to win number 5 and tie his 5.
JaM EvolvE
JaM EvolvE 9 oy oldin
Whitlock the lakers have 16 titles lol does this guy even know what he’s talking about
21savage21 Lbj
21savage21 Lbj 9 oy oldin
Whitlock fully embraces Big Macs and fries with extra salt
Andrew Hristov
Andrew Hristov 9 oy oldin
Los Angeles Anarchy.Let''s do this!! hahhaha
Cubyson Andrews
Cubyson Andrews 9 oy oldin
Whitlock will say say anything to stay relevant. Laker fans are much more than the so called season ticket holders.
Knowledgeispower 90
I agree with homeboy that’s why it’s not good to be fanboys these people literally Worship these athletes like gods
Q Enigma
Q Enigma 9 oy oldin
Jason ya wrong Mon.
Tone Blue
Tone Blue 9 oy oldin
Lol,so fans gotta be excited about almost winning a title?? Smh
Heathen Hammer
Heathen Hammer 9 oy oldin
Whitlock is right, as always.
Gerald Charles
Gerald Charles 9 oy oldin
Kobe fans will be loyal but new laker fans belong to lebron
Gerald Charles
Gerald Charles 9 oy oldin
Lebron will earn and get his own fans the way kobe earned his fans not Magic fans. Fat boy jealous of Lebron
surreality 9 oy oldin
"Title Town" hasn't won a title in almost a decade... false advertising.
Miles Brown
Miles Brown 9 oy oldin
I hate to say it, but Whitlock is right. We are happy he here, but we were going to win more games this year anyways. Lonzo and Ingram healthy we could be in the playoff hunt anyways (we were until near the end last year) Bron needs to win. We won't hate him, but he won't be a "Lakers Great" if he don't get some rings.
TheBigODog 9 oy oldin
Whitlock is a fat insecure hater
Dana Dane
Dana Dane 9 oy oldin
Well when is the last time they Won Anything??
dan mills
dan mills 9 oy oldin
Fatlock dear snack man. Kobe embraced him. We lakers fan embrace him all we want is 1 chip.
Rom Anzures
Rom Anzures 9 oy oldin
whitlock is all correct except fot 18 rings. bron should bring 2 rings then we'll talk.
Rom Anzures
Rom Anzures 9 oy oldin
whitlock is all correct except fot 18 rings. bron should bring 2 rings then we'll talk.
Rom Anzures
Rom Anzures 9 oy oldin
whitlock is all correct except fot 18 rings. bron should bring 2 rings then we'll talk.
Repeal the 19th MGTOW
Mcintyre is right - the New York Times has become a disgrace and purely just Fake News now.
Plain Simple
Plain Simple 9 oy oldin
Heck no Lakers' fans will not embrace LeBron James... they will love watching him play and enjoy where he can take them but to "embrace" him... that would have only happened if James went to the Lakers in his 5-9th years... fans know James is just an old player and after him giving up on his teammates in the NBA Finals - fans saw that in Los Angeles.... I doubt the Lakers' fans embrace a guy that gives up on his team when there's a tie game starting OT in game 1 of the NBA Finals?... Perhaps they do?...
Scott Hall
Scott Hall 9 oy oldin
LeBron with his LOYAL tattoo on his back LMAO. SO FAKE
Sam Serf
Sam Serf 9 oy oldin
They have the best player in the world on a losing franchise..why wouldn't they? Winning cures all trust me
Axiebuoy Lifestyles
Kobe didn't win any championships, it was all shaq and pau
Repeal the 19th MGTOW
Dahntay "LeBron's YES man" Jones
Zachary Brewer-Kirby
If he wins a ring then they'll embrace him.
John Ocampo
John Ocampo 9 oy oldin
Its simple man if lebron wins 5 rings or more as a laker he will take kobes spot without a doubt. How many does he have right now 0 end of discussion.
Ronald Grant Jr
Ronald Grant Jr 9 oy oldin
Whitlock hating as always
Neutral Boy The Producer
Ed Howard
Ed Howard 9 oy oldin
There's only one king in LA - KING KOBE!
jay gee
jay gee 9 oy oldin
Colin should retire
Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue 9 oy oldin
No cryBONE!!!! He doesn't care about a team. He just cares about how he looks, not winning.
Cory Bouch
Cory Bouch 9 oy oldin
Whitlock the worst host of a sports show going. Embarrassing
liljace1721 9 oy oldin
Whitlock is right life tune laker fan here and I agree
Moe Shak
Moe Shak 9 oy oldin
You know wat multiple titles mean. 2 is couple. More than 2 is multiple. He’s here for three years.
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