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FBE 7 oy oldin
Thank you for watching this episode of College Kids React and for supporting us all and our company. - FBE Team
King Dimes
King Dimes 7 oy oldin
Dustinthewind2 7 oy oldin
People who have a clue react to Rahul. It'd be hilarious.
SHAY JOHNSON 7 oy oldin
Dank Dragon Gamer
FBE College kids react to Russ. PLEASE
Like Hod
Like Hod 7 oy oldin
What's a vj?
Palmer Eldritch
Palmer Eldritch 7 oy oldin
I love the way Labib handles the story.
Rochelle Whitney
Rochelle Whitney 7 oy oldin
Rochelle Whitney
Rochelle Whitney 7 oy oldin
Rochelle Whitney
Rochelle Whitney 7 oy oldin
Petty Meme King
Petty Meme King 7 oy oldin
Rochelle Whitney I'm gonna say no...
Talafia English
Talafia English 7 oy oldin
Its so true i'v had that talk about racisim i really liked how she handed it
Calling Trump a gorilla is not a racial slur. There’s your difference.
Jack dull
Jack dull 7 oy oldin
UsernamesForDummies: That would be an insult to the Gorillas...lol!
Candace Eason
Candace Eason 7 oy oldin
Wait didn’t Kathy Griffin get dragged by the right for her comments about Trump???
Blurrycake 7 oy oldin
She got dragged by both sides.
William Forest-Hill
The girl in the blue burret is cute
Jamie Pfeilsticker
Collage kids react to Set it off and Skillet
Taylor Greenlee
Taylor Greenlee 7 oy oldin
There is such a double standard in Hollywood
Torontopia 7 oy oldin
Check out the drag queens in this video including a few RuGirls like Bianca Del Rio -uzvid.com/video/video-KtkdrP2GxjE.html
gregularity 7 oy oldin
I'm a drag acolyte and RPDR superfan, but this link is pure spam... it has nothing to do with this video. Why are you posting it here?
tie forest
tie forest 7 oy oldin
Shoutout to FBE for having both sides represented in this video. As a centrist, I truly appreciate it.
Muskaan P
Muskaan P 7 oy oldin
The first guy “well Twitter is always fun” 😂
Autumn Reineking
Autumn Reineking 7 oy oldin
Muskaan Patel Ethan
Some guy online
Some guy online 7 oy oldin
People are all pissed trump tweets..when in fact it was Obama who started the social media presidency and was on twitter as president first.
Supreme spooder Man
but obama is respectful on Twitter unlike trump
Some guy online
Some guy online 7 oy oldin
Sara Fernández tell that to the countless people who say otherwise and have a problem with him on twitter in general
Sara Fernández
Sara Fernández 7 oy oldin
It's not about using Twitter. It's clearly about what he sais.
Difference is that Trump is insulting, lying and attacking people. Obama didn’t use Twitter to hurt and intimidate.
Katy 7 oy oldin
i think you are missing the point of what they are they are pissed about...
Some guy online
Some guy online 7 oy oldin
#BringRoaseanneBack I loved the reboot =/
The Man From Krypton
I agree, I liked the older Darlene and her being a parent yet still just as much of a smartass lol
Doctor Tophat
Doctor Tophat 7 oy oldin
TaroT D it’s not happening
I get you're on the west coast, but it would be cool to get more differing opinions
Probs to Rahul for looking at both sides
Vanessa Hillhouse
I feel like they should continue the show but get a new star because a lot of people liked this show.
The Man From Krypton
TaroT D they took John Goodman's character out in the original, and people wanted him back, so he came back. If ABC really wanted to keep it, and redo the show w/out Roseanne, there are ways to do it.
Some guy online
Some guy online 7 oy oldin
Vanessa Hillhouse then it wouldn't be Roseanne. You can't have the show w/o her she made it what it is over years of airing
Narda LM
Narda LM 7 oy oldin
Bill Maher is actually a libertarian lol
Mutex50 7 oy oldin
2:00 Actually government is involved with the NFL situation because Trump put pressure on it to do something about the kneeling. I don't agree with either the NFL or ABC, but the two are not the same.
Mizz Pariah
Mizz Pariah 7 oy oldin
Mutex50 plus the NFL gets millions and millions of dollars from the government.
Claire Ruiz
Claire Ruiz 7 oy oldin
...sh!T Ethan was all up for it lmfao
Colby Mayer
Colby Mayer 7 oy oldin
Finally they put in someone in there who has right beliefs
Shadownesia 7 oy oldin
Colby Mayer Right as in correct beliefs or right wing beliefs? Either way there are no such thing as correct beliefs, what’s right or wrong is subjective to you and yourself only, and if you mean Right Wing, Rahul is definitely not right wing.
Marco Alcocer
Marco Alcocer 7 oy oldin
React:Anthony Bourdain
josal 7 oy oldin
As a PoC, Rahul's comments made me super uncomfortable
madiha i
madiha i 7 oy oldin
Steven Baldwin what ? she said his COMMENTS made her uncomfortable, not clothes or whatever your saying.
Thesteveo 504
Thesteveo 504 7 oy oldin
Laughing Hyena because there is no way any one would get that by watching the video normally
Thesteveo 504
Thesteveo 504 7 oy oldin
Laughing Hyena so you are judging rahul by the way he dresses
Thesteveo 504
Thesteveo 504 7 oy oldin
josal how so?
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor 7 oy oldin
React to Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory’s
Motorsports Nation
You can’t get fired for an opinion
The Man From Krypton
You should not be fired for an opinion, but life isn't perfect.
unicorn 7 oy oldin
You can. And she did.
Motorsports Nation
Carter Ferunden It’s not right though
Carter Ferunden
Carter Ferunden 7 oy oldin
Motorsports Nation uh, yeah. you can
Asim Jabbar
Asim Jabbar 7 oy oldin
Why Rahul is right wing?Google Modi and Gujrat they like trump BECAUSE he hates Muslims
Jack dull
Jack dull 7 oy oldin
He's actually the smartest and most unbiased person on there.
Mia-Cara Romano
Mia-Cara Romano 7 oy oldin
No, he actually doesn't. Rahul doesn't follow the crowd. He's a smart guy.
GB1614 7 oy oldin
College kids react to Awolnation
This Here
This Here 7 oy oldin
*F O R T N U T*
SashMcFlash 7 oy oldin
They lost a huge opportunity to continue the show without Roseanne and adress the issues within the show.
Prasoon Kharel
Prasoon Kharel 7 oy oldin
She was the star of the show, name Roseanne. ABC didn't really have many other options other than to keep it running
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 7 oy oldin
College Kids React to Flatbush Zombies.
Roblox Legend
Roblox Legend 7 oy oldin
College kids react to lil peep
Queen of ❤S
Queen of ❤S 7 oy oldin
Rosanne is my favourite show. Quit making fun of her!!!
missbri 7 oy oldin
I think she's kinda doing it to herself
EGriff 7 oy oldin
Rahul's attempts to defend conservatives is just depressing.
Jrocka7x 7 oy oldin
Is that how you communicate? Nonsensical mimicry? I'm not right wing, sheep.
Cierra's Vlogs
Cierra's Vlogs 7 oy oldin
you should listen to what he says with more of an open mind...
Thesteveo 504
Thesteveo 504 7 oy oldin
EGriff I get the reference just not a good one. Great attempt though
EGriff 7 oy oldin
of course you did, you're a crazy evangelical actor.
Thesteveo 504
Thesteveo 504 7 oy oldin
I actually agree with most of the things with what he said
Tin Hunter
Tin Hunter 7 oy oldin
Nevieth 7 oy oldin
This video is like over a week old... it was relevant when it was uploaded. lol
Jake Edgington
Jake Edgington 7 oy oldin
Also, I like how they don't have a link for any of Rahuls social media in the description
harryskittyz 7 oy oldin
He doesnt seem like the type to have social media
KingJibblidibbliesTheSecond *
Jake Edgington that's because if they did then people would go attack him
Mia-Cara Romano
Mia-Cara Romano 7 oy oldin
Why, so that sheep-mentality leftists can send him insults? I'm sure he doesn't need that.
Fyrick24 7 oy oldin
that's because he is new to the show. Also they need his consent. He isn't an attention seeker.
Alejandro Sanchez
Yo Rahul, I love you bro. Let's play some Xbox.
Xiomara Ayon
Xiomara Ayon 7 oy oldin
Please make this Rahul’s first and last episode. He sounds like every trump supporter reading from a promoter who hasn’t fact checked anything he just said.
Samuel Leger
Samuel Leger 7 oy oldin
Xiomara Ayon the bigotry in this one is immense. Lol. You showcase your cause very well. The "open minded and better people" yet don't want other opinions. That ain't too far from complete control of everything, which is quite close to fascism. Again, the bigotry you withhold is without a doubt hilarious lmao
Jack dull
Jack dull 7 oy oldin
He's just saying there should be both side to every issue.
Mia-Cara Romano
Mia-Cara Romano 7 oy oldin
Oh wow...the bigotry.
Jon Fulkerson
Jon Fulkerson 7 oy oldin
Please make this your last comment
Distilled Water
Distilled Water 7 oy oldin
I dont think any of these kids fact checked
MrHandss 7 oy oldin
why not do this with people who were around to even know who Roseanne even is and perhaps seen the original series?
Shadow Racer
Shadow Racer 7 oy oldin
Most people regardless of age, knows who Roseanne is and has watched her show. Are we not allowed to speak on major events like WW1 and WW2 because most of us weren't around for that?
Goonner Londinense
Eric's attitude really bother me at 4:41, he's like: "Mmm, this doesn't look like something I agree with, I won't even bother with reading it, or even less, discuss it".
Blurrycake 7 oy oldin
He did read the whole thing, he didn't like it.
SP R 7 oy oldin
Because it's crap, I stop reading crap to like when I stopped reading your comment
Jaz G.
Jaz G. 7 oy oldin
It probably would of been different if it wasn’t a show titled after her with her as the main character. If someone else was the main character or the show was titled something else then I don’t think the whole show would be scrapped.
Just replace Roseanne with Danny Devito no explanation necessary just chuck him in as if nothing happened nobody will question it 👍
roseanne is the co-creator of the show. so she’d profit from it therefore not fully learning her lesson.
Well well well Look who we have here
I'd legitimately watch that
Myboy black
Myboy black 7 oy oldin
DontFearTheClowns yes
TayTay BeyNippy
TayTay BeyNippy 7 oy oldin
Rahul wants to keep that citizenship by pandering tho XD
TayTay BeyNippy
TayTay BeyNippy 7 oy oldin
No free thinker would chose a party that believes in his deportation based on a personal observation of where his ancestors come from.
KingJibblidibbliesTheSecond *
TayTay BeyNippy or he, ya know, might be a free thinker
LioEPD 7 oy oldin
This comment though! kudos
Gaytwinbros 7 oy oldin
That was my thought
LostButBroken 7 oy oldin
Was waiting for the "very fine people on both sides"
Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira 7 oy oldin
Its fine and correct to have opinions like the one of Rahul because we to better understand our world should hear the most of them. However his opinion is not at all progress, he defends values and ideals that do not correspond to our current modern world, where undestanding and comprehension of all sides is a must. Rahul's ideals are not correct for a teenage boy in a western society and western influenced culture in the current century.
Richard Depaola jr
Wait, its wrong to defend values that dont fit in with a SOCIAL MEDIA only majority because you think that is what the modern world thinks but you still end with telling us we need to be understanding and comprehend everyone...holy fuckballs. You clearly do not understand nor comprehend of you believe you can tell someone else that their ideals are correct or not.
Distilled Water
Distilled Water 7 oy oldin
His point regardless of political affiliation was consistancy How is that not correct lol
Fyrick24 7 oy oldin
He is an individual; he can think what he would like to think. Just because he has not been completely manipulated by society and his position, it doesn't mean that he is wrong. You do not know what he has experienced/seen, nor does he know that about you. . BTW, we do not know if he is a teenager; he could very well be in his 20s.
Jake Edgington
Jake Edgington 7 oy oldin
Who are you to say whose ideals are correct and whose aren't. With that logic, I could say your ideals aren't correct
LooptimeIsAble 7 oy oldin
I think it's important for people like Rahul to be heard.
Kassandra Tuiasoa
College kids react to Liza and David plzzz
Ajmal Ahmad
Ajmal Ahmad 7 oy oldin
I lost it at 12:58 with her comment. Made me think of one of those beauty pageant answers.
Luscious Angel
Luscious Angel 7 oy oldin
Ajmal Ahmad Correction. One of those horribly done beauty pageant answers LOL 😂.
ian moone
ian moone 7 oy oldin
Eric sounds like an ultra liberal😂.
Fernando Cardenas
You got someone who thinks differently!!! This is actual progress
Fyrick24 7 oy oldin
He is a chill guy, nothing wrong with that. We are all different.
LostButBroken 7 oy oldin
Fernando Cardenas would of been nicer is he had a personality..instead it sounds like he's reading a prompter
Chasing Gods
Chasing Gods 7 oy oldin
Subconcious, Rahul. Refreshing to hear someone talking for the rights. Fresh!
why do conservatives feel the need to mimic donald trump with one worded closers “Finally! Jobs! 2022!” it’s cult-like behavior.
BORICUA KING 7 oy oldin
Chasing Gods which is ironic, cuz what he's saying is wrong.
Jeff Gates
Jeff Gates 7 oy oldin
Gals on the view still have jobs
MasterYumi 7 oy oldin
Ravi S
Ravi S 7 oy oldin
Alot of Trump supporters here today.
SailorFuzz 7 oy oldin
I think you mean Russian bots.
Nikita U Mzamo
Nikita U Mzamo 7 oy oldin
0:21 OhMyGosh Ethan😂👏🏽😻
Peter-john De Jong
Hypocrites, people make fun all the time about peoples appearance, but it is the end of the world when it is done to a white looking woman, identifying as black
chelsea nwankwo
chelsea nwankwo 7 oy oldin
Peter-john De Jong The same people who enslaved them?
Peter-john De Jong
KiNG Poseidon you mean the first people who abolished slavery, worldwide, introduced a welfare system,? Dovyou know how your people treat their own people in zimbabwe, uganda, libetia, congo, sierra leone, south chicago, ruanda, somalia, ethiopia, all countries with black despotic corruptcbloodtasty leaders
Peter-john De Jong
Monae Jones they were making fun of her appearance just like they were making fun about trumps urang utang appearance, if she is black, whoopy is white....
mess messy dress dressy
Peter-john De Jong do you know about your people's past orrrr
Monae Jones
Monae Jones 7 oy oldin
Peter-john De Jong making fun of someone’s appearance and making racial jokes ( which are not jokes by the way) is two different things .
The reason why nobody hires Kapernick, is because he suxx at football.
Ally Alexander
Ally Alexander 7 oy oldin
Sammy Boy
Sammy Boy 7 oy oldin
A joke is a statement. A statement is not a joke.
Sarunerf 7 oy oldin
0 sense
vocalpunk97 7 oy oldin
Bill Mahr calling Trump a Gorilla isn't the same thing as Roseanne calling her an ape
Tiyana Smith
Tiyana Smith 7 oy oldin
Boredom I actually got a headeache reading this thread 😂 not because of u ...but u know, I shan't name names. And I admire your patience.
Boredom 7 oy oldin
The word ape has a hidden meaning and it's a derogatory term used to refer to 'a black person, referring to outdated theories ascribing cultural differences between ethnic groups as being linked to their evolutionary distance from chimpanzees, with which humans share common ancestry.'
Jake Edgington
Jake Edgington 7 oy oldin
Boredom okay? And how is that connotation different than if you were to use the word gorilla?
Boredom 7 oy oldin
Jake Edgington Like the person said, it's a connotation, what people generally associate the word 'ape' with. It's kinda like interested and nosy. One is considered negative but it's both generally means the same thing.
Jake Edgington
Jake Edgington 7 oy oldin
vocalpunk97 how can it mean different things if the two are literally the same thing. That's like saying an apple is a fruit, but depending on how you use it, it's either an apple OR it's a fruit, which doesn't make any sense in the slightest
KidFalcon 7 oy oldin
Lets be honest, it isn't human, it's just as business as everything else, It's public relations management.
CisforCock 7 oy oldin
Pff, it turns out that Eric is so naive and closed minded.
martin adebesin
martin adebesin 7 oy oldin
6:41 He was about to call her eloquent but it seems like he thought better of it at the last second, praise black Jesus
Tai Lopez is 6 God
This is a summary of the video:uzvid.com/video/video-Nmi6gTMcwjw.html
Dee Hines
Dee Hines 7 oy oldin
In one nfl owner's deposition he says that trump kept pushing to blackball kaepernick and other players who kneeled because it was good for him politically. government infringement in a private organization is against the law. Just one of many to add to his list.
Kate 7 oy oldin
Chris Buttino nobody said it was good, simply that it was within his rights to do so...
LioEPD 7 oy oldin
I think Rahul wants to pretend like this isn't happening... but then again I can't expect any different from a 45 supporter
Chris Buttino
Chris Buttino 7 oy oldin
Dee Hines I forgot Kneeling is good during the national anthem.
Aubrey Custer Custer
I am the reason she what she did was wrong but wait it would double of the kids on the show but I'm kind of I think I would lied about it you sent that she was like a Planet of the Apes
Andy Bothne
Andy Bothne 7 oy oldin
bosnakedisniksic 7 oy oldin
Aubrey Custer Custer I completely agree. I like how you realized she was wrong, but it would double of the kids.
maya mason
maya mason 7 oy oldin
College kids react to the Latin kids forced in cages
El Chico
El Chico 7 oy oldin
maya mason That was years ago during the Obama administration. It wasn't recent.
Weptbadge65 _
Weptbadge65 _ 7 oy oldin
Actually tump is the 3rd most powerful person in the world so yeah...
jipto 7 oy oldin
Weptbadge65 _ He may be in charge of the most powerful nation but he cant just do whatever he wants. He is limited by the goverment and he really does not have too much power. There are still dictators who control with absolute power and can do whatever they want with the resources they have and no in the country will stop them
RheyaRu!z 7 oy oldin
Weptbadge65 _ for now
Save The Bees
Save The Bees 7 oy oldin
All the conservatives are coming out of the woodworks judging by the comments.
Abber Kaddabber
Abber Kaddabber 7 oy oldin
I like Madison and Rahul
Myboy black
Myboy black 7 oy oldin
Abber Kaddabber I like hearing more than one view point for once
Analise Cortez
Analise Cortez 7 oy oldin
Rahul is a 10/10 reactor
Marco Germentes Santos
RheyaRu!z no he isnt the issue is 100% related. If it were the other way around you would not have commented this.
RheyaRu!z 7 oy oldin
nah he’s drawing parallels where there aren’t any
Justice777 7 oy oldin
Albino Earwig
Albino Earwig 7 oy oldin
React to Samantha Bee's joke about Trump's daughter
Angelisa Hassan
Angelisa Hassan 7 oy oldin
The video was taken down.
Sam Feldstein
Sam Feldstein 7 oy oldin
Now what show is going to be replacing it in the lineup?
Sam Feldstein
Sam Feldstein 7 oy oldin
Can you please do a Kids React to Tom & Jerry?
jeesh 7 oy oldin
We need more perspectives thanks Rahul!!
Rosa Linan-Medina
jeesh if they can handle those opinions PLEASE CAST ME
Alex Kirby
Alex Kirby 7 oy oldin
If anyone actually thinks the president is the most powerful man in the country, they are deluded. The president is a puppet and a scapegoat
Nella J
Nella J 7 oy oldin
Rahima Williams
Rahima Williams 7 oy oldin
The United Nations has a lot more influence in the world
Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith 7 oy oldin
Wow Rahul.. where have you been? I'm glad there's finally both sides..
AaronsTrash 7 oy oldin
there’s been like 2 or 3 other boys on the show with right-wing beliefs before, what’s so special about another one lol
Justice777 7 oy oldin
Yuck Fou
Yuck Fou 7 oy oldin
If trump would said it, he would not be fired as a president. He said things worser than that and still in office.
Jake Edgington
Jake Edgington 7 oy oldin
Where in the Constitution does it describe firing the president?
Nella J
Nella J 7 oy oldin
Ryan Blanche
Ryan Blanche 7 oy oldin
MeUaena As long as the Dems don't put a dull candidate on. And a Recession would have to hit too.
King Korubi
King Korubi 7 oy oldin
MeUaena why is he a scumbag?
notoriousbills 7 oy oldin
he is an elected official. Not someone employed by corporate Hollywood.
djbme83 7 oy oldin
Rahul is a breath of fresh air.
jeremyross631 7 oy oldin
Yeah, hope he doesn't get deported
BroBroNelly 7 oy oldin
So you advocate for the homogenization of all opinions? A bit backwards of you, don’t you think?
Mullerornis 7 oy oldin
If you're devoid of lungs. And a brain.
Lil HeartZ
Lil HeartZ 7 oy oldin
Guys Quick Question VJ Look While AF she's not black I'm confused | is this like some wovicky crap
Seleney 7 oy oldin
Roseanne jokes about looks:CANCELED. Trump wants to take advantage of chicks, insults races and lies: Presidency! ;D #GoodJobAmeriKKKA
mykel1990 7 oy oldin
I love your Selena shirt, sir. And your point is right.
Andy Bothne
Andy Bothne 7 oy oldin
you didn't really answer anything, can you elaborate, like give an example of when and how. Provide proven evidence, and sources, and execute your response in an intelligent manner. Then people might take you more seriously instead of you pointing fingers and not truly answering a question.
Mullerornis 7 oy oldin
Seriously, do you live under a rock? He's made a career out of insulting latinos.
Dr Zaius
Dr Zaius 7 oy oldin
Seleney What races did he insult?
DaHomieGumby 7 oy oldin
Hannah baker
Skep Skepdebate
Skep Skepdebate 7 oy oldin
This was about her hairstyle. Not her race. She is not black, she is Asian.
MrHandss 7 oy oldin
look at a picture of her then a picture of one of the girl apes from that movie. some resemblance. it's not even cause she looks black either since she doesn't.
Skep Skepdebate
Skep Skepdebate 7 oy oldin
RheyaRu!z umm because she’s mostly asian
RheyaRu!z 7 oy oldin
Skep Skepdebate she’s black sweetie, why are you lying? 🤥
Skep Skepdebate
Skep Skepdebate 7 oy oldin
Save The Bees Well you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think it was rigged sober show could get cancelled.
Save The Bees
Save The Bees 7 oy oldin
You're lying to yourself if you think this isn't about race.
A Grey
A Grey 7 oy oldin
Sara didnt get her big break from Roseanne reboot. Her big break was in the original Roseanne.
dustyb58 7 oy oldin
she didn't say it was the reboot that gev her a big break, she just said "the show" because Gilbert was involved in both
dustyb58 7 oy oldin
@dragonbewolf you're thinking of Sarah Chalke
dragonbewolf 7 oy oldin
Even bigger in Scrubs.
Tabitha Tewell
Tabitha Tewell 7 oy oldin
React to Supernatural
Tabitha Tewell
Tabitha Tewell 7 oy oldin
React to Icon For Hire
Amor Vincent
Amor Vincent 7 oy oldin
I would definitely loose in an argument against Rahul and he is so calm
A Person...
A Person... 7 oy oldin
His argument seems to basically be "but the double standard..."
Mullerornis 7 oy oldin
Appearances can be deceiving. He seems like he's barely holding in.
Octava 7 oy oldin
I wonder what's Rahul studying in collage, he seems so intelligent! Got some interesting facts from him. One thing, though, he looks so... serious? Can't wait to see him in a funny react video XD
Fyrick24 7 oy oldin
I can't say that he is intelligent, however I believe that he grew up in a family where only family mattered. He was probably secluded from the kids in a neighborhood and had chill parents/he could have moved to the U.S. from a young age, so he went to school with a vastly different personality. He seems to have humor, almost a bit too forceful, but I think he has no problem hanging out with friends. IDK, he reminds me of a friend I have. Both
Marco Germentes Santos
vigorlilover what?
vigorlilover 7 oy oldin
Rahul wants to be white. He’s so out of touch with reality. I don’t care intelligent he pretends to be.
Julian Fernandes
Julian Fernandes 7 oy oldin
Prado73 7 oy oldin
not this particulary comment, but most of the others comments about the guy are really Botty...
Nick Baker
Nick Baker 7 oy oldin
Everybody can do it but HER
Kamerin Johnson
Kamerin Johnson 7 oy oldin
Nick Baker make a joke about trump nah dude your fine make a joke about somebody else HOORIBLE YOU SHOULD BE FIRED I HATR YOU BLAHHHH smh
Chubaca Miranda
Chubaca Miranda 7 oy oldin
React to Billie eilish
A M 7 oy oldin
Rahul is the reason why I finished watching this.
mLg ari
mLg ari 7 oy oldin
cruh :\ what do you mean . That’s why we liked him
mLg ari
mLg ari 7 oy oldin
Me too
Rosa Linan-Medina
Zorastorm 32
Zorastorm 32 7 oy oldin
SPLENOROUS 7 oy oldin
Bring her back big freaking babies!
Lili 7 oy oldin
lol you thought
Rafael Arellano
Rafael Arellano 7 oy oldin
React to lil skis please
Karina Norambuena Soto
Shoutout, love u guys
ALLWINZ BABEH 7 oy oldin
Very interesting
Squelch King
Squelch King 7 oy oldin
She legit looks just like the chick from planet of the apes though
Pacific Shit
Pacific Shit 7 oy oldin
Jokes are jokes
Pacific Shit
Pacific Shit 7 oy oldin
mykel1990 And that womps!
mykel1990 7 oy oldin
And the joke that is Roseanne got cancelled.
Dragon Bones
Dragon Bones 7 oy oldin
Rahciss Do I care anymore?
abzorb 7 oy oldin
Imagine reacting to tosh.0 and his comments he makes lmao
TheGame2224 7 oy oldin
Should never have been. Was fired over Soros truth.
Ellen Calderon
Ellen Calderon 7 oy oldin
TheGame2224 You’ve been indoctrinated by FOX to be bizarre conspiracy theories about Soros. This post proves that as this has nothing to do with him.
Grey Outlier
Grey Outlier 7 oy oldin
react to kanye's new album
AJ Barker
AJ Barker 7 oy oldin
Whos Rosanne
She is a comedienne who played the lead character in the old sitcom Roseanne.
Bogus Bozo
Bogus Bozo 7 oy oldin
my grandma