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College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Disney Edition)

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Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Disney Edition) played by the College Kids. Original links below.
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College Kids take on the Try Not to Sing Along Challenge (Disney Edition). Watch to see their Reactions.
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College Kids Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Disney Edition)




8-Dek, 2018



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J4 RU 2 kun oldin
Sandrix Hozart
As long my favorite disney isn't in here I'm good but really Raven, Penny...it's too much
SeokJesus 2 soat oldin
disney is my life
Blasian Thaa
Blasian Thaa 3 soat oldin
Brogan B
Brogan B 4 soat oldin
Does Sheila want to talk about being Spanish again?
Reinhard Ainhirn
Reinhard Ainhirn 6 soat oldin
fuck it. i'm gonna sing anyway
Rejoice _theAlpahXXX
To be honest... Boys are winning TOY STORY! LION KING! MOANA!
Joseph Duran
Joseph Duran 11 soat oldin
can u guys please react to bad bunny or Latin trap that the only thing i listen to
FMP Gamerking07
FMP Gamerking07 13 soat oldin
The only 1 that got me is toy story
FanArtDom 19 soat oldin
I broke in the "You got a friend in me". My absolute childhood. Trying not to sing along Disney is practically a sin. GOD FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE SINNED!
Jeanne Patissier
Jeanne Patissier 20 soat oldin
Make a College Kids react Pixar's Short Kitbull pleaaaase
Jeanne Patissier
Jeanne Patissier 20 soat oldin
Am I the only one thinking Aladdin is overrated ?
Reinhard Ainhirn
Reinhard Ainhirn 6 soat oldin
Jeanne Patissier yes you are
Dani W
Dani W 22 soat oldin
Samira Ashraf
Samira Ashraf Kun oldin
My favourite movie is how to train your Dragon 3
Jeanne Patissier
Jeanne Patissier 20 soat oldin
It's not disney
Emo Mulan
Emo Mulan Kun oldin
Sheila be like " bla bla bla.. Yeah, in spanish " then *sings* but also in spanish 😂😂😂
vixter04 -
vixter04 - Kun oldin
my favourite new thing to imagine is Brandon as mushu in high school
Lorelie Pecota
Lorelie Pecota Kun oldin
Do rock and metal scream o songs
Lorelie Pecota
Lorelie Pecota Kun oldin
How do you get to do these challenges
JJ SQUAD Kun oldin
Y’all should have did the Kim possible theme song
ahmad abdulcadir
Why is Michelle cosplaying freddy kruger?
Quentin Umbra
Quentin Umbra Kun oldin
I wish they had played the Spanish version of 'A Whole New World'. It's SO gorgeous!! I definitely agree with Sheila!
TheSotoKids Kun oldin
Brandon: eh this world is not that great Ariel
Jared Householder
MaiTai Kun oldin
Janae Salas
Janae Salas Kun oldin
People dancing doesn’t count as singing -.- they disqualified people in the that’s so raven for dancing.
Jared Householder
Dancing was in the rules bb
Becky TV
Becky TV Kun oldin
Michelle is my spirit animal
1980s Love
1980s Love Kun oldin
I'd fail immediately lol
Devon Hall
Devon Hall Kun oldin
Fun fact : all dogs go to heaven came out the same year as the little mermaid (1989) and guess what movie won at the box office.
Kieran Smith
Kieran Smith Kun oldin
Michells sweater looks like freddie Krugers jumper
Anonymos Anonym
Anonymos Anonym Kun oldin
Wait! *cluches hands infront of mouth* Ah forget ot
WolfehLol Kun oldin
Putting Lion King first wasn't fair. How can you not sing all of its songs?
Cristina wood
Cristina wood 2 kun oldin
I lost at The Lion King Hahahaha
AnnaMae41194 2 kun oldin
I feel like a bad Disney fan because I can't stand You Got a Friend in Me.
Jeanne Patissier
Jeanne Patissier 20 soat oldin
I can't stand A Whole New world lol
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Kun oldin
AnnaMae41194 same. I’ve ever liked it
AnnaMae41194 Kun oldin
+kristal fisher Disney owns Pixar and had since to story 2
kristal fisher
kristal fisher Kun oldin
I though Toy Story was Pixar
David Solano
David Solano 2 kun oldin
I am literally sheila
Lazerman 166???
Lazerman 166??? 2 kun oldin
There should be an punishment
Clayton Davidson
Clayton Davidson 2 kun oldin
"This is all of my VHS tapes coming to life right now!" Haha, me too bro XD
Rachel Dawe
Rachel Dawe 2 kun oldin
“No u don’t people r bad” ME THAT WAS AWESOME
Rachel Dawe
Rachel Dawe 2 kun oldin
I am literally Michelle 😂😂
Ashreya Sewpersadh
Ashreya Sewpersadh 2 kun oldin
When Gevana said she hasn’t watched mulan I LITERALLY DIED
Dovi Manalu
Dovi Manalu 2 kun oldin
Elise and Michelle do not care at all lmao
Diana_Tr 2 kun oldin
Is Sheila from a spanish country? :D
Damian Hernandez
Damian Hernandez 17 soat oldin
Can you at least think before you write next time
sanneke vogels
sanneke vogels 2 kun oldin
2:43 I think you need to watch it
Bulky Dube
Bulky Dube 2 kun oldin
2:43 u need help girl
fujisakura8906 2 kun oldin
Love all disney songs. Can't choose. I totally failed in this challenge. haha...
Gabriel gonzalez
Gabriel gonzalez 2 kun oldin
What’s the deal with all the fruits 🍉 on this
Loya Frostwind
Loya Frostwind 2 kun oldin
I have no emotional attachment to the Woody, Raven and Camp Rock songs, so those were easy to resist. But the others, especially Aladdin...
Amber Knopps
Amber Knopps 3 kun oldin
The only one that nearly got me was the one from "The Little Mermaid", but then again that was my childhood favorite Disney movie. So yeah.
Ryan Hillner
Ryan Hillner 3 kun oldin
Try not to *SING* challenge. I don't think it was very fair to knock them for dancing or tapping to the songs.
Maddy24 3 kun oldin
Oh I love these things so much and this... HOW CAN YOU NOT SING?!?
Cristin Albert
Cristin Albert 3 kun oldin
Except for Camp Rock I almost died trying not to sing these songs.
Mei J.
Mei J. 3 kun oldin
How about they react to *Aladdin Live Action trailer* ?
Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson 3 kun oldin
I have so much respect for the people that are like screw the challenge I’m singing some damn Disney
Reed Foxtrot
Reed Foxtrot 3 kun oldin
I'm Elise when I have this challenge the moment it starts I'll be singing I be losing and Idgaf 😂
Dina Orman
Dina Orman 3 kun oldin
i got so emotional during"You got a friend in me" song...i literally cried
Arvinda AnandanD
Arvinda AnandanD 3 kun oldin
Tom is cuteee
Ivan Castaneda
Ivan Castaneda 3 kun oldin
Whatever you're about to say, Sheila remembers it in Spanish
Cody 4 kun oldin
You cannot not sing to disney
Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
D Di Dis Disn Disne Disney Disne Disn Dis Di D
Liah Trade
Liah Trade 4 kun oldin
i was trying to do it with them and my heart was hurting😂😭❤
ally lu222
ally lu222 4 kun oldin
Elise and Michelle really didn't really try
ally lu222
ally lu222 2 kun oldin
+Our Summer_Dream Chapter Star true... Honestly that would be me tho
Our Summer_Dream Chapter Star
ally lu222 and i have so much respect for them 👏👏👏
Marceline J
Marceline J 4 kun oldin
its 'try not to sing' so why cant they move
Maria Romero Piaggio
Amo que diga "hahahaha" (risa en ingles)
Eleanas world
Eleanas world 4 kun oldin
I love all disney songs
Manuel Soliz
Manuel Soliz 4 kun oldin
I would see Brandon play mushu
Metal Chump
Metal Chump 5 kun oldin
Lost instantly
01chi_xx 5 kun oldin
"I played Mushu" wow what an icon
Neo Draconequss
Neo Draconequss 5 kun oldin
Now if the Lion king one was Scars Be prepared, Aladdin "Never had a friend like me", Ariels "Poor unfortunate souls" i would've broken, The disney villain songs are JAMS
Liah Trade
Liah Trade 4 kun oldin
you could not be more right
Luc Leon
Luc Leon 4 kun oldin
Lazy Dude
Lazy Dude 5 kun oldin
Wait, what was the language that chick watched all these vids again?
Yanitza Cotto
Yanitza Cotto 5 kun oldin
Alex Yee
Alex Yee 5 kun oldin
I love how Elise isn't even trying to not sing hahaha
Nikki Small
Nikki Small 5 kun oldin
michelle is so fucking pretty holy fuck
cromusic ibra
cromusic ibra 5 kun oldin
"I Just Can't Wait to Be King" as the first one, come ON! That's an instant lose for me, that's my absolute FAVORITE Disney song.
Tyst Djävul
Tyst Djävul 5 kun oldin
But do you know it in Spanish?
Yesenia Medrano
Yesenia Medrano 5 kun oldin
I just sang to u got a friend in me
Thomas Tsangou
Thomas Tsangou 5 kun oldin
If Akuna matata was in there everyone would sing
Maurice Engler
Maurice Engler 5 kun oldin
You should put hakuna matata...
James Nesmith
James Nesmith 5 kun oldin
I don't understand why they buzzed them when they danced. The challenge is try not to sing. Not a try not to dance or try not to sing and dance. So this video is a fail in my book.
animewarrior08 5 kun oldin
One of the rules was no dancing. It litteraly says that in the video before they start the challenge
Monserrat Mejia
Monserrat Mejia 5 kun oldin
Slytherin 941
Slytherin 941 5 kun oldin
“summer camp was never like this” OMG AHAHA TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN
Samuel Gutierrez-Romero
I’ve seen these in Spanish so I’m better pfffhahaha god Everytime she had to mention it
Bar B
Bar B 2 kun oldin
She says it because it's true. She said it once so no one gets confused.
Claudette Gunayan
Claudette Gunayan 6 kun oldin
Everytime Sheila says she watched these vids in Spanish, it reminds me of Lele Pons saying she’s Latina. 🙃
Lexi Duguay
Lexi Duguay 6 kun oldin
2:05 “ My family!” I started cracking up 🤣 😆 😂
tik toker
tik toker 6 kun oldin
I just finished watching the lion King so not cool
Emily H
Emily H 6 kun oldin
No one: Sheila: I know this in Spanish
Addyson Caten
Addyson Caten 6 kun oldin
Mulan is on my Spotify playlist like no joke. My normal “oh I want to listen to music.” Playlist😂😂👍👍 Also can anyone else just like picture Brandon as Mushu? He has the perfect Mushu voice and personality
Lulya Tewelde
Lulya Tewelde 6 kun oldin
React to Queen Naija
MaxArcher 6 kun oldin
Michelle is so cute, always i see she i fall in love ...im not idea, i write right, my English is so bad xD
jule kühmstedt
jule kühmstedt 6 kun oldin
I can imagine Brandon so good as mushu in Mulan musical
Kiah.Reinert 7 kun oldin
Michelle has freddy kruger's shirt on...
Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez 7 kun oldin
Bro I would have sang to all of them lol
Gem Jewl
Gem Jewl 6 kun oldin
Me too!😂
xavier chaves
xavier chaves 7 kun oldin
Their reactions to that's so Raven was so funny
Haley Garber
Haley Garber 7 kun oldin
Kinda in love with boston tom...
Cole Payne
Cole Payne 7 kun oldin
i would just sing you got a freind in me
Cole Payne
Cole Payne 7 kun oldin
it's called it's peak
Cole Payne
Cole Payne 7 kun oldin
i would just sing
CobyGamer 27
CobyGamer 27 7 kun oldin
Is Shelila spanish? She keeps mentioning that she watches them in spanish
Jasmine Vineyard
Jasmine Vineyard 4 kun oldin
She speak spainsh and she also from Mexican descended
Bima Agung Pangestu
Where is the frozen
Ev M
Ev M 8 kun oldin
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly 8 kun oldin
Saying this before the challenge starts, I will fail
Mia Santiago
Mia Santiago 8 kun oldin
I’m not gonna lie I sang to all of them 😂
coopercop 8 kun oldin
I miss luis
Duy Ngo
Duy Ngo 8 kun oldin
Where was Kim possible ???
Will It Hair Gel?
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