Colorblind People See Color For The First Time

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“I’m holding it together, even though purple is getting to me"
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Launcehd Colorful Powder, Isolated On Black Background
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Black Glasses Isloated on White
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Daltonism Test With The Number Three Inside
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wolfie #Moon#
wolfie #Moon# 8 kun oldin
Wait...what about stopping lights ?!
Christopher 10 kun oldin
Huh Buzzfeed apparently injects their subjects with Xanax before dealing with emotional impact
Xaylence 17 kun oldin
Can’t wait till I can see color!
Tara Lynn
Tara Lynn 18 kun oldin
This pillow gives me anxiety!!!😂😂😂
Black Shadow
Black Shadow Oy oldin
Do not play that game with colour blind people *WE PLAYED WITH THEM* Me:now u know why I have trust issues
Grace Willers
Grace Willers 2 oy oldin
Take a moment to look around do you see anything now look at the emoji’s ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 what do you see come t down below ok
Kitty Pawter
Kitty Pawter 2 oy oldin
1:40 yes, don't play that game especially with the more "aggressive" people
Adrian Bigno
Adrian Bigno 2 oy oldin
And im like.... Don't say great! Say Thank You!!
JadeUNIverse 2 oy oldin
AmKam Omega
AmKam Omega 2 oy oldin
1000 subscribers with no videos boi
Why are my eyes sweating so much
Pedro Pedroza
Pedro Pedroza 3 oy oldin
I just posted a new video of a family member wearing EnChroma glasses for 1st time. Merry Christmas!
Loony Uni
Loony Uni 4 oy oldin
Enchroma glasses take a while to work?! They don’t start working immediately...
The musical puppet
Ownage Zizou
Ownage Zizou 4 oy oldin
Buzzfeed can be such a positive entity if they stay away from their toxic politics
James Gillgam
James Gillgam 4 oy oldin
Enchroma makes the glasses
JP Of Awesomeness
Tiger Style
Tiger Style 5 oy oldin
Has anyone else noticed there's not one video of a black person who is color blind who has gotten these enchroma glasses on youtube. And i know what joke you're thinking "its because they can't afford them" but seriously ive seen asians,hispanics, and europeans all have colorblindness and record reactions but not one black person, at least not that ive seen on youtube.
Fusion Ninja
Fusion Ninja 5 oy oldin
Don’t play that game. Ok time for the game! Editor goes to hospital and does from blood loss from broken nose and cracked scull
Shawn Dayvis
Shawn Dayvis 5 oy oldin
I am the 2% that is 100% color blind.....THESE GLASSES ARE A SCAM !!!
Bae-thoven C
Bae-thoven C 5 oy oldin
#realcolorblindness @loganpaul sigh...
Ώɱεפ̫ƛ 5 oy oldin
These cost 400-700$
Daniel Schmitt
Daniel Schmitt 7 oy oldin
I'm colorblnd, i got the glasses off of enchroma they work rlly good!
BlueLion84 7 oy oldin
This is in my top 10 favorite internet-things of all time.... Wow.....
Broken hearts
Broken hearts 7 oy oldin
They see color I see Logan Paul content.
F Bi
F Bi 8 oy oldin
I was waiting for logan paul 😂🤣
Saima Nur
Saima Nur 8 oy oldin
what is the name of those glasses.. anyone can tell me about the company or anything else about those glasses.... I wanta to buy them... I wants to surprise my brother with this
uNkLeRaRa4 8 oy oldin
I can't get over how emotional EVERYONE gets as soon as they put these things on... I've never thought about how important colour actually is until seeing all these videos of people reacting so strongly.
KillUKrue 9 oy oldin
Must be like a shroom trip
Alayna 9 oy oldin
Watching this is difficult when you’re colourblind, I feel like I was watching two dudes say the colour of objects
sophia stewart
sophia stewart 10 oy oldin
the thing is, the colors in the room are kind of dull, even though there are a lot of shades. i wish we would have seen their reaction of maybe a bright art museum or just going outside.
Bubbles Worth
Bubbles Worth 10 oy oldin
I have a sibling who is color blind, can't see the difference in colors. Gonna cry, wish my sibling had these
Athul adwaith
Athul adwaith 10 oy oldin
My brother has redgreen colour blindness.. any link for buying them online. Worlwide shipping available?
MochaTater 10 oy oldin
XD I love this its funny watching their reactions because its just so simple but their minds are blown. I wish theyd make color blind glasses that allowed you to see what these people see because i am curious as to how the world looks to them
THE, Abuse. is! LeGiT? _OK#
I'm not even colour blind and I'm damn near crying for them!!!
7Ahgase7 10 oy oldin
Actually these glasses take like 15 minutes to make any effect sooo.......
Stivow TV
Stivow TV 11 oy oldin
Where can i buy that one? Someone who knows? May girlfriend is a color - blind and i want to help her to see normal colors. Please ?
Rexx23ify 11 oy oldin
KirkeGaming 11 oy oldin
Rather underwelling
Razzlewolfflight 11 oy oldin
10,000,000 vs 100,000. That's very, very sad.
Alex Skye
Alex Skye 11 oy oldin
They sound so disinterested about seeing colour
Sabrina Fiore
Sabrina Fiore 11 oy oldin
I feel we should all take this moment to be thankful of what we have
S C 11 oy oldin
Is there a blue-green colorblindness ?
Hit 11 oy oldin
So what's this color?
weeb trash ギャブ
1:22 i cant see 3 either wtf
Both Botv
Both Botv 11 oy oldin
All those crying reactions are fake so Im glad this vid exists
Selina Serrano
Selina Serrano 11 oy oldin
$350 what the F ever!
The Red Sterling Mc'Bae
There was a colorblind E-2 in basic training. He said the red walls looked like bubblegum. XD
Dylan games Gamer
Dylan games Gamer 11 oy oldin
I’m colour blind
Marionette :3
Marionette :3 11 oy oldin
I feel glad im not colorblind at all I feel guilty every time someone says im colorblind Everytime someone says im colorblind, I feel happy I can see colors to me its plain but I was being selfish before and bow I understand the pain some of you got through I wish you good luck 💫~ Marionette :3
Ben and Sam
Ben and Sam 11 oy oldin
Dogs can only see browns, yellows, and blues
Ben and Sam
Ben and Sam 11 oy oldin
Next episode: deaf people hear color
Ersin Ipek
Ersin Ipek 11 oy oldin
but arent the glasses coloured too? How to see white then ?
indyracingnut 11 oy oldin
I honestly tried a pair of these. I couldn't handle it. I was so overwhelmed by the sensory overload. God made me this way and I've lived 44 years without these glasses. I'm good.
Do not visit this channel
What if 92% of men are colourblind and only 8% see true colour?
Miss Mosaic
Miss Mosaic Yil oldin
These are actual reactions, unlike Logan Paul
Blu Brushes
Blu Brushes Yil oldin
What if my yellow is your purple??
Adrien Clement
Adrien Clement Yil oldin
a doctor's has say :Roman color blind can see 6K color ,normal 6M color.............
Blikzy FN
Blikzy FN Yil oldin
I'm couple blind :(
nicetomeetmew Yil oldin
I have a friend who has monochromacy (he only sees black, white and grey). I wonder if the glasses would do anything for him
Crazyskillo02 Gaming
Im red green colorblind, but i can still tell different blues, but greens reds and oranges, NOPE.
Maite Küstner
Maite Küstner Yil oldin
Uuhhh i‘m always annoying my sports teacher with „that game“ ..he is also colorblind😂😂
유창완 Yil oldin
Hue-manity restored. Okay, I made a terrible pun.
David R.
David R. Yil oldin
Why wasn't Logan Paul on this? I'm just joking please don't hate me
whovians_rule Yil oldin
The title kinda annoys me since colorblind people CAN see colors, but they just can't see some specific colors. It's not like they're literally blind to color, if so they wouldn't be able to see anything.
ep o ch
ep o ch Yil oldin
OMG I related to the game thing, when they ask I just say zebra colored. 😂
ep o ch
ep o ch Yil oldin
I am deutan colorblind / red and green colorblind and I don’t want those glasses, I don’t know, I just. Don’t think it will be really even that great.
Faxx Yil oldin
1:37 As a person with glasses the same thing happens to me but with fingers
AJ 7232
AJ 7232 Yil oldin
I’m a colorblind teenager but it just depends on the shade of the color like a dark blue will look purple and a light blue will look pink. I don’t know what kind of color blindness I have could anyone tell me what kind I have.
AJ 7232
AJ 7232 Yil oldin
But some are just black, gray, or white
It's the fox!
It's the fox! Yil oldin
Only some (milder) forms of color blindness can be corrected with these glasses
Skadeet Squad
Skadeet Squad Yil oldin
One of my friends is color blind and I played the "what color is that?" game and he got really frustrated. My dad told him to get the blue Doritos and he kept on handing my dad the red ones and it was hilarious.
Mandolorianj Rex
well i dont know where they got THIS idea from
Daniel M
Daniel M Yil oldin
Can you wear those glasses permanently?
Jessi Ratna Pratiwi
Brosispku brought me here
Cate Brooks
Cate Brooks Yil oldin
The "unseen" disability. Funny-cute, but... aaaaww. The bearded dude getting teared up...
RDmaster Yil oldin
He tries them on at 2:40 by the way
Ollie Yil oldin
im color blind and almost blind
TheVarpuli Yil oldin
Ooooohhhh myyyyyy
Alishba Khan
Alishba Khan Yil oldin
I am colour blind green and blue
Busterfly Yil oldin
Lacey Rollwitz
Lacey Rollwitz Yil oldin
Should’ve asked them what their favorite color was smh
Christin N
Christin N Yil oldin
I have visual snow, so I’ll never see like other people
Janita Yil oldin
I love how everyone tends to have a reaction to purple. 💜
Pablo Barbero
Pablo Barbero Yil oldin
K1ng_JB Yil oldin
They put the glasses on at 2:40. Thank me later.
cshubs Yil oldin
With the glasses on, the one guy looks like John Goodman in The Big Lebowski.
Peyton In Pajamas
Patrick: "Do not play that game with color blind people, that's mean." Buzzfeed: "We played that game." 😂😂😂
I drg I
I drg I Yil oldin
labh singh
labh singh Yil oldin
hello sir my paroblam color balindas plz my help me sir plz reply sir
Adam's Planet
Adam's Planet Yil oldin
Aye shout outs to enchroma
Lonely Human Being
At 1:21 are you meant to be able to see the 3 cause I can't see it
Gibrielle Yil oldin
I wish I had the money to get this for my science teacher. He's the best but sometimes he gets frustrated during labs cause he'll mess up and students will correct him. Plus some of the kids in our high school are really mean to him. Our tests are green and they'll fill it out in red pen.
V I C T O R Yil oldin
Ugh why do I always get so emotional
Bae Champ
Bae Champ Yil oldin
The things we take for granted
owo uwu
owo uwu Yil oldin
*L O G A N P A U L,* *C O U G H C O U G H*
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
Im understanding that playing the color game with colorblind people is like asking someone with glasses how many fingers your holding up and that is really annoying
Mr.Snowman Yil oldin
I’m color blind as well but not that serious type of color blind for me red is like violet and yellow orange I just see colors darker.
Sharayah odil
Sharayah odil Yil oldin
This is so beautiful and absolutely made me cry.
Joey IsNotHoey
Joey IsNotHoey Yil oldin
This was adorable
SavageMickey Yil oldin
lenses would be way better
YDY Studios
YDY Studios Yil oldin
I can't see red, Every red is a shade of orange to me, so basically to me. Red isn't a thing.
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