Coming Out (Animation)

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I know a lot of you already know that I'm gay, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I've had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. You're doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y'all.
I animate in Toon Boom and edit in Premiere Pro and use a Mobile Studio Pro to draw!
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7-Sen, 2018

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Katzun 2 oy oldin
I know a lot of you already know that I'm queer, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I've had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. You're doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y'all.
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Livy Goshay oh well :))
Livy Goshay
Livy Goshay 24 kun oldin
You spelled homosexuality wrong 3:05
Its Just Adam
Its Just Adam Oy oldin
Now i feel good inside. Thank you
handsome jack
handsome jack Oy oldin
well god does say it's a sin. but thats ok because he dosent exist
Madison Strong
Madison Strong 41 daqiqa oldin
*"Brendon Urie is hot"* SAME THO But anyways, I'm bisexual too (might be pan though) I had a crush on my friend and I still kinda do. I also had a girlfriend, but that didn't last long.. Before then, I felt like I was never going to be loved. But love isn't important for me now. I'm still proud of myself (looks however is eh) I'm a pro bisexual
Jonathan Drake Barahona Ercules
I’m Christian but I really don’t care for gay people. For me it’s okay . What I’m traying to say (sing this) it)s okay to be gay
Jonathan Drake Barahona Ercules
After all I’m defenetly going to hell so how cares
Savannah Baloney
Savannah Baloney 58 daqiqa oldin
im gay i had a crush on my best friend and she is the best person ever and now we are a couple
Ed Bannon
Ed Bannon Soat oldin
We episcopalians don't think LGBTQIA people are sinners, that's only beleved by catholics and christans.
IMMA POTATO 2 soat oldin
Don’t feel ashamed to like her
IMMA POTATO 2 soat oldin
Halsey is soooooo hot
Gintoki Sakata
Gintoki Sakata 2 soat oldin
Ah, That was one big, long closet wasn't it
That Fujoshi Girl
That Fujoshi Girl 2 soat oldin
Okay..... If you are a homophob.... You should blame the straight people. They are the ones Who keep having gay babies!! #LGBT4 laif!
Logan Willey
Logan Willey 2 soat oldin
People who are just disgusted by homosexuals disgust me, I’m not gay but I know that there is no sin about being with whoever you love, either gender, anybody.
John Wallace
John Wallace 3 soat oldin
Omg kat you like hamilton (im not trying to be mean) and your gay, *JOHN LAURENS*
candy crush
candy crush 3 soat oldin
You know I am not gay but it good to get it off your chest right because many people are gay and your one of them some people don't want to do it but they do so it's ok no one will juge you so and when I said I'm not gay I don't like nether I like nothing to do with gays or not so I'm basically like you cousin
NEKO NUGGETS 4 soat oldin
That is kinda like me I'm straight but when I was smaller I didn't know much about homosexuality or any sexuality and I was confused about it so didn't like when ppl of the same gender were together but I didn't think it was a sin then I got older and I know more about it and I really really really really really support the LGBTQ community and I love ppl who date the gender I even have a few friends that are gay and their awesome And so are you KATZUN you are amazing person!!!!
Hallam Family
Hallam Family 4 soat oldin
Beebo is hot
Idca 6
Idca 6 4 soat oldin
Kay thank you for helping me I came out to my mom and my dad my mom was very accepting but my dad not so much.realizing that I’m a lesbian was the best day of my life and with your help I came out to my family So thank you LGBTQ for life❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Dorka Fekete
Dorka Fekete 4 soat oldin
Im not a lesbian and im not against it either i actually have a friend who is gay and we a great frienda
Dorka Fekete
Dorka Fekete 4 soat oldin
Myotis Welwitschii
Myotis Welwitschii 5 soat oldin
I had the same... But worse because I am Transgender. I tried to kill myself
Celeastaplays 5 soat oldin
Katzun...u helped me... Thank you
DianaSenpie .
DianaSenpie . 5 soat oldin
"and I realized..." *IM GAE* -I'm joking lol-
Anya Oofs-a-lot
Anya Oofs-a-lot 6 soat oldin
gacha -chan
gacha -chan 6 soat oldin
I think I'm the same no lie
Tori Hernandez
Tori Hernandez 8 soat oldin
because of u coming out incurged me to come out to my whole family THANK YOU
Tripledot0 8rt
Tripledot0 8rt 8 soat oldin
(0_0) /|. |> |. |. Wow just…………wow
TIT/\N 9 soat oldin
gay ass fuckin furry
boorsuq TM
boorsuq TM 9 soat oldin
Me 3 years ago: im heterosexual Me 2 years ago: im bi but i prefer men Me last year: im bi but i prefer woman Me now: im super gay
ʇɥns ɔɥɐuəl ıs ɔnɹsəp qəʍɐɹə
I know I'm late but I think your job is done
Smolbean 34
Smolbean 34 12 soat oldin
1:50 this made me even more gay
Lavender Gem
Lavender Gem 12 soat oldin
Oh I'm bisexual
maddoghowie 14 soat oldin
I'm lesbian
CRAZY RED DRAGON 15 soat oldin
Im really glad you opened up. I came out pansexual to my mom because i knew she was okay with it. Though we are a very religious household, we accept who people are inside and out ,Because we cannot tell people what to do if they really dont want it. (Also my classmates, i go to a christian school, but 99% are very accepting, the 1% is the other students and the school founder/ principal plus our priest)
Sheridan Scott
Sheridan Scott 16 soat oldin
good for her, you should never bottle up your feelings about anything. its important not to be scared of rejection because its just something that happens but always know someone is looking out for you and cares about you. you should never change who you are for other people just be yourself and be proud of who you are.
Emma Gutierrez
Emma Gutierrez 17 soat oldin
God love everyone even if your gay
no need to know who i am
LIANA MARTINEZ 18 soat oldin
I honestly don’t even know..I think I’m bisexual and I think I have a crush on my best friend who’s also bi so..I’m scareeddd...I don’t know if I’m pan either
Wolfiefox1aj 19 soat oldin
It's ok to be gay, some people just freak out when they see it.. Like little JERKS
Darav 20 soat oldin
why do people hate gays? What did they do? why are they hated? why are lies coming out of it? why do stright people think theyre perfect? WHY ARE PEOPLE SO RUDE?! Edit: i myself am straight but i dont care about peoples sexual preferences
Sally Chaos Aura
Sally Chaos Aura 20 soat oldin
Soooooooo like... I think I'm hetero-flexible...? I'm... not really sure tho... heck I'm not really sure about my gender either. Ugh puberty sucks... being a teenager is so confusing
iloveyou11167 !!!
iloveyou11167 !!! 21 soat oldin
Thank god I found this channel YOU inspired me to come out to my parents just because of this video, they are religious but they accepted me... Thanks... A lot! 😁
FallenRøses_175 x
FallenRøses_175 x 21 soat oldin
Well despite me still being straight, yeah Brendon Urie is hot tho XD
Reese Grindstaff
Reese Grindstaff 21 soat oldin
Awww I’m so sorry that u have to go through this.... everyone who goes through this I’m sorry. I’m bi so I’ve gone through the same stupid crap. Thank you so much for coming out with this! Love you
RoggerGamer 07
RoggerGamer 07 22 soat oldin
Sometimes gay is the highway. so you shouldn't be ashamed for being gay.
Darling 22 soat oldin
Star Dreamer
Star Dreamer 22 soat oldin
I’m so happy for you, I’m asexual and it’s nice to now there is people in the world how it’s ok with my sexuality 🙂 plus I wish I was a boy too
Lord Elmo
Lord Elmo 22 soat oldin
I don’t wanna start an argument but, I am straight, but I still support people that are lgbtq... yet I get called names for being straight... wtf
Andrew Murillo
Andrew Murillo 23 soat oldin
Not homosexual and not bisexual But I agree with you #loveislove
ArianaPlayz 23 soat oldin
Hey, do you like me? Yeah, I do I like you to. Gotta go to bed, goodnight! that went well
• ArtKat •
• ArtKat • 23 soat oldin
2 months ago, a watched this...disgusted..kind of..I was wondering over time...am I gay?...no I’m not! Now I just realized...yes, I am gay, and it’s because of you...that’s a good thing I guess..but I’m keeping it a secret. (The internet knows now)
Laiken Gullen
Laiken Gullen 23 soat oldin
Stop looking at gender or sexuality Look at whats in there hearts Thats how you can tell someone, who they really are
anima girl
anima girl 23 soat oldin
being gay is fine heak im gay
Mexx 23 soat oldin
Once I saw a homophobic comment compare gay people to school shooters
Lapis Sakura
Lapis Sakura Kun oldin
If you think about it, I am Christian, and I know that God would never think that it's okay for some homophobic parsing to say that gays are going to Hell, I'm bi, and proud!
Broken Dash
Broken Dash Kun oldin
I have come to realise that im bisexual and that i have a crush on a girl and a guy but i only told my cousin because i trusted him, and after that i started asking my family what do they think of bisexuals. My aunt said that she wouldn't care or hang out with them. Then i just asked what if they were in the family she looked at me and said well the only thing i would tell them is that they have god to fear. After that i also told my mom and she said that she didnt mind them but god doesn't like people like that. She ask me why i asked her that and then i told her that im bi. She later told me to tell her that when im 14 because she thought it was just a faze. My grandma, the one that i mostly loved the most in my twisted family, ( no they aren't twisted because they are homophobes. Its another reason) said that she hated gays and that she doesn't hang out with them. I didnt tell her that i was bi but my mom told her and she freaked out so i just told her that i was straight and that my mom was misunderstanding what i told her. I blamed the thing on my school. After awhile i finally told my dad the one i trusted the most after my grandma. When i told him that i was bi he said that he loved me the same and that it was ok. I first told my step mom before my dad and she said that my dad would still love me the same because she asked him "What if one of yours and my kids go gay?" She said that my dad said that he didnt care and that i should tell him that im bi. I have a lot going on in my life and being bi just adds more pressure, but thanks to videos like this and the fact that i have some bi friends is helping me with that problem so thank you cat for this video your animations are great and i hope you have a wonderful day.
Ash Greenpearl
Ash Greenpearl Kun oldin
I'm Bisexual, my mom knows but I have to still act straight. The only reason my mom knows is because I was crying over my best friend for telling me she didn't love me anymore after some things that were sent (No NSFW was sent). I started sobbing uncontrollably, my mom found out and I told her everything. She looks me in the eyes and says, "No your straight or you'll go to hell. I have tons of friends who are girls and I don't want to have sex with them." I kinda of just started crying me. My parents are low-key homophobic. I've only come out to a few people. My cousins, close friends and a few classmates. Side note: When a Bi person comes out please don't immediately ask who they would have a three some with. (Speaking from experience)
ArtisticShadows Kun oldin
Liam LL
Liam LL Kun oldin
Wait your gay?
Xxx QuizzicalxxX
Damm thanks for helping me man this really helped
Multi tale
Multi tale Kun oldin
I will hold the asexual flag high my friend. I know that this is not the same as being gay but, realizing that I like no one has really changed my life. I am now more independent and have a stronger view of myself that a previously assumed to be weak. I feel myself in a final state of peace and happiness in my life. Realizing that I don't like anyone has made me stronger and was the reason I got out of depression. Thank you. Thank you so much. My family says that I am too young to diside BUT WHEN THEY SEE HOW STRONG I AM WITHOUT ANYONE, THEY WILL FINALLY SEE, THEY WILL SEE HOW PROUD I AM OF THIS COMMUNITY! I LOVE YOU CAT! THANK YOU!
Coatninja25 Kun oldin
I showed my 13yr old sister this video and I don't know how to thank you it really calm her nerves about what she was feeling about being homosexual and I just can't thank you enough for making this video it really helped my little sister figure out her sexuality
SupremeLonz Kun oldin
1 Corinthians 6:9-11 9Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
redrose 101
redrose 101 Kun oldin
At my school we have a gay+ straight alliance club :D kids from grade 1 to grade 8 can join it. I'm so proud and grateful to live in Canada.
Lerrr Meerrr
Lerrr Meerrr Kun oldin
Honestly I knew it but it’s not bad I’m a lesbian
LoveDog789 Kun oldin
If gay is a sin and god hates gays the why did he make them? If god created everyone equally and by hand then why do gays exist if he “hates” them? Like religion makes no sense in my opinion (btw I’m panromantic asexual 🙃)
Shannon Trevino
Shannon Trevino Kun oldin
You go kat
Walter Knox
Walter Knox Kun oldin
There is nothing wrong with liking someone of the same gender. I love this video.
Smokey Potate
Smokey Potate Kun oldin
I have literally no idea what my sexuality is cause I’m still a little kid (fifth grader 11 years old) but it’s always been kind of weird cause I don’t feel like I’m straight but in fourth grade I had a crush on a girl in my class named merlin and right now I have a crush on my best friend ( she’s bi named nygheria) were not as close as we used to be which really hurts cause of the crush I developed on her I have no idea why or when but she just started feeling like more than just my friend I started liking her like.. like liking her and I can’t tell anyone because she’s my best friend and she recently got a girlfriend (laylah) like four days ago and I can’t tell her how I feel cause she’s too sweet and I don’t wanna hurt her and I haven’t told anyone except for some of my Internet friends and I saw this video before and I just rewatched cause I get how you felt then and it hurts thinking about what my sexuality really is cause I still think some boys are cute but I still only have actual crush on girls
FutureChef517 Kun oldin
Being gay isn't bad... sure I'M not gay, but that doesn't mean I think its bad, you just like someone with the same gender, ur not gonna go to jail for it... is not gonna send u to hell, Even tho it's not exactly what God intended it's still OK!!! Luv U All 😊😊😊
Anda Ioana
Anda Ioana Kun oldin
You made me realize: I kinda like girls And You made me feel less alone 😄
Hexorose Kun oldin
I want to say to ppl im bisexual but i just cant
Kiowa and Friends The Rebels
I don't care if people are attracted to the same gender or not. We are all people.
I love your pink purple and blue colour pallet 🏳‍🌈❤💜💙
Freddie Is on fire
I’m bi :/
OneOdd Otaku
OneOdd Otaku Kun oldin
Baked you a Bi Pie!! 🎂 Well, more like cake. Now who wants a piece?? (Now I feel super bad about shipping her with James even in a friendly way. I am so sorry Kat.)
poppy diys wright
I'm B.I I have a huge crush on a boy but also a girl I mean she's SOOOOOO hot
Smart Cookie
Smart Cookie Kun oldin
im bi and am in love with my STRAIGHT best friend.... it really sucks... anyway, are you still with the perfect amazing girl?
idk what to put here
oh my god the halsey obsession is so fucking relatable i went through that exact same phase
Sunset Cyanide
Sunset Cyanide Kun oldin
Judge people by their decisions, not something that they can’t change, and something that is part of someone. Edit:Do what you love to do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. (Ie.murder stuff like that)
Austin Rheude
Austin Rheude Kun oldin
Don't ever hide your true self, be you and the world will accept it 😺😺😺
DogDogSushi Kun oldin
Stᴉtchᴉe Kun oldin
Stᴉtchᴉe Kun oldin
fun fact, the bible was miss translated, its not man shall not sleep with man, its man shall not sleep with child, sooooo all those arranged marriages are sins rly
Hamasai Kun oldin
Luna Moon coyote
aaaannnd this is why u r my favorite you tuber
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr Kun oldin
“ hey do u like meh????” “ yussss” *trows phone to Japan “
Luna Moon coyote
I don't care if I go to hell!!!!
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr Kun oldin
It’s ok boo I’m just the same now bring your damn popcorn bc this is gunna be long ass story One day in El school my sister Faith showed me to this girl, her name was Isabella(same as my name) she was very nice and kind, but me oh no I said nothing bc I’m a pathetic shy FREAKIN BAKA, but after weeks of getting used to each other and talking we became friends we both liked anime, video games, drawing, undertale, UZvid, (your channel) and soon to be each other. We hung out allot at my house but for some reason never her house (still haven’t been to her house) idk y but she always wanted to come to our house. We enjoyed hanging out with each other and playing with my lps and cats. But one thing I learned about her is that.... she had diabetes, but I was ok with it bc that’s what friends are for, to accept how every one is... right? For hours up on edge I’d blab to my friend Gracie about how sweet and kind she is and Gracie would just tell me to STFU but I refused, after a while I noticed that the more I blabed to Gracie... the more she became furious I soon came to the thought “ is Gracie jelly?” (Gracie is NOT gay) I thought I was being mean bc I was only talking about Izzy (my future Gf) to my best friend and making her feel like she wasn’t important to me... so I stopped talking about her in front of Gracie, but when I stopped talking about Izzy I felt sad, idk y but I just did I wanted to talk about her but I forced myself not to. Flash ahead a few years. My sisters birthday, we invited Izzy and only her bc were losers and have no damn friends T^T. We decided to play granny in real life, faith is the granny first. Me and Izzy start off in the bedroom, and she asks me a question a weird one...”hey Bella?” Izzy says“ yeah?” I say @ what’s your sexuality? Not that it matters but what is it?” I hesitate to answer but eventually I say “ homosexual...”
Rainy Chan
Rainy Chan Kun oldin
I wish people didn’t think that Ace Isn’t a sexuality...I’m an ace trans ftm. People think that I’m “trying to be special” but...I can’t help how I feel. I’ve heard “you’re not trans. You’re just confused” I hate it...I wish I could be prideful with myself. Your video helped me realize that I shouldn’t be regretful of who I am. That I shouldn’t be unhappy with myself because of others. I want to be happy and I’m realizing that I need to take the steps to make myself happy. Thank you Kat. This video made me feel loved and happy. You did your job kat I feel less alone. Thank you...it means the world that you made this video...even tho you might never see this comment I just wanted to let you know, again you did your job. After this video I felt less alone. Thank you...truly thank you...
slaughter media
slaughter media Kun oldin
as an aggressively bisexual person i approve of this message, and even if hell existed i think the devil would probably be more fun in bed then jesus XP
Bacon McBaconButt
Katzun or whoever may be reading this, Once in 5th grade my friends and I were talking. We were the popular group, and I only got in because I made them laugh. Then, something happened. The most popular said the most horrifying thing to look back on now. “I. Hate. Gays.” Me, totally agreeing, said, “Yeah, me too.” The next year, I ditched the popular kids and hung with this amazing friend. At first, that’s all she was to me. She’s still helping me through my depression, and she’s was the ugly girl with a big, sweet, kind-ish (Only mean in a funny way) person. Then something sparked. I stopped eating because of my depression, and she physically shoved food down my throat and threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t eat. Of course I loved her and ate. She’s going through girls and boys let and right, so now I’m one of her only friends. She’s going to a new school soon. I can’t confess... but then I see this video and I know what to do. Thank you so much, Katzun. THANK YOU!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Senpai Taro
Senpai Taro Kun oldin
I’m gay and I’m happy about it but watching this makes me feel comfortable with who I am
The Classic Life of a Cat
Awww... That's so sweet... ♥️ Relationship goals... I have a boyfriend. I'm strait but you are a wonderful person. I am happy I finally got to watch this video...
Lemon Penguin
Lemon Penguin Kun oldin
(Looks at picture of Katzun) ..... Is this *another gay icon* -question mark-
unicorn cupcake
unicorn cupcake Kun oldin
Hopefully your family excepts u
Man dude I’m sorry not gonna beat down on the topic but even if I personally am not gay I still like you as a person people are just dumb also sorry I don’t agree with it not being a sin it is but 🤷‍♀️
The star in Space
Talia Tusday
Talia Tusday Kun oldin
G-Good A- Accepts Y-You
I was raised Christian, i would always go to a protestant church in my town. And..................to be honest..........i didn't know that LGBT even existed. When i first heard about it in first grade (btw i'm 14), i went to my mother, and asked her the simple, but stupid question of, do i have to be gay? Of course, like a christian mother, she told me the words, gays are a sin, period, that's it. Few years passed and i enter middle school. Puberty starts, you start changing in locker rooms in gym, and for me, that's when i realized, something was different about me. During lunch i would sit at my lunch table, start eating, and then i turn around, and just start to stare at the popular boys' lunch table, which was not far from mine, to be honest, i had a crush on them. People there start to notice that i am looking at them, then after lunch, they would pick on me and ask, "are you gay?" But i would always say back, "no." This kept happening day after day, and one day in seventh grade, my mom came up to me and asked the question, "are you gay?" I couldn't believe what she said to me, and i was in full anxiety mode, my heart was pounding, my hands shaking. My mother asked again, "ARE YOU GAY?" I wanted to say no, but the word "yes" spat out of my mouth. I covered my hands, and started to cry. I was waiting for the worst, the dreadful worst, the disowning worst. But, that never happened. She also started to cry to, and couldn't hardly believe that she was crying to. She looked at me and said, "that's okay, because god loves us, NO MATTER what we are." So no matter that your gay, bi, straight, transgender, or any-other things, god loves you O SO much, and he will make room in heaven for us.
ari k
ari k Kun oldin
love is love, and it's not a choice.
Happy Boi
Happy Boi 2 kun oldin
As an infinitely expanding virus taking over the planet I can’t relate to anything you’re saying. I’d rather not date anyone and live on with my life and maybe adopt a kid or 2.
Christy Cooper
Christy Cooper 2 kun oldin
I dont think your weird for that even if u are gay i still love your videos and stuff 💟
Jacob Wolkiewicz
Jacob Wolkiewicz 2 kun oldin
Person: You’re clearly straight from hell Me: I’m clearly bisexual from hell but go on
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