Conan & Nick Kroll Teach A Sex Ed Class

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CONAN Highlight: Who better to educate young people about puberty and safe sex than Conan O’Brien and Nick Kroll?
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8-Fev, 2019



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pereiramariana35 3 daqiqa oldin
laughing at conan is never a waste of time! or masturbating for that matter, just not at conan...
annie c
annie c 24 daqiqa oldin
young women repeatedly referred to as guys. why not refer to them as young ladies and gentlemen. would be a good start , acknowledging both sexes equally.
Dafterror 2 soat oldin
What's up with the WRONGs and RIGHTs? Why was that included? That ruined the clip for me. Otherwise, it would definitively have been meh.
Anurag M
Anurag M 18 soat oldin
The douchheeee
shuarma0 18 soat oldin
nick kroll's being a bit too serious
Vanessa 18 soat oldin
I've watched the first couple seconds again and again just to see the pain in Nick Kroll's eyes when he answers "I'm standing here with my good pal, Nick Kroll. Hi, Nick" with "I'm good, thanks. Hi, Conan."
Jacob 19 soat oldin
The girl in green reminded me of Summer from School of Rock with her comment "How much do you really know of the female anatomy?"
Jordan Schlansky: there're various sexual positions, its dangerous to have various sexl partners, i expect various questions from you all.
Tripp Stafford
Tripp Stafford Kun oldin
I wish I was in that class
I hate all the jackets they make him wear in this show
Gankageddon Kun oldin
F is For Family is so much better.
amal zuhair
amal zuhair Kun oldin
Conan is one of those comedians where he’s standing right on the line between funny and absolute insanity
L CT Kun oldin
Nick Kroll is SOOOOO slept on. So glad ppl like Big Mouth
Dave Ridlespriger
HAN walked by mad ,and I told him the WOOKIE went that way??? LOL. /8
Dave Ridlespriger
I'm proud of mine Lol.
Dave Ridlespriger
Dave Ridlespriger
When they gone bust yo cherry???
Jake Lawson
Jake Lawson Kun oldin
Student at 1:57 is a paid actor, not actual teenager.
Alayne Byrd
Alayne Byrd Kun oldin
😂Oh these two bitches... This catastrophe shouldn't have taken me almost an hour to watch!! I probably laughed too much & way too hard at this!!!😂 😐My tummy hurts now.😐
mustafa siddiqui
Girl in green looks like the girl from a walk to remember :P
XDGamer 159
XDGamer 159 Kun oldin
The girl in the green is so hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!
The Laid Off Founder
This type of education would have made my youth a whole lot easier. Hah.
JacobOlli Kun oldin
Nick Kroll face reminds me a bit of Eric Andre's
Karen Mendoza
Karen Mendoza 2 kun oldin
That kid really does look like him
Mark Lowney
Mark Lowney 2 kun oldin
21Liberdade 2 kun oldin
The girl with the green shirt is high as f
Lovisa Maanmies
Lovisa Maanmies 2 kun oldin
Haven't laughed this much in a while, thank you Conan and Nick!
jorge aldridge
jorge aldridge 2 kun oldin
Fake kids
holohulolo 2 kun oldin
That girl in green kind of looks like lindsay lohan without freckles.
John Dukes
John Dukes 2 kun oldin
That show is borderline pedophilia
A 2 kun oldin
I'm going through... *CHANGES*
Shushant Parab
Shushant Parab 2 kun oldin
Damn Conan.. back at it with his brown leather jacket
Manu Goat
Manu Goat 2 kun oldin
Almost died laughing. Connan is hilarious
casey 2 kun oldin
I would love to be Conans child
lprdgds 2 kun oldin
Sorry Conan, some of us like curvy 'bananas' lmao
Laura OBrien
Laura OBrien 2 kun oldin
yes, this needs to be done again with jordan schlansky
Destiny Fucker
Destiny Fucker 3 kun oldin
It was Google who taught me- edit - UZvid ( especially the comment section) you know what now that I think about it it was thanks to all the beautiful people who shared their knowledge online. (on the internet)
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett 3 kun oldin
They should've thrown the fruit at the kids faces at Major league baseball pitcher speeds.
Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant 3 kun oldin
Me: laughing slightly awkward and uncomfortably
sean aquias
sean aquias 3 kun oldin
Best duo
Alanah Yankum
Alanah Yankum 3 kun oldin
I love big mouth
Blake Simpson
Blake Simpson 3 kun oldin
Was the right/wrong thing the legal criteria to let them do this
tayottt 3 kun oldin
M Oliveira
M Oliveira 3 kun oldin
Good class guys!! Remember to do DNA test. kkkkkkk
IIIrandomIII 3 kun oldin
I'm gonna say it... That 15 year old girl sitting at the front with green top... She's gonna be a babe later.
Tara Z
Tara Z 3 kun oldin
I adore the girl in the green sweatshirt. She kept it 💯 🔥
m smith
m smith 3 kun oldin
I Love Conan. Nobody better than him especially with spontaneous hilarious stuff. The V under his armpit for some reason had me rolling. Love his remotes too.
shatalg 3 kun oldin
It was kind of disturbing when two middle aged men started talking about their penises to 15 year old school kids.
craigyjustine 3 kun oldin
Damn, I love that girl in green. She’s so beautiful
Samuel Morel
Samuel Morel 3 kun oldin
Were is the teacher lol
rakesh gen
rakesh gen 3 kun oldin
There's no sex education like this in my country India ✌️
☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣
_Socks on Lights off_ lol
Ricky 3 kun oldin
The girl in green is so cute
Jo La
Jo La 3 kun oldin
Dong Li
Dong Li 3 kun oldin
This should be described as a what? I did not get that
Unired 3 kun oldin
Kimmel: Trashes politics constantly, never shuts up about the POTUS and bores a hole in the meaning of primetime and entertainment Conan: Never brings politics into any discussion, is consistent with his comedy and knows what purpose he serves Yet Kimmel gets more views?
Alex Resnick
Alex Resnick 3 kun oldin
I kind of want to watch that entire period now...
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne 3 kun oldin
did the high school admin board be like "pick the prettiest kids to shoot for this segment" because no way a classroom actually looks like that
fReEvBuCkS Now
fReEvBuCkS Now 3 kun oldin
5 minutes of awkward laughs😂
Sil Aco
Sil Aco 4 kun oldin
Should’ve had hormone monster teach the class 😩😍
Please Sub 2 me for no reason thanx
Oh mah god im 15🖕
Takahashi nani ni shimasu ka?
You have to be in a dedicated sex ed class? I hope its mandatory.
JO J 4 kun oldin
Tyler Christie
Tyler Christie 4 kun oldin
What’s his movie show called
AGST 4 kun oldin
Best Episode!
Agnibha Sen
Agnibha Sen 4 kun oldin
These kids' parents are gonna have a serious conversation with the school authorities.
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 4 kun oldin
That girl was wearing too short shorts they looked like underwear
CLuv 4 kun oldin
He said Victoria's Secret catalog and there was silence
卢本伟没有 4 kun oldin
guess what in china,when someone put this video on bilibili,it was been banned
Agam Bhasin
Agam Bhasin 4 kun oldin
Conan is the best!
OLBastholm 4 kun oldin
The facial expressions of the girl in the green shirt are priceless!
ermitanyo hermit
ermitanyo hermit 4 kun oldin
Why do i have the feeling that conan is holding back with his jokes? Hahaha. We all know he can go crazy on that topic in the most witty way but since he is talking to a bunch of kids he is trying to hold back his quips.
Karan Shukla
Karan Shukla 4 kun oldin
Still better than my biology teacher who couldn't get even single word out of his mouth throughout "Reproduction" chapter
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle 4 kun oldin
what an awesome Duo!
Bob 4 kun oldin
The girl's face at 4:07 sums up the entire video.
ramcharan koindela
ramcharan koindela 4 kun oldin
same jacket since ages.
Zetsuke4 4 kun oldin
burbank school so lucky LOL funny video dude conen.
Zetsuke4 4 kun oldin
well to be fair eating it isnt wrong
Zetsuke4 4 kun oldin
but u can give consent while not being definitely into it though
Zetsuke4 4 kun oldin
lol that asian kid with shorts
Zetsuke4 4 kun oldin
LMAO that Conor kid
Zetsuke4 4 kun oldin
an and or CONan CONor and, or
Flex Seal Man!
Flex Seal Man! 4 kun oldin
Hilarious 😂
Tzvi Schuman
Tzvi Schuman 4 kun oldin
That Blonde girl in the front looks exactly like the "A Walk to Remember" girl... Wow!
Andrea Guzmán
Andrea Guzmán 4 kun oldin
Hahaha I love it The Two 😂💓
Shaggy 4 kun oldin
My clean Christian mind has been deceived.
Cristina Ortiz
Cristina Ortiz 4 kun oldin
The douche!
MrUtuber2012 4 kun oldin
Conor lied. He finally learnt who his father is
Jesse Valdez
Jesse Valdez 4 kun oldin
Bingo bango...
Justin Allday
Justin Allday 4 kun oldin
Anyone else notice a lot of the students wearing VANS?
Mikey Grimmer
Mikey Grimmer 4 kun oldin
This man's name rhymes with Rick Roll and I have to live with that now
ColetheKing2002 4 kun oldin
This is some nice, clean, family friendly content! Keep up the good work guys!
Martin Montes
Martin Montes 4 kun oldin
Cringe but okay
Please Sub 2 me for no reason thanx
Girl in greens insta??
gotajerb 4 kun oldin
Darren Ellingson
Darren Ellingson 4 kun oldin
There's nothing better than trivializing sex in front of young brains in the name of comedy. How irresponsible and sick.
pulp 4 kun oldin
They all looked so offended and confused at the wnd
Waran 4 kun oldin
okay how can an 18 and a 15 year-old be in the same class?
Corey Stevenston
Corey Stevenston 5 kun oldin
For the first time in my entire life Conan let me down. CONAN AND JORDAN should have done this. Plain and simple, imagine Jordan teaching sex ed utterly brilliant. I mean who dosent see Conan pointing out Jordan is the best form of birth control.
Andres Borges
Andres Borges 5 kun oldin
God, how is Conan so damn funny and quick.
GoGo higher
GoGo higher 5 kun oldin
5:40 LoL😂
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