Conan Surprises Japanese Fans

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Last year, a couple invited Conan to their wedding in Japan. Conan couldn’t make it, but he's stopping by their house now with a special wedding gift in tow.
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3-Dek, 2018



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Hair Care Specialist
Hair Care Specialist 16 soat oldin
You�re welcome, and have a nice day
Nikolaj Slente
Nikolaj Slente Kun oldin
I do wonder if Jordan and Conan are really good friends or if Jordan just have massive patience
Canard708 Kun oldin
I don't know if Jordan is putting an act or this is him in real life
Black Heart
Black Heart 2 kun oldin
I know someone like that 😂2:57
Hero 2 kun oldin
That cut where they were all laying in the bed silent made me laugh. Great editing.
Dr Din
Dr Din 3 kun oldin
1:24 his height really does just come from his legs lmao his torso is the same length as the other dude
Red Rain
Red Rain 4 kun oldin
Jordan's very mousey.
The bat t
The bat t 4 kun oldin
hot Asian wife
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson 5 kun oldin
friggin awesome
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
Candice 7 kun oldin
How to invite Conan O'Brian to your wedding: Step 1: Find a husband.
Noel Sartin
Noel Sartin 6 kun oldin
Proceed now to the 2nd step
Seán O'Brien
Seán O'Brien 8 kun oldin
Ram Li
Ram Li 16 kun oldin
0:35 am i a joke ?
Ball is Life
Ball is Life 16 kun oldin
Lol just look at the shape of the dude and u can tell hes half american
Andy Toledo
Andy Toledo 16 kun oldin
I'd like to have a physical conversation with Jordan to see how does it feels like xD.
AUGUSTUS CAESER 19 kun oldin
imma keep it real. as much as conan thinks Jordan is irritating hes really a genius
kiran kumar
kiran kumar 21 kun oldin
she closing the door hahaa
Jon Mcspell
Jon Mcspell 25 kun oldin
Jordan is art himself. This was so pure uwu
Sage 888
Sage 888 Oy oldin
Conan defines laughter
sid emdaboina
sid emdaboina Oy oldin
Japan's so neat, it looks like a giant mini toy city set..
kenneth lazarus
Keep it up Conan,,,welcome Kenya Conan
Mark Maksymowicz
Damn even their door handles are from the future.
Long Lasting
Long Lasting Oy oldin
Why does the front door resemble a fridge door?
Weroni Oy oldin
Jesus weeping baby... this was priceless :D :D :D
Jen Baerner
Jen Baerner Oy oldin
Lol, Jordan!!! shows up
Jen Baerner
Jen Baerner Oy oldin
The girl is so cute, so cute, so adorable. Closing and opening the door for about 3 times^^
Hihihihihihihihi Byebye
As soon as Jordan started to talk. I remembered how much Jordan loved Japan
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift Oy oldin
The guy looks younger than woman
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift Oy oldin
6 thousands miles and I don’t know you 🤣
Syeda Yasmin Ara
That bear!!! 😍
Rasi P
Rasi P 2 oy oldin
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....I can’t stop hearing it now
Adalynn Kear
Adalynn Kear 2 oy oldin
You like jorden shckakey?!😂
THE _ VOID 2 oy oldin
Seems like they were more scared that Conan knew their location than being happy
putocheeze 2 oy oldin
Hahahahahahaha Im supposed to be studying!
holohulolo 2 oy oldin
When she mentioned Jordan, I was just thinking what if Jordan was there and he is! Should've been longer though, or do a remote with the couple somewhere else in Japan.
metromelody18 2 oy oldin
More Conan doing stuff in Japan.
Ranjan Mb
Ranjan Mb 2 oy oldin
Well played 😂😂
ItsGujjar 2 oy oldin
Literally WTF ?? and why the f**k I love it so much ?? 😫😫
geanny damole
geanny damole 2 oy oldin
amazing surpris
The Stealthinator
The scream was actually not because she was surprised / excited to seen Conan. Instead it was a scream of pure terror at seeing a tall, ominous ginger stranger standing outside her door.
Zupus’ Vlogs
Zupus’ Vlogs 2 oy oldin
I got hyped when Jordan appeared
Ahsan Ahmed
Ahsan Ahmed 2 oy oldin
Jordan's the best man love that guy
preena chopra
preena chopra 2 oy oldin
Gordon ramsay got young
Shay Kwon
Shay Kwon 2 oy oldin
Conan should send Marie Kondo to Jordanz office
Denzel Carbajal
Denzel Carbajal 2 oy oldin
Wtf looks like they are living inside a fridge lol....
Rasi P
Rasi P 2 oy oldin
Conan: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr😂😂😅😅
Zycho 2 oy oldin
She's so cute
TROUBLE Fallen Angel
Conan has earn his keep in heaven and the love in every Human 💓 around the world there isn't many Man the can actually turn a horrible day into a bright one thank you Conan and the entire Team Coco for making us smile every time.
Jeff 2 oy oldin
1:52 Click here if u want to have nightmares tonight.
Rusty 2 oy oldin
hahahahaha! love this video! :D it's awesome!
jim t
jim t 2 oy oldin
Conan fkkking rocks! If anyone suffers from depression conan is the prescription
Faiz Asraf
Faiz Asraf 2 oy oldin
please come to malaysia conan
stupid Dead
stupid Dead 2 oy oldin
conan is really crazy
Gulzaar Ahmed
Gulzaar Ahmed 2 oy oldin
Blue Kang
Blue Kang 2 oy oldin
Damn she fine.
Hi C
Hi C 2 oy oldin
Jordan is fun on coca lol
tomaf 2 oy oldin
Their front door is a refrigerator door. ;-P
Josie The Flower Boy
If I met Jordan I'd probably die
Barbie chanel
Barbie chanel 2 oy oldin
Conan is a legend we don’t deserve
Miyu Miyu
Miyu Miyu 2 oy oldin
Jordan's like a radio, you can leave the room, take a nap and come back and hes still talking. . . pretty sure there's an off button somewhere on his back.
Suzaku Rukawa
Suzaku Rukawa 2 oy oldin
Just when you think jordan would never annoy you! Hahahahaha
Hash-Slinging Slasher
She was smiling the whole time lmao she had a blast
Mon legaspi
Mon legaspi 2 oy oldin
Editing is hilariously on point 🤣
Brandon Rezz
Brandon Rezz 2 oy oldin
Well I think we can agree Conan’s humor works universally? No? He is just so happy and nice, it almost just outs you in a good mood when you watch him. Big OWO.
Behabtwa 2 oy oldin
after trump, schlansky would be the one guy i wanna kick in the nut.
Uhuru Wa Kweli
Uhuru Wa Kweli 3 oy oldin
Ok. Conan is an official youtuber. He could only be better by showing up to the wedding. He flew 12000 miles in total for a 3 minute video. Too much sauce.
Angie Gardner
Angie Gardner 3 oy oldin
Lol ignoring the guy and go lay in bed hilarious:)
Angie Gardner
Angie Gardner 3 oy oldin
He is so fun and awesome person
Broderic Kartholl
Lol. I find Jordan Schlansky pretty interesting. Lol. Conan needs to visit Canada, France, and China. Jordan Schlansky could be a teacher if he wanted to be. Lmao.
Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain 3 oy oldin
Completely scripted.
Tohtori Kuka
Tohtori Kuka 3 oy oldin
I just got invited to my friends wedding for the summer, wonder if Conan would crash theyr too in the summer... in here Finland hih :D
lolopop12345 3 oy oldin
The teddy bear's face at 1:35 is PRICELESS 😂😂
Kristina Daubney
Kristina Daubney 3 oy oldin
She is so pretty. I feel she is out of his league but as long as he treats her right.
stockjonebills 3 oy oldin
That way of thinking is why we have so much divorce. They love each other its that simple.
provoked Makaveli
Conan tried to curve him on 0:52 lol
ANNO DOMINI 3 oy oldin
Conan would be better without Jordan or Sonia, Conan in pure gold but those other people pretending to be funny is just annoying!
Teinysha Patterson
Omg ur so funny 😂
Golden Duck
Golden Duck 3 oy oldin
would've been funny if they divorced before conan visited
prathamesh adke
prathamesh adke 3 oy oldin
Now we want Conan in India!!! #Conaninindia
Ha Neul
Ha Neul 3 oy oldin
I wish you visit our house too 😂😂
Marc The Bike Vlogger
i love her reaction!
ruskisall 3 oy oldin
Why that teddy bear needed glasses? 🤔
Alquimista Boi
Alquimista Boi 3 oy oldin
This proves that Jordan Schlanskys character is just an act.
EM Lily
EM Lily 3 oy oldin
Rose Petit Frere
Rose Petit Frere 3 oy oldin
🥰 too funny..I really wonder how the Japanese people are taking it...lol
Lirian Lutviu
Lirian Lutviu 3 oy oldin
Conan: How was the wedding? Couple: It was great! Conan: Sorry I missed it, I wanted to be there. But I realized it's 6000 miles away and I don't know you.
gogo dodo
gogo dodo 3 oy oldin
Man I love Jordan schlansky 😁
No Restrictions
No Restrictions 3 oy oldin
John Erick Navarro
New mr bean
Zack Putter
Zack Putter 3 oy oldin
2:20 Jordan said “I see clues that this is a Japanese culture, not thinking that there talking to a Japanese couple🙄
I can' t...Conan just cracks me up everytime. Especially when he's in other countries. I enjoyed you being in Japan, Korea and Germany so much. When I have a bad day, I'll just watch your videos and feel better. Thank you so much, you are awesome!
Michael Huang
Michael Huang 3 oy oldin
I'm going to invite Conan to my dads funeral. Wonder if he will show up a year later.
fubarferment 3 oy oldin
They live in a refrigerator?
King M Kangleicha
Haha i like jordan too.He is hilarious.Their chemistry is just awesome.
Zelaya 3 oy oldin
Hahaha when joran appears!!
Daniel Nikolovski
Never give Jordan cocaine
Abeer 3 oy oldin
I just love Conan 💙💚💜
Joe dirt
Joe dirt 3 oy oldin
The man she tells you not to worry about
Russell Kanning
Russell Kanning 3 oy oldin
you like jordan .... ok, my time is done here
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