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Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov | RECAP | UFC 229

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Karyn Bryant, Tyron Woodley, and Michael Bisping react to Khabib Nurmagomedov's mauling of Conor McGregor on Saturday.
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Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov | RECAP | UFC 229




7-Okt, 2018

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UFC ON FOX 13 kun oldin
What did you think about Khabib Nurmagomedov’s submission win over Conor McGregor?
Bella 9 kun oldin
Khabib did great, the real sore loser isn't even Conor but that racist B*tc* Dana White
Esteban L
Esteban L 13 kun oldin
I think is great for the sport, mcnugget talk to much, we all know he a quitter at top level. By the way khabib is on another level.
Amir Sayid
Amir Sayid 13 kun oldin
He deserves it! He showed Connor how to respect other people's religion and culture!
Robert Wimmer
Robert Wimmer 9 soat oldin
Here's my take on the fight game the Russian is a good fighter not great,it,s the discipline training staying clean he is not overly powerful he is average at best boxing.l wish him well!
Hallo.FU.Goodbye. 17 soat oldin
Bisbing who never fight cleab tells "Khabib ur a bloody idiot..."
Yes Man
Yes Man 20 soat oldin
I'm gonna smash your boy
Jose Alvarado
Jose Alvarado Kun oldin
Deadsy Padilla
Deadsy Padilla Kun oldin
#fresh out UZvid channel. What's a canner?
Dg23 Dick
Dg23 Dick Kun oldin
I love you Conor 💛🤷‍♂️
Isryel Cruz
Isryel Cruz Kun oldin
Khabib would beat GSP and GSP Knows that......Look Khabib beat Conner every where even with Conner cheating the entire fight! Herb Dean SHOULD be ashamed of allowing it, didn't even give Conner a WARNING!!....I Bet Herb got Performance of the night by Daddy Dana.
Do primeiro ao ultimo
*algum BR baixou vpn pra ver esse vídeo?*
RAMZI Ghelis
RAMZI Ghelis Kun oldin
Champion khabib
Ni Made Desi Yantini
End of arrogancies Congrats Khabib
Luiz Bzn
Luiz Bzn 2 kun oldin
se fudeo viado o cara devia quebrar o seu pescoço😆😆
Chaoui Chaoui
Chaoui Chaoui 2 kun oldin
MC merd oue
kilv lio
kilv lio 2 kun oldin
go go habib good one
One Way Road
One Way Road 2 kun oldin
Jebac Bronze
Jebac Bronze 2 kun oldin
Khabib ❤
Videodirektor 2 kun oldin
So epic music at the end. Guys where is full version?
Kashi Niazi
Kashi Niazi 2 kun oldin
Khabib the reall eagle
Tariq 2 kun oldin
Khabib took Coner’s soul!
Sta Pol
Sta Pol 2 kun oldin
guys, does anyone understands what does Khabib says to McGregor once submitted him?
NPR7693 2 kun oldin
how can you break rules and win. What will be the next when there are no rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UFC is broken. (is fan a khabib)
murat inan
murat inan 2 kun oldin
we put it like this elhamdülillah khabib
Jamal Uddin
Jamal Uddin 2 kun oldin
Khabib smashed the phony Boy and put him back in books as well...🤐
Junsong Hong
Junsong Hong 2 kun oldin
Khabib will last 1 min with Floyd
az CRB
az CRB 3 kun oldin
Khabib respect from Algérie
Lucille M
Lucille M 3 kun oldin
What did I think? Khabib LITERALLY shut Conor's mouth up! Submission was not under the neck, but across the mouth! Perfect! #TeamKhabib 🥊
Donovan Sahl
Donovan Sahl 3 kun oldin
I cant believe Connor still have a platform to talk like he won on something. Forever humbled!!!
thad anderson
thad anderson 3 kun oldin
Conner should be in prison... if I would of done what he did I would...
venkatesh manda
venkatesh manda 3 kun oldin
Conor is piece of chicken.. always after money.. business... He deserves to be a actor in movies but not in sports..... Khabib is real man....
Anayat Khan
Anayat Khan 3 kun oldin
Khabib wonderful 😘😘
Nawab Khan
Nawab Khan 3 kun oldin
Khabib is the real hero
julian princess
julian princess 3 kun oldin
UFC the best
Utilizator Google
Utilizator Google 3 kun oldin
it would be interesting khabib vs macdonald
Anti Peanut
Anti Peanut 3 kun oldin
McGregor's jealous af
Mathieu 3 kun oldin
A ts les pseudo supporter de mc Gregor ... Le buzz et la provoc ne marchent pas à ts les coups !!! Il fait honte à la boxe ce fdp ... Bien fait pr sa gueule ... J espère qu il l a remenera un peu moins maintenant.😂
LME O 3 kun oldin
RebelKebs 3 kun oldin
0:45 you can see a truly sad broken spirit regardless of practical material success. He needs to do some soul searching & can reinvent himself. Gain it all back in a humble respectful way :)
Faisal Shahzad
Faisal Shahzad 3 kun oldin
Not Khabib but you're the bloody idiot Mr. Anchor whateverFuckingYouAre. Silent Lion is better than Barking Dog.
FabulousNick Vlogd
FabulousNick Vlogd 3 kun oldin
I just read the ingredients in Proper 12 and it has TAP water in it...🤔
Natving 4 kun oldin
First Ronda and now Connor :(
Ahmedraza Shaikh
Ahmedraza Shaikh 4 kun oldin
Khabib deserves it 👍 Well Done
jose gonzalez
jose gonzalez 4 kun oldin
khabib the new face of UFC
Bassam Ali
Bassam Ali 4 kun oldin
OMG look .Watching is 13,000000 for a week
Square Pants
Square Pants 4 kun oldin
khabib said it , khabib done it
Gsuehhe He7d
Gsuehhe He7d 4 kun oldin
la's go the maslem win
Burhan Qerimi
Burhan Qerimi 4 kun oldin
Want to see another fight between the two.
Seher A
Seher A 4 kun oldin
Who called Khabib bloody idiot?? Send me location, send me location!!!😠
super fistic
super fistic 4 kun oldin
One thing Muslim will rule the world
Yacoub Yaacoub
Yacoub Yaacoub 4 kun oldin
Worst karma to mcgregor respect from sweden
lolipop 4 kun oldin
proper twelve vs khabib
Alpha Nightfury/Vlog/Gaming
Ur mom is a bloody idiot
ilyes fcb
ilyes fcb 4 kun oldin
For People blaming Khabib jumping out Of the Cage ! U don’t Disrespect a man Family , religion , race ! If you do this then just keep The same energy and be prepared for the Reaction ! Khabib was Just Defending his Honor ! That’s A Real Man reaction 🙏💪
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 4 kun oldin
Viktorija Strode
Viktorija Strode 4 kun oldin
I would was this commentators mouth with washing up liquid, not professional at all ("bloody idiot")
Tommy Tikka
Tommy Tikka 4 kun oldin
Who's watching this after week the tap chicken beaten 🤣
AFCA020 4 kun oldin
can't wait till part 2 is coming. got a feeling that conor makes kebab of khabib :)
AFCA020 4 kun oldin
+Qasim Iqbal not true
Qasim Iqbal
Qasim Iqbal 4 kun oldin
Khabib already made Kebab of Conor. There are no second chances after a defeat like that.
breathe and squeeze
wait, bisping is calling someone else an idiot??
Raju Raaj
Raju Raaj 4 kun oldin
congratulation Khabib i m from India & salute to u
Night Owl
Night Owl 4 kun oldin
Delete that Irish rat. Thanks
Neacail Dhungana
Neacail Dhungana 5 kun oldin
i'm a mcgregor fan but i have to admit that these two fighters are perfectly even!!
Haniya Noor
Haniya Noor 5 kun oldin
KHABIB . Now everyone will know the power of faith in Islam
Hasib Sarkar
Hasib Sarkar 5 kun oldin
Love u khabib
K A 5 kun oldin
*it's khabib time 💓 28-0 vs Floyd 50-1* 💓💓💓💓💓
Husam Emsalm
Husam Emsalm 5 kun oldin
Just saying Conor was racist in one of the face ofs
Kamarul Ariff
Kamarul Ariff 5 kun oldin
Gdhebd Bdhdh
Gdhebd Bdhdh 5 kun oldin
Bisbing u r goof fighter
Gdhebd Bdhdh
Gdhebd Bdhdh 5 kun oldin
Afud Machfudin
Afud Machfudin 5 kun oldin
Ultimate Fail Compilation (UFC) 🐔 of the week
Mawi Trobo
Mawi Trobo 5 kun oldin
Thank you Khabib you’re my new hero and thanks for beating the big dirty mouth that has no respect for people faith family and country , it’s a disgrace that some peoples act that way . . Is I was his mother I would have smashing him my self . And what kind of example he’s giving his kinds and other kids that looks up to him . Khabib is a the respectable fighter .
Antonio Dalfonso
Antonio Dalfonso 5 kun oldin
There we have it, another trash talker Michael Bisdink commentating others!! Mr. know it all trash talking to GSP and ended up like Conor!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
achmed anamovic
achmed anamovic 5 kun oldin
Loser and rasis :v
shadman shadman
shadman shadman 5 kun oldin
Chant for khabib khabib khabib
Mac Hippy
Mac Hippy 5 kun oldin
another great pay out for the loser
E Se
E Se 5 kun oldin
looool conor is such a low breed fatherless Pikey mick..
Mohammed waseem
Mohammed waseem 5 kun oldin
After the fight conor goes in corner hahahahahaha😀😀😂😂
M K 5 kun oldin
Conor was gone for 2 yr and standing in front of wrestler of course he can't win.
Real Abbas
Real Abbas 5 kun oldin
*الحمد* *لله* *الحمد* *لله* *الحمد* *لله* 🤲 *الحمدلله* *علي* *نعمه* *الاسلام* ❤❤
FBI 6 kun oldin
Now khabib is gonna have an inflated ego.
hassan ali
hassan ali 6 kun oldin
i love Khabib
A KK 6 kun oldin
Guys...Conor almost died
Thái Nguyễn
Thái Nguyễn 6 kun oldin
Phải chăng một huyền thoại ngày nào đã hết. Những trận đấu những tinh thần. Đã đến lúc tắt. Đánh quá tệ
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 6 kun oldin
Conor had fear in his eyes looking at Khabib, especially at the end of the fight
ckrdnasm 6 kun oldin
casuals..the best champ is here .... uzvid.com/video/video-KjP56bgDQ3g.html
super mario
super mario 6 kun oldin
Just send me the location ☝️
Boricua Montana
Boricua Montana 6 kun oldin
Hey guys if you were big scarface fans check out my youtube channel Boricua Montana and see what pisses off tony Montana
Arch Vile
Arch Vile 6 kun oldin
McEntertainment that's what he's all about ;)
Abda SafatI
Abda SafatI 6 kun oldin
Well done real man
Abda SafatI
Abda SafatI 6 kun oldin
Very good
Abda SafatI
Abda SafatI 6 kun oldin
From london
iota xrp
iota xrp 6 kun oldin
Russian grizzly vs irish poodle.....😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
oday sati
oday sati 6 kun oldin
kabaibs punch tho
Rick Free
Rick Free 6 kun oldin
This is how to pound chicken and make proper mcnugets 😉
Mohamed Rafi
Mohamed Rafi 6 kun oldin
Daily i am seeing this match, anybody else??
Mohamed Rafi
Mohamed Rafi 6 kun oldin
UFC MMA Don’t lose KABBIB🤨
Supa Strikas FAN
Supa Strikas FAN 6 kun oldin
Khabib did a great job!!! He has a big heart and is a true fighter
Evelina 6 kun oldin
Khabib.. u r my inspiration!
Son Goku
Son Goku 6 kun oldin
Big mouth nothing
John Stanton
John Stanton 6 kun oldin
UFC is getting more and more like a soap opera !! Get back to great MMA
Joanna Marey Fuerzas
Oğuzhan Bağcı
Oğuzhan Bağcı 6 kun oldin
King nurmagedov
Wasif Umer
Wasif Umer 6 kun oldin
Bear vs chicken
Carlos Moran
Carlos Moran 6 kun oldin
Comentarios en español por aquí... XD..