Contestants Cook Alongside Gordon Ramsay | Season 5 Ep. 1 | MASTERCHEF

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The home cooks learn that for the final challenge they'll be cooking alongside Chef Ramsay.
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On season Nine of MASTERCHEF, award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich will put the latest group of contestants through a series of challenging elimination rounds, in order to turn one home cook into a culinary master. The winner will claim the title of MASTERCHEF, a cookbook deal and the $250,000 grand prize.
Contestants Cook Alongside Gordon Ramsay | Season 5 Ep. 1 | MASTERCHEF
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27-May, 2014

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 257
Miguel Castillo
Miguel Castillo 2 soat oldin
*The coat is off!*
KY Chan
KY Chan 6 kun oldin
Needs a Knorr Stock Pot
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 8 kun oldin
Gordon is like the quick scoper in call of duty in amongst the famas amateurs using martyrdom to up their kill count.
JoshJustPlays Games
*Lightning Speeeeeeeeeed*
Jamie 11 kun oldin
The Liam Neeson of cooking
basic gaming13
basic gaming13 12 kun oldin
2nd thing i want from Gordon aside from his cooking skills is his mouth. his good at clap backs. his good at trashtalking.
Rugved Pawar
Rugved Pawar 27 kun oldin
Where is the rest of this episode
Remeez Jackson
Untalented John Cena wish he could cook.. just like he wish he could act or wrestle
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 Oy oldin
Nothing to do with this
Trafalgar D Law
Holy boggering bollocks
neha ravi
neha ravi Oy oldin
way to find out😎😎😎
Kool Kid112
Kool Kid112 2 oy oldin
1:48 *COAT OFF*
ryantres85 2 oy oldin
Where's NINOOO? :v
Kyle Bardin
Kyle Bardin 3 oy oldin
Joe was sweating Bullets hoping not to be called out
Lemon Nation
Lemon Nation 3 oy oldin
Gordon Pro Player vs New Player
Zchito uchiha
Zchito uchiha 4 oy oldin
Challenge? Shokugeki!!!
John Smithee
John Smithee 4 oy oldin
He's cooking LAMB SAUCE
Rishi Sharma
Rishi Sharma 4 oy oldin
The blue shirt, That bowtie and that glasses. Classic jackass look
just another generic person
Gordon is so cool...
Hai Lúa
Hai Lúa 5 oy oldin
I need the full link
Hai Lúa
Hai Lúa 5 oy oldin
I link full
Lorena Galvan
Lorena Galvan 6 oy oldin
I want NINO and CASIMIRO to cook along side with Gordon hahahaha
Ders snek in me boots
You challenge ramsay? He was born ready
BengkelMarmer dotCom
Full video?
sudhi s pillai
sudhi s pillai 6 oy oldin
Which episode is this? I don't think it is first episode
AcebreakerzYt 7 oy oldin
I should choose Joe lmao.
young kim
young kim 7 oy oldin
How come joe never cooks?
Daniel P
Daniel P 6 oy oldin
young kim he's not a chef
Shawn Yuen
Shawn Yuen 7 oy oldin
I would challenge Joe so that I can show the kind of wheezy teabag that he is. What does wheezy teabag even mean?
Brett Wood
Brett Wood 7 oy oldin
1:43-1:55 Gordon so alpha even ingredients magically appear when he summons them
Divine Death
Divine Death 8 oy oldin
I was expecting joe to cook😂😂
T Johnson
T Johnson 8 oy oldin
wait but that bald headed cunt can't cook.
Khoa Le
Khoa Le 8 oy oldin
Why not Joe He talk big let’s see if he can cook
Dimsy O'malley
Dimsy O'malley 8 oy oldin
"Bring it baby" *scratch disk* *Freeze frame* "Yeah, thats me two weeks ago. And i shouldnt have done that."
cosmic-sarcasm 18
One of the best moments in this show. Seeing the master at work.
graham elliot is so thin
Theii Oh ho lat
Theii Oh ho lat 8 oy oldin
Theii Oh ho lat
Theii Oh ho lat 8 oy oldin
i don't know what i do oooh ooh ooh HAAHAHAHAHAHA idk if my lyrics is right tho hehehe
Doctor Molester
Doctor Molester 8 oy oldin
*When you are level 100 and raid some low level territories*
Winnie Claire Fernandes
I mean 1:49
Winnie Claire Fernandes
This is MasterChef finale,and the audience (contestants) are cheering on Gordon on 1:55
Denniel Escoto
Denniel Escoto 8 oy oldin
She should've picked Joe so he can show his "expertise"
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 Oy oldin
Which he does have I'm sure
Pranav Haldipur
Pranav Haldipur 8 oy oldin
This video is like 10 fps
Alpiste_1846 9 oy oldin
The contestant that called chef Ramsay "baby"... I was expecting to be ejected on the spot from the competition... In Hell's Kitchen someone said to chef Ramsay "it's coming right now baby" and was kicked out of the kitchen.
EL OH EL 9 oy oldin
Why don't they pick Joe? I wanna see what Joe can do because he honestly doesn't do much but look like an asshole...
Katarina Laura
Katarina Laura 9 oy oldin
i want to see full episode😂
J4IME just J4IME
J4IME just J4IME 9 oy oldin
Now graham looks skinnier And last season, he was fat
IdoZ RandomZ
IdoZ RandomZ 9 oy oldin
It would be nice to see graham cook along side
IceCream PuppyGirlPlays
Gordon: I was born ready Graham Bet you were born with a pan in ur hand
Random Guy With A Mustache
Amateur Chefs vs The World's best Chef
Nhi Kien
Nhi Kien 10 oy oldin
I wish that Joe was chosen. I really wanted to see what he is capable of🤔
Anime shot
Anime shot 10 oy oldin
No chef.
Captyn 10 oy oldin
Gordon's on set, time to zoom the camera in X 4000
timothy chan
timothy chan 10 oy oldin
Joe :" don't you fucking pick me, or I'll murder you and your entire family "
Pang Christian
Pang Christian 10 oy oldin
weit, wheres the rest of the eps?
Suraksha  V Kandi
Suraksha V Kandi 10 oy oldin
where can I get this full episode
Your Mom
Your Mom 10 oy oldin
Gordon Ramsey is my daddy and not in the way he is to Tilly.
Dream 10 oy oldin
That dude lost like 1000 pounds
Arshin Alvi Hashmi.
just gordon because he is a great chef
Arshin Alvi Hashmi.
just gordon because he is a great chef
Arshin Alvi Hashmi.
people never choose joe and ghram
Ariff 1128
Ariff 1128 10 oy oldin
I really want to see joe cooking instead...
Robert 10 oy oldin
"Everyone has potatoes, a piece of chicken, bacon in their fridge." Everyone except broke students.
Lyn 10 oy oldin
how about to fucking show him cooking instead of this retarded clickbait..
sergio hoyos
sergio hoyos 10 oy oldin
Bea Arguelles
Bea Arguelles 11 oy oldin
I would've pick Joe. I've never seen him cook in the Masterchef Kitchen. Gordon has proven enough. I've seen Graham cook too and it was absolutely filled with finesse.
Billy Bong
Billy Bong 11 oy oldin
What happened the fat guy got skinny?
300Kobzilla 5 oy oldin
Billy Bong he got liposuction lmao
Mubashir Fahad
Mubashir Fahad 11 oy oldin
Maz Amd
Maz Amd 11 oy oldin
Why are Americans so overdramatic?
markcovka 11 oy oldin
That fat guy lost weight
The OutLaw
The OutLaw 11 oy oldin
“I was -not- born ready Graham”
Gepetto J‘ai pété
it‘s not like he knew the ingredients before
Santa Rai
Santa Rai Yil oldin
Girl: chef may I ask what you’re cooking Gordon: Gandhi’s flip flop alongside bison’s penis
Smit Shewale
Smit Shewale Yil oldin
whatvis up with jie and his shoes
Uns33n Yil oldin
I know this is a weabish thing to say but...GORDON RAMSAY! i CHALLENGE YOU TO A SHOKUGEKI!
Wilson Yil oldin
It would be awkard to choose joe, he'd be like uuuhhh you know it's scripted ? Graham does nothing serious on the show , and I don't cook, it has to be gordon ramsay to do all the job yup yup
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Yil oldin
Like a boss
SparkzMxzXZ Yil oldin
i would have challenged joe haha. i don't think he can cook as well as he can critique
Ultran0L99 Yil oldin
Grant deflated....
Aswin Prasad
Aswin Prasad Yil oldin
Has Joe ever actually cooked anything on this show? I've only soon Gordan and Graham cook but not Joe.
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 8 oy oldin
You don't know if he can't cook he can't really be a restaurant manager and not know food so im sure he can cook
Julio Vasquez
Julio Vasquez Yil oldin
Joe can't cook. He's not a chef nor a cook. Gordon and Graham are professional chefs.
יובל קונסקר
Nish Tika
Nish Tika Yil oldin
Astrid is such a shameless bitch 😒
Julio Vasquez
Julio Vasquez Yil oldin
Gordon and Graham are the only chefs there so I would pick Joe.
u7 t
u7 t Yil oldin
what is this show called?
immabossqueene Yil oldin
Should’ve challenged Joe
Gaotzeng Yiengyouav
Should have picked the mean guy, to see if he can put his food where his mouth is.
Naruto Uchiha
Naruto Uchiha Yil oldin
Wow that dude with that glasses used to be so thin
Zachary Adler
Zachary Adler Yil oldin
Holy fuck even in MasterChef as soon as Gordon Ramsay starts cooking the camera man goes full sniper that has to take a piss mode
PikaGelly Yil oldin
Zachary Adler Never saw it that way. 😂😂😂 Thinking he was having some sort of spasm
Conrad Ritchie
Conrad Ritchie Yil oldin
Wonderful video. don't even bother showing us we he cooked..
sam urai
sam urai Yil oldin
Fat guy isnt (as) fat any more!
Laykan Dowdy
Laykan Dowdy Yil oldin
They should have chosen Joe. He’s a restaurant owner, not a chef.
Mike Hernn1577
Mike Hernn1577 Yil oldin
Cooking normal, I enter cheat codes and Gordon Ramsay appears!
Aldous Prime
Aldous Prime Yil oldin
I remeber when Leslie lose to the girl who won the title. He put salt to the cake instead of sugar. Lol
SubStrainGaming Yil oldin
How much weight did that fat fuck lose
random dude
random dude Yil oldin
damm graham...did they him you or something
dolphinsays Yil oldin
challenging him was the smart move, if you lose no one can blame you of course you're gonna lose to one of the most famous chefs on the planet. but if by some miracle you pull off a win? even if you're knocked out of the show thats something you can be proud of.
League of Dem Roast
Master Chef is the real Shokugeki no Souma. LOOK AT GORDON HAD HIS SUIT GONE!!! :"))
LYriX 47
LYriX 47 Yil oldin
I don't have any of those ingtedients in my fridge lol
ORey619MYSterio Yil oldin
In this challenge, Joe got onto Astrid (the girl who challenged Ramsay) for having an unclean work station.
Malcolm Yil oldin
"Everyone has a potato, everyone has bacon, everyone has chicken." *looks inside fridge* 😫
Christopher John Elancheziyan
not only that, he give them a handicap by starting off late
Edmund Herrera
Edmund Herrera Yil oldin
Challenging Gordon Ramsey you just confirmed you lost lol
Charlie Niner
Charlie Niner Yil oldin
"Joe, I think you suck, so I challenge you so I can kick your ass"