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COPYCAT - Billie Eilish ( S L O W E D D O W N )

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au - COPYCAT - Billie Eilish
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my instagram - @yzz.il
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I do not own the music/image in this video. All credits go the artists/original owners.



17-Dek, 2018



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Lauren Chavez
Lauren Chavez 3 oy oldin
I cannot be the only one who feels like a badass when you hear the original, but now I feel like an evil overlord haha. Satan watch out, I'm coming for your wig.
Domantas Stalgys
Domantas Stalgys 9 kun oldin
777 likes, don't u dare to like this comment !!
Lia Zambrano
Lia Zambrano Oy oldin
Gacha emzie
Gacha emzie Oy oldin
Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste Oy oldin
+PoPo *hair flip*
Nilla vanilla
Nilla vanilla 43 daqiqa oldin
person 123
person 123 Kun oldin
when i first saw the thumbnail i thought it was shane dawson lol
janet garcia
janet garcia Kun oldin
Me tooo
teddyiguess 4 kun oldin
Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who for the briefest moment thought the background was Shane smoking and was shook, then realized "oh"
Isabella Garcia
Isabella Garcia 5 kun oldin
the split voices on 1:09 to 1:26 kill me every time, this whole song gives me eyeroll and head slammed energy. some moments make feel as if I almost HAVE to tilt my head and give blank eyes and other times it makes me wanna peel my head back.
ex0tic tea
ex0tic tea 6 kun oldin
This song makes me wanna kill my enemies... holy shit this is badass
ø dd
ø dd 7 kun oldin
is it cole or shane
Jay Abeyta
Jay Abeyta 9 kun oldin
i feel like the bad bitch spawn of satan when i listen to this omg
SAN KING 10 kun oldin
Shane Dawson is that you no oh thought my baaaad...
Scepitch X
Scepitch X 10 kun oldin
o h f u c k
DivineAngel Doll
DivineAngel Doll 11 kun oldin
thvlmαα 12 kun oldin
ᒍEᖇ ᒍEᖇ
ᒍEᖇ ᒍEᖇ 12 kun oldin
1:06 was by far my favorite part :)
Chris Aguilar
Chris Aguilar 13 kun oldin
Billie Isbomb
Billie Isbomb 14 kun oldin
niky stylys
niky stylys 15 kun oldin
Partaeon ?
Partaeon ? 15 kun oldin
oMl I feel ultra uLtRa bad ;], also can you do Dont Play by Hasley? Thx oxoxox
Breeanna England
Breeanna England 17 kun oldin
Listening with AiRpOdS are E V E R Y T H I N G 🖤
woof bork
woof bork 17 kun oldin
_b a d a s s_
Pineapple 18 kun oldin
i love this so much
xXAceXx :3
xXAceXx :3 18 kun oldin
_You got your finger on the trigger but your trigger fingers mine._
TheMostSatisfying 19 kun oldin
Troll Time
Troll Time 19 kun oldin
1:29 I-
Leeanna Payk
Leeanna Payk 21 kun oldin
Okay, but who's the hottie in the bg lmaooooo
mayah 22 kun oldin
your trigger finger’s mine
Tyler AC
Tyler AC 22 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks the guy in the video looks like Shane Dawson?
izzycola 22 kun oldin
izzycola 22 kun oldin
i don't belong to anyone *but everybody knows my name*
t a y l a
t a y l a 24 kun oldin
Yooooo it's so good
t a y l a
t a y l a 24 kun oldin
Aaahhhh it's so good broooooo
MochiMadi 24 kun oldin
if cameron boyce and shane dawson had a baby, he would be the dude in the video
Pearlie Lewko Rogers
Could you do savage by Lund
grace trueman💋
grace trueman💋 25 kun oldin
Mollie Eddy06
Mollie Eddy06 25 kun oldin
This is -great- AWSOME!
Exo's soft bitch
Exo's soft bitch 26 kun oldin
Copycat tryna cop my glamour~
Anna and Sophie the Service Dog
Deadass thought that was Shane😂 that would’ve been awesome tho. Good video 👌🏼
Miss Nobody
Miss Nobody 27 kun oldin
Anna and Sophie the Service Dog damn he low-key looks like Shane tho lol i didn't realise
xiulala_ 28 kun oldin
1.25x speed... you’re welcome 🤧☺️💞
Elizabeth Romero
Elizabeth Romero 29 kun oldin
rhïannon 29 kun oldin
Ida Pedersen
Ida Pedersen 29 kun oldin
Ok but why does he look like my boyfriend hahahahå
amber Oy oldin
... *sike*
Sere nity
Sere nity Oy oldin
k Oy oldin
juicy burger
juicy burger Oy oldin
SIKE *makes weird orgasm noise*
juicy burger
juicy burger Oy oldin
Wash my back when you can’t wash mine....
juicy burger
juicy burger Oy oldin
I swear I heard the song say copy cat tryna cut my grandma
nath. Oy oldin
1'25x kinda sounds like the original one????
I only clicked on this video because I thought it was Shane Dawson in the picture
Stinky*Pink Oy oldin
I thought the thumbnail was Shane Dawson until I clicked the video
no name.
no name. Oy oldin
That one dislike is billies copycat
fabzoboo Oy oldin
*spills tea*
*spills tea* Oy oldin
you’re _italic,_ i’m in *bold*
I thought that was Shane Dawson for a sec
andiXD9 Cool
andiXD9 Cool Oy oldin
0:48 *beat drops* just likes my grade joke hehe im a good student
Mer Is Tired
Mer Is Tired Oy oldin
Murdered Joker Gaming
_omg this makes me want to throw a pillow_
lucy baxendale
_this is amazing_
quinnamon Oy oldin
billie? more like *billy* aha. -i'm not funny-
FX Freaky
FX Freaky Oy oldin
pls do Bury A Friend by Billie 🖤🖤
Star wolf Jasreen
magenta melon
magenta melon Oy oldin
PUT IT ON 1.25 PLAYBACK SPEED it's cool af
Inquisitormaster Edits
Please do burry a friend by Billie eilish
Robin Kjems
Robin Kjems Oy oldin
i feel so threatened by this
A.g.d Oy oldin
put it on 1.25 and feel pumped up
Jade_127 Oy oldin
I need this but as an instrumental too
Maruchan Boi
Maruchan Boi Oy oldin
Do bury a friend
Paula Ulsamer
Paula Ulsamer Oy oldin
*rolls eyes while singing with a resting bitch face*
mylifeasnat_10 mpll
@Billie Eilish sould see this
Quinnharley 4567
Am I the only one who thinks that the guy in the pic looks like Cameron Boyce?
valery martin
valery martin Oy oldin
i love your account
Daria Ciucasu
Daria Ciucasu Oy oldin
3:15 _SIKE_
Daria Ciucasu
Daria Ciucasu Oy oldin
*satan left the chat*
*spills tea*
*spills tea* Oy oldin
this song makes me feel demonic and i *love it*
*spills tea*
*spills tea* Oy oldin
*_perfect murder_*
tea Oy oldin
Holly Molly
Holly Molly Oy oldin
a cat
a cat Oy oldin
Can you do Sober by Childish Gambino?
Xander Louis Scott
My goddddd this is heaven!!! I loved the slower version, honestly! It sounds amazing, and overall just gave a completely different vibe from the original song, but in like a good way XDD Anyways, I just found your account and I love your edits!!
Kristina Oy oldin
I never knew slowing down music can change your gender Went from Billie to billy real quick
Alison Buyers
Alison Buyers 2 oy oldin
dude this one got me good my wig was snatched by satan and he stole it then returned it to me and now i’m possessed with this sound stuck in my brain
Alison Buyers
Alison Buyers 2 oy oldin
oh fuc
Aria Elliott
Aria Elliott 2 oy oldin
Where do I recognize the person in the thumbnail from?
Aria Elliott
Aria Elliott 4 kun oldin
Yuri Yeah a little but i don’t think it’s that I feel like I’ve seen the person in or on something idk lol
Yuri 4 kun oldin
Aria Elliott he kinda looks like shane
Mal Dowdell
Mal Dowdell 2 oy oldin
7 rings ariana grande crown on the ground (sleigh bells)
Juliette Arzate
Juliette Arzate 2 oy oldin
THIS IS AMAZING. i have an request. can you please do lie to me or ghost of you both my 5 seconds of summer
Can you do Breezeblocks, by alt-j????
kayla 2 oy oldin
3:16 my brain fell out my ass
Ahri uwu
Ahri uwu 2 oy oldin
Ok but why do I feel like this was what God said to Lucifer when kicking him out of heaven-
Obliviate Nox
Obliviate Nox 2 oy oldin
Weave? Snatched Better? Slowed down Billie? Billy Hotel? *trivago*
Obliviate Nox
Obliviate Nox 2 oy oldin
_this is honestly jsbsusek_
Snowpaw 7396
Snowpaw 7396 2 oy oldin
WOW. Billie’s songs sound amazing slowed down
Blaise Boop
Blaise Boop 2 oy oldin
girl in red - she was the girl in red? please ;_;
julianna mae
julianna mae 2 oy oldin
the guy in the picture looks like a mix of Shane Dawson and Matty Krumins
Brooklyn 12
Brooklyn 12 2 oy oldin
i thought that was Shane Dawson for sec..
336Meow 2 oy oldin
Primadonna girl. plzzzzzzz
336Meow 2 oy oldin
I watch these twice. 1st time, the slow version, 2nd time, 1.25. Thank me later ;)
Baked Potato
Baked Potato 2 oy oldin
_my ears have been blessed_
ghostinbutera_ 2 oy oldin
_this is so good omg_
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams 2 oy oldin
You’re _italic_ , I’m in ᏴᎾᏞᎠ
δennα 2 oy oldin
3:15 i’m-
Drew Nash
Drew Nash 28 kun oldin
Jennie Yang
Jennie Yang 2 oy oldin
Can you do karaoke version like only music
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