Cotton Candy Hair Dye

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28-Sen, 2016



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Fikrlar 3 193
Kiley Horan.
Kiley Horan. Kun oldin
This is actually hurting me
nani, no
nani, no 3 kun oldin
no one: my tombstone: "when in doubt, vas it up"
Emily Woodstock
Emily Woodstock 3 kun oldin
For one second chase kinda looked like Shane Dawson.
Chandni Ajanel
Chandni Ajanel 4 kun oldin
i had to scroll so far back on their Instagram to see the results. it was worth it tho XD March 2019
nyleen the queen
nyleen the queen 9 kun oldin
18:02-18:04 JENNA MARBELLS!?!?
Susan Shepherd
Susan Shepherd 10 kun oldin
anyone else annoyed with the amount of complaints from Alex
aaron burnett
aaron burnett 11 kun oldin
you had me until shipping cost
unicorn poops 97 unicorn's
I heard if you say cotton candy Randy six hundred sixty six times you can someone him from the darkness of your closet
Torie Bryan
Torie Bryan 20 kun oldin
I’ve used that brand of hair dye before and it smells so bad, I ended up rinsing it early because I couldn’t stand the smell😂
high0ktane2 15 kun oldin
I'm curious, what brand is it?
Cher Poston
Cher Poston 25 kun oldin
They are talking like they really know what they are doing🤣
megan mulder
megan mulder Oy oldin
Katie Houlihan
Acne medication can help get rid of the dye stains on skin
Naomi Culley
Naomi Culley Oy oldin
18:02 JeNNa MArBelS
riplclip129 SCS
Reht and link should wear that more often, and do that on the side as hairstylists
Red Velvet Oliver
Professional Hairstylist be quaking
Nepsa96 Oy oldin
Rhett legitimately looks good with that hair. Every time the camera cut to him again I was like :D
Saber Cyan
Saber Cyan Oy oldin
Cream Floof
Cream Floof Oy oldin
This would be if dan tdm’s old hair and if markiplier’s hair had a baby
gabriella_the _rarity
They're like two mothers doing someone's hair in their kitchen. This is too funny.
Dragon Queen
Dragon Queen Oy oldin
You could say they are advased
Reilly Stevens
but why are rhett and link actually so knowledgeable about hairdye... like they really have not been wrong lmao
Jaden Miller
Jaden Miller Oy oldin
Is this how cotton candy Randy was born
merp werp
merp werp 2 oy oldin
I use that hairdye and it works marvelously, while also making your hair extremely soft
high0ktane2 15 kun oldin
I'm curious, what brand is it?
Looney VIK
Looney VIK 2 oy oldin
Gotta vas him up
Karen Krauss
Karen Krauss 2 oy oldin
Rhett sounded like a dad telling Alex he didn’t want to look like Mark
Watch-my-magic 2 oy oldin
Did alex look like twilight sparkle?
Baylee Mazer
Baylee Mazer 2 oy oldin
Oml Chase’s fluffy hair😍 I’ve never wanted to run my finger through someone’s hair so badly
Jackie Dean
Jackie Dean 2 oy oldin
Whoa Alex is hot. How did I not know this??
Alfie Spafford
Alfie Spafford 2 oy oldin
i’m so glad you guys used argan oil.
danielle 2 oy oldin
10:12 Or to tone the hair afterward (ps I'm not a hairstylist)
Casey Baylon
Casey Baylon 2 oy oldin
Things i noticed while rewatching: Rhett looks like Larry from Sally Face
Shelby Patton
Shelby Patton 2 oy oldin
Does anyone have Chase and Alex’s numbers? ;)
Chelsey 2 oy oldin
i need an after
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 3 oy oldin
Are the results on Instagram or something? I want to know how thos turned out!?!?
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 3 oy oldin
Oh, Alex He is such a good sport.
Rachel titty
Rachel titty 3 oy oldin
I would let them dye my hair
Jessica Hardin
Jessica Hardin 3 oy oldin
That's the same brand of hair dye I use. It's great.
Madisyn Lenay
Madisyn Lenay 3 oy oldin
Can someone tell me if they were supposed to use a freakin developer pls
FlameMonarch 3 oy oldin
I've literally never used hair dye and even I know that you don't PLOP IT straight from the tube onto the hair, guys XD
FlameMonarch 3 oy oldin
I usually don't like/watch GMMores, but there's something about Rhett's head constantly being just out of frame that tickles me.
wafflnator 3 oy oldin
Ashley Nicholes
Ashley Nicholes 3 oy oldin
As a hairstylist I want to vomit- as a Mythical Beast I'm cheering you on
IceColdGamer 3 oy oldin
I watched this entire episode on the toilet. Have a wonderful day
rick dan
rick dan 3 oy oldin
Puts comb into hair ---------------------- Comb never comes out again
xydoit 3 oy oldin
What you did at job today? Let my bosses dye my hair in unicorn colors
xydoit 3 oy oldin
Dye hair. Dye.
Jenice Swanson
Jenice Swanson 4 oy oldin
"Jenna Marbels" oh boy...she over vassed
6laderunner 4 oy oldin
Thank you vas daddies
Johnny Keeling
Johnny Keeling 4 oy oldin
They looked like Mike and Dana from in Waynes World at the beginning
Lisabeth 4 oy oldin
doin an art project on this man's head
Avery Yygtciwkaomsjsak
18:02 "Didn't Jenna *MaRBeLls* do this"
Jordan Wheaton
Jordan Wheaton 4 oy oldin
This is the most painful video I have ever watched
Lelandra Lyman
Lelandra Lyman 4 oy oldin
I laughed throughout this entire 23 mins 😂
Kayan Pontes
Kayan Pontes 4 oy oldin
That's one of the best episodes hahahah. Alex in panic while the guys mess up with his hair is so funny
crimson crusher
crimson crusher 4 oy oldin
Grace Callinan
Grace Callinan 4 oy oldin
it looks good
zakapturzona 4 oy oldin
Happy Accidents 😀😀😂
Hannah Hochhalter
Funny thing. I was in the middle of dying my hair when this started playing.
alissa broell
alissa broell 4 oy oldin
love how long this is
Allen Walker
Allen Walker 4 oy oldin
I just realized this with only a few minutes left on the video but I'm also getting my hair dyed. Not as colorful as Alex's though.
Dejahhh 4 oy oldin
rhett: *Is holding comb* *Gets handed a paint brush* *combs hair with paint brush*
aj 4 oy oldin
jenna mar-bells
Becca Reigh
Becca Reigh 4 oy oldin
Link should’ve won Rhett is a mess. I mean I love Rhett but he is a messssss.
Julia C
Julia C 4 oy oldin
*not sponsored by Vaseline*
Julia C
Julia C 4 oy oldin
When Rhett’s bowl fell out of his hair I was laughing so hard I deep throated a noodle and started choking
Nina The Pink
Nina The Pink 4 oy oldin
Mrz. KO
Mrz. KO 4 oy oldin
Put that on a shirt..lol It's over vassed, lol rhett just said we can go deeper, lmaoooo
Mrz. KO
Mrz. KO 4 oy oldin
lmao it's over vassed!!! Vass it up!! lmaaaooooooo
Raneem Elkhateeb
Raneem Elkhateeb 5 oy oldin
Tippi B
Tippi B 5 oy oldin
Jenna Mar-bells.
WILLY LYNCH 5 oy oldin
0:42 you a nasty boy link.
Tess 5 oy oldin
“Jenna mar-bels”
Tara Sawatzky
Tara Sawatzky 5 oy oldin
I would totally let Rhett and Link dye my hair whatever colour, or way they want. I'd just sit there and be like "Do whatever you want guys. I trust you!"
SuperDwarf Hamster
When in doubt vas it up
Br44n5m 5 oy oldin
Can someone link me to a pic of how his hair turned out?
_lexi_0 1
_lexi_0 1 5 oy oldin
At first I thought u were actually putting real cotton candy in his hair 😂😅😆
Morgan Dreyer
Morgan Dreyer 5 oy oldin
Rhett's hair at the beginning looks like the precursor to Damnyell
your boi
your boi 5 oy oldin
that's straight vas brother
Natural Leigh
Natural Leigh 5 oy oldin
the amount of vaseline thats happening right now makes me soooo umcomfortable
- FBI 5 oy oldin
my god link looks like such a douchebag in this lololol
brooke wright
brooke wright 5 oy oldin
4:58-5:02 why did they get so still i thought it paused
Lillita テディ
needs more cotton candy randy
Lovelyn Garcia
Lovelyn Garcia 5 oy oldin
I laughed so hard when the glass fell...and it scared m3 also
Lobster Rock
Lobster Rock 5 oy oldin
alex is such a wuss, jeez
Makaela LeMaistre
Now that I've taken cosmetology and classes on how to dye hair, watching this again kills me
annelise 5 oy oldin
when link asked if he could help I know he would mess up somehow lmao
Stuckin_ 1950
Stuckin_ 1950 5 oy oldin
When in doubt *Vas it up*
Casey Derr
Casey Derr 5 oy oldin
This is my favorite video on the internet
AnimeNovice2010 5 oy oldin
*watches this video two almost 2 years after it was posted* do u think that the picture is buried by now? also, i hate when people think i have social media like snapchat, instagram, twitter, etc, etc (is yt considered a social media? also any social media that i wouldn't mine connecting to other social media - i do not want to link my facebook with my youtube/google account tyvm)
VeggieNatureGirl 5 oy oldin
How was this almost 2 years ago? I still remember watching this episode and love that Alex kept the blonde!
Christy Cook
Christy Cook 5 oy oldin
This was one of the hardest things to watch I have ever seen on this channel.
Hickchick 4life
Hickchick 4life 6 oy oldin
Rhett looks like the guy from big and rich lol
Megan Behrmann
Megan Behrmann 6 oy oldin
What bet did Alex lose?
DaTwUnGi 6 oy oldin
Actual you just let the bleach set for an hour
A Google user
A Google user 6 oy oldin
JennaMarbles please come and do Alexs' hair!! GMM needs a ratchet salon episode!!
M D 6 oy oldin
In hindsight, this video would have been even better if cotton candy Randy existed.
Jannah Mujib
Jannah Mujib 6 oy oldin
Beauty school dropouts
Rebecca H
Rebecca H 6 oy oldin
Vaseline was a good fall but you should've done that first.
destiny destiny haha2
Jenna marbells😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jess Brajer
Jess Brajer 6 oy oldin
The last thing you want your hairstylist to say: it’ll work itself out
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