Couple Lives In A Future House For A Week • Ned & Ariel

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Ned & Ariel attempt to live sustainably in a Future House for a week, and make more energy than they use. It's the Net Positive Challenge! Presenting the 2017 Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq. Learn more about the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid:hyundai.us/4YGbbY
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Ariel Fulmer
David Hertz
Robert & Monica Fortunato



28-Apr, 2017

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TheShufflejimmy Kun oldin
Bruh In the end its a commercial.
Emily Mac
Emily Mac 5 kun oldin
Omg who is here when Wes is born
Eric Laforge
Eric Laforge 7 kun oldin
No don't eat the bread .and eat that red meat. Just eat the meat that you shoot with a bow in a forest.
Alexandra Cody
Alexandra Cody 8 kun oldin
My Google Home responded with theirs.
The-Weird-Unicorn 9 kun oldin
the ok google set of my google and I so scared lol
Omar Alonso
Omar Alonso 10 kun oldin
Young Doggy
Young Doggy 13 kun oldin
Ariel guessed the future
SHYLA HANNAH 17 kun oldin
you can't make a couple video if it is not Ned and Ariel
Dzifa Adjei
Dzifa Adjei 18 kun oldin
Ariel activated my google home lmao
Helena Schea
Helena Schea 19 kun oldin
Haha when Ariel said “hey google” she turned my google home on
SYanide 22 kun oldin
So this is Oliver Helden’s house? Cuz it’s a ‘Future House’ lol
EmilyLikey 22 kun oldin
Ariel talking to Google, talked to my Google as well...
waluigi 22 kun oldin
Double sponsor
milo boyo
milo boyo 23 kun oldin
i love 2:43 sm xd you could see what she was thinking xd
Hsusshb 24 kun oldin
Why does ned always ruin the experiment 😂
PauLo HUANG 26 kun oldin
That's really cute that they think they are making energy. All that house appliances, where do they come from? How much energy and raw material do they cost? Cute..
Rosie Mills
Rosie Mills 27 kun oldin
How are they pronouncing Hyundai like that
That One Person Obsssed With KPOP
This Isn't The Future...These Are New Invented Things That Are Higher Quality...
Jay Parin
Jay Parin 29 kun oldin
Ariel's worm art looks like beautiful water being splashed oml
Kt Noona
Kt Noona Oy oldin
8:18 Ariel could definetly be part of a Google Home ad
Piggy Cuber
Piggy Cuber Oy oldin
Why doesn’t everybody live something like this.
TheLady Maddy
TheLady Maddy Oy oldin
My google opened when Ariel said Hey google
Ilka H
Ilka H Oy oldin
Net Positive is bad here, if you make more energy than you take, they force you to Pay the company for it. So here it's all about Barely using any, rather than breaking even or ending up in the plus side..
TheKatDoesDat Oy oldin
waitaminute isn't Ariel pregnant? And pregnant women aren't supposed to drink alcohol?
Bold Styles
Bold Styles Oy oldin
This was made like a year ago .....
TheKatDoesDat Oy oldin
technically solar panels make a lot of pollution when they are in the factory, being made, but otherwise, they're great for the environment.
Zoey Oy oldin
0:19 lol they have a baby now foreshadowing...
BelviGER Oy oldin
Those claims all need some big asterisk next to them Solar panel owners can save 1000$. If their bill was 1000$ before and all their needs were covered by their cells. Or you could save less. Or you could save more. It all depends on the use case
mira moffitt
mira moffitt Oy oldin
What is ned's song?
PANDA Squishy
PANDA Squishy Oy oldin
Ilike that
PANDA Squishy
PANDA Squishy Oy oldin
Ohhhh ilike that 89%
Ellery Kaye
Ellery Kaye Oy oldin
omg this house is literally down the street from where I live??? wow tf did I not know this was happening???
Ryleigh Hallas
Ryleigh Hallas 2 oy oldin
0:20 ❤️
Edwin Chan
Edwin Chan 2 oy oldin
Real question is how much more time, energy, and resources were required to create this home over a regular new house or currently existing structure.
Mr Hotaling
Mr Hotaling 2 oy oldin
anja.charlotte 2 oy oldin
My Google responded when Arielle said "okay google" 😂😁
r8nd0m Basketeer
r8nd0m Basketeer 2 oy oldin
"so hyundai have this new car and they want us to live sustainably for a week" lol wut
Neko Neko
Neko Neko 2 oy oldin
Now they do have a baby😂
avad doherr
avad doherr 2 oy oldin
Who's watching in 2018
Erin Akuma
Erin Akuma 2 oy oldin
when BuzzFeed says couples try/do anything other than strictly food stuff they usually mean ned and his wife.
Lisey Loves drums
0:55, that’s honestly the future I want!
Maggie Nova
Maggie Nova 2 oy oldin
did anybody else notice he told a clock to make cookie
Riya North
Riya North 2 oy oldin
0:21 That day has come.
Paracosm Films
Paracosm Films 2 oy oldin
Lol the "ok Google" at the end triggered my Google Assistant
Kristin Warnock
Kristin Warnock 3 oy oldin
My Google home just apologized because it isn't connected to an Ionic
Sims4 Life
Sims4 Life 3 oy oldin
We can’t use solar power because it’s to cloudy
EGGsticle 3 oy oldin
i hate ned
ASIT TERAIYA 3 oy oldin
Wuts the song can any1 can tell me plz
TheRadPanda Bamboo
2:05 Seems romantic until you notice behind the scenes of them setting it up and possible a camerea man
Louise Ellefsen
Louise Ellefsen 3 oy oldin
This set my google home off haha
Fēnja Kristall
Fēnja Kristall 3 oy oldin
Ariels worm art actually looks pretty good!
Zeeman Zareer
Zeeman Zareer 3 oy oldin
3:42 what is that song
kriti kas
kriti kas 3 oy oldin
Thats why americans save that much with solar in lithuania well me and my family use only 1kwh maybe 1.5kwh a day
Halby G
Halby G 3 oy oldin
1:12 anyone else hear Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"?
Pascale Larouche
Pascale Larouche 3 oy oldin
So inspiring that this couple is making sustainable changes ! Creating energy and using Intelligently our ressources. This video should be spread like crazy, this is what we should all be doing right now :)
Millicent 3 oy oldin
I can’t wait till I have a relationship like these two. But mine will be with a girl but the love they have I want it
Chrissy Gorgeous
Chrissy Gorgeous 3 oy oldin
So does Ariel work for buzzfeed now or what ?
Elizabeth Dill
Elizabeth Dill 3 oy oldin
but never said how much all of this cost to start up... cause most people can not afford the start up cost.
PANDA Squishy
PANDA Squishy 3 oy oldin
I love them so much
Raider Gamer
Raider Gamer 3 oy oldin
Nice house
Ham Ham
Ham Ham 3 oy oldin
shannkaray 3 oy oldin
The builder dude is hot.
wolfie 350
wolfie 350 3 oy oldin
Has more insulation how do you think they make insulation
Dayna Wilson
Dayna Wilson 3 oy oldin
Ned: "Ariel's going to very carefully put the worm tea in the plants" Ariel: *Dumps the tea on the garden*
victor why not
victor why not 3 oy oldin
Anything humans do is natural, we are part of nature. We are doing the opposite of what plants did at one point, they filled the earth with too much oxygen and too little carbon dioxide which cause an ice age. Also anything unnatural can't exist. Even plastic is natural, though man made, it could happen naturally if the conditions were right. Another example would be how it rains glass in a planet out there. Google it.
Th3Fnoob 3 oy oldin
Ariel is so sexy
Chrisis_ Animation
What was the song Ned played on the roof
Fiona Obrien
Fiona Obrien 3 oy oldin
At 8:20 she set off my google 😂
ishtar0077 3 oy oldin
I was going to said Ned is nice but pizza change my mind.haha
Kloves818 3 oy oldin
if ned and ariel had a tv show i would be all over it they are literally the cutest people ive ever seen. This is love
AnimeKpopVee 3 oy oldin
When Ariel started talking to google my google home responded
One year later they have a baby 🍼
thai ane
thai ane 3 oy oldin
All the drama from my girl. Why. Thats not that difficult.
Aj Motter
Aj Motter 3 oy oldin
CS_ kool-aid66
CS_ kool-aid66 3 oy oldin
2018 anyone?
YashaHika 3 oy oldin
My google tried to start a car i dont have XD
Kursten Mclafferty
Its illegal to collect rain water here.
Trinity Eckberg
Trinity Eckberg 3 oy oldin
We are gonna have a baby right?😂 They have a baby Wes now in 2018
Jacqueline Womack
“I’m taking as long as a shower as I want, because it’s science.” LOL 😂
Evan Park
Evan Park 3 oy oldin
that last part activated my google home mini...
Ninon Barbier
Ninon Barbier 3 oy oldin
police request container ivrzdl cloud enough bind gender enroll voice girl address revolutionary cap.
Dino Arts
Dino Arts 3 oy oldin
Get you someone who looks at you like Ariel and Ned look at each other
P.P.S professional photography skills
One year later there having a baby
Sneha Bhagwat
Sneha Bhagwat 3 oy oldin
0.20 who knew exactly a year after they'll have baby😂😂
Mark Thibodeau
Mark Thibodeau 3 oy oldin
How are they so freaking adorable?
radha krishna
radha krishna 3 oy oldin
anyone know which song is that
Gali Edits
Gali Edits 3 oy oldin
Can someone tell me when there will be flying cars ;-;
Robert HUN
Robert HUN 3 oy oldin
why 69 tho
Robert HUN
Robert HUN 3 oy oldin
no worms were harmed in the making of the video (we made sure to incinerate them right after tho)
HappyHufflepuff 3 oy oldin
Where was Bean during this!
Alyson Castro
Alyson Castro 3 oy oldin
I love how they talked about having a baby and now they have one!❤️
historyfreak 65
historyfreak 65 4 oy oldin
The problem with the net positive house and "creating energy" is as one other commenter said, you can't create energy. Also, most of the people I run into on a daily basis are too lazy to grow their own food and try to create water.
Maddy Shephard
Maddy Shephard 4 oy oldin
my google heard that and responded
Michaela Jenkins
Michaela Jenkins 4 oy oldin
Izzy the Pug
Izzy the Pug 4 oy oldin
Omg Ned and Ariel get to do all the fun stuff because they are the cute couple 😭
Ana Helms
Ana Helms 4 oy oldin
wow what a great vido
GamingWithNick 234
Is it sad that a work can draw better then me
Alexis Rivard
Alexis Rivard 4 oy oldin
this video affected my google home ahh
AimBotAkul 4 oy oldin
Make more videos like this please
Foxygirl505 Gamingandmoreisbackinbusiness
Always wash veggies you grow before eating
Alvin Playz
Alvin Playz 4 oy oldin
That just looks like a modern house
Fourever 4
Fourever 4 4 oy oldin
I’m terrified of worms and no one told me there would be wOrmS
Vindra Kavaya
Vindra Kavaya 4 oy oldin
This shouldnt be a future house, this should be a present house!