Couple Lives In A Future House For A Week • Ned & Ariel

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Ned & Ariel attempt to live sustainably in a Future House for a week, and make more energy than they use. It's the Net Positive Challenge! Presenting the 2017 Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq. Learn more about the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid:hyundai.us/4YGbbY
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Outside Cast
Ariel Fulmer
David Hertz
Robert & Monica Fortunato



28-Apr, 2017

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Salty Cactus
Salty Cactus 3 kun oldin
We have a light like that - Abd its wweeirdd
Charlotte Blake
Charlotte Blake 7 kun oldin
Anyone else watching in 2019? The year of the Wes
Kasia 9 kun oldin
3:50 - A LIE. Solar panels are made with use of very toxic elements. There's no good way to recycle or neutralize those when the panels have to be scrapped. Wind energy is not always to be depended upon because, well, it's not always windy. And even if it is, wind plants pose a serious problem for wildlife, scaring off different animals, even causing migrating birds to change their routes, which has terrible consequences for their survival.
Kasia 9 kun oldin
... and then they ruin their whole effort of having 0 impact on environment by making yet another human organism which is adding up to world's overpopulation, consuming even more of Earth's resources and producing even more waste and garbage. Gotta love those pseudo-ecologist hypocrits. Wanna be eco-friendly? STOP REPRODUCING.
M M 9 kun oldin
Every time Ned and Ariel make a smart house joke by talking to it kills me lmao
Rylee B
Rylee B 10 kun oldin
Too bad it’s not the every day American that’s causing the issues and it’s literally just big oil and logging companies and this kind of stuff is just paid propaganda to convince us that it’s our fault global warming is so bad.
Lando64000 64000
Lando64000 64000 13 kun oldin
Based on out current lifestyles, out future house will be in a garbage can
Sylvia Mitchell
Sylvia Mitchell 15 kun oldin
My mom has an IONIQ
Grace Gao
Grace Gao 15 kun oldin
What will the future look like? Ariel : Well we’re going to have a baby Now they do.
Nicole Katchur
Nicole Katchur 16 kun oldin
Is it just me or does Robert and Monica (the homeowners) look like an older Ned and Ariel?
TrAGIC_andinos Idk
TrAGIC_andinos Idk 16 kun oldin
When Ariel said strait my ionic she set off my google home hub
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos 17 kun oldin
This a vegan house
Fiona Morris
Fiona Morris 17 kun oldin
Holy Crap! Why is Eugene’s face in that yellow and black abstract painting at 5.54?
Adrian Espinoza
Adrian Espinoza 18 kun oldin
His name will be Wes
Jayme 18 kun oldin
why did my google just start talking to me
Sara Gvbriellv
Sara Gvbriellv 25 kun oldin
Ned: look at you!! Ariel: right?! I stan a queen
Caitlyn L
Caitlyn L 25 kun oldin
Ned keeps trying to get the house to make him something like cookies or open the door.
Chairicks 26 kun oldin
Ok it’s cool but almost nobody will grow all of their own food and stop eating meat. It not practical
YouTube girl
YouTube girl 28 kun oldin
Can we talk about how hot Ned looks at 3:42
frgwitz Müsk
frgwitz Müsk 29 kun oldin
Marine Boopity
Marine Boopity 29 kun oldin
The ending sponsorship was a genius idea
Adetola Atoyebi
Future yh? But you ve got lots of money to be able to afford that to start with. Use normal people in everyday life, working 2 jobs then see how practical this future is.
Kamlesh Verma
Kamlesh Verma Oy oldin
Whats the song name at 3.40 Plz tell
simplyeason Oy oldin
2:45 & 4:53 i can’t 😂😂😂 and the worm art, is actually so good?!
Alan Lim
Alan Lim Oy oldin
*no worms were harmed in the making of this video*
Gabriele Avila
6:41 totally wednesday
Sebastian White
"We're going to have a baby right?" And now they have a baby.
phume 2000
phume 2000 Oy oldin
Barbie's Life in a Dream House?
Daniele Freeman
while recycling and supporting your local farmers and small businesses is important, the vast majority of pollution comes from major corporations.
yoyo_69 _
yoyo_69 _ Oy oldin
They are such couple goals 😫💕💕💕
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith Oy oldin
'Got more tea.' 'Oh! NED! 😂😂'
Squatch Box
Squatch Box Oy oldin
I so love this idea! I wish it were more affordable to the average family. Also, you guys are, Charlie Brown Cute!
Logan Wilgers
Logan Wilgers Oy oldin
Yeah its only the future when all this sustainable, healthy technologies and lifestyles where affordable enough to be reachable to all
Shepherd boy
Shepherd boy Oy oldin
3:45 - "Solar panel owners can save up to $1000 per year." True. The solar panels cost $40,000... and often only last 25 years...but why mention that detail.
Shepherd boy
Shepherd boy Oy oldin
1:26 - "We built this house with the idea that you actually don't have to give up anything." Agreed... but you also have to be filthy rich to build the sustainable house that is good for the environment so you don't have to give up anything. LOL
Andrew Zbinden
Although I like the modern update to the home, I refuse to give up chicken and nice hot showers. If they can just filter saltwater into freshwater, and grow meat from cells in an industrial lab I'm in. Until then, I'll just be mindful of the thermostat and power consumption.
I wonder hows called the song that comes out of the lights?
im a mess
im a mess Oy oldin
ned: ariel is gonna pour the worm tea on the plants very carefully ariel: **wastes half of the tea on one plant**
BooknQuill _
BooknQuill _ 2 oy oldin
0:54 what if I live in a place where I can't grow my own food
Hajar Khochtali
Hajar Khochtali 2 oy oldin
What is this house called
julie heid
julie heid 2 oy oldin
lol when she said ok google it worked on my phone
Ariel McMillan
Ariel McMillan 2 oy oldin
Said privilege. Try harsh climates or less subruban low income settings. What say you? Thats the majority, so how does this video translate besides preaching to its choir. Entertaining yes! Informative yes. But, If you want real change wealthier white folk with good jobs preaching using close to nature or as others described methods in warm climates not available to most, easy. But, indigenous techniques with a modern spin... How does it apply for the rest of us? If it's not intended to, fine. Just say that. Dont build a vid or invite guests who speak as if their life is accessible. I get it not every vid is for everyone but dont propsition it as average if its not average accessible. Regardless, I try hard AF to live net positive but could never achieve this even in my nonprofit frugility. I can't teach much from the set standards of "we could n should do this if we are earth conscious". But its cute you got a few days, just be honest about what your promoting. Lifestyle posts should be applicable. Fyi, huge try guys fan hence how I found this. It's fun but if the premise is real life implication, its shallow and barely useful. I'm not even a hippie. I live in city and in a house. These conversations would costs so much upfront. Thus, this vid seemed more of a fun vacay. Just call it eco-friendly vacation! 💖
Kasper 2 oy oldin
Angel Gurung-Lama
Wow look how long ago this was They didn't even have a baby
Razor_Fragz 2 oy oldin
Sub to pewds stop 🅱️Series!
TheShufflejimmy 2 oy oldin
Bruh In the end its a commercial.
Emily Mac
Emily Mac 2 oy oldin
Omg who is here when Wes is born
Eric Laforge
Eric Laforge 2 oy oldin
No don't eat the bread .and eat that red meat. Just eat the meat that you shoot with a bow in a forest.
Alexandra Cody
Alexandra Cody 2 oy oldin
My Google Home responded with theirs.
hi by
hi by 2 oy oldin
the ok google set of my google and I so scared lol
Apple Be Like
2 kun oldin