Couple Secretly Shares Each Side Of Their Love Story

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Kevin and Emily talk about their relationship while the other wears headphones so we can hear both sides of their story. Tell us what your favorite part of their story is! SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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17-May, 2017

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Sanaa Watson
Sanaa Watson Kun oldin
it’s love when they got the same shoes on😂
kungkungx3 2 kun oldin
Ugh.. their so pure. This is such relationship goalsss
__. 3 kun oldin
“Your everything i prayed for”
Charles Bodies
Charles Bodies 3 kun oldin
I need a white girl 😫
Emma Elizabeth
Emma Elizabeth 4 kun oldin
When he said “I Love you because your everything i prayed for” i lost it😢♥️
Sierra Stone
Sierra Stone 5 kun oldin
6:00 a want.
Lily Campbell
Lily Campbell 6 kun oldin
I fell in love with another actor when I did Almost, Maine. It’s a magically show! Villian! (Tattoo)
Turtle Lover
Turtle Lover 6 kun oldin
Lara Grunow
Lara Grunow 6 kun oldin
they got me in fuckin tears ! Seems like such a healthy relationship
Rebecca Brannon
Rebecca Brannon 6 kun oldin
0:35 that laugh tho
Annie Zikianda
Annie Zikianda 7 kun oldin
“ i love you because you’re everything i prayed for” I DIED OMG
Sebastian Klein
Sebastian Klein 7 kun oldin
Ngl I expected him to propose after what he said.
Miriam Gayize
Miriam Gayize 8 kun oldin
so cuuuuuute omg
Miriam Gayize
Miriam Gayize 8 kun oldin
so cuuuuuute omg
Kirra_Kat Mic Muffin
when i saw the tear oml that was so romantic!!!!
Breanna 9 kun oldin
overtime they ask a couple why they love their significant other it makes me cry
MaMaLoVe99🇩🇴 9 kun oldin
This is beautiful......Good luck to them.....Bless them......Don't give up on love ya........I just made 18 years with my love and it's a wonderful thing when you do find the one......Dont give up just cause you had bad ones......trust me the right one for you is out there ......Just keep believing and searching.....True love is real❣
Tiramisu 9 kun oldin
Michael Hurtado
Michael Hurtado 9 kun oldin
God I would love the opportunity to do this, help me out Jubilee
maja 9 kun oldin
Omg he's crying.....awwwww
Mrinal Bhanot
Mrinal Bhanot 9 kun oldin
CJsbro1 9 kun oldin
Want a follow up!
Inutsiaq Petersen
Inutsiaq Petersen 9 kun oldin
Why don’t they just wear bose qc 35 2?
Eingel Clyg
Eingel Clyg 10 kun oldin
"You're everything I prayed for" AAAAAAA
Kiara Ramirez
Kiara Ramirez 12 kun oldin
Joan 12 kun oldin
Both rocking yeezys ? Wtf
amalia pradifera
amalia pradifera 12 kun oldin
i watch these because they sometimes teach me how to love
sister naz
sister naz 12 kun oldin
man I feel so jealous
Christian Tyler
Christian Tyler 12 kun oldin
He been hurt bad if he can’t spare 2 dollars 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Destiny Cuellar
Destiny Cuellar 13 kun oldin
He reminds me of Donald Glover
Keyanna Green
Keyanna Green 13 kun oldin
Y’all should subscribe to SunxKey
Seven Stars
Seven Stars 13 kun oldin
Cried at... "you're everything I prayed for"
Dirty wet Poopy poower hole
eek idk
eek idk 13 kun oldin
kevin’s life is really like jimmy, sandrine, and villian
The Vegan Elephant
The Vegan Elephant 13 kun oldin
“No I said ‘Olive juice is horrific cuz’”
West Coast Cali
West Coast Cali 13 kun oldin
When he said "I love u bcuz ur everything I Prayed For".....♡♡♡
Andrew Millar
Andrew Millar 13 kun oldin
Landon’s a god😂
Herreguda 14 kun oldin
Lovely story, but I'm annoyed that so many straight couples (especially in the US, it seems) claim that on a romantic date, the man HAS to pay for everyting. As woman, I find it unfair and unfeminist and ridiculous.
Fusion 14 kun oldin
Ivy Hernandez
Ivy Hernandez 14 kun oldin
I started sobbing when he said “you’re everything I prayed for “ ... they are beautiful together ! 😭
MALUKIAN gamer 15 kun oldin
The white guy at the end probs had the fattest nut behind camera
M T 16 kun oldin
aww omg! 😍😭
Layola Mehlomakulu
Layola Mehlomakulu 16 kun oldin
They have matching yeezys
Delaney Page
Delaney Page 16 kun oldin
this literally made me cry. their love is so real.
Vailolo Stevens
Vailolo Stevens 16 kun oldin
I wanna do this with my boyfriend 😂
Stephanie Reyna
Stephanie Reyna 17 kun oldin
maaz amjad
maaz amjad 17 kun oldin
It will not last long. No white girl stays long with a black guy. That's just a fact.
Beyza Kopuz
Beyza Kopuz 17 kun oldin
Why am I crying?
Ngan Nguyen
Ngan Nguyen 17 kun oldin
Get you a man that talks about you like this ❤️
Rose C
Rose C 17 kun oldin
this made me cry!!!
loverboo1 18 kun oldin
Why does he look so familiar??
Hi No
Hi No 19 kun oldin
Awwww 😍😍😍
memey daysRcool
memey daysRcool 20 kun oldin
3:32 my dude laughed like a crazy person
Ashley Allred
Ashley Allred 21 kun oldin
Do you guys see their matching shoes!?😍
Vicky The Puppy Mayor
Wow some smooth relationship
makayla ashby
makayla ashby 22 kun oldin
my heart 💔
Jon Bell
Jon Bell 23 kun oldin
They have respect and laughter. Goals.
Jon Bell
Jon Bell 23 kun oldin
Hybrid Mind
Hybrid Mind 23 kun oldin
Wow how tf do you find a woman you can be vulnerable with like this??? Women are not like this. Any sense of vulnerability or weakness they leave or play games.
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson 24 kun oldin
Soo how are they now?
MrWesleysDad 25 kun oldin
Man, that’s a soul connection if there ever was one. This is what I think I’ll be holding out for in my future. That’s love, dude. That’s raw, unedited, hit you in your feels love. This is what makes life worth it.
Chillin With Nicole
Chillin With Nicole 27 kun oldin
Their stories are sooo different
Violet bluesy
Violet bluesy 27 kun oldin
Talk about blessing in disguise...
Noura Zampalegre
Noura Zampalegre 28 kun oldin
Awwww ❤❤❤❤💕💕
Katie Kersis
Katie Kersis 28 kun oldin
Tears I'm of tears
Ann Maina
Ann Maina 28 kun oldin
When he started crying😍😍😫😫😫
Rami Khaldi
Rami Khaldi Oy oldin
Evil laugh but kind soul
Kay Gigny
Kay Gigny Oy oldin
Horrible White woman what wrong with your OWN race of men?
Azirith Nrodreada
Just hearing this guy saying why she loves her I want to go up and give him a big ass hug because that is the truest thing ever This guy is awesome
July713 X
July713 X Oy oldin
Not to be gay but my boy he looks like me an hes cute
Marrow Oy oldin
I need a relationship like this 😩😭
Kingsley's channel
Everyone is talking about how cute they are but I'm still wondering about "Your dad.. your daaad..." What a cliffhanger!
Suldaan 1.0
Suldaan 1.0 Oy oldin
This is a girl magnet just watch it together with urs and i promise u u’ll get some
Darryle Travis
Must be nice
Sha B
Sha B Oy oldin
ive been a lengthy relationship ( a couple of them) or two in the past but now being over 30 and having been single for a few years and watching this makes me really realize what im missing. I understand the "physical" advantages of being single but im not going to lie; being able to laugh, cry and grow both intellectually and emotionally with someone you can hold on to and hug/kiss anytime is somethin i really mis and want ...and its obvious these two in the video express that.
Jevaun Benjamin
Okay marriage time. 5 years years jhezz
Hawa Mohamed
Hawa Mohamed Oy oldin
They’re Beyond cute
Nova Oy oldin
we need "updates"on these lovely people...
Mike Maddocks
Mike Maddocks Oy oldin
Without a doubt, Jubilee posting some of the best UZvid content out there.
Onkar Indurkar
Awww both of them wearing yeezys soo cute... ❤️❤️❤️
Yabancı Oy oldin
He was so cute:D
Charlotte G
Charlotte G Oy oldin
omg......i wish i was this in love
Maria Kenzo
Maria Kenzo Oy oldin
Matching shoes
carly jean
carly jean Oy oldin
She reminded me on Anastasia
I was smiling like a fool through out 😍 I love love
Two beautiful souls that are deserving of one another.
Landry Carbaugh
Their shoes are matching
Papychull Oy oldin
this reminds me of me and my boyfriends chemistry but we’ve only been dating 2 years hehe
Laura Gullett
Laura Gullett Oy oldin
"You're everything I prayed for..." A man that talks to God about you😍
paige mclachlan
I hope these guys are still together!!!
Missouri Wilton
looks like childish gambino
Jaclyn CheyAnne
“you know what.. ima be.. with emily. that’s what ima do.” 😂😍
maham meher
maham meher Oy oldin
These guys came on the BuzzFeed video about boyfriend styling their girlfriend's hair!
Mikayla Baughman
10/10 I cried.
Hakim m
Hakim m Oy oldin
Bruh my heart literally hurts... ❤️😭
Hakim m
Hakim m Oy oldin
Ok. Let me hug my pillow real quick. It has nothing to do with the video.
The white Nibba
Legend has it their exes are watching this video
Hannah Conroy
Hannah Conroy Oy oldin
Same shoes!!!!! ❤️
roxanne paredes