Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers

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“His hair just looks like…a mop. It’s got to go.”
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5-Iyn, 2016

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Rhi Is A Bean
Rhi Is A Bean 12 soat oldin
Okay couple goals wow
Rylee Stull Turner
Did she bleach it
lara_ saitova
lara_ saitova Kun oldin
She looks like she should be riding a motorcycle with that hair. Sick!
Ayu A
Ayu A 2 kun oldin
Awsm video
nurah shams
nurah shams 3 kun oldin
Husband did a good job for her but honestly he looked stunning n attractive with the long thick hair plz grew them back it does suit ur face better. He looked taller n mire built to me with omg hair aswell. I was like nooooooooooo but what can we do🤷‍♀️boring wife but hey he loves her🤐
Marie :P
Marie :P 3 kun oldin
Couple goals. Happy Valentine's day too!!!😻😻😊❤️~~
Margus Reintam
Margus Reintam 3 kun oldin
Noh sl priti hair
Margus Reintam
Margus Reintam 3 kun oldin
Pat hair kut
Carina \m/
Carina \m/ 3 kun oldin
both look so much better now :)
Deex _urs
Deex _urs 4 kun oldin
Idk. I prefered him with the long hair...
Linnea Frangipane
Linnea Frangipane 7 kun oldin
I love her hair but i liked him before more...
Zeroş Sen
Zeroş Sen 8 kun oldin
They both made the right decision for one another.
lulx xx
lulx xx 8 kun oldin
they did an amazing job!
ayjfr88 9 kun oldin
3:35 is she wearing Valentino cause it looks a bit like my moms Valentino?
Michelle Chung
Michelle Chung 10 kun oldin
I have a red belt in tae kwon doe
dream catcher
dream catcher 12 kun oldin
She looks like a real life mulan but more badass
Sofia Martz
Sofia Martz 12 kun oldin
I liked his hair before he cut it.
everything for dogs
everything for dogs 12 kun oldin
The girl looks a bit like Demi Lovato..
Sary Farrell
Sary Farrell 12 kun oldin
Jason is sexy with long hair.
Prashant Gupta
Prashant Gupta 12 kun oldin
Never thought that someone will break up over a hairstyle...yes it happened...check 5:08
Joann Reyes
Joann Reyes 13 kun oldin
Now he looks average.
Joann Reyes
Joann Reyes 13 kun oldin
His hair looks good long
Katherine Ross
Katherine Ross 13 kun oldin
I liked him with the long hair. It looks okay after, but now you have less to grab onto when you're fuckin'.
Martina Smith
Martina Smith 13 kun oldin
I'm probably one of the few who think his long hair looks WAAAAY better on him. It suited him so well. Then again, I have a weakness for long hair on men.
Stephanie Kokkineli
Stephanie Kokkineli 13 kun oldin
I liked both of them before more. Lol
Emma Wood
Emma Wood 14 kun oldin
Aanchal Baryah
Aanchal Baryah 15 kun oldin
Wow awesome 😍
A M 16 kun oldin
Ok no offense but jason looks like a homosexual with his new hair lmao
Shine plays
Shine plays 16 kun oldin
They look so good after the cut 👌😁
ShanTFull 16 kun oldin
She looks awesome, he looked better with long hair 🤷🏾‍♀️
Carmen Rene M
Carmen Rene M 16 kun oldin
How dare she cut his hair!🙄
burntbakedbean 17 kun oldin
ima be real wit you chief........ jason’s hair was better long
Cheese 17 kun oldin
They are a badass couple wowowowow
JaadAvila 17 kun oldin
0:48 husband dude
julio teixeira
julio teixeira 17 kun oldin
so much better
LMT UXE 17 kun oldin
OMG Sunye!!! I'm crying
sativa shiva
sativa shiva 18 kun oldin
Isa Brookbanks
Isa Brookbanks 18 kun oldin
This hair cut/style/dye was OKAY for the guy.
stop that
stop that 18 kun oldin
He had beautiful hair
srishti Singh
srishti Singh 18 kun oldin
I loved his long hair nhioo😭❤❤
Moustache hehehe
Moustache hehehe 19 kun oldin
What I if told you You read the first line wrong
animaky lala
animaky lala 19 kun oldin
Aww. That was actually the real happy end
Nives Hepi
Nives Hepi 20 kun oldin
I have a question Did he just balayaged her hair or did he bleached it too? Sorry if i misspeled something im from croatia
Katy Rosselli
Katy Rosselli 20 kun oldin
I preferred the guy with long hair
oxAuthor Alicexo
oxAuthor Alicexo 20 kun oldin
He looks so hot with that haircut..😢😢😢
Delaney Kennedy
Delaney Kennedy 20 kun oldin
They look amazing
mollie mainprize
mollie mainprize 21 kun oldin
is it me or does she kinda look like black widow
Player Origins
Player Origins 21 kun oldin
He looks cool with his long hair than short hair
Karina Cretu
Karina Cretu 21 kun oldin
I got an orange belt in taikwando when I was 5
salima semo
salima semo 21 kun oldin
They did best to eachother!! They both changed to better looks! They are so cute
ChilledArt 21 kun oldin
Honestly i likes his longer hair better...
reneedooma 21 kun oldin
No one thinks it’s pretty mean how short they cut his hair after finding out how much he already liked it? If you want to add texture, you can without cutting it.
Sarah Something
Sarah Something 24 kun oldin
Can we please have another one of these?’
Rosa G
Rosa G 24 kun oldin
What if they broke up after this
Joanna J
Joanna J 24 kun oldin
His long hair is the best
Legendary Lizzy
Legendary Lizzy 25 kun oldin
R.I.P man bun
sam zoy
sam zoy 25 kun oldin
That men : Before haircut : now a days Justin Bieber After haircut: old Justin Bieber
thunder 27 kun oldin
Noo! His hair was perfect 😩😩
Kristina Reed
Kristina Reed 28 kun oldin
the title says "couples" but there was only one couple in the video...
CoolGamerKid09 28 kun oldin
Is that xchocobars
Aphria Rose
Aphria Rose 28 kun oldin
I’m on my first orange stripe in tae Kwon do ❤️😌
Cecpicious 29 kun oldin
*five days later* I’m breaking up with you!
Maria Od
Maria Od 29 kun oldin
Julia B.
Julia B. Oy oldin
Omg I like his hair :)
YetiintheSun Oy oldin
He smiled when he really wanted to cry.
YetiintheSun Oy oldin
Okay....hair grows.
YetiintheSun Oy oldin
He did look beautiful with that long hair before
Alba Torres
Alba Torres Oy oldin
He is more handsome with long hair
7saany Oy oldin
both improved.
Lily Padilla
Lily Padilla Oy oldin
They slayed those haircuts together, holy wow
Rosi Flo
Rosi Flo Oy oldin
Samantha Liu
Samantha Liu Oy oldin
“Sometimes you need to just push her off a cliff.” Words of the year
Danica Ivkovic Bulj
Love it!! This video make my day!❤️❤️🎉🎉
Nemwar R
Nemwar R Oy oldin
This couple is so cute
Julia H63
Julia H63 Oy oldin
He’s so attractive haha
Looolzah 20
Looolzah 20 Oy oldin
He was better before, she is better after
Nidhi Bhatt
Nidhi Bhatt Oy oldin
4:30 That guy's expression so cute
Hey It'sJill
Hey It'sJill Oy oldin
“Like a mop. It’s just floppy”
Parnian Mz
Parnian Mz Oy oldin
they were both verry good looking 😍
OREO Oy oldin
They look amazing
Tamara Bolcs
Tamara Bolcs Oy oldin
“Looks like a... mop😂😂😂” I’m crying!!😂😂😂
Music Lover
Music Lover Oy oldin
I wonder if they are still together in 2018 ??
Ollie and Reign
Beth Vigna
Beth Vigna Oy oldin
They both look great!
Maria Cecília Dias
This is why I’m Bi
Srushti Kadam
Srushti Kadam Oy oldin
'His hair just sits straight and it just looks like uh...like a mop'
Jeny Oy oldin
His hair looked good
Alberta ORourke
He is a nice guy for accepting it because he loves her but I have long hair it would kill me to cut my hair
Indiyah Lestrange
Jason reminds me of a young Sirius Black.
Brynn Wiens
Brynn Wiens Oy oldin
His shorter hair makes him look more mature and more intelligent. He looks like a business man rather then a 15 year old boy.
DanayaDog Girl
What if they’re not together anymore 😂😂😂
Bobby Bueckert
His hair looked better before ,and her bob is just plain and boring.
Vic Cobain
Vic Cobain Oy oldin
He looks so sexy with long hair
Solo cute
Twentyøne Chemical dicos
you can tell their relationship is going to work
Queen Duaa
Queen Duaa Oy oldin
I don't know why I feel that guy just want ruin this studio and the hair dresser and feel to kill her partner but he cannot
Deccs Oy oldin
You both look suuuper pretty with these haircuts! c:
Kajsa Andersson
Love her hair!!
Xiomara Turla
Xiomara Turla Oy oldin
2019 anyone? Oh just me?
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