Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers

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“His hair just looks like…a mop. It’s got to go.”
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5-Iyn, 2016

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slime _squishies
slime _squishies 5 soat oldin
Lol, he said the she can *beat him up*
HeyWinn 13 soat oldin
Why does Jason look and sound exactly like Steven Yeun
Tammy Sue
Tammy Sue 17 soat oldin
Wow! I love both of them! I wish I had a relationship or man at all to do this with! Geez! 💕❤️
Kalista Renee
Kalista Renee 3 kun oldin
his long hair was hot tho
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 5 kun oldin
Wow I love her hairstyle
love BTS
love BTS 6 kun oldin
I liked the guys hair
LexieLou 6 kun oldin
I wanna do this with my boyfriend! Or, I would. If I had a boyfriend. I’m so lonely
Batwoman 7 kun oldin
did some one say ‘couple’ ??? Don’t you mean Ned and Ariel?!!!
HarambeSushi Monster
Lmao Jason looked like steven yeun
staciamalaysia 9 kun oldin
He is a babe 😍
Emilee Nolan
Emilee Nolan 10 kun oldin
They both looked amazing
Nirali Bhakta
Nirali Bhakta 11 kun oldin
Omg who thinks that Cathy looks like Bailey from Brooklyn and Bailey
Dj Swag Boy
Dj Swag Boy 12 kun oldin
thats a good couple
Galaxy Hipster Girl101
Pugloverbree 12 kun oldin
Omg I love her new hair so much it suits her so much!!!
Maya Juarez
Maya Juarez 14 kun oldin
I ain't trustin anyone with my hair.
Athena Cushing
Athena Cushing 14 kun oldin
I think the guy looked really cool with his long hair in a man bun, but also he looks awesome with the short hair too! And don't even get me started with the girl, she looked awesome!
Izzy Bladez
Izzy Bladez 14 kun oldin
Shes literally abusive
Clare Walukwe
Clare Walukwe 14 kun oldin
They are the cutest couple... Lol
Angy Angy
Angy Angy 14 kun oldin
They are so cute .their new style is so goooddd
Annette Pugh
Annette Pugh 14 kun oldin
They are such a hot couple
Dawnn Cristiana
Dawnn Cristiana 14 kun oldin
Is it just me or when u go to the hairdresser the curl it and straighten ur hair but when u style it it it looks bad ya know what I mean?!?😂
Hermione Granger /*
Hermione Granger /* 16 kun oldin
Is that my Zac Efron? ❤️💕
Susana B
Susana B 18 kun oldin
They are both so attractive! Love the makeovers.
Naaomi Sealy
Naaomi Sealy 19 kun oldin
This was lovely to watch
jonathan gomes
jonathan gomes 20 kun oldin
I like how he looks with longer hair though
Diane Tobin
Diane Tobin 21 kun oldin
Wow, I can't believe there has been over 12 million views on this??
milk yoongi
milk yoongi 21 kun oldin
Now the guy looks like Ryan Bergara 😂😂
JasonIsBoredMovies 22 kun oldin
if Ned is in this video, the video is noice
Lea Marye
Lea Marye 22 kun oldin
His hair looks so much better
Respirty 23 kun oldin
The guy with the long hair Remind me a Video game Character Named Hanzo When His Hair was tied up
Richie Alarcón
Richie Alarcón 23 kun oldin
he looked better with the long hair
Ellena Renders
Ellena Renders 23 kun oldin
Ellie Mandy
Ellie Mandy 25 kun oldin
I can’t stand that Kim Kardashian voice.
Carmen Langland
Carmen Langland 26 kun oldin
I love the read,is BEUTIFUL .
ivy yang
ivy yang 27 kun oldin
my favorite of all time
LexieLou 27 kun oldin
They both look amazing
mariocordovaljesus 29 kun oldin
They trust each other so much Like if you agree👍🏻
Samhita Bondada
Samhita Bondada 29 kun oldin
Taekwondo doesn’t have a brown belt lol
SophSlimeTester Espenida
They remind mind me of a story like, badass girl loves good boy
Millan Oy oldin
The red color made Cathy look even more badass then she already is
Christine Beebe
It's really well done, very believable, a stop and think impact on anyone who goes to a party to make another choice, before driving drunk.
D. Snutts
D. Snutts Oy oldin
They look lit - I want to be on this show
Stoomer2 Oy oldin
Jason reminds me of that one guy from the walking dead
RB C Oy oldin
She's the bawse girl all the guys are like "She needs to be mine!" and the other girls are angry that she's stealing their men! He's the classy, smart dude that the girls find attractive while the other guys pick on him! Totally a predicted couple!
Teagan Davis
Teagan Davis Oy oldin
Yea you have a brown belt i have a black five star belt and im ten i have been doing it since four
ilovedavid Oy oldin
These two are great!!😀
Miekauh Oy oldin
What hair dye did you use on her?
Adrian Nasr
Adrian Nasr Oy oldin
4:40 *cries inside*
Madeline Stouges
they both looked so good after their haircuts
rosè t j j j r j s mimi
Deborah McCrary
so Cute!
subhasmita pradhan
They look awesome
Gossip Listener
I love them !!
Luiza De Musis Cardoso
I personally liked his hair before. But it still looks good on him
Varun Saini
Varun Saini Oy oldin
Burn both of them with petrol and smother their parents till death...
chelsea bruckler
They are the cutest couple
Bantawa Sajana
Boyfriend's reaction though😀
TiffanyJess Anglin
I think it's great
No thanks B
No thanks B Oy oldin
I love this couple!
Isaiah Vaughan
Is this buzzfeed Asia?!?! Why they only showing asians tf?
ta shi
ta shi Oy oldin
They look great
ashley 19
ashley 19 Oy oldin
She literally got his old hair style just with color and texture. Looks super cute tho. His is good either way but they would have looked weird together with the same length. Like siblings instead of couple
Shivani Sanchit
Trish Oy oldin
You guys! This is the cutest thing ever!!!❤❤❤
Joan Anna
Joan Anna Oy oldin
the best couple makeover I have ever seen
RM IS MY LIFE Oy oldin
Jason Low-key Looks like my cousin
Matthew George
I can’t believe she cut his hair off. Guaranteed he’s pissed & will grow it back out.
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg Oy oldin
Love this video so much
Sydney Zung
Sydney Zung Oy oldin
jason: my hair makes me feel free... cathy :lets chop it all off
wingcharm Oy oldin
Nice transformation for the girl but I still prefer the guy long haired. He looks manlier that way.
unicorn unicorn
1:50 😂😂😂 like like a mop
Jood Mohamed
Jood Mohamed Oy oldin
Bloxburg Houses and more
The girl actually looked really pretty after
Margie Graddicks
Adorable couple
Aria Veena
Aria Veena Oy oldin
I loved her voice 💕💕💕
Nactya Oy oldin
Xkawai_fluffybunnyX Xx
*why am I watching this when I’m single?*
Trans Potato
Trans Potato Oy oldin
How many people have veneers? Looks nice.
Die Kommentiererin
Oh, I love their new Hair style
Farahinness Oy oldin
this is a really good lookin yumcha couple.
Wait WHAT Oy oldin
2:05 Zac Efron? MAH SENPAIIIIIII!!! To the left for people who dont know him xD
Scarlet San
Scarlet San Oy oldin
Jason died as soon as he saw his haircut lol
autumn thornton
cute couple omg
Ren Leshe
Ren Leshe Oy oldin
Oh man I loved Jason's hair
LpsEllena Oy oldin
4:16 her hair looks like Gamora
Here comes The sun doo doo
It lowkey looks good though/his long hair
Aben Daus
Aben Daus Oy oldin
Jason is so hot.. love both of his hair...
Eiyzak Oy oldin
anyone else think that Cathy looks like Minzy from 2ne1 with that new hairstyle?
Mackenzie DeJesus
Jason looks like Glen when he first started playing in the walking dead when he had long hair lol
Monbebe /Kihyun's Wifu
He looks more handsome when he cut his hair. Why he likes to keep them long!!!! That girl know how to make his boyfriend handsome and hot!!!!
Dark_ Angel13579
Jason not so much but Cathy looked badass HOT after 😍😘❤️
Israt Bhuiyan
Israt Bhuiyan Oy oldin
So my question is...did he grow his hair out into that mop again or nah
Sid Tree
Sid Tree Oy oldin
They’re the cutest couple I’ve seen!
scarlett Oy oldin
He looks like glenn from walking dead
Alejandra Espinoza
Theyre cute
Lea Senic
Lea Senic Oy oldin
At first I was like why is Ned there, he left Buzzfeed right, and then I saw the year and was like UZvid why is this in my reccomended
Anne Schmitz
Anne Schmitz Oy oldin
They look inceredible and I LOVE their attitude💓🏐
Realistic Vegan
If my boyfriend got my hair cut off I would kill him. It’s already short enough after I stupidly cut twelve inches of it off last year.
Graffiti Hair
2 yil oldin