Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers

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“His hair just looks like…a mop. It’s got to go.”
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Cathy Kwan
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5-Iyn, 2016

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Namaro namaroto
Namaro namaroto 32 daqiqa oldin
His personality it’s like IKON’s YoYo (sog)
Namaro namaroto
Namaro namaroto 34 daqiqa oldin
He looks so in love w her hdjxjdhdjsh😍
Desi Bella
Desi Bella 2 soat oldin
Like a mop....
Breezefilms Tae tae
fake you.
fake you. Kun oldin
They Look so awesome!😊
Riley Conetta
Riley Conetta Kun oldin
Cathy: Not to short on the sides Hair Dresser: Close fade on the sides Me: WHAT!?!?
V's World
V's World 2 kun oldin
They are lovely
Freeky Panda
Freeky Panda 3 kun oldin
What do you mean when you say "couples"? There's only one couple
Thainá Cabeza
Thainá Cabeza 4 kun oldin
Oh she was NOT nice to him, his hair was amazing before
12Sisters 1bride
12Sisters 1bride 5 kun oldin
Wow!!They looked goid together before,but the AFTER,OH-MY-WOW!!!!!this gets a yaaaaaaaassssss 😆
martina dabi
martina dabi 5 kun oldin
He's so damn handsome😍
Sheila Ibrag
Sheila Ibrag 5 kun oldin
4:32 me trying not to laugh really hard in school
Sanesh Francis
Sanesh Francis 5 kun oldin
I feel so sad about the guy, his long hair looked amazing, it was a great length, complemented his face and it was relatively unique. His short hair doesn't look bad, but it is definetly generec, he stood out more with his former hairstyle.
Kitty_ Cat YT
Kitty_ Cat YT 5 kun oldin
They're A Cute Couple, I Must Say!
Mike Renquist
Mike Renquist 5 kun oldin
I’m nine and I have a black belt and I’m a girl
My brother has the same haircut as the guy, great haircut as it allows you to keep length on one side but still look clean, But the problem is to keep that style up you need to learn to style it that way with some wax, which my brother sucks at so even though he has that haircut, if you dont style it/maintain it, it'll look like a flop.
Sumanah Loves BTS
Sumanah Loves BTS 7 kun oldin
Leila-Jane the Potato Gem
"Sometimes you just gotta try some things but sometimes you just gotta push them off that cliff" OMG I can't stop laughing
Iman Ahmed Kirmani
Iman Ahmed Kirmani 7 kun oldin
“Push her off that cliff”That’s what I say too my brothers with a he,but not in the same context.
Tianna Grey
Tianna Grey 8 kun oldin
I would have given her red and pink streaks
Geekella 9 kun oldin
She looks like Ellie Kemper
Reef 9 kun oldin
I had medium hair now I have short .......trust me I still regret that
Aurora Senecal
Aurora Senecal 10 kun oldin
Anna Pohl
Anna Pohl 11 kun oldin
His long haaaaaiiiir
Gon Ponieman Klionski
long hair is waaaay better
ROXANNE MILAR 12 kun oldin
she would look fine asf with a pixi cut with the top part long sort of like the guy who was styling it.
Scarlett Jean
Scarlett Jean 12 kun oldin
Cathy have really attractive energy. I can feel it as I seldom come here and rewatch this video!
Spooky Lunatic
Spooky Lunatic 13 kun oldin
he looks awful.Omfg i would be so fcking mad
Amber Holli
Amber Holli 14 kun oldin
the girl looks like rachel chu from crazy rich asians
NeonPink 15 kun oldin
she loved her haircut, he cried inside:D btw I think he looked so much better with long hair, it suited him & didn't look like the majority of men out there
emma newell
emma newell 15 kun oldin
“You can never trust Cathy” 🤚😂
Banana Havana_Fin
Banana Havana_Fin 15 kun oldin
He said he was a brown belt in tae kwon doe. There isn't even a brown belt in tae kwon doe 😂😂😂
Rafa's World
Rafa's World 17 kun oldin
1:41 how did it take so long to grow???
Veroni Ka
Veroni Ka 17 kun oldin
They were both very beautiful to begin with, so that was an easy game :D But still the results were off the hook
trezzia 17 kun oldin
I like his hair after! Its slick and appropriate for trendy or work. His long hair was a bit too messy and hard to maintain.
Elaine Clarke
Elaine Clarke 17 kun oldin
Brown belt? Ty Kwan Do doesn’t have a brown belt! I’m sorry if I spelled it wrong, even when I did it for 5 years.
Aathiga Pathmakaran
Aathiga Pathmakaran 18 kun oldin
Her wavy bob makes her apple face look more prominent and cute, making her look innocent, but the red is what brings her personality into her hair. Basically. AWESOME!
Katarina Stajcic
Katarina Stajcic 18 kun oldin
I'm a potato
Emilie VIGUIER 18 kun oldin
Goals 😍 they're so cute ^ ^
LeahRose Gacha!
LeahRose Gacha! 18 kun oldin
Dang it,David!
Galaxy squad
Galaxy squad 18 kun oldin
I want thats girls hair!!!!
alessander 19 kun oldin
I didn't really like this one. He was really proud of his long hair. I felt like he considered what would look good on her, what would suit her personality, what would be acceptable to her. From start to finish her choice for him only really reflected what she wanted. They both looked gorgeous at the end, but eh. That was a bit douchey, lady.
Patty Fat
Patty Fat 20 kun oldin
There voices satisfy me
Allee Lee
Allee Lee 20 kun oldin
Perfect couple doesn't existー
Johnny's Chittaphrrr
Aww I want to do this with my boyfriend but first can someone suggest a boyfriend?
mistylikes 20 kun oldin
They should have shaved his face too. The short facial hair went really well with the long hair, but if he's going to be rocking that short-long hairstyle, he needs to be clean shaven. Because he could 100% pass for a K-Pop star. Damn.
Beebee art
Beebee art 20 kun oldin
That one last look is so cute
Sarah Friedman
Sarah Friedman 21 kun oldin
Random update: These two have gotten married, and Jason is regrowing his hair lol
alright. 21 kun oldin
Im sorry but I sorta feel like this relationships toxic
Beer Told
Beer Told 21 kun oldin
Ok, she looks beautiful with her new makeover, but the dude was hotter before.
Patroclo Cloclo
Patroclo Cloclo 21 kun oldin
They destroyed the guy
Crazywolf LeoMilo
Crazywolf LeoMilo 22 kun oldin
They r frikin cute
Morgan DeGraw
Morgan DeGraw 22 kun oldin
2:20 the cowardly lion lmao
pinaforesue 22 kun oldin
he looked hotter with the long hair, don't ever change your own style for someone else, even a partner.
Earumamaadu 22 kun oldin
The ending was sad 😔
Vincent Gurus
Vincent Gurus 22 kun oldin
The look fantastic with the new hairstyles
october8621 23 kun oldin
Hs was waaay better with the long hair
Maccapacca T squishys
The guy has brendon urie hair now
Michelle Ann
Michelle Ann 23 kun oldin
Oh my goodness! They are such an adorable couple!😍 They look amazing!
Poly Lim
Poly Lim 24 kun oldin
Kinda wish they didn’t cut his hair 😂
Nick Fekette
Nick Fekette 24 kun oldin
Would love to see this series be brought back
Dennie 420
Dennie 420 24 kun oldin
This dudes reaction love it
Janko M
Janko M 24 kun oldin
Jason is better with this hairstyle
Shikhar Bal
Shikhar Bal 24 kun oldin
Dude's reaction was funny😂😂😂
Diana Genin
Diana Genin 25 kun oldin
Cathy looks like Mulan😍
Marine Lb
Marine Lb 25 kun oldin
OMG SHE MESSED UP HER MAN!! T-T He was so beautiful with long hair
Zoe Cloutier
Zoe Cloutier 25 kun oldin
I hate his after cut.
jadore286 25 kun oldin
Nooo! Why cut off The Hair?! :O
Priya S
Priya S 25 kun oldin
guys long hair look was better
Luge Mania
Luge Mania 25 kun oldin
I like both their hair cuts after!!
Lilibeth Lugo
Lilibeth Lugo 26 kun oldin
He said “Oh snap” Damn she chopped his beautiful head of hair 🙀 I mean he looks good either way but man 😶 atleast he was a good sport 👍🏼
mtnblueskiess 26 kun oldin
She looks better and he looks great both ways. I do love his long hair look.
ItsYaGurl Grace!
ItsYaGurl Grace! 26 kun oldin
4:32 Hoo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
Julien Huang
Julien Huang 26 kun oldin
She is a badass chick
R A 27 kun oldin
I like him more with long hair Long hair on men are hot and sexy
Girl with flaws
Girl with flaws 27 kun oldin
They both know what's best for each other. I am impressed.
mmemouche 28 kun oldin
Jason's hair was so hot long... thank god it grows back!
CandyCat 28 kun oldin
they look hot both ways tbh....but I don't get why every second man has to have that hair cut... (. - .)
Leela Hayes
Leela Hayes 29 kun oldin
So does he
Leela Hayes
Leela Hayes 29 kun oldin
She looks better with short hair
Anna Treaty
Anna Treaty 29 kun oldin
OMG Jason look so cute before haircut HOT
Kiera Sullivan
Kiera Sullivan 29 kun oldin
MayoGirl 29 kun oldin
Pastel Subliminals
He looks high key attractive like wow
Tanczacy Wilk
Tanczacy Wilk Oy oldin
Naaah! He had looked so cooool and after... he looked fatter and... naaaah!
Jennifer and Stories
Omg her hair transformation was so bewutifuuul
Simča Limča
Simča Limča Oy oldin
He looks better now
Fredbeargurl287 :3
4:33 sounds like an empty soap dispenser
Simone Griffith
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how real and genuine that couple was..#goals
Farry Ali
Farry Ali Oy oldin
love this couple..super cool people!
Våłėńtīńä Ãńd kęrmït
Do you ever see comments that have so many likes and then your like awwwh I want to have that many likes
ironic /
ironic / Oy oldin
Her hair looks soooooooo good
I think the stupid red hair is the ugliest thing only the yellow, blue and other hombre dye trash is as bad. You fu*%ked up your GF's hair she now officially looks like she's a welfare momma living in Coney Island, congrates.
KittyCat Playz
Cathy’s hair looks amazing!!
Angelica Guillen
4:16 😂
нави Oy oldin
I love how it took him 3 whole years to grow it out that long.
huyked Oy oldin
He looked better with the long hair.
Cara :P
Cara :P Oy oldin
1:19 “sometimes you just wanna push her off that cliff.” Lmao I’m crying 😂😂😂