Couples Stare at Each Other for 4 Minutes Straight | Glamour

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Watch real-life friends, family members, and couples complete the intimacy challenge of staring into each other eyes for four minutes straight.
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Couples Stare at Each Other for 4 Minutes Straight | Glamour



19-Sen, 2016



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Nonce_ _Gacha
Nonce_ _Gacha 11 soat oldin
the black guy and his girlfriend have such a strong bond 💕
KittyCute PlushCat
0:41 is the Stephan sharer?
Uzair Mughal
Uzair Mughal Kun oldin
Life Stories. This could be a Better lifestyle article.
Personally I cannot stare at anyone for more than 3 seconds
How did this make someone cry
I’m not Dadđy
Imagine doing this with your crush
Leila Conn
Leila Conn 2 kun oldin
Is that Stephen sharer!!!!!!!???????😍😍😍😍
Kukhanya Fudumele
Kukhanya Fudumele 2 kun oldin
Shahd Mohamed
Shahd Mohamed 3 kun oldin
Idk why did I cry.. Maybe I wish that we get back to how we used to be.. Or even have a chance to look at his eyes for 4 minutes.. It'll be amazing..
Nikol 3 kun oldin
1:21 😍😍
Sunflower 0019
Sunflower 0019 3 kun oldin
me and my crush locked eyes for a while, im guessing 30 seconds
I.F. Heseltine
I.F. Heseltine 3 kun oldin
What’s the song in the background??
Mikaela B
Mikaela B 4 kun oldin
0:40 is that Stephen sharer
Sofia Hoxel
Sofia Hoxel 4 kun oldin
1:26 she’s so pretty
Emma Ayla
Emma Ayla 5 kun oldin
David and natalie are incredible. Wow
Sasha Syskova
Sasha Syskova 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who laughed when they got to the mom and daughter staring part?
Central Perk
Central Perk 5 kun oldin
I wish I had a boyfriend Sad
Cammie Chamberlain
Cammie Chamberlain 5 kun oldin
I was 11 and I had to do this to a 14 boy and then we had to hug for 1 min after I cried for hours I am so awkward I am never doing drama again
Sierra S
Sierra S 6 kun oldin
When she said she saw herself, her mom, and her nana all in one, I lost it. I felt that sooooo much. 😭😭😭
Stupid Libra ._.
Stupid Libra ._. 6 kun oldin
Anyone here single?
Horses Around Me
Horses Around Me 6 kun oldin
I feel like the third wheel 😂
Elise Gill
Elise Gill 6 kun oldin
Z Z zzzZZz. ZZZZzzz.
Erin Is A Snowflake
When he said “I want to kiss you so badly right now” I was like AWWW!! 😭☺️❤️
Sophia Stanton
Sophia Stanton 6 kun oldin
I’m sitting over here single looking at my teddy bear and and being all like why don’t I have a man!?!?!? 😂
Seny D
Seny D 6 kun oldin
AzGarD IAN 6 kun oldin
Han jisung
Han jisung 6 kun oldin
I'd probably started making faces or turning extremely red
Gracela Aprianata
Gracela Aprianata 6 kun oldin
Oh My♥️
Serendxp1ty Subliminals
Was I the only one that got rlly awkward
Kriissy Miissy
Kriissy Miissy 7 kun oldin
I wanna try that 😞
Melisa Cortez
Melisa Cortez 7 kun oldin
When you stare at someone that really makes you have time to analyze there face
theres_a_ribbon I LUVVV
*Literally just stares at my phone screen while people stare at each other for 4 minutes*
allycat365 7 kun oldin
Lol 😂 this would make me feel insecure cause I would be trying really hard not to laugh with my mouth open because of my braces (I don’t like them). I can’t wait to get them off 😭 going to be so amazing
New New
New New 7 kun oldin
Who was crying 😢❤
Luna Nunes
Luna Nunes 7 kun oldin
I cringed
That brownskingirl
That brownskingirl 7 kun oldin
Do uk if u stare at ppl for a long time they look different
what's in a name
what's in a name 7 kun oldin
Imma definitely try this every once in a month with my partner. When I get one.
lily 7 kun oldin
Why did you title it “couples” but then there was a mom and her daughter...
I’m Here
I’m Here 7 kun oldin
*ugly teen feels lonley for 4 minutes straight*
Muskan Shrestha
Muskan Shrestha 8 kun oldin
Home Planet
Home Planet 8 kun oldin
I thought this was really cute and sweet but then I thought of what it'd be like to watch the people starring at each other out of context
Morgan Shepler
Morgan Shepler 9 kun oldin
“i want to kiss you so badly right now” that was soooo cute😭
TeeAryica 9 kun oldin
Olivia Bennett
Olivia Bennett 10 kun oldin
Dang I thought this was cut
Black&WhiteMel 10 kun oldin
I couldn't resist to my food.
Snowpaw 7396
Snowpaw 7396 10 kun oldin
David and Natalie are such a beautiful couple ❤️
Anya Mutova
Anya Mutova 10 kun oldin
Why am I crying.. omg😑
Rosmelaine Ventura
Rosmelaine Ventura 10 kun oldin
I would be really scared cause the person could see how ugly I look.
RedHeadRising 11 kun oldin
Why did this make me cry.
BigYikes 11 kun oldin
Lmao 0:30 0:34 they never showed up in the video after that it must've been really awkward
BigYikes 11 kun oldin
BigYikes 11 kun oldin
1:21 awe they are so cute together wtfuck
BigYikes 11 kun oldin
I'm so uncomfortable
BigYikes 11 kun oldin
I'd feel so insecure doing this 😂 If I look at my self at at most 2 minutes I see all my flaws so 4 minutes of someone I live staring me down trust me they'll be like wow I never noticed how weird looking her face is but I like it 😜😂
BigYikes 11 kun oldin
Girl in thumbnail is gorgeous
czimano17 11 kun oldin
I tried with my neighbours, they called the cops....
Yohanne Masongsong
Yohanne Masongsong 11 kun oldin
Let's stare at them staring at each other.
BettyAndVeronica !
BettyAndVeronica ! 11 kun oldin
the girl in the thumb nail has such a radiant beauty oh my gosh
saara .
saara . 12 kun oldin
idk why but this made me really calm and relaxed and happy
Afeena Syed
Afeena Syed 12 kun oldin
They blinked dude!!😁😁😁
Lolatana 13 kun oldin
watching this cause I am about to break up with my bf of 4 years.
Jiminicakes 12 kun oldin
oh im srry
It’sJustMeh G
It’sJustMeh G 13 kun oldin
Imagine doing this with your crush🤣
Black&WhiteMel 10 kun oldin
Prashant Bhusari
Prashant Bhusari 13 kun oldin
We stare at couples staring at each other for 4 minutes straight for 4 minutes straight
Heyden Okayden
Heyden Okayden 13 kun oldin
I'd start sweating and apolagize for my pimples being too distracting
Ra S
Ra S 13 kun oldin
im crying
The_ Patronus
The_ Patronus 13 kun oldin
the couple at 1:00 had me bawling my eyes out .. i guess i saw what true love is
Kelley Welly
Kelley Welly 13 kun oldin
ima go cry myself to sleep now
Black&WhiteMel 10 kun oldin
Hana Seagull
Hana Seagull 14 kun oldin
2:00 these two are literally couple goals. 😭 So wanna have that kind of connection with my future partner.
The trash can
The trash can 14 kun oldin
I hate making eye contact, but my crush wanted to say something to me, and while we talked we didn't do anything else but look into each others eyes.. It was weird yet nice tbh
The trash can
The trash can 14 kun oldin
1:38 aww you can tell he loves her
Frances Arianne Taron
i remember staring at my boyfriend in the morning when he still sleeping. I miss him so bad 😫
margot 14 kun oldin
videos like this make me realize i’m just a lonely loser
Ronnie Ronnn
Ronnie Ronnn 15 kun oldin
The females are lying
Black&WhiteMel 10 kun oldin
BeepBoop •
BeepBoop • 15 kun oldin
W h o l e s o m e
jackie garcia
jackie garcia 15 kun oldin
Crying in the club 🤙🏼
random videos
random videos 16 kun oldin
1:19 🤣🤣🤣 oml someone caption this.
eslem alkn
eslem alkn 16 kun oldin
Kei Mendoza
Kei Mendoza 16 kun oldin
I like the way that they don't just choose a romantic relationship but also different kinds of it.
Aries Fr
Aries Fr 16 kun oldin
couples : stare at their bae for 4 minutes Me : stare at people stare at eachother for 4 minutes
Maddy g
Maddy g 17 kun oldin
3:24 wave check 🌊
Karen Moreino
Karen Moreino 17 kun oldin
Bruh one of the girls look like mixed Regina George🤣😂😂
ash 19
ash 19 17 kun oldin
I would probably die out of my insecurities If I'll do that challenge I mean who would want to look st this facial hair ,acne, fat , pores ,bumpy and scars filled face
abbyrose 17 kun oldin
You should do this with kids, like my age. I think it would be a good idea but it’s up to you. I would be willing to participate. Email me if you would like business inquires only (also for glamour) abigail.rose.ahlijanian@gmail.com
Vamakshi Singh
Vamakshi Singh 17 kun oldin
I smiled through the whole video
Lucy 18 kun oldin
dude the mom and daughter look like they’re having a heated staring contest
MeowMeow Gurl
MeowMeow Gurl 18 kun oldin
I have pimples a lot of them so when somebody stares at me I get anxiety :|
m e g a n c .
m e g a n c . 18 kun oldin
I'm so single...
Kasey Ann
Kasey Ann 19 kun oldin
The way they look at each other is so pure 1:00
AsmrKweenTingles 19 kun oldin
I got dumped over text two days ago and I feel really bad. Like I wonder sometimes, “What did I do wrong?” I try my hardest to not talk to him and act like I’m having a literal BLAST without him so he feels bad but, sometimes, I miss him and wish that he never dumped me. Ya know? Like if somebody dumps you and you still kinda have feelings for them. Ya know??
Black&WhiteMel 10 kun oldin
No I don't know cause nobody loves or even Care about me.
Janelle M
Janelle M 19 kun oldin
I'm crying so much wtf lol
Agneta Rupšytė
Agneta Rupšytė 19 kun oldin
I starred at myself in the mirror and realised how self conscious I am xd
GCF in tokyo
GCF in tokyo 19 kun oldin
Wow, i'm SO single
Dreamer Er
Dreamer Er 19 kun oldin
Oh they n LOVE love n y’all no which one I’m taking bout
Itsmepuxx 19 kun oldin
This reminds me on how alone I am lmao
Kpop Yeah
Kpop Yeah 19 kun oldin
You should've done kids(or people) stare at their crushes for 4 minutes 😂
Sharona will be awake shortly
1:14 is this that glitterfovever girl I used to watch when I was 9?
Unicorn 19 kun oldin
1:18 I was confused for a second I thought it was her mom 🤣 don't come for me in the comments I'm not trying to be rude!! EDIT:Nvm I saw the end
Kamora Nole’
Kamora Nole’ 20 kun oldin
What happened to 0:30-0:33 ??
Cede Muffin
Cede Muffin 20 kun oldin
I’m crying in the Club
Don’t look at my profile Pic
2:34 and I was thinking woooaahh woaaah woah
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