Couples Stare at Each Other for 4 Minutes Straight | Glamour

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Watch real-life friends, family members, and couples complete the intimacy challenge of staring into each other eyes for four minutes straight.
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Couples Stare at Each Other for 4 Minutes Straight | Glamour



19-Sen, 2016

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Fikrlar 3 737
Internal 18 soat oldin
1:43 rip my guy
Madison Reed
Madison Reed 22 soat oldin
I actually thought this video was gonna be them staring at each other the whole time 😂
rosanna 23 soat oldin
ummm thanks for making me cry at 2am glamour
Amaree Young
Amaree Young 23 soat oldin
Tbh if I did this I would probably start to think they were ugly.
yas yasss
yas yasss Kun oldin
why am i crying in the club rn
José Tobias
José Tobias Kun oldin
00:38 - who is that goddess?
Miss A
Miss A Kun oldin
They are very lucky to have this ❤
Laura Avella
Laura Avella Kun oldin
This is so cute
Destinee Roderick
Destinee Roderick 2 kun oldin
Omg am I the only one who at around 1:25 heard him say “I wanna kill u so badly right now”.......wtf is wrong with me 😂😂😂
Jacob Hawkins
Jacob Hawkins 2 kun oldin
Alright my turn, where's my mirror?
FratBoy101 2 kun oldin
In their minds: Girl: is he goin to kiss me? Boy: Banana+Doritos+milk=???
Cp0 0
Cp0 0 2 kun oldin
Ok that’s not your mom
Brendon Urie forehead
Işıl Artuç
Işıl Artuç 3 kun oldin
I’m crying...
LenskyReacts 3 kun oldin
Did youtube recommended this to me after I broke up?
Bridgette 3 kun oldin
Aw I love this 💕
no name x
no name x 3 kun oldin
I dunno why these kinda videos are on my recommendation...... I don't have a girlfriend
Minecraft’s GAMERgirl
I just realized, I’m lonely af!
gee cee
gee cee 4 kun oldin
I’m so lonely omg sad boi hours 🤙😔
IceFox_FireFox 4 kun oldin
1:01💕 I can tell that they are really in love 💕
Ellie Holligan sadler
3.4 million views , just then just remember what the title is.... 3.4 million views
Riri b
Riri b 4 kun oldin
I can't look at my boyfriend or any one else I know right in the eye for more than a minute.. I don't know why.. the only exception to this is my mother I can look into her eyes but not in anyone else's for so long
sushi 4 kun oldin
I done this with my dog .she. Barked at me .......
LP C 5 kun oldin
This was so awkward what’s wrong with meeee?
Kenzie Blue
Kenzie Blue 5 kun oldin
I swear if that girl breaks that guys heart at 3:27 im throwing hands😭😭😭😭
Same Hoe42
Same Hoe42 5 kun oldin
Awkward asf😂😂
Same Hoe42
Same Hoe42 5 kun oldin
Bruhhh, that was like the Funniest thing I saw todayyyy😂🤣🤣
MinoMio 5 kun oldin
We said couples, not lesbians!
Lauren Davies
Lauren Davies 5 kun oldin
I would be laughing so much 😂😂
Princess Thanos
Princess Thanos 5 kun oldin
I've been single all my life 😓
Chakshul Pandya
Chakshul Pandya 5 kun oldin
I tried it.... . . . . . . Facing a mirror :(
Steamy Sulixx
Steamy Sulixx 6 kun oldin
my best friend is my crush and for some reason i love staring into her eyes. she just is beautiful yet so insecure
NitrogenAX 6 kun oldin
Is it just me or do they all have weird eyes
Joonz 6 kun oldin
Me and my roblox bf do this all the time😩🤪😍
glossy attitude
glossy attitude 6 kun oldin
why am i crying . help
Chickin Who Makes Video’s
This is fuelling my suicidal thoughts
Senpai_ ChocolateIvy
I'm Forever alone...
Tlyng Hao
Tlyng Hao 6 kun oldin
What is intimacy
KPOP LOVER 6 kun oldin
4 minutes of realising your partner is low key ugly
Vanessa Vera
Vanessa Vera 7 kun oldin
I’m not crying you are
breathin 8 kun oldin
So some of them are not couples
horror chica
horror chica 8 kun oldin
Omg if my boyfriend and I did this we’d crack up in the first second 😂
Kent Lechago
Kent Lechago 8 kun oldin
welp too bad I'm single af :/
Moonlight Babe
Moonlight Babe 8 kun oldin
Me wanting to do that but I have a long distance relationship 😂
Halimah Yahaya
Halimah Yahaya 8 kun oldin
I love thr black girl and her mom, im looking at u me and her (paraphrased)
Abhay Thakur
Abhay Thakur 8 kun oldin
Lady with curly hair actually cheated on his husband(wearing blue tshirt and black trousers).They revealed in their other video and the guy forgave her.
Homo sapien
Homo sapien 8 kun oldin
I tried with myself in mirror and I realised I have beautiful eyes 😅
Natalia a A
Natalia a A 9 kun oldin
I’m gonna do a starring contest with my crush😎 LMAO
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson 9 kun oldin
I’m not crying, you are
Turtle 9 kun oldin
How is the video 4 minutes??!!
Violet The dank meme addict
Awkward lmao
Scout Hyland
Scout Hyland 10 kun oldin
I thought they were gonna lean in for a kiss the whole time
Stephanie Betancourt
Why did I start tearing up 😩😭
Garry Vela
Garry Vela 10 kun oldin
4 ever alone :(
M.S.Nicotdi Inc.
M.S.Nicotdi Inc. 10 kun oldin
I wonder who came up with the idea. You know what'll get millions of views? People staring at each other Now that's something you can relate to
A Yummy Cake Baker
A Yummy Cake Baker 10 kun oldin
That was cuuuute
Noah Olson
Noah Olson 10 kun oldin
1:22 wait what the
Avery Hoerman
Avery Hoerman 11 kun oldin
im so uncomfortable
Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller 11 kun oldin
This says couples and there are more friends and family members kinda weird
mystery youtuber
mystery youtuber 12 kun oldin
I get really uncomfortable even after 30 seconds
all of your wonder
all of your wonder 13 kun oldin
1:15 the way he’s looking at her
AltairxX winterXx
AltairxX winterXx 13 kun oldin
The song?
Lorren Hactchman
Lorren Hactchman 14 kun oldin
The couple at 1:00 is seriously deeply in love, Jesus the love in their eyes. I cry
Bonnie Kim
Bonnie Kim 15 kun oldin
I feel so single
marj mendoza
marj mendoza 16 kun oldin
if they did it with their ex tho.....
zbLoodlust087 17 kun oldin
4 minutes is long af
Rayyan Ababneh
Rayyan Ababneh 19 kun oldin
1:20 got me dead 😂😂😂 Edit: she looks like spoderman But to be honest she seems like a really nice mother.
Angelo Christoforidis
My Girl Broke up with me. Worst Feeling in my Life. I haven‘t done anything wrong.
Jackie caballero
Jackie caballero 20 kun oldin
1:23 I want this ughhh I hate being ugly😑
Hays Reed
Hays Reed 21 kun oldin
*hugs self*
Vedden 21 kun oldin
Light skin girl is so beautiful
Obby_King YT
Obby_King YT 21 kun oldin
If I was there I would say " 4 minutes am I a joke to you??, I gotta go play roblox u idiot I'm out of here,"
cxhris.g 07
cxhris.g 07 22 kun oldin
LoSeR BoI 22 kun oldin
Um alrighty then
•Child of God Christ•
I'll stare at my girlfriend
Ananya 22 kun oldin
I wish I could look into 'that' someone's eye like that but my low self esteem won't let me stand 4 minutes straight and let him look at my eye, more than getting lost in those eyes , I would get lost in my insecurities.😔😔
Katherine Clayton
Katherine Clayton 22 kun oldin
This video has 69K likes
Btterthanyu 23 kun oldin
I dont look people in the eye, its so awkward and uncomfortable
Genetic Beast Lobster
what's the asian woman's IG? thanks
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 23 kun oldin
Should i stair at my teachers so they like me more?
sam clark
sam clark 23 kun oldin
Wish I could get a women who will love me despite my ugly face
scouse nofeyzulla
scouse nofeyzulla 23 kun oldin
While this (love) exist how people can buy rude to each other kill each other insult each other I don't understand
Orchid the RainWing
Orchid the RainWing 24 kun oldin
I like the part where they blink
nicole 24 kun oldin
is it just me that thinks the pair at 0:11 would be such a cute couple
L. Gyger
L. Gyger 24 kun oldin
1:00 They look like they have done this before.
Aris Pan
Aris Pan 24 kun oldin
The only thing I can stare is ma beer
Musical Cacophony
Musical Cacophony 24 kun oldin
я константин
Lol whats the point of that tho
Queen Doughnut16
Queen Doughnut16 24 kun oldin
I couldn’t do it, I can’t even look at the person I like in the eye for more than a second because I feel like he will see all my secrets and find out I like him.
Autumn Tumbles
Autumn Tumbles 24 kun oldin
well this is awkward
Mariah Martinez
Mariah Martinez 25 kun oldin
the couple at 1:04 is the best
Itz Ankitaa
Itz Ankitaa 25 kun oldin
meanwhile... *stares at Cheetos bag for 4 minutes* 😩❤️
Equity 25 kun oldin
idk who's still here but 1:43 feelsbadman
Liam Cafferty
Liam Cafferty 25 kun oldin
1:06 wait wtf what is 50 year woman doin with a 32 year old man
Broken hearted Cholo
Jordan Mahoney
Jordan Mahoney 25 kun oldin
1:23 😭😭 this is cute
DomianBlu 25 kun oldin
when u stare at their eyes which one do u stare at? the left eye? the right? or both at the same time?
valeria alarcon
valeria alarcon 26 kun oldin
Please do a crush version
Stephanie Reyna
Stephanie Reyna 26 kun oldin
At the end of the day, this is sooo cute
Nazzila 26 kun oldin
that black dude is so romantic