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It's Damien vs Boze in the case of the second missed fist bump in the return of Smosh & Order!
We've got Brianna Boho as the judge, a very dope bailiff, and only 30 minutes to prepare!
Courtney Miller
Wes Johnson
Mari Takahashi
Damien Haas
David Moss
Dakota Jones
Kimmy Jimenez
Creative Director: Matt Raub
Directed by Boze
Produced by Garrett Palm & Kristina Nikolic
Associate Producer: Katie Michels
Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
Director of Photography: Billy Yates
Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op: Nick Goto
Cam Op: Jameo Duncan
Sound: Greg Jones
Editor: Spencer Agnew
Production Assistant: Austin Davis
DIT: Tim Baker

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3-Noy, 2018

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Martin Byrne
Martin Byrne 10 soat oldin
DAMIEN SHOULD OF WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HeyItzJoanne 12 soat oldin
Mari reminds me of Markiplier for some reason, extra with the glasses. But without the glasses, she still looks like him
KeeblerElf 17 soat oldin
Poke fun at Tana! Okay! I see how it is! Jk, I love both Smosh and Tana❤️
KeeblerElf 17 soat oldin
Boze reminds me of Toni Topaz. I don’t even watch Riverdale lol.
Squirtle 18 soat oldin
Where is Courtney, they keep saying someone is in here but they ain't in here
Lil_Oasis -
Lil_Oasis - 21 soat oldin
1:47 regected
Joy Abijah
Joy Abijah 23 soat oldin
Wes always seems very serious in these lol
Leon Whitehouse
Leon Whitehouse Kun oldin
Why can Courtney play a dumb bitchy blonde so well?
TDizzle93 Kun oldin
Иосиф Сталин
fuck you boze
Alex Kun oldin
Courtney is brilliant omg
life is memes
life is memes Kun oldin
Lazercorn missed a fist bump when he walked off
Old account C:
Old account C: 2 kun oldin
I like Courtney's shoes
Aatu_Ray 2 kun oldin
Defy Media should be in the next episode...
a person
a person 2 kun oldin
I love this series!
Leeshon Miller
Leeshon Miller 2 kun oldin
i thought i got these videos up until now. I thought the theme of the videos were like some exaggerated event that actually happened, and everyone thought it would be funny to have an actual trial. so acting as if there was a really important issue was apart of all of it. but in this one, acting was the deciding factor. so now i'm hella confused now.
Salvador Xochipa
Salvador Xochipa 2 kun oldin
I wish that Damien and Wes won the case I was voting for them
Baston 2 kun oldin
Jeez a lot of people didn’t like the verdict 😂 look at the dislikes
hahae huehuehue
hahae huehuehue 2 kun oldin
I hate myself when i liked Smosh I was like Boze,Wes and Damien but now I hate Boze
Swing Swong Da Bing Bong
Brianna making no nut november very hard
Aidan H
Aidan H 3 kun oldin
JUDGE FRED HAS TO GO TO COURT NOW TOO!!! He missed Damiens fist bump so I guess part three coming soon.
Saras Gill
Saras Gill 3 kun oldin
So I bet my left ball that the next smosh and order is judge Fred leaving Damien hanging and he’s gonna dieeee
Pyronode 3 kun oldin
"I wish someone would bend me over like that..." ~ Courtney Miller, 2018
Kaetii Jay
Kaetii Jay 3 kun oldin
why is judge brianna me?
Spidey Fan
Spidey Fan 3 kun oldin
Courtney's character represents everything I hate
Ryan Hildebrand
Ryan Hildebrand 3 kun oldin
Boze is a mean beach
Andrew Seppings
Andrew Seppings 3 kun oldin
14:20 again! Give this man some respect
j c
j c 3 kun oldin
These are my favorite
Taylor Welch
Taylor Welch 3 kun oldin
Make more plz
Stik Master
Stik Master 3 kun oldin
Lazarcorn did not fist bump Damian
Mr-Pig_ 4 kun oldin
Mr. Crazy230
Mr. Crazy230 4 kun oldin
Bet the next cort thing is lazercon vs Damien Haas
Little Carly Minecraft
Boze u have made me upset,U know what Ya Boi sha get outta here,Damien I was rooting for ya.🤜🏻🤛🏻
Abbie Miller
Abbie Miller 4 kun oldin
Wes and Damien at the beginning is mood
Cheesie Bread
Cheesie Bread 4 kun oldin
How many times are people gonna miss damiens fistbumps first noah then boze and now "judge fredd"
BobyTheDamaja 4 kun oldin
Kimmy Jizemenez She's facking hot dayum id smash her 👅❤️
H3_O7 4 kun oldin
🤜 plez
DarkishPaladin 4 kun oldin
I lost brain cells just listening to this
Macawesome Bird
Macawesome Bird 5 kun oldin
This isn't Phoenix Wright...
6ix Gođ
6ix Gođ 5 kun oldin
"I'm horny" 💀🔥
Cody Cain
Cody Cain 5 kun oldin
Ultimate fantasy would be a 3 way with booz and Courtney
Cody Cain
Cody Cain 5 kun oldin
Courtney is so hot
Cameron Wray
Cameron Wray 5 kun oldin
Defy Media did NOT fist bump Smosh and Smosh Games :(
Adrian Moland
Adrian Moland 5 kun oldin
Even tho I know it's just an act, I still feel really bad for Damien and wanted him to win... 😢
CL3AN N M3AN 6 kun oldin
Keith at the start needs a glass of water
Orla Kearney
Orla Kearney 6 kun oldin
Free bumps
Over powered Gamer
Over powered Gamer 6 kun oldin
What happened to sag master j Damien And you to shayne what happened to you saging
Thomas Grindol
Thomas Grindol 6 kun oldin
True shame about what happened with defy media. If Smosh continues in any way I hope they do a court video just tearing them apart. Hope Smosh continues, there’s way too much talent to just die off.
Vanessa Leavitt
Vanessa Leavitt 6 kun oldin
Next one should be about the fact that Joven killed Lazercorn’s pinecone in this years Smosh Summer Games!
abdalminator 6 kun oldin
Brianna Fleming
Brianna Fleming 6 kun oldin
Any time I see Courtney as Brianna I can't help but think it's me
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers 6 kun oldin
such a Boze-Kill
Andre Ponniah
Andre Ponniah 7 kun oldin
"Man, things have changed" Too right, Tanner. Sorry.
Ms. Snikerdoodle
Ms. Snikerdoodle 7 kun oldin
This happened on my birthday ayeeee October 25th babies
Steam Raider
Steam Raider 7 kun oldin
Court is now out of session
Bigs Yeah
Bigs Yeah 7 kun oldin
Dylan Liang
Dylan Liang 7 kun oldin
I declare boze bozington as guilty because did you see what she did in the end she wanted Damien to get out and that is assault
Vhiggo Adolfo
Vhiggo Adolfo 7 kun oldin
I like how lasercorn is just sitting at the corner in 4:38
dag dag
dag dag 7 kun oldin
as someone who's been left out on fistbumps i feel hurt and attacked #rigged
Cat Lane
Cat Lane 7 kun oldin
You don't realize how freaky I would go on courtney
bluedude 721
bluedude 721 7 kun oldin
15 minutes of Damien getting bullied by Mari and boze, while Courtney fawns over lazercorn
*sips tea*
*sips tea* 7 kun oldin
2:02 I could tell Keith was there just by that laugh
Shark1378 7 kun oldin
Fuck boze
fabulous llama
fabulous llama 7 kun oldin
Boze was guiltyyyyyy she didnt give him the fist bump
Hannah velier
Hannah velier 7 kun oldin
Oh my Lord Wes iron that shirt XD
Matthew Busby
Matthew Busby 7 kun oldin
I've waited for Courtney as judge for ages
A Wild Noob Gamez FTW
Judge Fred caused emotional damage
Alexander Yourkin
Alexander Yourkin 8 kun oldin
I think the next Smosh and Order they should do Pierre LaPierre versus The Carvengers
NateDaBest 7 kun oldin
Alexander Yourkin Yea by they could be bought out by another company and still make videos
Alexander Yourkin
Alexander Yourkin 7 kun oldin
+NateDaBest that sucks
NateDaBest 8 kun oldin
Alexander Yourkin Smosh is shutting down
Mr.Awesomestar7 8 kun oldin
Sounds like Jake
Harmless Taco
Harmless Taco 8 kun oldin
Wes is sooooo hot🔥🔥🔥
Sofia YouTube Bangla
Technology Android tips and tips video upload kara hai Gore husband
Jacksfilms Non-Existing Friend
Smosh vs Anthony for leaving Anthony vs Smosh for shutting down
Alina Lavlinskaja
Alina Lavlinskaja 8 kun oldin
Esteban Casillas
Esteban Casillas 8 kun oldin
Mmmm the judge is hot
Reviews From The Beyond
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Doniyor. m
Doniyor. m 8 kun oldin
King is a back.
GuelphRacing 8 kun oldin
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day :)
Idon'tCare Yo
Idon'tCare Yo 8 kun oldin
Lol this channel is shut down
Samuel Antipov
Samuel Antipov 8 kun oldin
"It's not harassment, it's true." -Boze 2018
Zain Mohammad
Zain Mohammad 8 kun oldin
I’m like the judge watching this video😹😹
Tyler Temples
Tyler Temples 8 kun oldin
Crap booze and mari
NoNo 8 kun oldin
Courtney vs Olivia. And Shayne as judge. Courtney steals Olivia’s weave. Expand the concept!
AhegaoLove 8 kun oldin
Oh ma gah... SAME. 👏
Chanel Algallar
Chanel Algallar 8 kun oldin
T Thunder
T Thunder 8 kun oldin
No fair how did these fans get a chance to be in the smosh and order
T Thunder
T Thunder 8 kun oldin
Some of these people who the hell are they if their part of staff of SMOSH than oh ok my bad then if not than who the hell are they and how are they apart of this video
Trapper Vest
Trapper Vest 8 kun oldin
YourPalCreeper 8 kun oldin
................. What
EnergyYT Bolt
EnergyYT Bolt 8 kun oldin
Ok so not going to lie when it first came on in like the first three seconds I thought Courtney was Kesha lol
Emmanuella MERCIER
Emmanuella MERCIER 8 kun oldin
James McCannus low key looks like Ross lynch.
T D 8 kun oldin
This is trash
frnkguard1 8 kun oldin
So if this is what I’m missing o trending I’m not missing much
JKennyPro 8 kun oldin
Fucking pricks, you dont need 3 fuxking ads holyshit
KILLER ANIMAL 8 kun oldin
Joe Nguyen
Joe Nguyen 8 kun oldin
omg i just love courtney
TheRaiderGamerYt 13
Can i get at least 1 sub
lars antonsen
lars antonsen 8 kun oldin
I dated a girl like juge briana once... would not recommend
Lucorzz Official
Lucorzz Official 8 kun oldin
Like to pay respects to SMOSH
BlitzStorm 8 kun oldin
Isn't Brianna a Lesbian she should kiss a girl in a video to get lots of views
7 oy oldin