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Hey Guys! Today is the second episode of my new series on Create This Book 2! I know a lot of you have been requesting this, thank you so much for being patient! I hope you enjoy the artwork I made in this video, I had a lot of fun with these pages.
MY ORIGINAL CTB SERIES: uzvid.com/video/video-5_a_thgYNwQ.html&list=PL807ptvhwHpcbXSttwNBNZj9kssvlUXzp
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Videos I featured in this video:
COLOUR WITH CLAIRE: uzvid.com/video/video-TdOCbes3A4M.html&list=PL807ptvhwHpfepDc4vfPPPRX76S2LX53N&index=9

PHEW! There are a lot of ctb videos out there, so plenty to watch if you need inspiration or are waiting on my next episode. Click through and check them out! Also, don’t be shy if you want to start your own series! You are welcome to join in ☺ 
WHat's up next?
-Squishy Makeover next week!

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4-Yan, 2019

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HowTo BeRegular
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Moriah,Are You LEFT HANDED??
Mercedes Grullon
Mercedes Grullon 35 daqiqa oldin
RainbowHeart AJ
RainbowHeart AJ 40 daqiqa oldin
Ya know what I did with this? I turned my own book into Create This Book 2... on a budget. Why did I do this? For the confetti thing, I didn't have any pieces of paper or glue sticks, so I just used a candy wrapper and some hot glue. (God I'm so broke)
Tyson Twamley
Tyson Twamley 48 daqiqa oldin
You should have put a button hanging out of the eye on the bear on the page where you riped and crumpled the page sorry i wrote this wierd and i think this vid is from a while ago opps
Leida Martinez
Leida Martinez Soat oldin
I love you you are the best and you are so good a drawing and your funny
Squishy gurl and a bit of Slime
To make confetti you can use the hole puncher scraps
Jenny Piontek
Jenny Piontek 3 soat oldin
Moriah... Do you like Queen? ...the Band... I LOVE EM! THERE AWSOME!BEST BAND EVER
Aurora Pways
Aurora Pways 3 soat oldin
My bunny in the other hand, “#savage #TreatMeLikeRoyalty #ImBetter
Josephine Diane Newsom
I could feel my heart breaking during the repair part.
Bhev random
Bhev random 4 soat oldin
I c r i e d
Joseph Kreiser
Joseph Kreiser 5 soat oldin
and outstanding amazing art
Kaliah & Jayla
Kaliah & Jayla 10 soat oldin
Why are you talking so lame
FUR ANIMATION 12 soat oldin
I’m waiting for your new video.............. By the way, you could take out the three strips of watercolors and use them without the pallet what they were all in
Ilana Signal
Ilana Signal 19 soat oldin
You are quite good at art. Nice!
milkhead 20 soat oldin
Srry I'm late but YEEEEEEES I have been waiting for this
Dear Diary
Dear Diary 22 soat oldin
1:25- just take the freaking paint pallets out Moriah! 🤣🤣
Natalie Flores
Natalie Flores 22 soat oldin
it s to much money for the this book 2 # please lower the price
Alejandra Sofía Ortega González
You are so amazing
Cupcake 03
Cupcake 03 22 soat oldin
She is so talented like if u agree
Stephanie Haupt
Stephanie Haupt 23 soat oldin
You have amazing handwriting
Indi The dog
Indi The dog Kun oldin
Your so good at art
Willow Joy
Willow Joy Kun oldin
The cup cup cake kinda looks 3D
Md Rahman
Md Rahman Kun oldin
I might buy create this book 2
Laffy Taffy
Laffy Taffy Kun oldin
omg Moriah your such a good artist!!
nora flores-palma
Opies name name should be nopie because moriah is awlways saying no opie
Terry,elefterios Peppas
can you do an episode 3 because i ordered create this book 2 and i need ideas!!!
Terry,elefterios Peppas
you are so funny and creative
Terry,elefterios Peppas
i love moriah i really appreciate all the time and effort she puts in her videos
Tui Davidson
Tui Davidson Kun oldin
And sneezing on it for good luck Yup that's my moriah
Ella Brandenburg
Please do more soon
Ava A Church
Ava A Church Kun oldin
I got your book
Fidget Spinner
Fidget Spinner Kun oldin
Hooooowwwwwwwwwww are you so good?! You always criticise yourself but you are actually *incredible* at everything you do. And by everything I really mean *_EVERYTHING_*
Jerri Allen
Jerri Allen Kun oldin
I do
Maria Pietrasik
Maria Pietrasik Kun oldin
Candy life
Candy life Kun oldin
Ware do you bey create this book
Secret Suo
Secret Suo Kun oldin
i want it and i tell my dad and he said ok lets order it and he already order it im so happy
KrazyKay1415 Kun oldin
Hi Moriah! How is you? ( Excuse my grammar ToT )
Tom Abramov
Tom Abramov Kun oldin
#done. haha
declansara15809 Kun oldin
You should do more squishy makeover challenges
kavita lunawath
kavita lunawath 2 kun oldin
Love the video
Jane Ironmonger
Jane Ironmonger 2 kun oldin
hi moriah, my Create this book!
pumkin plays gacha
pumkin plays gacha 2 kun oldin
1 like for crack noise 3:16 3:16 3:16 3:16 3:16 3:16 Thank me later
Falls-A -Lot
Falls-A -Lot 2 kun oldin
For every like I will add a 🦄 🦄
Madeliz Colegio
Madeliz Colegio 2 kun oldin
Ur amazing at art and unique
OldMan Vegeta
OldMan Vegeta 2 kun oldin
It already took a year to do 😂😂😂
LoveJoyandPeace 2 kun oldin
Lol 11:24 she says also twice I LOVE IT
Josh Summerlin
Josh Summerlin 2 kun oldin
i got your book.
Dino Emma
Dino Emma 2 kun oldin
I see these thingies around so.. imma do one First write what age you’ll be this year Next write what year you were born Add them together...... did ya get 2019?
Kate Beuerlein
Kate Beuerlein 2 kun oldin
Why do you only do this for a living? you should also be a artist.
Zachary Hall
Zachary Hall 2 kun oldin
me noob
Mandi Ferguson
Mandi Ferguson 2 kun oldin
They all are so cute
Jackie Witt
Jackie Witt 2 kun oldin
You should’ve made the seal rainbow! - - -
Kayla West
Kayla West 2 kun oldin
You are the best UZvidr EVER😛
Caroline Blanding
Caroline Blanding 2 kun oldin
She made the last one with the seal and the rainbow on my birthday I know bc I saw the date
little games
little games 2 kun oldin
My mom bought one for me it still dosent arave but im so HAPPY about iy
B Kristine
B Kristine 2 kun oldin
I love create this book so much
Hannah123 2 kun oldin
Hey! My grandma just ordered your create this book 2!
FUR ANIMATION 2 kun oldin
I’m your biggest fan!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🐱
Jess & niki
Jess & niki 2 kun oldin
You wrote 2018 instead of 2019 🤣😱
Wateen Olfat
Wateen Olfat 2 kun oldin
I’m going to speak opposite you are the worst you tuber ever
Emma Klaus
Emma Klaus 2 kun oldin
Plz do more create this book to
Zoe Hendry
Zoe Hendry 2 kun oldin
Thank you so much
lisya c
lisya c 2 kun oldin
plz more
Stabbo Crabbo
Stabbo Crabbo 2 kun oldin
Nopi Opi!
Raameen Waseem
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i ordered this just yesterday and im psyched
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you are fuuny
Olyviah Pinney
Olyviah Pinney 3 kun oldin
you are great
Moon Beam
Moon Beam 3 kun oldin
Me before I saw this channel: Im such a good drawer *Watches this* Me: I stand corrected
Lucianna Muir
Lucianna Muir 3 kun oldin
you are so good at art ❤
Claire Adams-McCarthy
I think the closest sea creatures to clouds is a jellyfish
Rachel Cheeks
Rachel Cheeks 3 kun oldin
Maria never try to get your sarcasm under control because you wouldn’t be you if you tried that so just let your sarcasm Rome because that’s what I do my name is Rachel and I’m your biggest fan
Jodi Hayes
Jodi Hayes 3 kun oldin
By the way how do you become a UZvidr
Jodi Hayes
Jodi Hayes 3 kun oldin
Please do 🌈 slime
LJ Poindexter
LJ Poindexter 3 kun oldin
skylars crazy life
skylars crazy life 3 kun oldin
Moriah and I have the same personality.......seriously we do......LOVE YOU MORIAH E.
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Strawberry Wild 3 kun oldin
Name is wild
Flower Girlz
Flower Girlz 3 kun oldin
Kayleigh Morris
Kayleigh Morris 3 kun oldin
i love the videos that you
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Fuschia Butterfly
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Talent 🙌🏻
Misty 3 kun oldin
Just wondering what's the difference between create this book and create this book 2
Asia Abigail
Asia Abigail 3 kun oldin
When I pay 4.71 for a paint set I DEMAND QUALITY. 😂😂
Specs VLOGS 3 kun oldin
Ceylin Cebe
Ceylin Cebe 3 kun oldin
Did you write this book????
Aliyah&rain !
Aliyah&rain ! 3 kun oldin
Your so funny.Can’t stop laughing.😂😂
Kianna Mcclure
Kianna Mcclure 3 kun oldin
Are you an artist
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Jeon Jungkookie 3 kun oldin
NO NOT TODAY! I’m sorry, I just thought of that when she said not today, I’m BTS TRASH
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I love ur videos
Sofia Fahey
Sofia Fahey 4 kun oldin
Your cat is like "Oh hey i'm just going to walk on your crazy things ok".
Crazy CousinSquad
Crazy CousinSquad 4 kun oldin
I want the book. But, I can’t even draw a good stick figure, I don’t have a good imagination, I’m not creative either, and, I will probably not even use it. Sooo.....yeah....
Crazy CousinSquad
Crazy CousinSquad 4 kun oldin
👱🏻‍♀️ 👗 👠 This is potato. 1 like = 1 year
Crafty Corner
Crafty Corner 4 kun oldin
ayyyy, im watching this video while doing my own create this book 2 video!
WhoKnowsGalaxy 4 kun oldin
I just realized you are left handed!!! Like if you noticed that!!!
Alexandra Papanova
Alexandra Papanova 4 kun oldin
All your art is so good 😊 OMG Love you Moriah 🥰
Teya SJ
Teya SJ 4 kun oldin
does anyone here have the book? if u do, cud u tell me the size in inches?
Izzy Mesopotato
Izzy Mesopotato 4 kun oldin
5:34 made me jump when I first saw it idek why😂but now it just makes me crack up laughing😂
Abbey Baran
Abbey Baran 4 kun oldin
I love you so much mirara💩😗😘😙😚😚😙😙😗😗😘😘😗😗😙😙😗😘😘😙😚😗😗😘😘😙😗😗
ox love_DIY
ox love_DIY 4 kun oldin
What do you use to edit
Jagjeet Kaur
Jagjeet Kaur 4 kun oldin
were do you get the book
London Dixon
London Dixon 4 kun oldin
I love how she decorated the bear and bunny 🐰 🐻