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In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, Cuphead and Mugman are joined by Ms. Chalice for a DLC add-on adventure on a brand new island! With new weapons, new charms, and Ms. Chalice's brand new abilities, take on a new cast of multi-faceted, screen-filling bosses to assist Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead's final challenging quest. Coming in 2019!

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10-Iyn, 2018

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Sakura The Neko Angel
Sakura The Neko Angel 7 daqiqa oldin
I'm scared now.
ron the gamer 1
ron the gamer 1 Soat oldin
Ya es 2019
Devon Mertes
Devon Mertes 3 soat oldin
Me: OMG YES *Coming in 2019* Me: IT'S 2019 COME OUT ALREADY
Inder Aujla
Inder Aujla 3 soat oldin
cuphead is so eazy i beat it like 3 times
Betsy The dancing demon angel
0:27 did not see that coming...
Scorpionu' Petardat
Scorpionu' Petardat 9 soat oldin
Where is the game?!
Pikaton 41 - Canal de Gameplays
Yeeeeeessss is 2019!!!!
Anthony Lam
Anthony Lam 13 soat oldin
86 years! I bet we'll have flying cars then!
OliveDoes Stuff
OliveDoes Stuff 23 soat oldin
It’s 2019 where the cup head at?
jessica nery
jessica nery Kun oldin
que bien
press star
press star Kun oldin
Anyone 2019 watching When are you going To be released????
Roley Gamer
Roley Gamer Kun oldin
Im in.
Phantom Rxsc
Phantom Rxsc Kun oldin
the only reason why i still have my xbox one
Phantom Rxsc
Phantom Rxsc 6 soat oldin
Roley Gamer it's ironic that my pic is literally issac
Roley Gamer
Roley Gamer Kun oldin
I have my xbox one for playing The binding of isaac afterbirth.
Quilt -1
Quilt -1 Kun oldin
EEE MAN Kun oldin
Is this really the last
Smallwood Cleaning Service
0:21 when I get a win in fortnite
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 2 kun oldin
Does anybody know when it releases I'm dying to buy it
Ena Kanali
Ena Kanali 8 soat oldin
+Oh Yeah Yeah :D
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Kun oldin
jo j Fortnite Sucks
jo j
jo j 2 kun oldin
do yoy u have fortnite
Nathan Rose
Nathan Rose 2 kun oldin
Now it’s 2019
Benjamin Japson
Benjamin Japson 2 kun oldin
Welp im waiting (Cus its now 2019 XD)
Denic TV
Denic TV 2 kun oldin
Когда капхед?
Rita ferrigno
Rita ferrigno 2 kun oldin
Sorry studio MDHR but i need a answer at this question: but cuphead for switch and ps4 as coming? Please i can have the answer ? i need... Thank for see this message
Ena Kanali
Ena Kanali 2 kun oldin
+Smash Hype true
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 2 kun oldin
+Rita ferrigno they already did, YEARS AGO
Rita ferrigno
Rita ferrigno 2 kun oldin
+Smash Hype shh the MDHR studio give me the answer no you!
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 2 kun oldin
Xbox exclusive
Vitalion Winter
Vitalion Winter 2 kun oldin
this is not a joke
this is not a joke 2 kun oldin
ok but how can i implement my pirate dlc to my pirate cuphead
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 2 kun oldin
gr8 b8
Seargent Gaming
Seargent Gaming 2 kun oldin
IT'S 2019! I want my rage back
bloxmaner 3 kun oldin
Wait it's 201- 9........ Really now what coming in ¡¿coming.......in...........2020!?
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 2 kun oldin
DAMIAN SANCHEZ 3 kun oldin
0:24 Profile Photo 0:28 real you
Caleb Wallace
Caleb Wallace 3 kun oldin
Elder Kettle playable character anyone?
welcome to the ricefields
well it's 2019 boys you know what that means...
Sam Wiesz Kto
Sam Wiesz Kto 3 kun oldin
I like cuphead
Dhominy games
Dhominy games 3 kun oldin
Hey game new 2019
cherry Cute
cherry Cute 3 kun oldin
its 2019 so that means im playing cuphead right now
MrProteeus 3 kun oldin
You can’t tell me it takes that long for a small DLC to come out I’m pretty sure the store is not even going to be that long compare to the cuphead and mugman
xdoom 02
xdoom 02 3 kun oldin
Fallen Chair
Fallen Chair 3 kun oldin
Mr salt baker will be over flowed when I play this....
D= Delicious L= Last C= Course
Shawna The Cat
Shawna The Cat 3 kun oldin
Just finding out about this in 2019. So I guess I don't have to wait for as long as everyone else has.
garyguymelon 16dontudare
Omg I'm buying this I'm a pro at games I ducked Pac man up when I was younger
Xxcoolbendy09 Playz
It’s 2019
Skeeter_Yeeter64 4 kun oldin
"Chef Salt Baker" wait until you see all the salt i give on this one DLC.
Dhymi Erick Silva
Dhymi Erick Silva 4 kun oldin
Aaaaa Xicrinha estralando
mariotv roblox,sonic&more
its already 2019 when is it gonna go out?
PopThornPOPPYBOI 4 kun oldin
Please put Cuphead on ps4 and switch
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 2 kun oldin
xbox exclusive
EDSProGamer 4 kun oldin
I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 3 years off schedule...
eArtillery 4 kun oldin
I really hope they add online multiplayer in this update, I’d love to play Cuphead with my mates, even more if it’s now three player.
Dillion Goodman
Dillion Goodman 4 kun oldin
This is ok, but WHEN is it coming out? We got no release date, no gameplay, and the devs are probably not even doing anything except for slacking down and farting on their couch to get a new idea.
Bendy the Ink Demon MEGA XD
Umm today is 2019 where's the game????
Jack_The _Boss12
Jack_The _Boss12 4 kun oldin
Can You please make cuphead for ps4 please I won't to play really bad :(
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 2 kun oldin
kid who looks high
kid who looks high 5 kun oldin
im still working on the first game WHICH IS FUCKING AGGRAVATING ENOUGH
Salvador4593 5 kun oldin
Mejor nombre imposible
Loser and pin
Loser and pin 5 kun oldin
is it here now since it is now 2019
Eduardo Carlos
Eduardo Carlos 5 kun oldin
Rule 34 are you there?
And just like that, the R34 art flows from here to the internet like a river.
Nico Olivera
Nico Olivera 5 kun oldin
Here 2019
Principe Gamer
Principe Gamer 5 kun oldin
New Game new Game new Game
Proskillz IV
Proskillz IV 6 kun oldin
0:45 Double jump? HOLY FRICK YES
Fallen Chair
Fallen Chair 3 kun oldin
Proskillz IV
Proskillz IV 6 kun oldin
0:21 Is Mugman goin to be like this in the actual game?
Willow Anderson
Willow Anderson 6 kun oldin
I know why they are doing this, because they went to the casino and lost again
Willow Anderson
Willow Anderson 6 kun oldin
I got evidence from reading the good end and it said : and they promised to never go to the casino ever again until another one day. but that's another story.
Dallaslucci 18
Dallaslucci 18 6 kun oldin
*coming in 2019* Me:so exactly when is it coming out in 2019
JustAAverageGamer 6 kun oldin
Me: *finds out cuphead is a game and really likes it* MDHR: *doesn't release it to PS4 and Switch* Me: *sits in a corner and watches cuphead game plays sadly*
Okamitsu 12
Okamitsu 12 6 kun oldin
aRealBanana 6 kun oldin
2019!! Where is the dlc :(
Twisted 98
Twisted 98 6 kun oldin
Like if the double jump is a charm
Mysterious Gamer
Mysterious Gamer 6 kun oldin
Is there going to be a release date soon?
lily rocke
lily rocke 6 kun oldin
ThatOneCrazyBro 6 kun oldin
can we talk about how creepy mugman is
WigglyTurdMan 7 kun oldin
Don't tell me that they are gonna delay the DLC.
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 5 kun oldin
why would they?
Лунтик Лунтикович
what day and month ???
Raven Rae
Raven Rae 7 kun oldin
I am the only one who thinks this new isle is like a giants Kitchen or something?
señor_animación 7 kun oldin
Hydro Sparky
Hydro Sparky 7 kun oldin
When in 2019?
Titanッ 7 kun oldin
It’s 2019 WHERE IT AT
Waddles 22
Waddles 22 7 kun oldin
julie salandanan
julie salandanan 7 kun oldin
Vinnie Pollock
Vinnie Pollock 7 kun oldin
Anyone for Cuphead in smash?
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 2 kun oldin
+Vinnie Pollock still not a "good" reason
Vinnie Pollock
Vinnie Pollock 2 kun oldin
+Smash Hype Them and Minecraft Steve might appear since Nintendo and Microsoft are fond of each other
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 2 kun oldin
+Vinnie Pollock dude, he's a Microsoft exclusive! and he never appeared on nintendo hardware
Vinnie Pollock
Vinnie Pollock 5 kun oldin
+Smash Hype That's Ok. if you don't want it, you don't have to have it
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 5 kun oldin
Can't wait
Tjommi 2478
Tjommi 2478 7 kun oldin
Any minute now...
Bee Bee
Bee Bee 7 kun oldin
Ok but WHEN in 2019
ŠTĚPAN ŘEHAK 7 kun oldin
DerpJerd 7 kun oldin
3 players seems a bit off Maybe its 4 players but they havent revealed it yet
saness s
saness s 7 kun oldin
Yay, cuphead 2
Grant 7 kun oldin
Is it gonna be free or WUT
Jhon Ian Lorilla
Jhon Ian Lorilla 7 kun oldin
anyone watching in 2019?
Nicolas Arias
Nicolas Arias 7 kun oldin
So uhhh... *DOES IT WORK FOR PIRATED?* 🤔🤔🤔
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 5 kun oldin
alejos dubs
alejos dubs 8 kun oldin
Nintendo switch cuphead
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 5 kun oldin
Ga con
Ga con 8 kun oldin
Is this out?
Im moisty
Im moisty 8 kun oldin
Maybe September 2019?
Emi Gomez
Emi Gomez 8 kun oldin
Esai Bernal
Esai Bernal 8 kun oldin
0:21 5 year old kids like school soooooo much
Vulkan 8 kun oldin
TheUnknown 8 kun oldin
Who else gonna buy it
Akla Bean
Akla Bean 8 kun oldin
Whos watching in 2019? :)
Sam Venters
Sam Venters 8 kun oldin
0:27 you all know what you did
fartsncash 78
fartsncash 78 8 kun oldin
So where is it?????
gachaHate stop
gachaHate stop 8 kun oldin
month? day?
Lukáš Červek
Lukáš Červek 8 kun oldin
*takes out gun* ALRIGHT ALRIGHT EVERYONE HANDS UP ITS RELEASED ON 2019 BUT WHEN? ON MAY OR SEPTEMBER tell me now and also when you are telling it...Tell me if smoke bomb will stay... SO GIMME 2 ANSWERS ON 2 SIMPLE GUESTION
GTA55 8 kun oldin
I wonder if this is a free update or not by the way if you read the description it says you were going to be helping salt chef Baker so could he be the creator of the cup Bros
Animati TheStick
Animati TheStick 8 kun oldin
Menina copinho
Memes_For_Bois 8 kun oldin
It’s 2019 my dudes and Ik it’s hard to make hand drawn BUT I CANT WAIT OK UR GAME IS HARD BUT I STILL LOVE IT SO MUCH
Dareks !
Dareks ! 8 kun oldin
Coming 2019 Me:Oh yeah sure 😒 In 2019: Coming 2020
Smash Hype
Smash Hype 8 kun oldin
i tought that meme died 2 years ago
Lee Munoz Juarez
Lee Munoz Juarez 9 kun oldin
Where now 2019
Rafael Delgad
Rafael Delgad 9 kun oldin
Is 2019 -_-
4 kun oldin