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In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, Cuphead and Mugman are joined by Ms. Chalice for a DLC add-on adventure on a brand new island! With new weapons, new charms, and Ms. Chalice's brand new abilities, take on a new cast of multi-faceted, screen-filling bosses to assist Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead's final challenging quest. Coming in 2019!

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10-Iyn, 2018

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Elise Konicov
Elise Konicov Soat oldin
Well cuphead and his pal mugman they like to roll the dice By chance they came on devils game and gosh they payed the price Payed the priiiice And now they're fighting for their lives on a mission fraught with dread
gadget guy
gadget guy 3 soat oldin
Who else noticed the new double jump at the end
GeroTheHedgehog 33
GeroTheHedgehog 33 4 soat oldin
0:19 mugman sound ?
Bryan alexander 2346
Za ne
Za ne 6 soat oldin
0:47 Double jump?!?
El3ctr1c The Spoopy
El3ctr1c The Spoopy 10 soat oldin
I I w I wa I wan I want I want a I want a s I want a sw I want a swi I want a swit I want a switc I want a switch I want a switch p I want a switch po I want a switch por I want a switch port I want a switch port o I want a switch port of I want a switch port of C I want a switch port of Cu I want a switch port of Cup I want a switch port of Cuph I want a switch port of Cuphe I want a switch port of Cuphea I want a switch port of Cuphead I want a switch port of Cuphea I want a switch port of Cuphe I want a switch port of Cuph I want a switch port of Cup I want a switch port of Cu I want a switch port of C I want a switch port of I want a switch port o I want a switch port I want a switch por I want a switch po I want a switch p I want a switch I want a switc I want a swit I want a swi I want a sw I want a s I want a I want I wan I wa I w I God, that took forever. Please like and MDHR PLZ I NEED THE SWITCH PORT. Goodbye. ☕
Carmen Juarez
Carmen Juarez 11 soat oldin
I need a cuphead from PS3 PLEASE
typical killer
typical killer 10 soat oldin
Only if Spider-Man game comes out for Xbox
Garnet Bezanson
Garnet Bezanson 12 soat oldin
Time to start anger management therapy again
Pelger 13 soat oldin
I love these characters! I hope they keep making cuphead games for a long time.
ninjaxd 34
ninjaxd 34 14 soat oldin
People time to buy some spare controllers/keyboards
oldjeff100 14 soat oldin
*Shadman I have a request*
bsbs hsgs
bsbs hsgs 15 soat oldin
Can take out the dlc today please I'm a really big fan of you
SHAD0W milkchoco 2
SHAD0W milkchoco 2 15 soat oldin
Mugman lol XD
distronaut espas
distronaut espas 15 soat oldin
My birthay the 10 jun
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 15 soat oldin
the real cuphead
the real cuphead 15 soat oldin
Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward 17 soat oldin
I think chef saltbaker will be our new devil
Bread Crumbs BCRD
Bread Crumbs BCRD 18 soat oldin
Food based and cooking based bosses!!
fjpm29 19 soat oldin
Quw aparesca la araña jigante
ninjagozane 2004
ninjagozane 2004 19 soat oldin
Lets hope it doesn't take 4 years
sulaymanmo 20 soat oldin
Hey, it's Salt Disney!
all games and videos and everything
It almost 2019
Ib, Mary and Garry
Ib, Mary and Garry 20 soat oldin
Funtime chica
Funtime chica 21 soat oldin
Windows 10 emmm *looks at pc Is Windows 10 ._. 2019 coming
R-MAN 21 soat oldin
Its been 4 fucking months and the fandom already made like a million of those FUCKING FANARTS OF MIS. CHALICE FUCKING WITH CUPHEAD OR MUGMAN.
OBILP 38 Kun oldin
I think this is....betty boop I dont know
DANKBuddies Kun oldin
Me: Ok then i guess we have a new Character Artists from Deviantart: *floor start to rumble* Me: *Looks* Me: *whispers* oh s**t Artists from Deviantart: *comes in like a stampede* Artists from Deviantart: *Starts making Rule 34 of The New Character*
Cool Killer
Cool Killer Kun oldin
God damn it do one on ps4 bich
yo vi el trailer cuando se lanzo 10 jun. pero lo que pasa es que no le di like ),:
TheMega Greninja
And here comes Rule Number 34 just Because anyone who created that rule or follow that Rule are A bunch of Perverts!
Mbaya Cotton
Mbaya Cotton Kun oldin
Guys the last couple of game was promised in 2014 so I don’t really believe it will come in 2019
BigTonyBruiser 2 kun oldin
Omg what if they delay it like cuphead
Coco and Kit
Coco and Kit 2 kun oldin
Alex Mar
Alex Mar 2 kun oldin
Joseph the Awesome Gaming kid
Guys are you makeing cuphead
Darky L0ol
Darky L0ol 2 kun oldin
You guys like Ms. Chalice a bit too much
Nightmare Chica The Chick
I like her
andy T
andy T 2 kun oldin
Amazing work guys
DavidAzulMugman7000 Valdivia
chicos de studios MDHR por que no crean Cuphead la serie
Rish The Fish
Rish The Fish 2 kun oldin
Anyone else watching in 1923?
SCP- 5000
SCP- 5000 2 kun oldin
Cuphead in dark soul please
Marineslescano II
Marineslescano II 2 kun oldin
Cuphead Mobile? ;3
Marineslescano II
Marineslescano II 2 kun oldin
More optimization??? ;3
Jerome Sears
Jerome Sears 2 kun oldin
Elder Kettle should be the Final Boss.
daniel tube chanell
??? / ??? / 2019
marquesjrthiago Carvalho
RJ reviews
RJ reviews 3 kun oldin
Man the original game fucked me sooo hard.... And i can't wait to return for more!
Danil Gameplays
Danil Gameplays 3 kun oldin
*see's ms.chalice* *looking in rule 34* Me:wth
GamingJesse s
GamingJesse s 3 kun oldin
D-elicous L-ast C-ourse Stands for DLC
10,000 Subscribers Without Any Vids
Cuphead Switch port plz?
Eduardo Orozco
Eduardo Orozco 3 kun oldin
Studio MDHR Cuphead definitive edition in XBOX ONE, please!!!!!!!! 💔❤💔❤💔 in physical format please!!!!
sonic 512
sonic 512 3 kun oldin
In 2019......¿¡STUDIO MDHR ARE YOU FU·%&# CRAZY?!
Johnny Jim
Johnny Jim 3 kun oldin
welp looks like cuphead and mugman went into a kitchen and someone tryin drink dem and they have to escape with food bosses lol
Edinete Leão
Edinete Leão 3 kun oldin
hope stooksbury
hope stooksbury 3 kun oldin
Can you put the demon bat and the spider and toast in the dlc
xXSenpaiWolfXx 123
xXSenpaiWolfXx 123 4 kun oldin
Coin op bop?
милашка броо !
0:22 holy sh*t wtf is with mugman🤨
Евгений Красовский
А будет мистер паук желейный осьминог Починка☺
Julien Wong juin rey
2019 is next year
sirsoniccd 20
sirsoniccd 20 4 kun oldin
ms. chalice hmm look good in 2019 OMG OMFG dancing
sirsoniccd 20
sirsoniccd 20 4 kun oldin
ooooh im so scared
Adam-Spil 4 kun oldin
Rule 34
MissMash !
MissMash ! 4 kun oldin
Salty. Of course. I get it
gamer smuzie
gamer smuzie 5 kun oldin
were soo close
Mother Fan
Mother Fan 4 kun oldin
Probably December 2019 lol
dat dere communist waddle dee
I don't get the "use of alchohol and tobacco" warning
guevara argota
guevara argota 5 kun oldin
oh omg omg yes yes wow cuphead dlc bitch cupped dlc
Fluffy_funtimes glitchhead_team
Chalice looks so cute
Sir. Randoom
Sir. Randoom 5 kun oldin
its free?
likingthrower yaaa
likingthrower yaaa 5 kun oldin
Make cuphead for the Nintendo switch
Mother Fan
Mother Fan 4 kun oldin
Microsoft exclusive
Mr. Gold
Mr. Gold 5 kun oldin
I can’t wait for this game !! well … for me cup head was an enjoyable game but for some it might not .. but still I really love this game !!😄
SalamanderPickle 5 kun oldin
**waits to see if King Dice and Devil are in this**
Slicemo Lo
Slicemo Lo 5 kun oldin
Are you ever gonna bring Cuphead to Nintendo Switch? Just Asking
Mother Fan
Mother Fan 4 kun oldin
Microsoft exclusive
Brianda Lakeram
Brianda Lakeram 5 kun oldin
1.Look at the graphics of this game!Amazing! 2.I HATE THIS GAME IT TRASH REEEEE
Brianda Lakeram
Brianda Lakeram 5 kun oldin
This will get 1 view
Brianda Lakeram
Brianda Lakeram 5 kun oldin
Me want likes
Cupcake Lover
Cupcake Lover 6 kun oldin
WY 2019 at least it's almost there
Mother Fan
Mother Fan 4 kun oldin
Or probably December 2019...
stefan zdravkovic
stefan zdravkovic 6 kun oldin
Memed up Gamer
Memed up Gamer 6 kun oldin
This game makes me rage And I love it
Memed up Gamer
Memed up Gamer 6 kun oldin
How much salt will chef saltbaker bring
Tip Alexander
Tip Alexander 6 kun oldin
0:17 When I was Young,I thought anyone that can wiggle their fingers while moving side to side is relatives from cartoons
cuphead 87
cuphead 87 6 kun oldin
I know I'm late but here we go again
youtubeguy 567973 channel 8431
Please bring coin op bop back
jaydenkid 9000 / jayden x the hedgehog
0:45 she the only one that do that she op
Mother Fan
Mother Fan 4 kun oldin
That probably a charm
MitjSoul 6 kun oldin
Hmm does it mean we're having the forgotten character like the bat and more?
Analis Nalley
Analis Nalley 7 kun oldin
Make another one please me and my friend love cuphead please
lolthegames 7 kun oldin
lolthegames 7 kun oldin
Nour Playz! The youtuber
Cleocatgaming /daisy talks
Time for more throwing and breaking controllers
??????? 7 kun oldin
Wait the last course last last it is the last game bum bum bummmmmmm
Oz Haz
Oz Haz 7 kun oldin
I can't believe
Waddle Dee
Waddle Dee 7 kun oldin
Did she just double jump
Samuel TheGreat
Samuel TheGreat 7 kun oldin
0:45 did she just double jump?
aizuddin GAmEr
aizuddin GAmEr 7 kun oldin
can you add cuphead to Android/ps3?
Jesus Guadalupe
Jesus Guadalupe 7 kun oldin
woow double jump
Spoker 99
Spoker 99 7 kun oldin
Cuphead in ps4 & switch is confirmed in 2700 by EA
sonic nexo
sonic nexo 7 kun oldin
This is last course? :(
DatBoiKirby 7 kun oldin
Rule 34 approching
ThatOneBoi87 8 kun oldin
these people have unleashed the porn all hope is lost
TyIsRandom But #2
TyIsRandom But #2 8 kun oldin
Oh boy time to collect more souls
Tom Gurney#LegiãoBySpeed