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24-Noy, 2017



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Fikrlar 460
IndiaBatson Yil oldin
CurlyGirl 2 oy oldin
On wash day wide tooth comb then finger comb ( use detangler)
Kristen Tidwell
Kristen Tidwell 2 oy oldin
Jime V Shea moisture
ים ליפשיץ
+Jime V You should try using mousses and gels, if you like moisture then light creams, if you hair is thin then you can even try and use sea-salt spray, it is very good for definiton and not heavy at all!
Daniella Ballesteros
Jime V not your mothers!!!!!
Complation queen bb
There IS a diffrence from *Waves* and *Curls* You got waves. Sometimes I just get aggetated when someone says there hair is curly and it is not.😖😶
Rôśhñî 7 kun oldin
My curly hair is soft and shiny, i love it but i have suuuper thick hair, thats what i hate
Alli Barrett
Alli Barrett 11 kun oldin
Your eyes😍😍😍😍😍
Riley McLellan
Riley McLellan 19 kun oldin
How do you go so many days without washing your hair? I have to wash my hair every day because the top gets really oily and my curls get frizzy
Emilie Schuyler
Emilie Schuyler 27 kun oldin
In my vocabulary, your hair is not curly. You would be surprised at my hair 😂
Rabih Hammad
Rabih Hammad 29 kun oldin
My hair is natural curl but i hate curly hair
Rabih Hammad
Rabih Hammad 27 kun oldin
I really dont now
Jes L.
Jes L. 28 kun oldin
I used to hate my curls too! But recently, I have been trying to take care of them and they look a lot nicer now :)
Anaya Jain
Anaya Jain Oy oldin
Wow... U are awesome... An inspiration to all the new bees out there. U do infuse a tonne of positive vibes. Plz visit our work also and give your valuable feedback via comments. uzvid.com/video/video-ZHI1yyoZvcU.html
Amazing Angel
Amazing Angel Oy oldin
Any stylers recommended to make my wavy/curly hair more curly and defined/ less fizz..........thx
Meg Oy oldin
She’s really pretty
dream day
dream day 2 oy oldin
'Oh yassss, yasss honey yassss! '
Lynn Lynn
Lynn Lynn 2 oy oldin
My is oily with scalp buildup but I have 3A/3B curls with low-porosity. I spend like 2 hours straightening it and it gets kinky and wavy and frizzy but greasy or it’s in a bun with 50 bobby-pins and a headband.
Lynn Lynn
Lynn Lynn 2 oy oldin
Your blonde curls look awesome!
yea sick
yea sick 2 oy oldin
your hair isn't curly tf
rishi persaud
rishi persaud 2 oy oldin
😴 keep watching the video she explained also for long curly hair it tends to string out/ flat when u play on cotton sheets
Vitória Almeida
Vitória Almeida 2 oy oldin
I do that t shirt thing in your hair too
Sharon Christ'Everywhere
Finally someone with my hair type!!!!! Edit: never mind
Janet Yamashige
Janet Yamashige 2 oy oldin
my ends definitely need to be cleansed. especially after spin class when I have sweat and old product (and whatever has been blowing around in the world and settling on my hair) dripping off.
Trashley 2 oy oldin
if you have fine, damaged, curly hair, use cantu products. it's meant for ethnic hair (and i'm *not* claiming to have ethnic hair), but it works wonders for damaged thin hair. i got recommended to use it by a hair stylist with curly hair back in august, and i've never looked back. it thickens my hair at least 2x the amount when i use their products, and it's so much softer, and my curls are really defined. highly recommend!
Carol Catanho
Carol Catanho 2 oy oldin
My favorite hack is the clip
lily mand
lily mand 2 oy oldin
Ur really pretty
Addie Finch
Addie Finch 2 oy oldin
My hair looks exactly like hers!!! Blonde and everything
Luna M
Luna M 2 oy oldin
awesome tips!
Summer Virnig
Summer Virnig 3 oy oldin
Can we just talk about how blue her eyes are???!?!💎
brown eyes
brown eyes 3 oy oldin
Damnnn o.O your man and you will make some beautiful babies together lool x'D you two are both gorgeous
almedina 3 oy oldin
her damn eyes
Hannah Maria
Hannah Maria 3 oy oldin
Her hair is not even curly
Malana Marie
Malana Marie 3 oy oldin
I like your curls mine are too curly
Amy Minch
Amy Minch 3 oy oldin
Where have you been all my life???
Divon Beards
Divon Beards 4 oy oldin
Your hair looks great
Autumn Rain
Autumn Rain 4 oy oldin
Ugh so tired of the whiners saying her hair is wavy. Wavy hair is a type of curl. 4c hair doesn’t look curly. It doesn’t have curls, just bigness. Wavy is a type of curl just as much as 4c bigness and no curl definition is considered a type of curl too.
ybba badria
ybba badria 4 oy oldin
Too much talking
ngarza9 4 oy oldin
+IndiaBatson lol!! Love you India!
IndiaBatson 4 oy oldin
ybba badria ya this chick is annoying 🙄
Priscila Nosoma
Priscila Nosoma 4 oy oldin
I loved the ponytail hack! And unfortunately I can't leave the bathroom to style my hair after washing it because I style it soaking wet, like really dripping water, otherwise it looks really dry.
Rebecca Kost
Rebecca Kost 4 oy oldin
My curls are always very dry and I plan on adding a mask and healthy oils to it about twice a week and see how that helps. Your advice on combining the shampoo (I use the No-Poo by DevaCurl) with conditioner sounds like a great idea. Thank you!
giselle dickinson
sis ya hair is wavy not curly
Autumn Rain
Autumn Rain 4 oy oldin
giselle dickinson shut up. Go away. 4c hair doesn’t look curly. It doesn’t have curls, just bigness. Wavy is a type of curl just as much as 4c bigness and no curl definition is considered a type of curl too.
Carmen Delia
Carmen Delia 5 oy oldin
Happy I found a waive hair youtuber
Büsra Halime Süheyla
Amazing hacks!! I loveee you videos! They are very informative and you always make me smile. You are so full of positiv energy i love it 😍🤗😚💖💖💖
The Bel Channel 123
This girls hair is like wavy compared to mine lmao
It's_meh_your_girl 213
I'm subbing!
Mariana Perez
Mariana Perez 5 oy oldin
When you make your ponytail, you looked like Lili Reinhart
Piper Sofia
Piper Sofia 6 oy oldin
I pit leave on conditioner after I get out of the shower should I still rinse with cold water?
Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker 5 oy oldin
Yes you should because leave in conditioner is considered a styling product HOWEVER you should test both ways to see how they work for you
Natalia Robertson
I wish I had ur wavy hair my hair is a 3c mess
Jillian Jones
Jillian Jones 6 oy oldin
So I’m a little confused, I see a lot people saying they don’t wash their hair everyday, do you use a shower cap in the shower or don’t shower everyday or what?
gas em all
gas em all 4 oy oldin
Use a shower cap!
The birds and the bees
I like kinda really love you
BAM 24
BAM 24 7 oy oldin
Once upon a Dango
Your hair in this is my everyday hair ❤😂
Micah Anderson
Micah Anderson 7 oy oldin
I've had tight natural curls my whole life and the routine I use is shampoo/condition in the shower, then towel dry and I use a leave in conditioner by Regis and it de-frizzes my curls and makes them soft and bouncy, but not oily/greasy. When I actually "fix" my hair for going out, I also add gel and hairspray by Aussie and then blow dry my hair with my head upside down and scrunch my curls while applying the dryer. Then I flip my head up and use my pick to tease at the root in certain spots to get more lift and add fullness. I was a teenager in the '90s and that's how we used to get our big hair....still works!! No need to fix what isn't broken right?? Lol #BigHairDontCare #90sHair
Rhianna Erin
Rhianna Erin 7 oy oldin
You’re so nice❤️thanks for posting! Really enjoy you’re curly hair videos,my hairs pretty much the same as yours,I’ve just started trying to transition my hair as it’s not as curly as it was when I was younger (about 3A maybe B?) thanks for posting❤️😁.
SHIKAMI666 8 oy oldin
You dont have curly hair.
Autumn Rain
Autumn Rain 4 oy oldin
IndiaBatson you have such a good attitude. It is amazing how you deal with evil people like AKKAMI47.
Autumn Rain
Autumn Rain 4 oy oldin
AKKAMI47 shut up. Go away. 4c hair doesn’t look curly. It doesn’t have curls, just bigness. Wavy is a type of curl just as much as 4c bigness and no curl definition is considered a type of curl too.
SHIKAMI666 8 oy oldin
IndiaBatson you get on my nerves. Your videos are in my recommenend, but i dont even watch ur stupid STRAIGHT HAIR ;) Videos... UR ANNOYING WITH UR “curly hair talk“ even tho u have barely wavy hair smh
IndiaBatson 8 oy oldin
Arynxxx thanks babe
Zaina Amer
Zaina Amer 8 oy oldin
mashAllah 😍
Zaina Amer
Zaina Amer 8 oy oldin
Naomi Hirsch
Naomi Hirsch 8 oy oldin
Aerosis 8 oy oldin
You look like a very beautiful Hawaiian girl ;D
Joann Oriol
Joann Oriol 8 oy oldin
Imagine a world when people that do not even know you, getting upset I'd you cut you hair 2 inches. Lord help us all!
Valerie Mukhina
Valerie Mukhina 9 oy oldin
Your hair is beautiful!!
R Brow
R Brow 9 oy oldin
I have EXTREMELY thick, long curly hair. Brace yourself and just trust me on this. After going thru so many brushes and breaking combs because it’s so hard to get thru all my hair to the root...HERE’S MY TIP!!!! ***USE A LARGE METAL DOG COMB***. I don’t even use my brush anymore. It’s amazing!!!!
Violet Heroine
Violet Heroine 8 oy oldin
Brushes are the arch enemy of curly hair! They're great for straight hair, but curly hair (especially type 3 and 4) should never be brushed. It destroys the natural curl patterns and causes lots of unwanted frizz. It's best to use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair. I have type 3b curls and when I wash my hair, I detangle it - first with my fingers and then with a wide tooth comb - while the conditioner is still in :)
Shivani Y
Shivani Y 9 oy oldin
I just loved your channel..... It helped me a lot
Zoe E
Zoe E 9 oy oldin
I got the scalp massager and about a month later it broke from water damage
Julianne Skates
Julianne Skates 9 oy oldin
I love to use a lot of the deva girl products for my curls, they make them look the best that they can look
Julianne Skates
Julianne Skates 9 oy oldin
I hate how people are always saying that curly girls just use a curling iron. I have natural type 3 hair. ilysm😘
Sarah Smiles
Sarah Smiles 9 oy oldin
In the begining your hair after it was done by the professionals is how my natural hair but istead of waves its loose curls and I haven't seen anyone with that kind of hair naturaly lol
Galaxy 9 oy oldin
My hair hack is to put egg( the white and the yolk) in my haor and leave it for 30 minutes. When you wash your hair it will be shiny af and it will also grow faster
Young Savage
Young Savage 10 oy oldin
Do you put your hair product in your hair while its wet?
Mai Barakat
Mai Barakat 10 oy oldin
Why the fake laughs ?! Not to mention the exaggerated hand movements ?!
Doris Cariana Ariza Miranda
First time on your channel, so are you naturally blonde?
Crxsten 10 oy oldin
I used to have super curly hair when I was younger, but my hair has really flattened out to where there are curls underneath and the top layers of my hair is wavy. I want my curly hair back but I work in a place that has a lot of grease and smoke in the air, so I have to wash my hair everyday to keep it smelling clean. Anyone have any tips? :(
Joanne Munoz
Joanne Munoz 2 oy oldin
Use a gentle cleanse shampoo, deva curl has a low-poo shampoo. A lot of people find deva curl to be too expensive so, some good alternatives are shea moisture, cantu, or not your mother's has a new line called curl talk that's silicone, sulfate, and paraben free
Jaylin Morse
Jaylin Morse 10 oy oldin
Did one !
gabby Garcia
gabby Garcia 10 oy oldin
She acts like if her hair iz curly lilr boo no u got white girl hair that you can mange
Autumn Rain
Autumn Rain 4 oy oldin
gabby Garcia shut up. Go away. 4c hair doesn’t look curly. It doesn’t have curls, just bigness. Wavy is a type of curl just as much as 4c bigness and no curl definition is considered a type of curl too.
gabby Garcia
gabby Garcia 10 oy oldin
IndiaBatson not hatin just saying that u cam mange it
IndiaBatson 10 oy oldin
gabby Garcia hahhaha stupid white girl
Marcy B
Marcy B 10 oy oldin
Talks too much with hands Very distracting.
Mohamed Zindha Ghani
Ur hair is awesome
Liv Hazel
Liv Hazel 11 oy oldin
Her eyes are so mesmerizing!
ndyoonia 11 oy oldin
Have you died you hair before?
Chloe Ferguson
Chloe Ferguson 11 oy oldin
us curly girls be actin like we part of a religion lol " do you follow the curly girl method?' lol haha
aliya ramachandran
BrieXD 2 oy oldin
Follow the curly girl way, it will lead you to great health...😊 xD
Hana ar
Hana ar 2 oy oldin
Malana Marie
Malana Marie 3 oy oldin
Fr this made me laugh so hard
alondra avila
alondra avila 3 oy oldin
Omg so true 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️
Lisa Toombs
Lisa Toombs 11 oy oldin
i always feel like youtubers are lying when they say another youtuber is cute, lol you know you wish she wasn't on youtube haha! nah, im just being cynical. they both cute.
Ali Diaz-Tello
Ali Diaz-Tello Yil oldin
I love the vanity planet brush but it has water trapped in it...anyone know how to get rid of that?
Valeria Es
Valeria Es Yil oldin
Ugh why do curly hair products have to be so expensive that's why my curly hair is awful ;( I can't take care of it
million talent
million talent 11 kun oldin
But my hair still looks amazing
million talent
million talent 11 kun oldin
I know who hard it is to find product cuz I live in Kuwait wher no one actually care about curly hair soo I dont find a lot product
r m
r m Oy oldin
Valeria Es same
Lia Louise
Lia Louise 2 oy oldin
The yes to blueberry shampoo and conditioner is affordable and sulfate and silicone free!
Bagel Time
Bagel Time 2 oy oldin
cantu is a great brand and it’s very affordable
Amy Quintero
Amy Quintero Yil oldin
Soooooo I have this problem with my hair( it's short) and I'm losing my curls, like their going straight and my roots are very flat. I've been watching a couple "curly hair hacks" and most of them say to use conditioner, but that weighs my hair down even more and I've been taking way more care with what I do, but nothing is working. Can someone please help? I'm losing my beautiful curls.
Once upon a Dango
i think you should wait for your hair to grow out a but more and try scrunching when it's at a good enough length? Mines now a long Bob and curls well!
NightCore -Kate
NightCore -Kate Yil oldin
му нαιя ιѕ иαтυяαℓ ¢υяℓу!
Alexa Palomo
Alexa Palomo Yil oldin
You look so much like Adele and I’m definitely freaking out about it
Tara Jones
Tara Jones Yil oldin
Hi girl! I'm a new follower and I'm so happy that I found your channel! I have learned so many things about curly hair. I am 31 and still have not been able to tame my natural curly hair. I was wondering what kind of dry shampoo you use?
Honey Bunny
Honey Bunny Yil oldin
Click bait shes not the girl on the pic of video
Orange Slices
Orange Slices 9 oy oldin
Honey Bunny bruh what? You just dumb
Kira Luvy
Kira Luvy Yil oldin
I love how your always so happy n enthusiastic
Ashley Allen
Ashley Allen Yil oldin
Wash your hair upside-down and clip under the top for volume after showering
Mohd Ashqeen
Mohd Ashqeen Yil oldin
Offo how much you speak
Di Na
Di Na Yil oldin
U call that a curly hair!? U know nothing about curly hair hey Bonita
maria villadeleon
Ive seen all of these
Marie ASMR
Marie ASMR Yil oldin
Hi ❤️ I’ve been doing the curly girl method for over a month now, and as much as I am loving how my hair looks, I have bangs and I am lost on wth to do with them. Does anyone have any tips on ways to train the bangs to lay right without using heat?
Jordan Yil oldin
India, you've officially made me want to start wearing my hair natural again 💕
Veronica Vitullo Caruso
I can't wait to start my curly hair journey. You are hilarious btw!
Brooke Mazur
Brooke Mazur Yil oldin
Any advice for a curly haired girl in the Army? I have to do the bun EVERY day which has discouraged me from going all natural curl as it gets a little cray cray with a beret on. Thanks, India! Ppreciate the advice.
mermelody Yil oldin
I think I'm the only sad, sad curly girl that has oily hair. I can only leave my hair unwashed for 2 days :'(
Nightshade Valenzuela
Mine is a weird mixture. I have oily roots, but dry ends
OliviaAlexandra Weber
Abigail Aquino
I feel you
Brittany Gillon
I used to have this same problem. I would wash my hair every day and by the end of the day it was already oily. And trust me I had already been using sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner for years. The thing that finally helped was switching to Deva Curls low poo wavy hair shampoo and conditioner. I can now go at least 3 days before my hair starts to look oily. Also trying not to run my fingers through my hair helps too. Thought I’d share if you want to give it a try! Good luck 👍🏻
Gabi sia
Gabi sia 2 oy oldin
girl don't worry, i have to wash it everyday becuase it gets suuperrr oily, and i can't do anything about it :(
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith Yil oldin
I just wanna say I’m a new subscriber and I have literally watched a billion of you’re videos. You have helped me and my hair journey so so much. I have probably 2b wavy hair and until I found yours channel i had absolutely no way to tame it. I know you have a bit more curl than me but the steps that you take and the way you take care of your hair have really helped me bc I seriously struggle with having super wavy hair underneath but the top layer of my hair tends to me straight when its not clumped into my bottom hair and with the information you’ve given me I’ve 100% noticed a massive change in my hair as well as have been able to get that top layer to be coherent with the rest of my hair.
Anne Bal-Lingen
Anne Bal-Lingen Yil oldin
Just ordered the scalp massager with the discount! Can’t wait to try it. Thank you!
Evelina Blomdahl
Curly hair hacks: 1. Learn to love your curly hair! 2. Flaxseed gel, easy diy and works wonders! And use a lot, you can't use to much. I've tried.. it looks even greater 😁 there's a lot of diy flaxseed gel out there and also videos on how to use it ❤ 3. Hair cut, make sure you have layers and the shortest hair at the top of your head should be really short. This makes your hair lighter and makes it possible for it to curl. And BAM, your wavey hair has super curls 😉 4. Try out some of the alternatives to classic shampooing. Ex no poo, co washing, curly girl etc. The shampoos today are not the best for curly hair. 5. Learn a lot about your curly hair, there are so many tips and tricks out there and it's not hard to find. Start experimenting to find your recipe for your hair 😁
Nikki Lopé
Nikki Lopé Yil oldin
I know this an older video buuuut be tried the "rinse with cold water" and weird enough my hair gets crazy crunchy and I think it closed my cuticle so much that my styling products just sit on top and my hair feels nasty and 100% oily like nothing got into my hair. I do have very low porosity hair I feel like that makes a huge difference if the "rinse with cold water" thing works for you, or I just have very picky hair lol
Elena Grajeda
Elena Grajeda 8 oy oldin
Nikki Lope try rinsing with lukewarm water because cold water closes it enlugh for medium and high porosity but since you still need the moisture try it✨
Stephanie Kneese
I just ordered the scalp massaging brush using your coupon code and can't wait! I've been binge watching your videos because I also have naturally curly hair. Love your videos and subscribed! :)
Cristy K
Cristy K Yil oldin
I have to share that I purchased wave maker and used it first time 2 days ago . I was so excited because I already used many DevaCurl products BUT it is not the holy grail for me at all! My hair has been lifeless and less curly than normal:(
Sarah Ledford
Sarah Ledford Yil oldin
These are great tips! Thank you so much! My problem is that I will co-wash my hair, add product per usual and, when it's dry, I will scrunch the crunch of the gel out. It looks great for the first couple of hours! However, throughout the day, it starts falling flat and straight, and by the evening, it's so limp there is no way to get second day hair. End of story, I only get a few (three or four, at the most) good hours of great hair out of a wash. How can I keep this from happening? The L.A. Looks gel is a super hold gel. You'd think it would stay.
Ruth Ginarie Roman
Mixing sulfate free shampoo w conditioner worked BOMB!!! I'm a cosmetologist and hadn't heard of it before. Tried it, LOVED IT and recommend it fully. 1/3 sf shampoo + 2/3 silicone free conditioner. Pick your fav brand, it's gonna work anyway!
Katherine Fidunina
Is leave-in conditioner also ok for this?
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez 4 oy oldin
Ruth Ginarie Roman could you name some brands. Thank you.
Susan Mogensen
Susan Mogensen Yil oldin
do you have a hamster? I kept hearing something that sounded like an small annimal gnawing... troughout the video, made it hard for me to concentrate on what you said;)
Lisxnne MSP
Lisxnne MSP Yil oldin
7:57 I tried that but it looked really weird since I had a black clip and blonde hair 😂
Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker Yil oldin
Lisxnne MSP Same but brown hair so it wasn't AS drastic
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