Curly Hair Routine + DIY Hair Cut

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Hi everybody!
Hope yall like this video and that it can help someone out there
- Mane Choice Shampoo
- Mane Choice conditioner
- Carol's Daughter Conditioner (Almond Milk)
- Hair pick
- Deva Curl diffuser (you can use whatever brand)
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29-Iyl, 2017



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Amki Ninidash
Amki Ninidash 7 kun oldin
that was so perfect 👌
Ashley Santos
Ashley Santos 9 kun oldin
I’m going to try to do this myself tomorrow. Wish me luck ....
Claudia Arango
Claudia Arango 11 kun oldin
I love It! 💖💖💖
angela h
angela h 12 kun oldin
Wow. And btw, at 0.53; yes exactly 😆
Harini Sankaran
Harini Sankaran 13 kun oldin
So do you take only the left part of your hair to blend the layers? What about the right side hair?
Waiting2soar13 14 kun oldin
Omg!! Thank u so much. I have never seen anyone do the “blend the layers” thing your a life saver. And very beautiful
PsYcHo KitTy
PsYcHo KitTy 15 kun oldin
I’m just so jealous of your curls. They are just perfect!
ابو عدي السوري
تحياتي اخت لين معك باسل من ادلب
Ainhoa Palencia
Ainhoa Palencia 19 kun oldin
it's the first time i find somene with my SAMe hair !
bats tart
bats tart 23 kun oldin
gurl you are too damn preetty
Bunch of Grapes
Bunch of Grapes 26 kun oldin
Your hair looks amazing ❤
Laura Childs
Laura Childs 27 kun oldin
Just tried this and I'm so happy. Love not spending $100 on a curly cut. Thank you SO MUCH for showing this to the world!
Isabella Mariè
Isabella Mariè 27 kun oldin
Absolutely beautiful 💗
Damoneax b.
Damoneax b. 28 kun oldin
Out of all the videos I watched to help me cut my own curly hair, yours helped me the most. I now love how my hair is sitting so thanks a ton!
InZaynStyles x
I finally have found someone who has the same haircut and curls like mine. But I have like straight up 2b on the thin strip of scalp just above my neck area. Still transitioning but that part doesn't curl further. So I'm 2b/2c/3a I suppose because the front area and middle is exactly like yours. Sorry for too much blabber.
Guinevere Jones
I love the cut and the style. You have sexy hair.
the midimalist
the green diffuser hand never ceases to crack me up.
Lora Cruz
Lora Cruz Oy oldin
Your hair has a basic shape though already. Did you first have someone cut it and then you just maintain it?
hey.hi.howdy hello
I subscribed within 30 seconds of this video - straight to the point, no fake "Hiiii how are my curly girlies doing today?!" Or unnecessary life updates. This video was perfect and it's what UZvid was intended for.
littledonut Oy oldin
You look Brazilian... Are you Brazilian? 😍🇧🇷
Kahoria Oy oldin
The feels when you have that kind of hair, but you're a guy '-' It's just not that perfect on me i'm jealous D:
Tinashe Hula
Tinashe Hula Oy oldin
Thanks for the tips!!! '❤
Hellen Rabelo
Hellen Rabelo Oy oldin
Your hair is beautiful!!!
Red W.
Red W. Oy oldin
What color is it its beautiful love the routine
Forever Family
Forever Family 2 oy oldin
I’m guy I used some of those products in my curly hair and my girl 😂 hates that my hair is better than her curly flops
mandyinseattle 2 oy oldin
You're funny. And I LIKE that you get right to it.
Janelle R.
Janelle R. 2 oy oldin
OMG you're my curly hair twin. I finally found someone..and I will def be doing this haircut. Question: do have fine low porosity hair too?
Waiting2soar13 14 kun oldin
Her hair is colored so she is high porosity looks thick also
Marina Emidio
Marina Emidio 2 oy oldin
so much BEAULTIFUL and natural, ♥
Danny Desoriano
Danny Desoriano 2 oy oldin
yo super dope, I need a cut but don't wanna spend that dineroooo
fatboyprolulu 2 oy oldin
Thanks for this video it’s really helpful
Cooch Chili
Cooch Chili 2 oy oldin
Aaaaaamaaaaaazing!! Can't wait to chop my dead ends off with confidence
migdalia alvarez
migdalia alvarez 3 oy oldin
Love it wish I had the guts to cut mine😣😣😣
J. Emilia
J. Emilia 3 oy oldin
I cut my hair following this tutorial and it came out great. I feel proud of myself for actually doing this myself!!
jeffsycks 3 oy oldin
Your hair and curls and texture are extremely beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!
Tashana Wright
Tashana Wright 3 oy oldin
Professionally done at home 🙌🏾
with sprinkles
with sprinkles 4 oy oldin
You make me love my curls again. #3blife
Areli 4 oy oldin
great tutorial and your hair is exactly like mine but yours is a bit shorter. i'll definitely try your routing b/c mine takes way to long
Space A
Space A 4 oy oldin
What’s the color you dyed your hair with ? Its sooo pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?
Rabi Ali
Rabi Ali 4 oy oldin
I need you to cut my hair......
Almas 4 oy oldin
I’ve done that and my hair looks healthy ! Tysm love !
pissingyou_ offf
pissingyou_ offf 4 oy oldin
Wet hair first -- that's like the number one rule when cutting hair. Even if you pull it straight with your fingers it does not seem to be even unless it's wet
barbara griffith
barbara griffith 4 oy oldin
How many layers do you have in total ? your bangs, a mid layer and the longest layer at an angle right i'm trying too figure it out before cutting thing wrong. Appreciate the help thanx !!
Isabel Nel
Isabel Nel 5 oy oldin
How often do u trim :)?
jatin codis
jatin codis 5 oy oldin
Please cut your hair pixie at home... Then you look sooooooo sexy...
Mason LeCompte
Mason LeCompte 5 oy oldin
This is the best cut! ❤️
Chris Slayer
Chris Slayer 5 oy oldin
Yesss mama! Now this is a tutorial! Just watched 12 “devacut tutorials” and tell me why they all talk about shit that ain’t related to the tutorial.
Kham Bo
Kham Bo 5 oy oldin
Amy 5 oy oldin
BABEE use a hair scissor!! love the vid tho
Jessie Ward
Jessie Ward 5 oy oldin
This is my favorite hair type. I wish I had naturally curly hair!! I just uploaded an extra curly hair tutorial on my channel ❤️
Kadooshah 4417
Kadooshah 4417 5 oy oldin
You give me such a good vibe 🔥🔥🌞
Marie Baronce
Marie Baronce 6 oy oldin
what is your hairtype,please 3b?
lisa ugo
lisa ugo 6 oy oldin
whats your hair type 3b ? and what kind of color you have on >
Maria Alejandra Sacco
beautiful hair, ask what kind of curl is it?
Mel 6 oy oldin
I just cut my hair using this method and it came out great. Thanks!
Se Ce
Se Ce 6 oy oldin
Her hair is goals
Charlie Noah
Charlie Noah 6 oy oldin
OMG you're stunning!
M S 6 oy oldin
What is your natural haircolor?
Farely Compres
Farely Compres 6 oy oldin
Thank you so much. Ive try lots or haircut and your style worked 🙌🏼
Declan Sparks
Declan Sparks 7 oy oldin
Another hair tutorial where they don’t show the part where they get there hair laying in the spot they want after plopping. She just skips straight to it. Umm sorry. How tf am I supposed to know what to do when you just cut straight to where your hair is looking good. Thanks
Omg your hair 😍😍😍
Ingrid Soares
Ingrid Soares 7 oy oldin
Tem Whatsapp? Por favor me add. 5571992148662
Miss A
Miss A 7 oy oldin
Where can i get those products??! I'm in asia 😂
mISSkARA aka Kara Towner
Awesome, hair just like mine and I agree it's great you get straight to the point! You just go a new subscriber here. And keen to hear your music when you put it out, I'm a singer songwriter myself. Thanks heaps!
Reem Falah
Reem Falah 7 oy oldin
How often do you wash your hair with shampoo??!
M.N. D
M.N. D 7 oy oldin
Amazinggg hair! How often do u wash? Like how long does it stay this way b4 the knots and tangles start to take over big time.
Inês Oliveira
Inês Oliveira 7 oy oldin
I love your hair!
Anne Wagner
Anne Wagner 7 oy oldin
I also cut my curly hair myself because I lost trust in hairdressers. In my country we don't have "curly hairdressers" so they literally have no clue what they are doing. I had my hair until waistlength all in one layer and I loved it because it took me so many years, but I thought a very little layer would make my hair shape nicely and make it more bouncy. The hairdresser cut that much layers that now when I braid my hair into protective hairstyle I have 2 cm of a rattail. Thanks a lot! Also when my hair is curly it can happen that I lack volume in the ends because she cut my hair when it was straight. Hate it
Me Sunflower
Me Sunflower 21 kun oldin
+Im Ao Exactly! I'm from Czechia and I can't trust anyone with my hair! When I was younger, I had a hair dresser that was really trying to understand curly hair, but would always brush it hardly and then everytime asks why I have so dry ends, if I blow-dry them or something. Like girll
Im Ao
Im Ao 3 oy oldin
Same, sister, same. I live in germany where apparently no hairdresser ever ( ok the ones i tried) has heard of how to cut curly hair and that u shouldnt brush it violently...aaaaah
ariel 8 oy oldin
Gonna try this super soooon!!! I need to start cutting my own hair because I can't find someone to do curly layers right lol
Tashima Russell
Tashima Russell 8 oy oldin
Cut lol
Tashima Russell
Tashima Russell 8 oy oldin
I love your cute
Michelle Bechor
Michelle Bechor 8 oy oldin
This video was great! Super helpful! Ive decided to try this whole cutting my own hair thing because I can't afford those Deva Cuts and I'd rather fuck up my hair for free than pay someone else to do it for me lol I've watched so many "cut your curly hair" videos and this one was the easiest to understand! Definitely gonna try your method! Thank you so much!! And you are soooo stunning!! Gahhh!!! Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Subscribed
Natalia Bochyńska
Could you show how did You cut your t- shirt? :)
Natasha Prame
Natasha Prame 8 oy oldin
I've been cutting my own hair for a few years but the process was long, complex, and always had unevenness that needed extra fixing. I tried your technique today - not only was it waaaaay faster (took me around 10-15 minutes, I have around the same amount of hair as you) but there was also no unevenness on either side of my head AND the style of the haircut looked way nicer than I've had before! Thank you! :)
Ddd Ddd
Ddd Ddd 8 oy oldin
OMG ty
smash 8 oy oldin
Gorgeous. Way too much work tho
Ivonne Guajardo
Ivonne Guajardo 8 oy oldin
i want your hair sooo bad, mine is super boring straight
Cassandra Botello
Ok just bc u cut ur hair doesn't mean it's gonna grow out, it's a myth everyone still believes, it only grows depending on how healthy it is, not cutting it.
Sauvage Ascension
Carissa Car
Carissa Car 8 oy oldin
Can you do a video on how to be confident with curly hair? I have curly hair and I rarely wear it down cause I feel like it looks weird. Can you help me?
Manda Panda Bear
Manda Panda Bear 8 oy oldin
Happy to find you! We have the same curl pattern(s). FRUNCH!
Ashley Duzan
Ashley Duzan 8 oy oldin
That Carol's Daughter almond conditioner is the best conditioner I've ever used on my daughter that I've found. & I found it at CVS on clearance for 2 or 3 bucks.
leda lum
leda lum 8 oy oldin
I have that Same top!!!! This was WAY helpful!!! and you ARE so radiant and BEAUTIFUL!!😍I need to work on my hair
Airy Soto
Airy Soto 8 oy oldin
No entendí nadita, pero tengo la misma rutina. No lo vas a leer y si lo lees probablemente no entiendas, pero me encantan tus rizos.
Delete Channel
Delete Channel 8 oy oldin
valeria ibarra
valeria ibarra 9 oy oldin
Hey ! Me encantó tu vídeo Deberías poner subtítulos ! Aún así me suscribo muy buen contenido
Valien 9 oy oldin
HELP: What should I do? if its impossible to find products that are good for curly hair where I live, and I cant even buy them online because of the situation of my coutry and I'm are trying to make a hair transition
Celebrating Life
Celebrating Life 9 oy oldin
your voice is so soothing. what is the color of your hair in this video.
Happy Bookaholic
Happy Bookaholic 9 oy oldin
Great video!!! I just gave myself the same cut and I love it 😍 thank you so much 💕
shinimitsuki 9 oy oldin
omg if only i could rock my curly hair like that 😭
Noreen M
Noreen M 9 oy oldin
Woww beautiful curls...
Anna Micheletti
Anna Micheletti 9 oy oldin
Taanya Dhunputh
Taanya Dhunputh 10 oy oldin
Is your hair colour natural? If not what colour exactly is it?
Christine Claiborne
I love your curly hair. I wish I had curly hair like yours! :)
Shirin Namiranian
Shirin Namiranian 10 oy oldin
By watching your video, now I'm thanking God for giving me curly hair.
rainbows k
rainbows k 10 oy oldin
Your hair is fucking beautiful oooommmmmggggggg
Cristiane Gomes Torres
nathi mostra como vc clareia seu cabelo, fica tao lindo
Sara Tadesse
Sara Tadesse 10 oy oldin
hi! I love this video, just wondering what you would call your overall style of haircut, because i thinks its what i wanna get.
Tori B.
Tori B. 10 oy oldin
My problem when I cut my own hair is it's so thick I can never find the right sizzors that makes it easy
SerenityStarlights 10 oy oldin
I was going to pay a pretty penny for a curly cut soon but then I stumbled upon your video and tried this technique! It came out so much better than I was expecting and I love it! Im glad I can do this myself now, this was so helpful!!! :)
jonathan ortiz
jonathan ortiz 11 oy oldin
Damn you have the exact same curls as me lol I want to grow mine back out now
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