Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson Teaches Stephen How To Beef

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Den of Thieves' star Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson tries to reignite the late-night wars with a crash course in talking smack.
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5-Yan, 2018

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Za3rour 4 soat oldin
say it again - Colbert
lynsie.bear Kun oldin
Yo. I crying y'all 😂 Who knew Fifty was this funny?! 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am DONE. Finished! 😂 One of the best guests so far
LO10 Kun oldin
0:14 he still does this move when he walks in most of his interviews, ever since back then.......
karen beal
karen beal 2 kun oldin
Ur the shit! 50
Ahmed Elfky
Ahmed Elfky 2 kun oldin
"u wanna problem ?! No problem !" cracked me up laughing. Damn funny, fity !
rsr k
rsr k 3 kun oldin
I love his vibe “mr. half a dollar Jackson” got some jokes.
Dexter Montgomery
Dexter Montgomery 3 kun oldin
At first i wasn't fuckn wit.but for the last week i been fuckn wit him
Mario Flores
Mario Flores 3 kun oldin
50 can literally blend In in any room, he’s dope and funny asf 😆
Charlene Chu
Charlene Chu 3 kun oldin
this is one of the best clips lol
Jimmy Lee1015
Jimmy Lee1015 4 kun oldin
That movie scene was funny! reminds me of that scene with will smith and martin lawrence in bad boys LOL
LaPride247 4 kun oldin
greatest interview of all time 50 is the goat
Furaha Ngaizw
Furaha Ngaizw 4 kun oldin
dude clean..
Jake Snow
Jake Snow 4 kun oldin
Hard to tell if that suit is painted on his body or not
Jay Kaye
Jay Kaye 4 kun oldin
It was intimidating having both of em staring at me for a bit....
Islandah Yardieee
Islandah Yardieee 4 kun oldin
i loveeeeee him 😩😂
MCShvabo 4 kun oldin
I need 50 Cent Master Class in starting beefs.
Tim Krygiel
Tim Krygiel 4 kun oldin
How the hell does this have over 3mil views after 8 days?
Brand Gadfly
Brand Gadfly 5 kun oldin
Boston Hempire has some 🔥 CBD bud 50 state legal!! Hemp
N9HCT 5 kun oldin
Jeremy Robinson
Jeremy Robinson 5 kun oldin
He looks like a guy I know named Gerard 😂😂😂
Choosenickey 5 kun oldin
the Britts don't have T's
John Doe
John Doe 5 kun oldin
Gotta love Half Dollar fitty fifty
Kuldoxy 5 kun oldin
His suit was crying 4 help! Lolz!!!
smoothcollected 5 kun oldin
How ironic that ppl thought “fiddy” was a result of an Ebonic accent but was the result of an English accent
awais jamil
awais jamil 5 kun oldin
trump wanted to become the president to build the wall, using his construction company so he can make billions of dollars off the US citizens. Its just another one of his scams, like his fake university
Gaz Woods
Gaz Woods 5 kun oldin
50, what the fuck you wearing G 👎🏻
Brenda Okine
Brenda Okine 5 kun oldin
50 cents is seriously hot🔥
The Potato Fooker
The Potato Fooker 5 kun oldin
“You don’t bluff with the world” how wonderfully put
Clayton Ives
Clayton Ives 5 kun oldin
All the money in the world but no straight teeth wtf is wrong with people
Cathy L
Cathy L 6 kun oldin
Nice! I LOVED this show. 50 was the best. Never seen him in a talk show before, and he was an excellent guest. Colbert was hilarious. 💋👍
Sorrel555 6 kun oldin
Priceless Lol
jonas smith
jonas smith 6 kun oldin
you tell mini cover my skydive track with some bull shit right ???
Mara Fiki
Mara Fiki 6 kun oldin
He's so likeable!
Bambino 14
Bambino 14 7 kun oldin
Donald from Queens??? Nooooooooo way.
COO415 7 kun oldin
The switch in than a sec and don't wanna fuck with the later. Period.
Rosie VeHi
Rosie VeHi 7 kun oldin
1:57 "Curtis Jackson is my grandmother's baby"❤❤❤❤
Neftali Adrian
Neftali Adrian 7 kun oldin
Stephen Colbert says that “Get rich or die trying” sold 12 million copies, the captions says “1 million”
n3m0909 8 kun oldin
Brendissimo 10 kun oldin
That Trump comparison is really a stretch. Couldn't come up with a better framing device for the interview?
Hausia Siale
Hausia Siale 10 kun oldin
He isn’t speaking to you Siri lol
P J 10 kun oldin
50-Cent has a great attitude, he’s came a long way & turned out great.
J Montana
J Montana 11 kun oldin
He said he did jimmy kimmel first show but jimmy kimmel said snoop dog was his first guest in his show
Hood Standards
Hood Standards 11 kun oldin
He forgot to bring up his video game. I used to play it everyday
Bre Fujimoto
Bre Fujimoto 11 kun oldin
fuck you bobby. with your bitch ass self
Mohammad 11 kun oldin
Who caught that riff of P.I.M.P at the start?
selamyukun 11 kun oldin
more like cinquanta peso
Wise Owl
Wise Owl 11 kun oldin
Fuck 50 heartless loser
RotwailerKood BastardSPOZAbudow
6:30 gangsta fear of slap
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro 12 kun oldin
This is Curtis 😇 And this is 50👿👹👺💀
Kaviar Kicks
Kaviar Kicks 12 kun oldin
Greatest episode ever
cielamour88 12 kun oldin
Honestly his explanation of Donald trump makes a lot of sense
Lunmak Hardware
Lunmak Hardware 12 kun oldin
I like this "Grandmas baby..."
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 13 kun oldin
He would've push the button on Game if he was North Korean Czar, or blowing them balls
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 13 kun oldin
Lol, 50 cent act like he not that dude to push the button
Joseph 13 kun oldin
50 Cent is one of the best talk show guests in TV history. He's really funny and you can tell he has a really good time with the host.
Lost Workout
Lost Workout 13 kun oldin
I can't tell if he's 15..25..35..45..or 55.
Mali Croodo don’t hit read more
You can tell they rehearsed that handshake 💀
Carrington Copes
Carrington Copes 14 kun oldin
Macey Murrell
Macey Murrell 14 kun oldin
move ur MOUTH-mofo= etc... hez called 1/2-nigga.
Team Ultrawide
Team Ultrawide 15 kun oldin
50 kinda reminds me in the face of john cena a little.
Neva2Bizy 16 kun oldin
When you fat and you still but slim fit.
Heart Connected
Heart Connected 16 kun oldin
He's so nice and kind
john noe
john noe 17 kun oldin
Curtis James Jackson III is a genius rapper and probably more importantly a likable and charming person.
Bardur e Lognberg
Bardur e Lognberg 17 kun oldin
Om so bad that i almost drived over a cop in faroe Island😂 Byt her ran away,om bad like centen🤔😍
Simione Aluesi
Simione Aluesi 17 kun oldin
Simione Aluesi
Simione Aluesi 17 kun oldin
I am ghost
Simione Aluesi
Simione Aluesi 17 kun oldin
Where the money?!
Simione Aluesi
Simione Aluesi 17 kun oldin
How you been?
Simione Aluesi
Simione Aluesi 17 kun oldin
Wassup 25 cent?
Maryam Bey
Maryam Bey 17 kun oldin
He loves his grandmother
Logan Leatherman
Logan Leatherman 18 kun oldin
Dude, 50 Cent is fukn hilarious! That giggle after he said, "So now I gotta be the President?!" LOL
Nav 8
Nav 8 18 kun oldin
He looks like a big chubby baby
Trafalgar D. Law
Trafalgar D. Law 19 kun oldin
Thats one ugly suit tho
Grognak The Breathclaw
2:08... Lol, I can't tell if he's trying to look tough, or just crapped himself.
Makko OG
Makko OG 21 kun oldin
disassociation and another one i forgot the name too !
Anon 11
Anon 11 22 kun oldin
Muthaphuckin P.I.M.P!!!
Ruben Bess
Ruben Bess 22 kun oldin
Tahahaha 50 wild that s us NYC cats for ya ll
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson 24 kun oldin
That suit is fresh ❄️
grassweed soul
grassweed soul 24 kun oldin
50 is a good guy
wss w
wss w 24 kun oldin
Stay down there
S. Gatsby
S. Gatsby 25 kun oldin
"U cant have peace without War."
Gigi B
Gigi B 26 kun oldin
He so lovely..
rocoblanca tony
rocoblanca tony 27 kun oldin
50 cent is a legend 👌
Jarel17- 27 kun oldin
Hilarious 😂😂
RK Tobi
RK Tobi 27 kun oldin
Love that poppy folk rendition of PIMP
Geir Bakka
Geir Bakka 28 kun oldin
He has very small ears.
Jim Cunningham
Jim Cunningham 28 kun oldin
You the man 50
Joshua Core
Joshua Core 28 kun oldin
The intro music 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eric Manget
Eric Manget 29 kun oldin
50 cent ages like an Asian woman.
Paul Kim
Paul Kim 29 kun oldin
write a book on trolling 50. best seller.
Paul Kim
Paul Kim 29 kun oldin
please troll trump on twitter 50. you would drive him insane... damn...too late
Paul Kim
Paul Kim 29 kun oldin
dude is a gorilla! fucking beast! i wish i could be that buff at his age.
Francisco Moniz
Francisco Moniz 29 kun oldin
Fifty actually funny!!
rollie4 Oy oldin
Idk I like Conan a lot better.
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Oy oldin
Damn 50 but them pants tho
Demid SPB
Demid SPB Oy oldin
so is the right name FILTHY CENT ? )))
Mckenzie Bell
Mckenzie Bell Oy oldin
50z a cool ass mafiuka
G O D Oy oldin
Who dresses 50 👍🏻
mo ara
mo ara Oy oldin
50 is so coward. 50 quote: I will get revenge with music Hahahahaha
xaerotoleranx Oy oldin