Cutting Soap For My Dog While He Wears A Turtleneck

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29-Noy, 2018

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Aybala Teksoz
Aybala Teksoz 15 daqiqa oldin
A like just for the video title 👌
Lalla VW
Lalla VW Soat oldin
His eyes welling with tears at every word Jenna says to him, is s u c h a mood
Ethan 11
Ethan 11 6 soat oldin
His turtle neck is funny af
sebas789391 9 soat oldin
Your dog is like, “Help! I’m being held here against my will”
Hammy Bean
Hammy Bean 9 soat oldin
I love yur doges
Talia selyse Pierce
Talia selyse Pierce 10 soat oldin
He is so sad she is cutting his soap 8:57 toxic by Brittany Spears plays
Christian T
Christian T 10 soat oldin
I don’t know why I laughed so hard during this video 😂😂😂
Harley Hethcox
Harley Hethcox 11 soat oldin
That’s the smartest dog I’ve ever seen
Michael Exman
Michael Exman 11 soat oldin
I’m some strange way you remind me of Buster Keaton espcily with the sound off whitch is how I prefer to watch your show
Ashley Morales
Ashley Morales 11 soat oldin
this is so pure
Brittney Johnson
Brittney Johnson 12 soat oldin
soooo cuteeee
Mae - Nia
Mae - Nia 12 soat oldin
Dose of Emily
Dose of Emily 12 soat oldin
One of the best videos ever! Thanks for the laugh and smiles! You're awesome and I love your dogs!🐕💚
I Put A Knife In A Toaster Skeleton
Make him a turtle neck out of Irish springs
clonk 13 soat oldin
good content.
Ryley Jamisen
Ryley Jamisen 13 soat oldin
I’m crying laughing this is great
J C 14 soat oldin
1:07 carmeat tearing up out of nowhere
hey its steph
hey its steph 14 soat oldin
Kermit looks like an otter
Ashton Brown
Ashton Brown 15 soat oldin
Why does she look dead inside
Too Good
Too Good 18 soat oldin
Girl puts on makeup cuts soap for a dog that doesn’t understand human behavior, while using dog as video prop. Saved ya 10 minutes, you’re welcome 😂
what in tarnation
what in tarnation 18 soat oldin
I love the fact that after hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, this is where we are
Vkook I Taekook Forever
*yes I need a 4 hour version of this lovely content 😂😂*
martina rodriguez
martina rodriguez 19 soat oldin
Ya LiKe ThE sOaP *subscribes to peaceful wholesome content*
Gurnica Thohan
Gurnica Thohan 19 soat oldin
I want a dog exactly like Kermit
Chanel #4
Chanel #4 19 soat oldin
Omg😂😂😂😂😂 you are me I feel less weird now thank u x
Shelby Damron
Shelby Damron 20 soat oldin
Kermit was just like: omg wtf mom, that is the worst soap cutting I’ve ever seen 😂😂😭❤️
Dad I’m hungry
Dad I’m hungry 20 soat oldin
This is very calming
getlowpapoose 21 soat oldin
Maybe he thinks you're shaming him by cutting up his guilty pleasure and making him watch lmao
That øne pig Is emo
That øne pig Is emo 21 soat oldin
Kermit: likes soap Kermit: licks soap Kermit: eats soap Kermit: loves soap Kermit: rubs soap Kermit: absorbs soap Peach: copies
Don Schomer
Don Schomer 22 soat oldin
Idk why this was in my suggested watch list. Idk why i watched it. I dont know what soap cutting is all about, but your dogs are sweet, and Kermit in turtleneck and glasses was adorable
Bless Up
Bless Up 22 soat oldin
This video is pretty funny, I like it, it made me laugh, it seems sarcastic, but I never here dogs eat soap, won't they get sick, and how come all dog owners aren't letting their dogs eat soap?
Russell DoFrane
Russell DoFrane 22 soat oldin
I think Kerm is still ashamed of his soap fetish.
KayleeDaGamer 22 soat oldin
Who knew a lady cutting soap sitting next to her dog while they wear matching turtle necks for 10 minutes would be entertaining
Diet Coke
Diet Coke Kun oldin
*K E R M I T. J O B S*
cherry blossom
cherry blossom Kun oldin
KingGlo Kun oldin
Why does Kermit look like hes on a talk show 😂😂😂
Domotha94 Kun oldin
Kermit and soap is all of us around our crush
Its Sheena🙆
Its Sheena🙆 Kun oldin
Hey Jenna is this from the time you met Steve Jobs ?
Lucky BK
Lucky BK Kun oldin
Her dogs and Julien's reaction to Jenna is so funny XD I can't even He doesn't want to do it in his turtle neck Because he can't get the full face on soap experience
Deshawn Melson
Deshawn Melson Kun oldin
Kermit...I like your turtleneck
Tbone 213
Tbone 213 Kun oldin
An cermit looks sooo majestic
Cøzy Kun oldin
This is the quality content I subscribed for.
Sergeant Pugsly
Sergeant Pugsly Kun oldin
Kermit is done with your shit
* Doodlebug *
* Doodlebug * Kun oldin
“ I love when I cut soap and you cry, it’s such a nice thing”
Ariel E
Ariel E Kun oldin
2:36 Iconic
ling ling
ling ling Kun oldin
Cermet looks like Steve Jobs with the glasses and turtle neck
Renan Pereira
Renan Pereira Kun oldin
She looks like hannibal and the dog thinks the soap is the victim
Grimlow _
Grimlow _ Kun oldin
You guys straight comedians and the dog lmao
träsh vïbes
träsh vïbes Kun oldin
“what’s werid bout this we having FAMILY TIME!!” 😂😂💞💞
otterbeans Kun oldin
kermit's soap fetish never stops being funny
J Doe
J Doe Kun oldin
I like to watch this lady play with her dogs and dress them up in outfits and even cut soap for her dog because I miss my dog a lot right now and sometimes I go to Narcotics Anonymous and tell them about how I miss my dog so much so I just sit around and watch this other lady Jenna Marbles play with her dogs and put clothes on them and it makes the other losers mad but I don't care I'm not on drugs and I will have my doggy with me soon and we can watch Jenna Marbles play with her dogs together because my dog likes to watch other Dogs on TV so it will be fun and I will be happy and I can go to Narcotics Anonymous and tell them all about it.
J Doe
J Doe Kun oldin
I mean it makes the other losers mad.
CloudNautics Kun oldin
I don't understand why she has 19m subscribers.
Midnight Gacha Girl :3
She's cutting the soap to get rid of it cuz she has so much frfrom the soap bed for spearmint
b3rdlala Kun oldin
Turtle neck Kermit is far too sophisticated to roll around in soap like a commoner #snob
valeriaactully Kun oldin
Why that look like the guy from split
Roya R.
Roya R. Kun oldin
*I don't think kermit likes Irish soap anymore*
Roya R.
Roya R. Kun oldin
Nevermind it was just the turtleneck-
lili Montes
lili Montes Kun oldin
I can’t take him serious with those glasses😂
Kermit rubbing himself on it 😂
Vona B
Vona B Kun oldin
i want kermit 😩💛
RAWR Kun oldin
What if his favorite soap changed?
Grace Fogg
Grace Fogg Kun oldin
Kermit looks like Steve jobs
Bubble Hope
Bubble Hope 2 kun oldin
Как же непривычно слышать настоящий голос Дженни 😱
Erin Dunn
Erin Dunn 2 kun oldin
These are so random but so funny 🤣
Doug McKinney
Doug McKinney 2 kun oldin
WTF. You're weird
DACHINGWARD M3M3 2 kun oldin
He is beautiful
IamGulzow 2 kun oldin
I can't stop laughing at your dog in his turtle neck and glasses. You all are damn charming.
Natasha Trendell
Natasha Trendell 2 kun oldin
Kermit vs Existentialism
Lick A 9V
Lick A 9V 2 kun oldin
Who the fuck watches this trash?
It's ya boi
It's ya boi 7 soat oldin
+Lick A 9V humor is subjective
Lick A 9V
Lick A 9V 7 soat oldin
Nope. No idea who she is, this was in my recommended area, so I just let it play. This is....*takes a long confused breath* just plain awful.
It's ya boi
It's ya boi 7 soat oldin
You apparently
Musically Insane
Musically Insane 2 kun oldin
Sizzle Playz
Sizzle Playz 2 kun oldin
Why does Kermit always cry? I've always wondered.
Rosie Briar
Rosie Briar 2 kun oldin
It’s 1:00 am and I don’t have glasses on but does cement have two heads the whole video?
haley hall
haley hall 2 kun oldin
i SCREAMED at 3:23
06DogMaster Gaming
06DogMaster Gaming 2 kun oldin
2:39 is literally my new background for my iPad xD
It's me! Carrie K
It's me! Carrie K 2 kun oldin
I came for Jenna, but I stayed for Kermit
Sheryl Williams
Sheryl Williams 2 kun oldin
This seems bazaar and abusive. I hope you don't give him soap it could make him sick.
It's ya boi
It's ya boi 7 soat oldin
Abusive?? She's the best dog mom ever. She doesn't feed him soap lol. He just likes the smell. Kermit's always awkward and cries at random times.
Rae Gacha Wolf
Rae Gacha Wolf 2 kun oldin
I'm allergic to that soap but whatever
Steph Taylor
Steph Taylor 2 kun oldin
u look pretty
Art C
Art C 2 kun oldin
This is cringe
Dan Hava
Dan Hava 2 kun oldin
I’m so confused
Silver Ink
Silver Ink 2 kun oldin
Is... Jenna okay?
selin yücedağ
selin yücedağ 3 kun oldin
Well thats weird but also so funny😂
Jakob Peter Raahauge
The dizzying camera work is pretty anti-asmr 🤭
Amber N
Amber N 3 kun oldin
Why was this was way funnier than it should have been?!? Answer: because Jenna
Sam Same
Sam Same 3 kun oldin
I love how Kermit squinches his eyes and makes the "ugh, I'm wearing someone elses glasses" face
Niah J .
Niah J . 3 kun oldin
God Bless have an Blessed one everyone , may God protect over you all Amen 🙏🏾💗
Ava B
Ava B 3 kun oldin
*i love when I cut soap and you cry its such an us thing*
Jay C
Jay C 3 kun oldin
Jenna with Kermit's soap fetish is like a super-progressive suburban mom who thinks her son might be lgbt and is SO SUPPORTIVE
Larze 3 kun oldin
This brod needs kids
Chenelle Edney
Chenelle Edney 3 kun oldin
The day Kermit leaves for doggy heaven, the internet breaks :/ I have loved Kermit for so long....
John Conly
John Conly 3 kun oldin
Even though this looks peaceful, it RADIATES chaotic energy
Aquaswan 3 kun oldin
why...why didn't i start watching your content sooner?
Cina X
Cina X 3 kun oldin
This is something i'd show to someone if i wanted to make them cry in fear
Lynell Bibbler
Lynell Bibbler 3 kun oldin
Well this is the long lasting side effect of Xanax. lol. Only upper middle class and above could put some shit like this on the internet and everyone would laugh.oh would they laugh. Reality being poverty stricken in middle America, if i put some shit like this on the internet the next morning the police would have to make up some crazy story how I was smoking it or shooting it and went mad dog shit crazy. Had to be taken out complete menace to society. OMG I hope we get hit by a big fucking meteorite. All this tech and we cut fucking soap for our dogs. I get the humor but seriously when did we fall so far from whatever we were.
It's ya boi
It's ya boi 7 soat oldin
You really must have no life lol. If you're that passionate why are you wasting your time writing a useless hate comment?
caitelis 3 kun oldin
That soap is like Kermits cocaine
xiomara lanuza
xiomara lanuza 3 kun oldin
( 8:46 ) kermit the intellectual
xiomara lanuza
xiomara lanuza 3 kun oldin
Soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap soap
Jake Cheser
Jake Cheser 3 kun oldin
Steve jobs has entered the chat
Aiden Bradburn
Aiden Bradburn 3 kun oldin
Lucie Elfouhaily
Lucie Elfouhaily 3 kun oldin
please wash his turtle neck with the soap and film his reaction
Keirah Casanova
Keirah Casanova 3 kun oldin
Lmao he wore the glasses I’m dead😂 my dog would never
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