Cutting Soap For My Dog While He Wears A Turtleneck

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29-Noy, 2018



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Erin Szalman
Erin Szalman 9 soat oldin
"he's not gonna enjoy asmr videos, he's a dog" also makes an ENTIRE video, devoted to cutting soap, for said dog who is wearing a turtleneck. hMM
audie :3
audie :3 11 soat oldin
Oof I wheezed the whole time
Tejas Dandekar
Tejas Dandekar 12 soat oldin
Stupid girl. Why you gave soap to eat?
Marquis Collins
Marquis Collins 15 soat oldin
This is funny as heck lol
Mscookievl 16 soat oldin
Spoonis 20 soat oldin
Mia Haldin
Mia Haldin 20 soat oldin
Cosmic Coffee
Cosmic Coffee 21 soat oldin
I watched this with my new puppy
Reagan Pearson
Reagan Pearson Kun oldin
i want a 10 hour long version of this please
Reagan Pearson
Reagan Pearson Kun oldin
5 hours of soap cutting and ceramic watching in his turtle neck. 5 hours of our favorite nasty boy rubbing his body on the soap to try to cleanse himself. make it happen jenna
thunderbird002 Kun oldin
I know this old , but for some reason I am reminded of Wednesday and Pugsley . Just before Wednesday trying to harm him.
Phoebe !!!!!
Phoebe !!!!! 2 kun oldin
And thus, a meme was born
Amina Swoboda
Amina Swoboda 2 kun oldin
Kermet: noooooooo! Don't hurt de Irish Spring! Irish Spring iz friend. Mom stp hurt friendz
Dabo Honey
Dabo Honey 2 kun oldin
Haven't looked her up in awhile. Looks like I haven't missed much.
Anna Kinsley
Anna Kinsley 2 kun oldin
what if he just wants to smell like the soap? please give him a bath and wash him with Irish Spring. Please.
Bloody Demon
Bloody Demon 2 kun oldin
The dawg is dead inside....😯😂😂😂
Joanna Noyola
Joanna Noyola 2 kun oldin
But why does kermet look like the apple creater tho steave jibs or whatever lolll
Ashlee Valentine
Ashlee Valentine 2 kun oldin
Kermit (Cermet) has multiple personality disorder. When he as a turtle neck and glasses on he is a doctor very prim and proper but when he doesn’t have his turtle neck and glasses he’s ferrel 🤣🤣🤣
Shenicke van der linde
Hahaha lol I'm dieing of laughter
JulianofJupiter 3 kun oldin
things get awkward when your parents not only find out about your fetish, but ALSO participate in it in front of you. lol poor Cement.
Ya boi, JayBea
Ya boi, JayBea 3 kun oldin
This video is giving me strange vibes.. I’m very uncomfortable.
Jolly Mello
Jolly Mello 3 kun oldin
*Cuz wtf not???*
Harry Strauss
Harry Strauss 3 kun oldin
Uses more soap than Emma Chamerblain
Aspasia Mccarty
Aspasia Mccarty 3 kun oldin
😂 this is the best
TopFurret 3 kun oldin
I hope I'm like you when I'm 32
TopFurret 3 kun oldin
Is it safe to give him a bath in Irish Spring?
Kristy Hand
Kristy Hand 3 kun oldin
Peach is "dog-xic"
gamer bitch
gamer bitch 4 kun oldin
Kermit honestly looks like Steve jobs
sophia aigotti
sophia aigotti 4 kun oldin
How has no one used this in a horror edit? It would be great!
Smile 4 kun oldin
My Italian greyhound is the same color as peach and is named ollie I am ready to eat the dog he thinks its fun to bite and run across the couch jumping off of me then again he is only *16 weeks old*
Randy Riley
Randy Riley 4 kun oldin
He reminds me of the different personalities in the movie split.
Meh -3-
Meh -3- 5 kun oldin
Omg you look so frekin cute in this vid Wait you do always -this is creepy :’)-
Aurora 5 kun oldin
Cutting soap for steve jobs in a dog suit
Julie Perez
Julie Perez 5 kun oldin
He atacc He protecc He wear uncomfy turtlenecc
Aditya Venkat
Aditya Venkat 5 kun oldin
Is this animal abuse because I'm worried for her
Cinnamon The Cat
Cinnamon The Cat 5 kun oldin
i hope those arent real prescription glasses. those could fuck up the poor doggy's eyeballs. please, don't do that. you can buy fake hipster glasses at walmart for like 5 dollars.
S.E.E. 5 kun oldin
Kermit's tinder:i like soap. Don't cut it near me Marble's Tinder: where am I? Peach's tinder: I'm married to Kermit. I don't belong here.
Doomy Doom
Doomy Doom 6 kun oldin
God she feels like a fucking serial killer I love this
Chris S
Chris S 6 kun oldin
It looks like he licks it so the smell is stronger and then he so maybe if the knife was hot or if the soap was warm or damp .
Leilani Eretson
Leilani Eretson 6 kun oldin
The first video I ever watched of Kermit was about Jena exploiting his soap fetish and now look where it went 😂
Rachel Mullin
Rachel Mullin 6 kun oldin
I am so glad you exist, Jenna.
A typical kermit
A typical kermit 6 kun oldin
Kermit has seen something, something dark....
Pearl_ 8
Pearl_ 8 6 kun oldin
I fell so bad for Kermit when he cries.. it makes me sad....
Leeeaaa 7 kun oldin
2:36 min "when you use" furthermore" in your essay"
Erin Schrock
Erin Schrock 7 kun oldin
How did you manage to get the three weirdest dogs in the world.
Javier Olvera
Javier Olvera 7 kun oldin
I have the stomach flu and I was laughing when the times weren't supposed to be funny
unicorn lover2234
unicorn lover2234 7 kun oldin
WhAt's wEiRd AbOuT ThIS WeRe HaViNg FaMiLy TiMe
Abby George
Abby George 7 kun oldin
i want the extended version
John Rettig
John Rettig 8 kun oldin
Feeding your dogs soap only gives them " Bubble Farts "
Pippa Squeaks
Pippa Squeaks 8 kun oldin
This was the first Jenna video I ever watched. Now I watch her videos for at least 12 hours every Saturday.
Ariana Zayas
Ariana Zayas 8 kun oldin
Does anyone notice that cermet always looks like he’s on the verge of tears?😂
lauren eve
lauren eve 9 kun oldin
This is the funniest video I have seen on UZvid for years. God bless you 😂😂😂
Namjoonie BTS
Namjoonie BTS 9 kun oldin
Kermit looks like Steve Jobs
PETA hates her
Creepy Kitten
Creepy Kitten 10 kun oldin
The dog doesn’t like someone in rolls on it because it doesn’t like it that’s what my dog does to everything he does not like
G Host
G Host 10 kun oldin
Who told this bitch she's funny. Jesus
singulari.tae 10 kun oldin
I don’t know what this means, but I keep forgetting Kermit is a dog
Brenden Goodman
Brenden Goodman 10 kun oldin
Irish soap smells so good though
FluffyPurpleUnicorn 10 kun oldin
Jenna: *leaves Kermit alone with the soap and comes back later* Julien: “Where’d the soap go?”
Gacha Bon
Gacha Bon 10 kun oldin
Jude Groomes
Jude Groomes 10 kun oldin
Turtle neck lookin ass hoe. Jk
The Ghost Seeker
The Ghost Seeker 10 kun oldin
Give Kermit a Irish Spring bath!!
shwkat ali
shwkat ali 10 kun oldin
Barbora Peřinová
Barbora Peřinová 10 kun oldin
This looks like some twisted episode of Juns kitchen
Dio Sadplzno
Dio Sadplzno 11 kun oldin
Ok I don't watch her videos, but I appreciate that UZvid recomended this to me. This is quality content at its peak.
Diamond_Dragon 966
Diamond_Dragon 966 11 kun oldin
Me: lol it’s clickbait *watches video* Me: wH-
Basty Casimiro
Basty Casimiro 11 kun oldin
This gives me Joanna Ceddia vibes....
gleam spirit
gleam spirit 11 kun oldin
kermit looks so depressed in this
sahd_girl_kash lol.
sahd_girl_kash lol. 11 kun oldin
wow ur my type of person :0 YAY
Meh Boi
Meh Boi 11 kun oldin
The dogs on weed
FenNicky Fox
FenNicky Fox 11 kun oldin
I would die for Kermit
Emily Finger
Emily Finger 11 kun oldin
He just wants to smell good
Reece Payne
Reece Payne 11 kun oldin
Kermit looks done with life
TrippedOutBart 11 kun oldin
2:37 most adorable grandma in the world
Krysta 11 kun oldin
ive never seen a jenna marbles video beofre this
R. K.
R. K. 11 kun oldin
Jenna : *Cuts soap.* Kermit : _Look how they massacred my boy._
Cathie Willow
Cathie Willow 5 kun oldin
That was my thought he looked so horrified they are cutting up his favorite thing!
GIVE US MOTHER 3 11 kun oldin
Your dog is fucking garbage
jheckie14 11 kun oldin
Yasss give me that overexposed/out of focus soap! I LIVEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Liam Flynn
Liam Flynn 12 kun oldin
My roommate's dog loves Irish Spring as well! Every time somebody leaves the bathroom door open, he goes inside and steals the bars!
FizzyMango 12 kun oldin
Can I just.... have Kermit please? HE IS SO FRIGGIN CUTE
pewdiepię 12 kun oldin
Why is this on my recommend
Sprinkles The unicorn
When she cut loud on accident his look was like “oh poop she gone kill me”
MorganHerron _17
MorganHerron _17 12 kun oldin
Why does Jenna look high
Abbey Hatcher
Abbey Hatcher 12 kun oldin
Lol how did I not find this till now
Christelle Ilmet
Christelle Ilmet 12 kun oldin
Kermit looks pissed. Like thee anger is deep inside.
никита мозжухин
где твой упоротый голос Джена?
FatGungan memes
FatGungan memes 12 kun oldin
kermit looks like an uncircumcised penis.
Xthomo28 12 kun oldin
Hey Jenna make the dogs a wrestling wring
Leilani H
Leilani H 12 kun oldin
kermit giving viewers silent death threats LMAOO
Leilani H
Leilani H 12 kun oldin
julien: *distance* this is getting weird
Abby the Mooncrafter Weis
Ketmet will murder you in your sleep
Gisella Martinez
Gisella Martinez 12 kun oldin
You are running out of ideas Jenna
Natalee Denlinger
Natalee Denlinger 12 kun oldin
i just started watching her channel and it’s never an average video
KaeBae PlayGame
KaeBae PlayGame 12 kun oldin
With the glasses and turtleneck kermit looks like sasha velour out of drag
Cloud NyLe
Cloud NyLe 12 kun oldin
Im 20 and dont know what ASMR means
Lovely dovely333
Lovely dovely333 12 kun oldin
I've never seen her videos before i saw the thumbnail.... me: *2:36** minus in to the video* me: *subscribes* P.s seeing this in 2019
•Zozo Animates•
•Zozo Animates• 12 kun oldin
I love Kermit’s outfit!!
xradistic 12 kun oldin
y’all they did kermit dirty 3:23
xradistic 12 kun oldin
SwedishPirateViking 12 kun oldin
This is one of the most relaxing videos i've seen, i loved it , 10/10
sirnarue 12 kun oldin
Sha. 12 kun oldin
Cermet looks like an english professor in that turtleneck and those glasses
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