Cutting Soap For My Dog While He Wears A Turtleneck

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29-Noy, 2018

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garden doggo
garden doggo 8 daqiqa oldin
I think he's allergic to the soap
Alyah Hudson
Alyah Hudson 10 daqiqa oldin
I love when she does the most heartfelt, time consuming things and her dogs just don’t give a shit. It’s hilarious.
Carmen Austins
Carmen Austins 12 daqiqa oldin
The return of Cermet's arch nemesis... NEK TURTYL
M E 43 daqiqa oldin
2:36 is a MOOD!
Rob Soat oldin
I hope your dog murders you in your sleep.
Alyssa Morgan
Alyssa Morgan 2 soat oldin
I cant fucking breath omg
OG Kawaii Melon Slimey Customer Service
Waiting on Kermit to say “I AM FARKLE!” to Jenna and walk away... just me? Just me. Okay.
Reira Popescu
Reira Popescu 2 soat oldin
He just wanted to wear perfume. :D And omg his face in turtleneck and glasses had me in stitches! :D In my country(Romania), we have a saying "You're cutting leaves for dogs" which means you're wasting time, you're doing something pointless. So this was really funny to me. It's like taking wasting time to another level, becoming a professional time waster. :D
Chaotic Peace
Chaotic Peace 2 soat oldin
Irish Spring to dogs = Catnip to cats?
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 2 soat oldin
you look like Nicholas Cage in this...
Trap Star1
Trap Star1 2 soat oldin
Weird ass
Honor Challand
Honor Challand 3 soat oldin
This is the best video I've watched all year 😂
softest boi
softest boi 3 soat oldin
bob ross would love this
Tyler'sTaco 4 soat oldin
Kermit low key looked like a priest
Hexy 4 soat oldin
The title.
natty_cakes 4 soat oldin
히어로즈구루 5 soat oldin
We ' ve just had a visit from police . uzvid.com/video/video-4wMI86LBc1g.html
Randy Myers
Randy Myers 5 soat oldin
The dog version of Steve Jobs. Lmao.
sofiaxisabella 5 soat oldin
your eye makeup in this!!!!! I NEED A TUTORIAL
RedBalloon 21
RedBalloon 21 5 soat oldin
Does he have a mass on the base of his chest?
Hazeem Hefny
Hazeem Hefny 5 soat oldin
does that consider as animal abuse ?
Paul Jaramillo
Paul Jaramillo 6 soat oldin
Dude my dream came true..... I saw a dog wearing a turtleneck and it was so freaking funny and I think ur dog is very fashionable hahaha😂😂😂 Btw love the vid
Krugarr and Sh’Bleen
Lmao the turtle neck
FT studio
FT studio 6 soat oldin
The line at 5:00 always gets me lol
Lillie Shippy
Lillie Shippy 6 soat oldin
i love the energy of this whole video
Rose Butron
Rose Butron 7 soat oldin
This is hellah funny!!!
Alaina Liesenfeld
Alaina Liesenfeld 7 soat oldin
This put my son to sleep 😌... literally, he killed himself
Cristina Lucas
Cristina Lucas 8 soat oldin
Animal abuse
anna whittaker ♡
anna whittaker ♡ 8 soat oldin
remember when Jenna wasted her time making a bed out of soap for Kermit then he didn’t even use it?
Dat weird pans boi
Dat weird pans boi 8 soat oldin
Kermit: *turned off*
YellowAkuma 8 soat oldin
Nicolas Vinh
Nicolas Vinh 8 soat oldin
Poor dog
Alicakez 9 soat oldin
This girl has the weirdest video ideas
Story Lee
Story Lee 9 soat oldin
Genuinely asking , wouldn't putting glasses on Kermit hurt his vision? Just like how humans aren't supposed to wear glasses not for them?
Stephanie Rodriguez
Stephanie Rodriguez 11 soat oldin
2:34 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🥰🥰
The Three Parroteers
The Three Parroteers 12 soat oldin
Whys no one talking about the foot bite at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rahima Rahman
Rahima Rahman 12 soat oldin
2:35 is such a meme
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa 12 soat oldin
Ur eyebrows don’t match ur hair Sorry And ur dogs act like my chihuahua
【 Hazel 】 xo
【 Hazel 】 xo 12 soat oldin
Is this new ASMR
Jorge Mansilla
Jorge Mansilla 13 soat oldin
Make Kermit a house out of Irish spring soap 🧼
Jorge Mansilla
Jorge Mansilla 13 soat oldin
It’s so sad she died 😭
ladybug11 13 soat oldin
If he hates his clothes so much, why do you keep putting them on him? He's not a toy to be played with, and it clearly bothers him. He's a dog, he doesn't have human reasoning, and what you see as funny he sees as upsetting and isn't in on the joke. You were so concerned about a tank of fish ffs, but yet you do things that you know upset and annoy your dog. No wonder he's so goddamned neurotic. Stop making Kermit look like a fool for cheap laughs. He's not a goddamned prop.
M.Y. O'Hara-Smith
M.Y. O'Hara-Smith 13 soat oldin
Dog picks up humiliation vibes..I wonder if there is tallow in the soap.
Piotr Walkowiak
Piotr Walkowiak 14 soat oldin
Who needs therapy when this video exists?
Luis Lorenzi
Luis Lorenzi 14 soat oldin
One of these days Kermit is just gonna drop dead because of your crap 😂💀💀💀
Gary Beaver
Gary Beaver 14 soat oldin
The best content created for and by the women of UZvid.
ChrissiCrossingWorlds 16 soat oldin
This is so weird I don't know what just happened in my life
Toni Shmony
Toni Shmony 16 soat oldin
VFDG DSFVEDFG 16 soat oldin
Guess Who
Guess Who 17 soat oldin
Kermit looks stoned
ToBeLetty 17 soat oldin
50 shades of cermit
Mars Aerglo
Mars Aerglo 19 soat oldin
*use a pocket knife!! *cut cross cross or like in a grid *pls try again RELAXINGGGG
Angel 〰
Angel 〰 19 soat oldin
he looks like a ferret
Emmanouil Lydakis
Emmanouil Lydakis 20 soat oldin
The grey dog seems to have some sort of swelling on his chest.
Moises Dircio
Moises Dircio 20 soat oldin
Wtf did i just watch
Mandy Paine
Mandy Paine 20 soat oldin
kermit looks like he just got finished writing a book of poetry
Mandy Paine
Mandy Paine 20 soat oldin
what do y’all think kermit was seeing through those glasses
Amanda Stark
Amanda Stark 22 soat oldin
I just love this. I absolutely cannot explain what it is. But I love it.
Tate Freeman
Tate Freeman 23 soat oldin
Kermit might just be OCD so he hates his soap being messed up
Haley Wittlich
Haley Wittlich 23 soat oldin
I am literally dying laughing at Kermit with the glasses
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 23 soat oldin
This is the most wholesome channel on UZvid
Alayzia Wade
Alayzia Wade 23 soat oldin
Kermit you look sooo handsome
Vanessa O'Brien
Vanessa O'Brien Kun oldin
Jenna you are just the best youtuber. You’re the best one. No competition.
Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage Kun oldin
Kaylee Turner
Kaylee Turner Kun oldin
I’ve never laughed so hard ahhhhh
Kaylee Turner
Kaylee Turner Kun oldin
*peaceful, wholesome content*
Karina Xavier
Karina Xavier Kun oldin
Damn, Jenna, i've been watching your videos since the beginning and I just gotta say you're the best.
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Kun oldin
At 6:55 Kermit’s face omg lol
Sixphnx Gaming
Sixphnx Gaming Kun oldin
Kermit the froggo
Kaitlyn Dillon
Kaitlyn Dillon Kun oldin
Why is this so hilarious?
Ale Brah
Ale Brah Kun oldin
this is the best thing I have ever seen in my life
Ryann Schulz
Ryann Schulz Kun oldin
i love that kermit wearing a turtleneck and glasses became a meme
Lucero Delvalle
Lucero Delvalle Kun oldin
Is it just me or does Jenna looks like an android from Detroit: Becone Human.
Andrew Alberto
Andrew Alberto Kun oldin
Yes pls I want a 4 hrs soap cutting
Kevin CrazyMG
Kevin CrazyMG Kun oldin
This dog hates you
Just.Asyia Kun oldin
I’m dead 😂😂😂😂
Cat Cranny
Cat Cranny Kun oldin
Someone’s running out of ideasssssss
Cait Carney
Cait Carney Kun oldin
If you crop Jenna out around 6:55 it looks like a video of Kermit cutting his own soap with his human hands and this is very important to me.
msalexander126 Kun oldin
Kermit in glasses makes me feel like hes judging me
Stassi Vlogs
Stassi Vlogs Kun oldin
Lol Kermit is saying she your killing the soap
Meadow Sheats
Meadow Sheats Kun oldin
bruh those faces that dog is making has got me cracking up
bella reid
bella reid Kun oldin
kermit, an intellectual
Cordula The Platypus
please don't make them wear clothes they obviously hate :(
Jericho's world
Jericho's world Kun oldin
Maddie and Rachel
Honestly, I would love to watch a 4 hour video of Jenna cutting soap with Steve Jobs sitting next to her 😂
The Review Twins
this is beautiful
cassie Kun oldin
big gru and mini gru
ZODARIAN ! Kun oldin
If you're feeding your dog soap your dog needs to be taken away from you cuz you're a fucking asshole!
Isla Flynn
Isla Flynn Kun oldin
He looks miserable
Amie Boulton
Amie Boulton Kun oldin
Animal abuse Love u tho
Artsy Cat
Artsy Cat Kun oldin
Kermit looks like an offended and upset Steve Jobs.
Fellow Hooligan
Fellow Hooligan Kun oldin
I knew I needed this the moment the video started on Kermit in a turtleneck
Susie Kun oldin
You should make a soap-post for Kermit, like a scratching post for cats only covered in soap so he can just rub himself in any direction he pleases
Alexinatree Kun oldin
he's being publicly kinkshamed!!! let him live his soap fetish in peace!!
Radical Mooser
Radical Mooser Kun oldin
3:43 My teacher: "I'll wait until you guys are quiet "
Riley Pelham
Riley Pelham Kun oldin
Hope they die #Jacksfilms
Lisa Bell
Lisa Bell Kun oldin
If you wanted dogs with more body mass, you should’ve gotten another breed. It’s unhealthy for dogs to be overweight.
kerri oswald
kerri oswald Kun oldin
he’s cleaning himself
Carla Jones
Carla Jones Kun oldin
Is that Steve jobs??
Mike MacGuire
Mike MacGuire Kun oldin
Idk why I watched this, but I loved it
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15 kun oldin
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3 yil oldin