Cutting Your Own Hair Challenge

Good Mythical Morning
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We find out if we can cut our own hair without any help. GMM #989!
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28-Sen, 2016

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Alpha 1
Alpha 1 Kun oldin
" No they suppose to BANG "
isoloveoyu432 2 kun oldin
Link is giving big Lord Farquaad vibes
sophia&alissa 3 kun oldin
9:30 rhett looks like billy ray cyrus lowkey tell me i’m wrong LMAO
z. 3 kun oldin
i would have expected link to have advantge because he has a daughter
Ava Willett
Ava Willett 4 kun oldin
Link looked like my science teacher with that first wig on 😝
Mrs T.Murphy
Mrs T.Murphy 5 kun oldin
Only link would stupidly enough go to stab himself in the forehead with scissors
Luna Cooper
Luna Cooper 8 kun oldin
ive rewatched this so many times and it never gets old
Vojife 9 kun oldin
I passionately disagree with Lizzie's judging here
Vojife 9 kun oldin
Link looks amazing as a norse god!
leah miller
leah miller 9 kun oldin
"The winner gets to die...Alex's hair"
Magaly Bran
Magaly Bran 9 kun oldin
i just realized, what happened to lizzie?
Siriusly Sam
Siriusly Sam 10 kun oldin
Rhett and Link in the long blonde wigs oddly reminded me of girl defined. 😆
Sofea Khan
Sofea Khan 10 kun oldin
@1:22 the winner gets to die
mst3kanita 10 kun oldin
Rhett has 1988 Joan Cusack in working girl bangs
Melanie Welch
Melanie Welch 11 kun oldin
Link looks like Lord farquaad
Melanie Welch
Melanie Welch 11 kun oldin
Link looks like Lord farquaad
ToxicAudie 11 kun oldin
Wham bam thank you mam
Tina Belcher
Tina Belcher 13 kun oldin
Kalicia Smith
Kalicia Smith 13 kun oldin
I like how link almost stabbed himself in the forehead with scissors lol 😂
Party Penguin
Party Penguin 13 kun oldin
Link's ponytail is my ponytail
kal D
kal D 14 kun oldin
7:53 - you already knew those bangs were going to get messed up the moment Rhett started hack sawing them 😂
kal D
kal D 14 kun oldin
Rhett looks like elsa in this....just with a beard i suppose 😅
Sam Pouquet
Sam Pouquet 14 kun oldin
Why are they such attractive men AND women?
Natalie Weishuhn
Natalie Weishuhn 16 kun oldin
Why is no one talking about how Link just tried to stab himself in the forehead with a pair of scissors to kill a fly? LINK DOESN'T GET SCISSOR PRIVILEGES!!! #stayinAlive
ggamegal42 17 kun oldin
Wham bam thank you ma'am, what the crap??😂😂😂
goldie 17 kun oldin
10:50 link looks just like his dad
Rileigh Emerson McDonald
Autumn Tumbles
Autumn Tumbles 18 kun oldin
10:45 link is giving off lord farquad vibes
Frank Guzman
Frank Guzman 19 kun oldin
Rhett looks stoned to the vine in every singe intro
ZombieRiotXD 19 kun oldin
Link looks like a 'George of the Jungle' type deal at the Lob part
Emily Kohl
Emily Kohl 20 kun oldin
0:40 "you'll figure it out as we play ' DIWHY are we cutting our own hair? There are professionals for this!!!'" Me: XD!!!!!!!
Animal Grl
Animal Grl 21 kun oldin
Why dose link look like the new willy wanka at the start of the last hair style
Alberto Barrios
Alberto Barrios 24 kun oldin
My question is, where are these wigs from?! Definitely not some Party City shake and go wigs.
maile zenner
maile zenner 26 kun oldin
Rhett's bangs were defying gravity
Ginny Potter
Ginny Potter 27 kun oldin
The first one Rhett lo-key looks like Elsa
Robert Harbeson
Robert Harbeson 27 kun oldin
Is it just me or does link look like thor
Nataliya Mudrik
Nataliya Mudrik 27 kun oldin
They are funny even when they aren’t eating nasty food. You should do more of these videos!!
Sam C
Sam C 27 kun oldin
"Its your prerogative" 😂
amira mohamed
amira mohamed 29 kun oldin
12:48 look whats behind rhett on the left side
NightWolf Animates
I watched "The Hobbit" in school a few days ago, and when you first see Link with the long hair, he looks like the elf leader.
HorseGirlz13 Oy oldin
Link looks like the little girl on Just Go With It
Just Gracie.A.
link looks like snape in a lob lol.
vee Stayshigh
vee Stayshigh Oy oldin
Rachel Frumkin
Lizzie has a LOB so does Jen if they only knew.
Faded Cayde
Faded Cayde Oy oldin
Legolas but linkolas
kys.karina Oy oldin
10:56 Lord Farquad
Nadine xoxo
Nadine xoxo Oy oldin
At 1:42, they feel amazing.. Me: exactly what my hair looks like
Chelsea Kirk
Chelsea Kirk Oy oldin
I literally had no idea what she was saying when she was explaining the braid.
Preslyn Bowler
I have never laughed so hard in my life
Lowek Oy oldin
Rhett gave himself the ziggy stardust lol
First Oy oldin
Ok but link killed the bob
Saraah 537
Saraah 537 Oy oldin
1:42 doesn't link look like malfoys dad from harry potter ? Harry potter fans where you at?
Cristina Farfan
The winner dye "two years later" Alex's hair
Helena M
Helena M Oy oldin
One of my favorite GMM episodes
Savanna V
Savanna V Oy oldin
those wigs looks gooood
mayra MaySauc
mayra MaySauc Oy oldin
No they’re supposed to BANG! 😂
morgan hilfiger
10:50 LINK SHOULDVE JUST STOPPED it looked so good
Katie Jones
Katie Jones Oy oldin
Link looks like Lord Farquaad😂😂😂 at 10:40
The Freckled Fox
Oh my goodness.haha THANK YOU FOR USING MY TUTORIAL!! I was dying laughing watching you two yesterday and now I have to show everyone! hahaha
Jennifer Hyland
this episode makes me laugh the most and it's my favorite, so I go back to it a lot. and at 11:28 after link said "defy gravity" I remembered that little girl who sang "defying gravity" on the X factor and immediately looked it up and I loved it just as much.
Jennifer Hyland
I am drunk only a little, yes. but I meant what I said.
Miss Dire
Miss Dire Oy oldin
Where did they get those wigs?!
Wallabee Beetles
6:54 I will now have nightmares.. Thanks Rhett
scaret everest
10:50 link looks like lord farquad from shrek
BendyGurl 101
BendyGurl 101 Oy oldin
Rhett:*looks like me when i wake up witha an uta wigh on*
BendyGurl 101
BendyGurl 101 Oy oldin
Rhett:*hair is still smooth lookin* Link:*hair looks like a matted long haired dog*
Just MyOpinion
😂😂😂 in the brunette wigs they look like henry & phillipp from versailles
Audrey the cat nerd
Link with the first wig looks like Lucius Malfoy and it’s weird.
jess mckenzie
jess mckenzie Oy oldin
Links Lob is encroaching Lord Farquad territory 😂😂😂
Cole Karels
Cole Karels Oy oldin
Link looks like he’s the guitarist from the cartoon dethclock I can’t remember his name haha
Ainsley Fowler
I DIED when link said, “there’s a fly on my forehead! STAB IT WITH THE SCISSORS!” And “oh! Look at that! It’s a rat tail! I’ll keep that!”
gradeone newton
I think a lob is a long bob
0Etcetera0 Oy oldin
Link's was longer if you counted the rat tail
karsata Oy oldin
After this video I have a strong urge to put a wig on myself and cut it like crazy *for therapeutic purposes of course*
Melea Martinez
Link at 10:50 has my exact hair
Helena M
Helena M Oy oldin
I love this episode
Elliott Wilson
Brunette Link looks like Alanis Morrisette.
Elliott Wilson
"no. They're supposed to BANG!"
Mendy Peters
Mendy Peters Oy oldin
*Oh noooo why did link mess up his lob*
Mendy Peters
Mendy Peters Oy oldin
*lol all of Link's wigs fit better to start off with*
Bikerwolf7980 Oy oldin
I have so many issues When Link said *I gotta rat tail* I instantly thought of Zen....
Bikerwolf7980 Oy oldin
11:03 Is no one going to discuss how good link's hair looks here? It actually looks even too or is it just me? Update: Nevermind it got worse.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Oy oldin
Link @ 10:46 we're all thinking of that vine
Haleigh Campbell
This and “will it shoe” have got to be my favorite videos of theirs
Emily Schaefer
Link looks like 2018 Pete Wentz in round 3
Aurora Newsome
Aurora Newsome 2 oy oldin
Link looks like lusics malfoy from harry potter with the blonde hair
Dale Has Internet
Link is me when I first got my bob... just shaking my head around 🤣
Alcat Smore
Alcat Smore 2 oy oldin
If I fool u ,you have to like Read more
calli soleil
calli soleil 2 oy oldin
Laura Kovacs
Laura Kovacs 2 oy oldin
link looks like the king from shrek in round 3 😂
Jade S
Jade S 2 oy oldin
Norse god😂
A Feenixdown
A Feenixdown 2 oy oldin
Petition for Rhett to grow a manbun
Suki Kokoro 35/87
I'll sign it!
Aurora Lewis
Aurora Lewis 2 oy oldin
Omgggggggg! I have never laughed so hard!
Elisabeth Bjerre
Elisabeth Bjerre 2 oy oldin
Link made a slob A slightly longer bob
Adrianna Lee
Adrianna Lee 2 oy oldin
Me- laughing my head off Mom-hey honey what ya watching Me-2 grown men cutting their hair Mom- oh yep ok
Smoretown 2 oy oldin
Ryan Pesek
Ryan Pesek 2 oy oldin
They're supposed to bang
Julie Matty
Julie Matty 2 oy oldin
Rhett DOES look beautiful in the blonde wing. Link also is rocking the brunette wig
Magan Price
Magan Price 2 oy oldin
My favorite episode ever!😂 lol