Cutting Your Own Hair Challenge

Good Mythical Morning
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We find out if we can cut our own hair without any help. GMM #989!
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28-Sen, 2016



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Fikrlar 4 520
Allison Wyckoff
Allison Wyckoff 47 daqiqa oldin
10:47 Lord farquad is that you??
Yousra E
Yousra E 2 soat oldin
I’ve never laughed so much in a UZvid video
Yousra E
Yousra E 2 soat oldin
Omg when Rhett cut his bangs I was literally dying!!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Lydia McDaniel
Lydia McDaniel 7 soat oldin
their bangs go up her bangs go down if you know you know
Riley Wikel
Riley Wikel Kun oldin
I guess you could say rhett had a bowl hair cut
Ayane Elleanna
Ayane Elleanna Kun oldin
link is beautiful omg hahahhahahah rhett is funny
Ayane Elleanna
Ayane Elleanna Kun oldin
10:40 link looked so good
Gary Wilcox
Gary Wilcox Kun oldin
Ok this needs to be answered: Is it just me or does anyone else watch this episode all the time?
Kaly Mar
Kaly Mar 2 kun oldin
Links face every time they revealed themselves to each other.....priceless 😂😂😂😂
Jessica 3 kun oldin
Rhett is HOT with long flowing blonde Thor hair
angie 3 kun oldin
1:52 that hair is going to Link's head, the heavy breathing, the shoulder rolls, and the wind...boi you sassyy
KAREN SONDRINI 4 kun oldin
Rhett: I cut my own hair Me: what happened to Reginald Maskamatter? Look up *one minute hair styles* no one can forget Reginald Maskamatter
Raxa Hax
Raxa Hax 4 kun oldin
i wish link was a girl :l
xd Znatrix
xd Znatrix 5 kun oldin
There’s a FLY ON MY ForHEAd!! Im just gonna STAB it with a kni-sissors!! *HITS* *HIMSELF* *IN* *THE* *FORHEAD* 12:03
andr0351 andr0351
andr0351 andr0351 5 kun oldin
1:46 is anyone else laughing at links facial expressions??😂
Trash Animations
Trash Animations 6 kun oldin
Link looks bad in The first one before anything happened because he has four feet of forehead. Rhett looks great:
Reckster Reckling
Reckster Reckling 6 kun oldin
12:02 Link. This is why you shouldn't have sharp object....not to mention the fact that HE CUT HIS FINGER EARLIER.
katana 1017
katana 1017 7 kun oldin
bloche clogs
bloche clogs 7 kun oldin
Link could have one because his rat tail was longer than Rhett’s bob
Dei 8 kun oldin
Rhetts bangs look like my hair after the blow dryer
Hannah Hyde
Hannah Hyde 8 kun oldin
I’m Australian and the word ‘bangs’ still haunts me
888Blacksilver 8 kun oldin
Link and Scissors are not a good combination :)
Carmen Nera
Carmen Nera 9 kun oldin
As well as link should not be a hairdresser 😂 or Rhett
Carmen Nera
Carmen Nera 9 kun oldin
What I’ve learned, link needs long hair in red or blonde, Rhett could be either
Carmen Nera
Carmen Nera 9 kun oldin
1st one suits link more than Rhett in my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rachel Otremba
Rachel Otremba 9 kun oldin
7:55 when rhett's bangs just popped out after he cut them I laughed so hard 😂😂😂
Rachel Otremba
Rachel Otremba 9 kun oldin
6:12 "look at that.. wham bam thank you ma'am right there" 😂😂
Bethany Kosacek
Bethany Kosacek 9 kun oldin
I have the same wig. Glad to see I have good taste
KritikaGautam 9 kun oldin
“look at that wam bam thank you ma’am right there”
Monix 10
Monix 10 9 kun oldin
11:06 we got the talent and the minds and the rhymes so sweet.
Tim Tasker
Tim Tasker 10 kun oldin
Is it just me or does link look like iggy pop?
Impartofsomekindoffandom Ijustdontknowwhichone
Dude. They are NOT allowed to play a Calvin Klein ad with Shawn Mendez in it. I wasn’t mentally prepared.
Abigail LaPier
Abigail LaPier 10 kun oldin
The first wig makes Link look like a discounted David Bowie in Labyrinth
Xaria S
Xaria S 10 kun oldin
Samantha Tycz
Samantha Tycz 10 kun oldin
BANG! -rhett
Christina Arundel
Christina Arundel 10 kun oldin
I need more of this in 2019!!!!
Michaël X
Michaël X 11 kun oldin
Link reminds me of Dana Carvey meets Rivers Cuomo with a sprinkle of Rick Moranis. Whereas Rhett is like heavy on the Will Forte meets Brendan Fraser with the slightest sprinkle of Matthew McConaughey.
O J 12 kun oldin
Katie Melvin
Katie Melvin 13 kun oldin
Link turned into Lord farquaad 😭
Stardust Gaming
Stardust Gaming 13 kun oldin
lord farquad who?
Lynne Mcdonald
Lynne Mcdonald 14 kun oldin
SLOB. Slightly long bob
《 Tiff 》
《 Tiff 》 15 kun oldin
Links shirt makes me think of food 😄
Anna Liza Candaza
Anna Liza Candaza 15 kun oldin
I have a lob... Im not joking thou
kay.smi24 15 kun oldin
watching them try to braid is stressing me out lol
Joseph Eber
Joseph Eber 15 kun oldin
I don't find it interesting seeing them doing stuff they don't know. atleast give them more info. i am clicking away halfway through the video
k temperance
k temperance 17 kun oldin
This the funniest episode
The Marauders
The Marauders 17 kun oldin
Its 4:AM and ive been awake since midnight. I have watched the video 4 times in the past year or so, and tge drums in the intro just terrified me. Edit: speelong
HamsterLife 18 kun oldin
"There's a fly on my forehead!"
Alpha 1
Alpha 1 18 kun oldin
The fact that link actually looks like a norse god is quite funny
kayce m.
kayce m. 18 kun oldin
link looks like lisa loeb when he does the lob
Grace Fairchild
Grace Fairchild 19 kun oldin
In the last challenge Rhett looks a little like a bearded soccer mom 😂
ScArZ_Infinite 1
ScArZ_Infinite 1 19 kun oldin
Lol rhetts hair looks like Elsa
Watermelon Films
Watermelon Films 20 kun oldin
I thought we agreed not to give Link sharp objects!!
Tyler L
Tyler L 21 kun oldin
11:39 Brown haired Garth 😂
Corei Reynolds
Corei Reynolds 23 kun oldin
Why does link look like farquad?
Paoletta Elisabeth
Paoletta Elisabeth 26 kun oldin
last one: link wants to talk to the manager
Kendra Marbley
Kendra Marbley 26 kun oldin
I started having flash backs of Lucius Malfoy in the Chamber of Secrets.
Nadiah M.
Nadiah M. 27 kun oldin
1:48 ... link's face HHAHAHAAHHHAHAH!
Ryuzakai Hirokai
Ryuzakai Hirokai 27 kun oldin
I'm a professional wigmaster. (I make and upkeep wigs). These poor wigsssss. I need to take away these wigs until they learn how to not butcher them. :)
ClueingForLooks 29 kun oldin
God Link is so stupid
Abigail Leaf
Abigail Leaf Oy oldin
I AM A NORSE GOD! - link
Jen Oy oldin
One of my favorite gmm episodes 😂
Zack Oy oldin
At 00:49 what happened to Rhett lol he like did a weird noise and then smiled and nodded his head lol EDIT:it is a little after 00:49
Ajesseal Oy oldin
anyone else facepalm when link just about stabbed his forehead with scissors?
tumblr but on drugs
Link: THERES A FLY ON MY FOREHEAD!!!! *proceeds to try to stab his brains out with scissors*
dagny vanessen
5:25 Rhett looks like Elsa
Sarah C.
Sarah C. Oy oldin
Anyone think Link’s finished hair in round 2 makes him look like Ariel from the Little Mermaid??? 🤣
Jordan May
Jordan May Oy oldin
Yo, Link has the best shirts.
Catwalk Clusterfuck
Links scissor safety is frighting.
Boogie Boss
Boogie Boss Oy oldin
Ragnar lothbrok was not a Norse god. He was a Dane or "viking".
Nelly F
Nelly F Oy oldin
Cheap wigs don’t have flexible parts so even if they did it correctly it would still look really bad
Zainab Al-Bahadli
Nice BOWLcut Rhett
Ivy Silver
Ivy Silver Oy oldin
2:29 "uh it WAS"
Island Girl Designs
I knew it! When they started describing how to do the braid, I realized that’s the braid my mom did on me for picture day.
Custom Things
Custom Things Oy oldin
You cut yourself? Of course you did...
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay Oy oldin
Link with a bob looks like one of the kings in horrible histories
Albino Saschoopasquatch
Slightly shorter long bob..... schlob
the depths of *hell*
11:39 Garth Algar
Sara glittermepink
I absolutely love how much Rhett was into this. It was so sweet when he was saying how beautiful he looked
Insane Oyster
Insane Oyster Oy oldin
Rhett looks like David Bowie in the bangs round.
Ethan Messer
Ethan Messer Oy oldin
Link looks like Christopher Columbus on the last one
Crazy_Bird_ Lady6
On the first one they look like the are from game of thrones
•01010111 •
Link looks like he is from scooby doo
Damn, Lizzie cute af.
Creeper Catgirl
i love how rhett yells that he wants to lick the tree but link is holding him back and yelling back at them
Lucy J
Lucy J Oy oldin
Me Awesome
Me Awesome Oy oldin
anybody realize link almost stab himself on his forehead hahahahaha
Danika Etty
Danika Etty Oy oldin
My brother can do a better braid than I can.
Clumsy Pigeon
Clumsy Pigeon Oy oldin
The second wig really suits Link, who else agrees?
Cat Lacourt
Cat Lacourt Oy oldin
Being Smart With Link: If there is a fly on your forehead, STAB IT WITH SCISSORS!!!!!!!
Always Anonymous
#gmm 2k19 anyone??
Alex Hellstrom
The game title was so good
SixRaven Eight
Link could be a redhead, or Auburn for sure. Missing that long, dark, hair still. blah ♥♥
Tori Barboza
Tori Barboza Oy oldin
If Rhett cuts his own hair, he should quit UZvid and become a barber
ella. Oy oldin
Rhett is actually better at hair than me
Taylor Huff
Taylor Huff Oy oldin
Lizzie has a lob
Allyson Kathryn
I was gonna say it isn’t fair to Rhett because Link has a daughter so he must’ve done her hair at least once but I take that back
Mezzana Oy oldin
why? Because it's so damn expensive and in most cases with the same results as DIY.
Kendall Moore
Kendall Moore Oy oldin
In the first round link looks like he elf king from the Lord of the rings
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