D.L. Hughley interview | The View (Jul 11, 2018)

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Sean White
Sean White 17 kun oldin
DL is that dude.
James Moore
James Moore 19 kun oldin
I don't get what was funny about the title of the book? Maybe he should have smacked a woman so they could have some empathy again.
Jennifer Gallegos
Jennifer Gallegos 20 kun oldin
I like this guy😉
Joseph Macaluso
Joseph Macaluso 23 kun oldin
We black..so what..we are survivors.. We will conquer this country..stop thinking about today .and fight for tomorrow..i fight for my grandchildren..my son is educated to the fact about being a black man
C Man
C Man Oy oldin
Blacks are delusional. You are your own worst enemy. The most dangerous place a black man can be is among other blacks. Blacks have many many issues... and its not because of the white man. Quit making excuses
kswift672000 Oy oldin
He told the truth.... and some white people are in total denial or .... they know and won’t admit it and some know and say..., you’re right.... these last two elections have uncovered the very fabric of this nation to unveil the racism that still exist..... anybody who says it doesn’t is a lier .... or under “white privileged” which means your whiteness does not mean you have done anything wrong .... but your whiteness..... allows you a degree of freedom from being judged by the color of your skin.... do you know that Bank of America , Ally , Providian , all had major law suits against them and had to pay back several billion dollars to people of color blacks , Latinos , for what? We were being charged higher interest rate than our white counterparts..... homes were appraised lower for blacks and Latino than our white counterparts.....I could go on and on .... So racism is the ability to affect a persons economic and financial status based on the color of their skin....
Jon micheal
Jon micheal Oy oldin
Blacks need to handle their people
Coach Jon
Coach Jon Oy oldin
I really hate when people feel compelled to say there are some good officers out there. When you never hear white people or officers say there are some good black people out there. We still feel like we have to bend over backwards to make sure white people are not to offended even when calling them out.
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas Oy oldin
First thing a black woman, that has a black husband says; she defends cops.
I just avoid them at all cost. All cops......even family members.......😉
BabyVamp Oy oldin
The crowds hands must be hurting with all that clapping they doing lol
BabyVamp Oy oldin
Why does he got shit all over his hat
realrell3 Oy oldin
That, ladies and gentlemen, is pure, undefiled TRUTH!
Ricky Brown
Ricky Brown 2 oy oldin
*"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act" 👉🏿YOU CANNOT DEAL RIGHTEOUSLY, WITH THE UNRIGHTEOUS❗️ The ruling nation of this world ARE a Psychopathic Colonization Race of Tunga Penetrans - JIGGERS❗️*THE VERY SAME PERSONALITY TRAIT FLAWS THAT MOST MEMBERS POSSESS AND ACT UPON of THE WHITE Ruling RACE ARE THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE BY “THEIR” OWN PSYCHOLOGICAL MENTAL PROFESSIONALs AS THE NON-REHABILITATABLE “CRIMINALLY INSANE”❗️Their brain chemistry lacks the compassion for empathy and sympathy for anything😪 If they do not feel they are doing anything wrong, there is no need to change this behavior. Hence, NON-REHABILITATABLE “CRIMINALLY INSANE”❗️ ✔️Sociopath Trait #1: Lack of Remorse(incapable of empathy or sympathy) -✔️Sociopath Trait #2: Artificial Charm (HUNTING Tool used to manipulate to get what they want) - ✔️Sociopath Trait #3: Very Intelligent!(intentional Cunning Strategy To outwit it’s prey)A Sociopath studies, research, test, investigates, experiments different technique to justify TO himself how to successfully subdue, abstract surrender, torture, break & dispose of their victims. ✔️Sociopath Trait #4: Compulsive LIAR! (Believes their own Lie TO be true. extremely good at mixing just enough of the truth to convince others to believe the deadly fabricated parts of his Trap! ✔️Sociopath Trait #5: Manipulative(“Fake news” force His will on others by any means necessary to satisfy their overwhelming need for absolute power & complete control to benefit Self)”THEY FRAME THEIR MISCHIEF WITH A LAW IN A LAND NOT OF THEIR OWN.SUBMISSION ENFORCED BY MILITARY VIOLENCE” ✔️Sociopath Trait #6: Narcissistic!(believe they are superior and everyone, everything is subservient to them.His way is not just the right way, but the only way. Murdering inferiority is of no consequence.Laws & Rules do not apply to him. ✔️Sociopath Trait #7: No Long term Relationships(They are superior remember. The responsibility is for others to accommodate Them! DisrespectfUL, physical & emotional abuse. sabotage Relationships, no loyalty, NO HONOR but demands it from others. Resent concealing their true nature to an unworthy subordinate. ✔️Sociopath Trait #8: Spontaneous Combustion.(Wants what they want, when they want, how they want, Who they want, Where they want) TAKE❗️No matter who he has to kill, exterminate, poison, pollute or destroy including SACRIFICING his own. CHANGING HIS IDENTITY & REWRITING HISTORY ALONG THE WAY. Keeping on the move to camouflage his cheating bloody trail of lies and deception. TEACHING GENERATION AFTER GENERATION TO MASTER THE SOCIOPATH SKILLS AND REINFORCE HIS LIE❗️ #MakeAmericaGOOD❗️🇺🇸✊🏿✊🏼✊️✊🏾✊🏻✊🏽 uzvid.com/video/video-j4giw7Npk30.html
Chad Gresham
Chad Gresham 2 oy oldin
When the world finds out who the negros really are oh boy.... hint Hebrews
Rhonda Love
Rhonda Love 2 oy oldin
Pro Ebonics
Pro Ebonics 2 oy oldin
oooh DL dropped the mic like 20 times
Why You Trippin' Deebo
“The most dangerous place for black people to live is in white peoples’ imagination”
Amico USA
Amico USA 3 oy oldin
huge respect mr DL.
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen 3 oy oldin
When STUPID meets STUPID ???
Abdullah Bueno
Abdullah Bueno 3 oy oldin
Lol Vanilla isis
Alicia D.
Alicia D. 3 oy oldin
Roses Gustavsson
Roses Gustavsson 3 oy oldin
God Help me! I Need to Read This Book Written By D.L.Hughley! Now I'm gonna 'Google' Where to Obtain a Copy! For Real!...Blessed Be!
Empress Zaire
Empress Zaire 3 oy oldin
Forgive my ignorance. But is his hat dirty?
Teno Righteous
Teno Righteous 3 oy oldin
Kenny Black
Kenny Black 3 oy oldin
Millionaire black Americans preaching about unfair treatment of poor black Americans.....amazing!!!! If there is death uncontrolled for all blacks why are there so many none whites alive??? All races are locked up, all races are killed, but more blacks kill blacks than any white does of the black race
Angela Bree
Angela Bree 3 oy oldin
DL is so underrated 🔥
Nawal Ait El Cadi
Just a question: what if a black police man kills a black kid what happens? Or a black police man kills a white kid what happens? Very genuine question, I live in Europe, very very genuine, I just want to understand.
Why Tho?
Why Tho? 3 oy oldin
HOW CAN "how not to get shot" for black people seems to be funning to Woopy and everyone else.
Why Tho?
Why Tho? 3 oy oldin
I don't the humor in "How to not get shot". Everyone is clapping and smiling. Blacks are literally not taking this seriously.
Jacqueline Perry
Jacqueline Perry 3 oy oldin
White people benefit from all the good jobs in sports and everything else.
Shaya Kerr
Shaya Kerr 3 oy oldin
Is his hat dirty ?
Rose Lin Peterkin
nb y
lexdimond1 4 oy oldin
My guy D.L lookin like a park ranger
Gingeraylz 4 oy oldin
Can somebody explain to me why he is wearing this dirty hat?
mike mik
mike mik 4 oy oldin
American selfish greedy money hungry people pretending they care about each other. Lol
mike mik
mike mik 4 oy oldin
Look at these fucking house Negroes you people ain't shit but a bunch of fucking new generation of slave money hungry greedy hypocrite scumbags.. fake ass Obama looking black. Lol you black people in shit just like white people brainwash idiots. You black people didn't say nothing when your country killed millions of people aboard ..
jboogie knows
jboogie knows 4 oy oldin
👏👏 I came back to listen to D.L. again!!!👀✊🙏🙏👍💯💯💯✔
Myname Is
Myname Is 4 oy oldin
Those annoying audience and their claps
Randy Gabriel
Randy Gabriel 4 oy oldin
the girl said her experience was people calling her and friends nigger and she was so offended .. but its ok for black people callen each other nigger .... and don't give me the bullshit that blacks took a negative word and took it as a term of endearment .... please cut the fucken bullshit .... if black people call each other that there word then they can't not like it if someone else calls them the same word .... not that they should .... and black people do themselves a great harm by calling each other that name .... other races can make the same argument about names the white people have called them .. chink, jap, spick, wagon burner .. and it goes on and on .. yet you never hear other races calling each other the names white people have called them .... ! .. smarten up ....!
Xavier Birth
Xavier Birth 4 oy oldin
I've been Binge watching D.L Hughley for days now. I'm going to try and watch and listen to every i Interview, Podcast, Commercial... whatever and whenever he's on I'm tuning in. It's great to hear from sowmone like him who Speaks Knowledge, Truth, and Facts. #Facts
Victoria Hunt
Victoria Hunt 4 oy oldin
D.L. Hughley is so on point, I see it everyday!
carol H
carol H 4 oy oldin
I Love D.L. Hugely, you are kinda racist, but your kinda genius too. Wish I had a dad like you growing up. Thank you for standing up
BikerChic Rolling
Make America HATE again is hatred spewed forth by a so-called "leader" who continues to divide us as human beings. His reckoning is based on skin color, social class w/a profound lack of moral compassion for his fellow human beings. Don't bother coming for me - use that energy to promote change in a positive manner. Demand better from a leader to unite us - not further divide us.
Is his hat dirty, or designed like that? 🤔😁
Alphonso Dunbar
Alphonso Dunbar 4 oy oldin
Javon Cook
Javon Cook 4 oy oldin
I disagree with the inferior part. If you truly thought you were superior to another person you would treat them a lot better. The reasoning is because if you were better then someone, no matter how great their education or economics was, they could never get to your level because you are better. If you want to keep someone from being superior to you, you give them crappy education and limit their ability to sustain themselves economically. The latter is the government at its past and present state.
Darrin Robert
Darrin Robert 4 oy oldin
It doesn't make sense to me that America had its first African-American president a man who stayed in office for 8 years and change the world and we have black Americans still suffering the same eels that we've suffered for centuries. It doesn't make sense. And it says to the world that we haven't arrived yet as a nation.
Lavon Randolph
Lavon Randolph 4 oy oldin
modam70 4 oy oldin
I like DL, hes honest, he tells it like it is, and he holds nothing back! I can just listen ALL DAY LONG to him talk about the world!
Copainization 4 oy oldin
D.L. Hughley lays out his racial theories and reveals beliefs uglier than his shit stained hat and soul. Here you have a douchebag in a recycled fedora talking paranoia to a room full of pre-menopausal cuckoos.
J. Muller
J. Muller 4 oy oldin
Who does he think he is, Calypso Louie.
Roxy W
Roxy W 4 oy oldin
Facts and statistics prove D.L. Hughley wrong. He's the one living in his imagination. No, not all Black people are criminals. But, most criminals are Black.
Reginald Lovely
Reginald Lovely 4 oy oldin
The ice cream truck song started off as a racist song using the N word
Chuck 4 oy oldin
Stop clapping u idiots in the crowd let him make his points if he pauses for more than 3 seconds then u clap
x x
x x 4 oy oldin
The only place there is no racism is police department and fox news. DL Hughley That is like the quote of the century
Elizabeth Moynihan
I have just cried my eyes out listening to this. I was a fan of this man's comedy already. But hearing him speak leads me to believe that Mr.Haughley's book tour is going to be amazing. You know what I can;t even write anything worth reading as I am just so angry and frustrated at how little the white community is doing to end racism. It's our problem. We need to fix it.
tilog 4 oy oldin
I love listening to D.L. Hughley because he's not afraid to openly discuss topics that make many people uncomfortable.
Ava Moffett
Ava Moffett 4 oy oldin
I love this Brother.
TweetyBre 5 oy oldin
Well in my honest opinion when he first came out he hug the white lady first so fuck the black/white nonsense fuck the fuckery okay!!!
Teresa Cody
Teresa Cody 5 oy oldin
Being Black and not on crack is still a crime!
Denver Lee Stewart
Reading the posts by blacks, it's clear that Africans in America aren't real Americans, or they wouldn't be as racist toward white people as they are. Hughley is one of the worst speaking garbage in the nation today. If the black on white violence continues, it will result just as it will in South Africa, by current trends. American blacks, if they become the targets of whites in a race war, then there will be an "extinction event", and there will be no more blacks. Whites ..Just as it will, in S. Africa, lead to their extermination in that nation, as well as Europe. Africans deride whites out of jealousy for a lack of intelligence, making them to be an inferior race. are slow to anger, but, if pushed past the point, our intellect and our armaments advantage will finally rid America of any inner city black violence. American blacks were led by Obama, as their "pied piper", to blame whites wrongly for their own inherit shortcomings in respect to being amoral, and being inclined to crime as a means of advantage. This is going to end very poorly for the black race. "Whoopi" is just the average low- intellect black, eaten up of her own hatred.
Denver Lee Stewart
Sorry buddy, but you'll have to come up with some better psychology than that you're spitting out, and try to save yourself from the defeatest attitude that it has caused you to form. I an white, but I was raised in Detroit from '63 till '67, and grew up as poor as any black, kid. I've been given as much un-called for trouble from cops more time than I can count. I've spent months in jail, all for truly no more reason than speaking out of turn to them. The problems with the young black man that feeds from the tripe he's being fed about "racist" white people is bullshit. It's causing young blacks, both guys and gals, to think all whites hate them. ALL people , who are poor, have all the problems they need. It IS causing race problems in cities like Memphis, where I lived for years, ass well as Atlanta, Nashville, Loisville and cincinnatti. This race garbage is going to endd up getting a lot of folks killed, if it doesn't work itself out, by people like me and you trying to see the world with clear eyes and talking sense to the people we know and talk to. Think about it. My words are much more true than words out of New York
Denver Lee Stewart
Roxy W It's not my "wish" that something so horrific happen. Only a madman would be so depraved. But look at history. If whites should choose to do all necessary to protect themselves from a "prescribed" black threat against home or property...the spark that could cause this civil war can be appearing innocent of any potential bad "side effects". I am very worried for my fellow man these days. More are given over to darkness is much greater and advantages than the children of light. We should all, who are Christian, live outwardly our faith, and pray Jesus continually for his help against this encroaching evil. I resort back to the wall, having ONLY my faith to cling to.Please do the same. Speak God's own wisdom where needed, although it would seem it could become violent with angers. I have seen it myself. As if God waved his hand over the world. Dispersal.
Roxy W
Roxy W 4 oy oldin
Denver Lee Stewart - Thank you for your rational assessment. Just last week, after hearing of more vicious, sadistic, senseless, crimes by Black people against mostly White people along with every other race and age, I felt that it would finally come to just having to eliminate every Black person one sees. If Blacks don't straighten themselves out, I too feel it will come to that (an extinction event). Because they are also being given impunity by authorities. Black savagery is increasing. This must be how civil wars start.
M. James
M. James 5 oy oldin
Dl is a great guy!! Real as they come.. life has made him a intelligent man!!🦋
Cyndi P
Cyndi P 5 oy oldin
We love you DL for keeping it real!
Bob Mohr
Bob Mohr 5 oy oldin
You have some cash now buy a new hat, filthy ass dirty nasty hat around the ladies.
RSPainter 5 oy oldin
"If you're White and on opiods it's a crisis and if you're black and on crack it's a crime"... how true is that.
Robert Craig
Robert Craig 5 oy oldin
woopie goldbrick "Uh Huh" "Uh Huh" "Uh Huh" "Uh Huh" "Uh Huh" "Uh Huh" "Uh Huh" "Uh Huh" what a dumb brainless moron.
Cindy Mortenson
Cindy Mortenson 5 oy oldin
I agree with everything in this video, what I don't like is how Whoopi uses that "white people" accent? Is that not a little hypocritical?
Audrey Dunham
Audrey Dunham 6 oy oldin
What Americans need right now. China is training Pilots to bombs the US, it was on the CNN news. It is time to let us know why trump keeps using the word Fake News. This is dangerous.
Yeezys’ R’Gay
*DL is not woke, he’s sleepwalking*
Lavon Randolph
Lavon Randolph 4 oy oldin
He is very woke , this man knows what he talking about..
Yeezys’ R’Gay
*Bet his book was edited by a white person*
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Funny my downvote keeps getting erased. You agenda pushing cunts.
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Oh and DL must’ve missed the Black NFL player that lost his life in a car crash hit by an illegal that was driving while intoxicated.
Yeezys’ R’Gay
*NBA lacks diversity* 74% Black *Shouldn’t the NBA be 1/4 black 1/4 white 1/4 Hispanic 1/4 Asian?* Of course we’d know who would have a problem with this.
Yeezys’ R’Gay
*chickens didn’t break the law jackass*
Yeezys’ R’Gay
*we tell our white children to stay away from black neighborhoods. Ask me why?*
Red Sunshine
Red Sunshine 6 oy oldin
Red Sunshine
Red Sunshine 6 oy oldin
KDOG 6 oy oldin
When your an American citizen and u break the law, your kids don’t get to stay with u in prison. So why the double standard for illegals coming in illegally and thus breaking the law?
Lavon Randolph
Lavon Randolph 4 oy oldin
Kids shouldn't be in jail.. fuck trump..
Dejan Ogando
Dejan Ogando 6 oy oldin
Im sick of hearing about my black brothers getting gunned down by police aka the government. I by no means condone or advocate murder but its that time now for an eye for an eye
Dejan Ogando
Dejan Ogando 6 oy oldin
Yeezys’ R’Gay Am i supposed to argue with a fucking idiot?? Fuckk off mate with all due respect. Why the hell you on here if you dont agree with police brutality numbers in the black community? You are basically watching this ready to comment just to troll? Pathetic!!! Dont reply to me again im done with you edomites
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Dejan Ogando stop killing each other at record breaking numbers if you want people to take you seriously. Also more white men are killed by police every year. Turn off cnn. More police are killed by black men.
Dirg Ramsey
Dirg Ramsey 6 oy oldin
Black Trash
Lavon Randolph
Lavon Randolph 4 oy oldin
Orange is the New white..
Lavon Randolph
Lavon Randolph 4 oy oldin
Fuck trump
738polarbear 6 oy oldin
The most dangerous place for black people to live is in a black ghetto you FUCKING RACIST IDIOT.No . Black people believe black people are criminals . Where do they get these low i.q. jokers from?This fool has not been in a film for 6 or 7 years and not appeared as anyone other than himself on TV for at least 6 years . i suppose you have to be a bit controversial when your career is in the toilet . i didnt know who he was so i looked him up . his career was pretty LAMEASS.The lyrics were written OVER 200 years ago .
M Angelo-Karovia
M Angelo-Karovia 6 oy oldin
The 5-Star Review 2018
The reason black people have to keep saying to white people that we are human is because they don't believe or treat us like we are.
The 5-Star Review 2018
Yeezys’ R’Gay Propaganda is used to trick the white public into believing the entire black community is criminal or not human. The reality is most blacks fear these fucking criminals more than you can know because these savages live down the street or around the corner from us. Black people are political chumps...so they keep voting for the Democrats! And then Democrats like Slick Billy turn around and put almost 2 million black men in prison on fake drug crimes. So sad!
Yeezys’ R’Gay
The 5-Star Review 2017 in Chicago, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Detroit you don’t act like it. All Democrat run cities, for decades.😆
Sharing Lungs
Sharing Lungs 6 oy oldin
I would take him more seriously if he admitted black’s words and actions are partly to blame.
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 6 oy oldin
She's Afraid of an intelligent BLACK MAN
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 6 oy oldin
Where's Megan?
zbudda 6 oy oldin
When Nia Wilson was murdered by a white man there was mass outraged by the black community, and the white progressives. Being the third murder in a month on the BART system...the first two murders were committed by 2 black men killing 2 old white men, no public outrage, it was just how the city rolls, nothing to see here, move along...
felix rabsatt
felix rabsatt 6 oy oldin
Always wanted to block the truth she said there are good police officers, nope there aren’t because of those so call good officers aren’t checking the bad ones for messing up with ppl so they are all the same.
Yeezys’ R’Gay
felix rabsatt and Black people that witness murders but don’t say anything are also murderers.
CLMSQ2 6 oy oldin
Man the show is all about race, the view is full of race baiting snowflakes. Black prez, black gov, black mayor, black police chief and black kid gets killed in Baltimore and the system is racist?!? Maybe the black men of the blue are afraid to tell the truth. 50% of all crime is committed by 14% of the population. Do the math DL... real facts
Edwin Torres
Edwin Torres 6 oy oldin
So much truth this man is speaking! I just wanna sit on his lap and look into his eyes and just talk😻😻😻!
babyfacexjackie 6 oy oldin
HE is a KING.
myeshia botley
myeshia botley 6 oy oldin
#TRUTH I love this 💖💖💖
ERIC CRAPTON 6 oy oldin
How not to get shot do not go to a after party rap awards
Be'a Okintikkaj
Be'a Okintikkaj 6 oy oldin
I don't believe him at all!!! I feel like he is acting just to keep his radio show etc.. . This dude is lying thru his teeth... That one time when he was called a COON bcz he didn't agree with the left is the last time he agreed with the right on anything.
Be'a Okintikkaj
Be'a Okintikkaj 6 oy oldin
I clicked this to piss myself off.... So 3 seconds in I wonder am I disappointing myself?
playlist55 6 oy oldin
DL Ugly reminds me of a Booker T. Washington quote: "There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs -- partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
Lavon Randolph
Lavon Randolph 4 oy oldin
Trump ugly. This man is not ugly dumb ass
Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell 6 oy oldin
Dat man is right fo reel, I don't no any white people at all but dey be da reason I ain't got no job and have to wait in line to get da free foods and doctor stuff. Dey ruined my life cuz I'm black. It just ain't fair and dis man be telling da truth black people's problems all be da white people's fault.
ThunderLips 6 oy oldin
There's something wrong with this guy. There's something wrong with people that believe him.
Maurice Sanders
Maurice Sanders 6 oy oldin
Shorty in the orange is not really feeling dl
Tanya Lake
Tanya Lake 6 oy oldin
And to think that I thought D.L. was different. He is another hypocritical, wilfully ignorant, greedy, and lying snake that doesn't know the differences between gender, and sexuality. This is what he said when he was being interviewed on VLADTV, in regards to what another black male celebrity said about homosexuality.... *"I think that people want to say something but, blame it on something else, if that makes you feel uncomfortable, we always put children in front of it, or "somebody's trying to do this". I don't know how you feel about that. I think it's asinine...."* Yet, here he is, throwing transgender people under the bus by also being wilfully ignorant, and to promote his book. The nerve of him to speak about transgenders that has/have nothing to do with the topic at hand. Yet, *"we're living in America, right now, where we've evolved".* Riiiight. 😒 If *"Americans are so evoled"* - you, and the lot of these other sheep, wouldn't have agreed with your backwards aka brainwashed mentality, nor throw trans-*GENDER* people under the bus to promote your book. Cisgender males in grown bodies are also known for being passive-aggressive, just like how he came off. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason why the women didn't say anything to correct/educate him. *The View* also had transgender guests on the show, and they didn't say anything (wilfully) ignorant to said transgender people. Society is still a brainwashed mess. 😒 Edit: *Gender* - and *sexuality* are two different things. I wish people would stop equating being gay, and trans-*GENDER* as the same. There are *transGENDER* people that/who identifies as straight, or gay. Hence the word *GENDER* in trans-*GENDER.* If/since you lots are not willing to educate yourself, or be educated by actual conscious, grown, smart, real, honest, and straightforward transgender people, especially by trans-*WOMEN* of color like myself, *PLEASE SHUT UP.*
Tanya Lake
Tanya Lake 6 oy oldin
Yeezys’ R’Gay - unfortunately, true, and what I've said as well. He's still brainwashed. I also notice(d) that when I speak facts, reality, and truths, people don't say anything, and or respond with wilful ignorance. That wasn't directed towards you. I'm just saying.
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Tanya Lake he’s pimping his book. Make money lying like all race hustlers.
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