D.L. Hughley talks Donald Trump and new book

Larry King
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Legendary comedian and activist D.L. Hughley joins Larry King on PoliticKING to talk Trump, America's racial divide, and his new book "How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice from White People."

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11-Iyl, 2018



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K Hunigan
K Hunigan 5 kun oldin
Realest brother walking & talking. Every black man should strive to be as knowledgeable as D. L. Not just a comic. 🤓🤓🤓
LA Woman68
LA Woman68 10 kun oldin
Great interview!!
bossladykk28 21 kun oldin
Always did like Larry
Journey With Bess
Journey With Bess 22 kun oldin
His horrifying experience with police at such a young age saddens me.
Paul Blackburn
Paul Blackburn 23 kun oldin
Gun in truvk. First excuse. I feared for my life. Never say a gun. Pulls a gun on an un armed man. Should of called cops fitst. Stayed out of it. Pulling a gun on an un armed man you should be arrrsted!
sharon hillman
sharon hillman 26 kun oldin
Young people vote during your State and county govt elections to vote these old white people out.
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley Oy oldin
That's 3- card Monty.
Studio24/7 Oy oldin
I disagree. Disagree is how you raise if you going to be a buffoon is how you were raised to be a buffoon my grandmother didn't have nothing she didn't have nothing but she had more love in her heart that I ever met seen anybody in my life she have nothing you you raised to be an idiot that's the way you going to be I don't care no it ain't about poverty my grandmother lived in poverty but she wasn't no bum
Maurice Mitchell
Please Boycott DL Hughley Show, March 18, 2019, this is one of the way we can show him, we do not appreciate him helping Oprah, tear down Michael Jackson. Michael was found innocent twice in court and have been dead for 10 years, WHY! Please Boycott his Show.
HeartStrings Venture
Well ... I do find it true that every one black that I know has had a negative racial experience , even in these days ...
Lincoln Hare
Lincoln Hare Oy oldin
D.L. !!!!!!!!!!!;;
Rick Hen
Rick Hen Oy oldin
Good to see theres only 171 bigots who still deny the truth
Andrea Lanton
Andrea Lanton 2 oy oldin
Yes trump is racist
Johnte Brown
Johnte Brown 2 oy oldin
DL is the new age Dick
NICK NICK 2 oy oldin
Tanya Garcia
Tanya Garcia 2 oy oldin
I find it amazing how they sitting here complaining that Trump is in in an office no black people want to go vote they made it hard for the black people to go vote so they say but the same way you went out there and vote it and went from country to Country and stood in front of places until they let you vote for Obama was the same way I should have did that for Hillary but since she was a white woman got it thanks wife to say you know what we not going to go vote this is all the black people for cuz the Puerto Ricans went out there to vote and then our people with a A in it the white people want to go vote look what they got so you mean to tell me that every time they say oh we're sorry the machines are down. I couldn't say what will use this one yeah I did it for Obama while y'all couldn't do it for Hillary and now you're worried about all city workers government work as it was funny when everybody was sitting there talking about oh yeah that's take the food stamps in the section 8 from the pool now y'all n***** are working without no motherfuking money how you like it
Tanya Garcia
Tanya Garcia 2 oy oldin
It ain't going to change no matter if the president is black or white racism is here and if people don't stand up Against Racism it will always be here
Lynn Mccabe
Lynn Mccabe 2 oy oldin
I love listening to DL...he is so clear, honest and informative...Larry King, when your dry mouth issue is that bad, retire, get off the air, you're too old or on too much meds....but it is disgusting to listen to.
A Mills
A Mills 2 oy oldin
DL says he does not know a black man that has not had a bad experience with cops. I have not ever seen this in white society but is is too obvious even to me. It can not happen if the white communities act to change the injustice. What kind of society let’s this culture continue? Shameful.
A Mills
A Mills 2 oy oldin
The pardon of Alice Johnson is sooo conspicuous, Trump’s attempt to manipulate blacks with money. He calculates that Kardashian is enamored by him and Kanye has influence that can work for Trump. Big deal, he released a woman that served an incredibly unjust sentence.
5100yes 2 oy oldin
Hey DL ... come to canada!!! U.S is not safe.
Torsten TANGLEIS 2 oy oldin
DL speaks the truth! He has opened my eyes! White privilege and racism exist in America!
Smooth Eadie
Smooth Eadie 3 oy oldin
J Francisker
J Francisker 3 oy oldin
BIG UP$ 2 DL!!!🏆😀✌
Grand Themes
Grand Themes 3 oy oldin
Only one thing? He threw shade on Cosby...he didn't stay on code.
brooklyn8806 3 oy oldin
As I'm becoming aware of this world's politics I'm starting to understand & enjoy your stand up comedy. Keep enlightening our people D.L. ((LOVE & RESPECT)) #$ALUTE
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz 3 oy oldin
America interned Italians and Japanese Americans due to the war, all while the American Nazi party was holding rallies at Madison Square Garden. Interesting.
Just Saying
Just Saying 3 oy oldin
I stop listening to anything when the continuous mention of Hispanics became prevalent. They are not pro black and to keep Kimbo slicing for them and their "right" to be here is one of the issues steam rolling the demise of the black community now. Who do you think ran blacks from their homes in California. Being anti- white isn't the same as being pro black. Is there racism? Yes. Bigotry, Sexism, elitism , and every other "ism'. So busy trying to cheerlead for gays when it's the gays and hollywood who got us our here trying to defend Kevin Hart. Tired of this mess. When if any white person or Trump for that matter would've said what Kevin jokingly said, they would've been every "bigot" in the book. I don't like the way he's always trying to include other groups with us when they're not pro "us". This is why we're losing political footing.
Kunchuz King
Kunchuz King 3 oy oldin
"just saying", I agree with you whole heartily, our so called leaders and people like DL are always including Hispanics in our stuggles when the truth is, Hispanics are just as racist and prejudice as most white folks or more. Most all Hispanics hate black folks. They walk around trying to be black, dress black, talk black, but hate the very sight of black people. Our leaders are always including them. They bombed black folk out of thier homes in California, illegal Hispanics come here here and look down on black folks like we owe them something. I don't give two fucks about them. I'm hoping THAT ICE picks up every last one of them, fuck m!!!!
Deca Cards52
Deca Cards52 3 oy oldin
"Trump has separated families, its just they did in slavery." I just realized that. This brother is definitely WOKE.
Donyelle Hill
Donyelle Hill 5 oy oldin
Love him!!!!
Friend 5 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-NejdD3GKKeo.html Lavell Crawford just passed you up DL...
Dulcelina Cabral
Dulcelina Cabral 5 oy oldin
Wow when white Larry King says racism is stupidity that speakes volumes..he gets it
The Logical One The Logical One
This guy is disgusting & a hypocrite. Extremely uneducated & so many people in this thread are ignorant as could be.
lady4real75 5 oy oldin
I got a GED & I'm the only one working 🤣🤣
B. 5 oy oldin
Stick to comedy and shut the funk up about politics and social issues. These niggs like this one makes me sick. Your ass struggled being raised by a single mother and step up for this.
Alonzo White
Alonzo White 5 oy oldin
Them white people don't want that book
quintilian 6 oy oldin
While real housewives of Atlanta and love and hip are shows where blacks are well off. Clearly out of the poverty realm but still make a fool of themselves and serves as an embarrassment to blacks In general.
A Mills
A Mills 6 oy oldin
Roseanne Barr did exactly what Trump and the other liars do when they pay a price, she insulted everyone listening, by claiming to not understand what she was saying and portraying that Ambien fueled her racist rant. It was gratifying to see the network took action and made a statement defending her target. It seems to be a rare occasion when racists are dealt with swiftly and directly.
cate499 6 oy oldin
Thanks Larry for having DL on your show.
beyondrace666 6 oy oldin
It means Donald Trump proves to Black America that Kim Kardashian's influence has more validity as opposed to letting a black activist have that same influence in granting that request. Black activists and the black community have been asking for the release of Alice Johnson for years. So when Kim Kardashian comes in and picks up the torch and completes what black activists couldn't do. She now looks like the white savior who is the only person who can come to the rescue of a black person which in turn gives no validity to any prominent black activist.
Johnny Voss
Johnny Voss 6 oy oldin
@4:43 Larrys weed socks
Thomas Shue's World
That hat is too big for his head.
Will Sargent
Will Sargent 6 oy oldin
thanks am White and I agree with you scared of the cops
TheLadyluna2 6 oy oldin
Here's what none of you are understanding. The media as well as the Government is playing all races against each other. They have been for years. Even more so now, then they ever did in the past. But when it comes to black and white people the media goes all out. These 2 races of people are the major players, have been since slavery. But here is the pitch and none of you are catching it: In order to take over a country, you first must divide, starve and then disarm the country. Once you have done all that. Conquering will be easy. People will do anything to survive-no matter what the race. DT was put in the WH to do just that: Divide you dumb pricks. It's working. Look around you. And the other countries are just waiting for the right moment to take over. Brush up on your Foreign Languages-all of them if you must. Don't know which one will be your Lord/Master in the long run.
Eddie Pratt
Eddie Pratt 6 oy oldin
Now listen, Obama was not put in place for the black agenda. He was selected before he was elected. Let me explain, Mr. George Soroa known as the Puppet Master. He knew Obama would be a good man for all. But it didn't change racist in this country. For humanity sake we as a hold must live and respect each other. 🏁🇦🇫🇦🇬🇦🇨🇨🇷🇨🇨🇱🇷
DL Hugely, one of the smartest people on tv & when he speaks I listen and learn! 🇵🇷✊👍
Mohamed Adam Mohamed
Jessie Owns had to race a horse.
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 6 oy oldin
Some things said Don't need no explanation what if you was black how would it be. But you are white enough said
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 6 oy oldin
There are only one human race. All bleed ran blood but the problem is different minds. Education is the equation breaker. To have knowledge is key. A fool will ask questions a million wise answers want be enough for him. He will never change. He will be that rock
Bb Broadus
Bb Broadus 6 oy oldin
Three card molly. Lol 😂
BMWTRIP81 7 oy oldin
There u have it, what more is left to say!♥
lesley murphy
lesley murphy 6 oy oldin
brittmwalkerbmw *TY* *GOD* 🙌
D C'mon
D C'mon 7 oy oldin
About a year-and-a-half ago my husband and I went to Calabasas just out driving and enjoying the coastline. So we decided to stop and go into a World Market. When we walked into the store. Two black folks. The entire store was white and everyone turns around. As if they've never seen black people before. But my mom always said something when we were kids growing up. She said the most ignorant race is the white race. Guess what that's still factual today. Most of those people in world market know, they couldn't afford to buy a sandwich. But my husband and I. We were hungry so we had enough money to get what we wanted. Lol
Kasnar Burns
Kasnar Burns 7 oy oldin
I've been watching Most Daring: Riots & Rumbles. It was in Manchester, England. What is it about Soccer Hooliganism, that soccer fans act so unlawfully?? What would have happened had those soccer fans been predominantly black?
Joshua Chalmers
Joshua Chalmers 7 oy oldin
Hughley is a moronic, disconnected sheep that is living in a victim-hood bubble.... WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! #DeathOfANation
Dr. Rae K. Watkins Jones
We must understand that Obama did and does not have an intrinsic understanding of the black experiance in America. This does not come from simply being brown or a poc. He did not do what he could for the black community because he did not come from that community. He was against reparations...why? He does not understand how the wealth gap perpetuated by the hx of slavery has effected black people because he is not a black American...he would not qualify for reparations. We have to move away from the color and pay close attention to ones politics and policy.
Audra McCoy
Audra McCoy 7 oy oldin
Love that you are man enough to admit your faults and growth from it.
progrockman 7 oy oldin
DL said early on in the interview, words to the effect, "I'm JUST a comedian!" But he's so much more! He always makes sense to me!
Alicia D.
Alicia D. 7 oy oldin
Ray F
Ray F 7 oy oldin
Wikipedia, although not perfect can give us clearer numbers. They state only 695k Italians were present in the entire untied states during WWII and only about 2,000 were interned. Idk, maybe Mr Hughley should do some more research...
StanChinedu 7 oy oldin
America was built on greed, slavery and hate. The chickens will come home to roost one day.
R Good
R Good 7 oy oldin
Death threats- cowards of a certain demographic. Can't fight so make threats.
Damion Magee
Damion Magee 7 oy oldin
Great interview. He rried to bring up his past about his affairs to try to make him sound untrustworthy but he ate that right up!!!
pantherwmn70 7 oy oldin
The 1st Black Golfer, the 1st Black in Westminster Dog Show, the 1st Black person anywhere, or any- place in the USA has most likely been confronted by angry, evil AmeriKkkan racist! WHY??? & WHY r we allowing the rebirth of jimcrow AmeriKKKa?? Thank U D. L. for your insight & wisdom.
grey ghost
grey ghost 7 oy oldin
Meagan Kelly is a white supremacist .I cNt wait until she finds out the Messiah is a Black man
Sarah McGee
Sarah McGee 8 oy oldin
"Racism" is in the "heart and veins" of white people, taught to them by their parents, starting way back with the "great, great, great grand parents. They have been taught that "black people" are not completely human, and because they don't look like them, so they can dehumanize a black person and think it's right.
Jermaine Phillips
I LOVED the correction and repeat of the detained Italians statistic! Not only does Mr. Hughley stand up for his own, but for ALL who suffer injustice.
momishka7 8 oy oldin
DL Hughley has a brilliant mind, he is clear concise and funny! Keep telling the truth. xo
RED 1 8 oy oldin
I've seen d l Hughley on tv (thought he was very funny) and now I've seen a few of the interviews here and i'm very impressed I will buy the book
Valarie Cole
Valarie Cole 8 oy oldin
Whoa - nothing like THE TRUTH 👍👍👌👌
Alma Montoya
Alma Montoya 8 oy oldin
Great interview! D.L. Hughley is relevant!
David Wilder
David Wilder 8 oy oldin
Those hats got to go!
O. G.
O. G. 8 oy oldin
amiho gatai
amiho gatai 8 oy oldin
the commission's description succinctly breaks down apartheid. folks, america was explained 50 years ago as an apartheid system. case closed.
QuickenDude09 8 oy oldin
You know you can leave right?
Red Sunshine
Red Sunshine 8 oy oldin
Carla Dunwoody
Carla Dunwoody 8 oy oldin
I feel the reason we still have white on black crime is because we still have black on black crime. Ijs!!!!
jason moser
jason moser 8 oy oldin
Larry King can still bring it. Great interview from both!
01denese 8 oy oldin
Black people need to up their game. I'm sure he's had some bad experiences with racism, but as a female, I've had just as bad problems with sexism. I have to be twice as smart as my male counterparts, twice as fast, twice as better and I still don't get paid what they do. I know if I went to work with my skirt up and my "plumber" hanging out and my cleavage hanging out it would be 10 times as bad. I would be playing into those stereotypes. Black people use the n-word far more than anyone else and that's not ok. All the baby daddies and baby mamas are not ok. Not having a job is not ok. Not having an education is not ok. Things are tough for everyone and white people can no longer afford to step back and be generous and let someone else take an opportunity they are not qualified for.
lesley murphy
lesley murphy 6 oy oldin
Sharon Harris Get Her *Told* ✍️
Sharon Harris
Sharon Harris 7 oy oldin
Racism and what white people did to Black people in America has no equivalence? There are Black women who have experienced both. So please no lectures on your experience as a white woman. You do not get a pass. White women have played their part in white supremacy to the utmost. We see you as well. Sometimes it's best that white people stop trying to convince Black people of an untruth. Until you fix your problem there's really nothing white people could say that we're bound to respect. It'll be the actions only and white Americas actions say otherwise. No reconciliation without truth and no reconciliation without reparations of what was stolen. Accountability, period.
Wisemen Wisemen
Wisemen Wisemen 8 oy oldin
How do we "DISMANTLE" white supremacy globally??
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 4 oy oldin
I honestly don't believe it's possible
ThePltsweet 8 oy oldin
Preach on Hughley, i'm not American but I agree with everything you say.
swati sparkle
swati sparkle 8 oy oldin
However one feels about Obama, his historical presidency is a hard one to follow for any white POTUS.
Thomas McCullough
The Devil was also capable of doing some good and appearing as an angel of light.
Roscoe Wallace
Roscoe Wallace 8 oy oldin
Dam Liar Hughley. Is a sellout POS. Anyone listening to him is likely a permanent resident on the democratic plantation.
Ricardo Carranza
Ricardo Carranza 8 oy oldin
ricky rhodes
ricky rhodes 8 oy oldin
So white people didn't vote for Obama?? Thats a fucking bold face lie. You are bigoted and have power and a voice and all you do is incite hate and tell black people they can't succeed. A rich black man telling his own they can't because we whites are against them. That's the Democratic way and your doing what your masters at the DNC tell you to. Nobody even tried to kill Obama and every single president has had death threats but you wont say that it doesn't meet your narrative. BUY MY BOOK!!! You have failed morally. Is there any proof that your neighborhood security stopped you every day (same guy) private security?? That must be a nice place. Its hard to believe that once this same man figured out you lived there he would have been fired for what you said he did... Id like to ask him personally if that was the case. 700+ shootings this past weekend in Chicago alone all black victims but you say black on black does not exist? I bet that 700 whites didn't get shot by whites on that wknd in whole damn country. Your notion about proximity is correct but you fail to mention that 86% percent of gun murders are black on black and 92% of all gun murders are in 2% of counties in this country. All FBI stats go check. You received free lunch when your father was an airplane mechanic?? Airplane mechanics make pretty good money so probably didn't get free lunch did you. DL is a fraud and says what his masters DNC liberal elites tell him to say so he can continue to live in that white neighborhood. Larry didn't mention that DL is a gang member, drug dealer and pistol carrier as he has bragged about in the past "that's what we black people do carry guns"......DL is full of shit and will answer to GOD for his false witness and deception..... Buy his book though!!!!$$$$$$
Tanya Williams
Tanya Williams 8 oy oldin
Funny, didn't heat about his white-folk-hate while he was cashing those Hollywood checks. How much does race baiting pay DL? Btw, I'm a WOC.
hugo juarez
hugo juarez 8 oy oldin
I love D.L Hugley,but not that hat🤣🤣
Bold Trucker
Bold Trucker 8 oy oldin
D.L. you are the next replacement! !!!
Bold Trucker
Bold Trucker 8 oy oldin
D.L. you are the next replacement! !!!
Demetrious Moore
Demetrious Moore 8 oy oldin
D.L for President
Fred G.
Fred G. 8 oy oldin
D.L Hughley is the new Dick Gregory. Problem is all men like him can do is, give us all the knowledge that civilized people should need to make a change in this world. But this world is run in many facets of leadership by racist hateful people. And the spotlight has been shined much more on racism with this president donald trump that is the very essence of what white racist America is about at its core. They always shut down anybody that speaks up such as Colin Kaepernick Because people like him bring up topics that white racist America does not want to hear. It's sad because the black people who play these sports, can make such a big change because they dominate sports. but they choose to just stay In the chain gang line, instead of breaking free from their chains.
No comment
m. saint
m. saint 8 oy oldin
Hughley and King are sure sending each other a lot of Masonic signs. The uninitiated won't catch them.
Robert Willis
Robert Willis 8 oy oldin
Pulling for DL cos hate will eat a man up from the inside out
Gatorsdog 8 oy oldin
DL Hughley Race baiter...Needs the money..
Kevin Morrishow
Kevin Morrishow 8 oy oldin
DL Hughley... If you read these comments... Please know how much we appreciate you and love you! Please don't stop doing what you doing.
Hassan Francis
Hassan Francis 8 oy oldin
D. L. Hughley for best spoken comic.
Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom 8 oy oldin
As Over 100 blacks shot in Chicago last weekend.
Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom 8 oy oldin
Womp womp. This way of thinking is exactly why blacks haven’t moved the needle at all. It’s not all whiteys fault. Sorry
nancy coole
nancy coole 8 oy oldin
DON forget the NATIVE AMERICAN -BOARDING SCHOOL HORRORS.....Historical Trauma inflicted upon many generations/ Loss of CULTURE, LANGUAGE, HISTORY, FAMILY... physical & sexual abuse
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