Dairy vs Dairy-Free Taste Test

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Today we see what foods are dairy-free. GMM #1046!
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16-Dek, 2016



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 6 011
Stephanie The Pig
Stephanie The Pig 2 yil oldin
I've just discovered I'm lactose intolerant so this is useful!
Elise stillman
Elise stillman 6 kun oldin
I've known I was lacrosse free since I was 1
Kiley Mansfield
Kiley Mansfield 20 kun oldin
Same except I grew out of it
steve ghazarian
I am probably lactose intolerant i don't like milk or most cheese and some chocolates i can't stand half off dairy products
Mckenzie Deason
Mckenzie Deason 2 oy oldin
Stephanie The Pig same! I know I’m late.
PhatChungie 2 oy oldin
​+saif babar your an idiot
EbtsOby 8 soat oldin
HAHA GOT YOU... not really
ew who eats salmon, cream cheese and onion on a bagel? gross dude!
Army Alpaca
Army Alpaca 2 kun oldin
I LOOOOOOOVE MILK if I become lactose intolerant, I will die
The Doctor
The Doctor 3 kun oldin
Rhett is me the moment I hit puberty.
Tyler Spencer
Tyler Spencer 3 kun oldin
For every single one they started with the dairy free one, with the acception of the coffee where they did both at the same time.
James Weldon
James Weldon 3 kun oldin
So they switched the sides on the coffee but not the labels
Twila Slease
Twila Slease 5 kun oldin
Ledendairy video
ILuvAnimation Doge
ILuvAnimation Doge 7 kun oldin
If he's lactose and tolerant why is he eating the dairy product?
doug cobb
doug cobb 9 kun oldin
dis video lit
Raya Xx
Raya Xx 10 kun oldin
Them not saying “let’s talk about that” in the beginning of the episode is really throwing me off.
Zak Unknown
Zak Unknown 11 kun oldin
downvote for links fking slurping
Lily Katherine
Lily Katherine 12 kun oldin
I'm vegan
zack roller
zack roller 15 kun oldin
Hey rhett, rice milk (rice dream brand) is very tasty in cereal, VERY
John Denver
John Denver 15 kun oldin
"If you don't like coconut you won't like that but if you like ice cream you might like that if you like coconut as well."
Charlene B
Charlene B 15 kun oldin
I need to know what the base is for dairy free. Didn’t you see the Jonas brothers on James Corden? Cashew milk, almond, flax milk, oat milk, rice milk, soy milk, hemp, and goat milk 🥛
Sadie Bug
Sadie Bug 17 kun oldin
I am allergic to milk protein
Taekwondo Troy The Boy
Link is a Zook from The butter battle book?
Mistic_ WolfCookie
Mistic_ WolfCookie 18 kun oldin
Derrière is french for "behind", and behind also means butt, and your sitting on your butts, on a chair.
DameOfTheRose 20 kun oldin
I used to think I was lactose intolerant but it was only with milk. cheese and ice cream didn't upset me, then I found out I wasn't and it was all in my head, should've known since no one in my family is lactose intolerant
steve ghazarian
steve ghazarian 20 kun oldin
Am i the only one who is allergic to nothing I got no allergies to anything in the world (at least I didn't discover a food that I'm allergic to yet)
Dion Czar
Dion Czar 22 kun oldin
have you guys ever considered making a GMM mug that has Rhett painted on one side and Link painted on the other side? would be good merch and you guys could use it on the show to remember who drinks from what side of the mug, that's if you guys continue to give one mug for both you guys to drink out of.
Michelina Houlihan
Michelina Houlihan 23 kun oldin
Rochester shout out
Icy Family
Icy Family 23 kun oldin
2019 lol and I’m watching this while eating ice cream
gregthehutch 28 kun oldin
I wish I knew what dairy free coffee creamer they were using. Only tried a handful of different ones but I’ve yet to find one I like yet
Rhiannon Moss
Rhiannon Moss 29 kun oldin
I'm not lack toes and toddler ants but I don't eat/ drink dairy because I'm not a baby cow.
Kaitlin Estep
Kaitlin Estep Oy oldin
I got a mid roll ad for milk lol
Lexi Black
Lexi Black Oy oldin
PSA to all my dairy free people and vegans: Breyers now has an almond milk cookies and cream icecream!!!! (Tastes amazing went through a whole thing in 2 or 3 days, way better than that SO delicious bs)
Harlea Maria
Harlea Maria Oy oldin
I'm lactose intolerant now, i wasn't as child as far i know i had no problem with diary until later on. The way they test you is not as simple as taking blood test, you pretty much on your own finding out. I know there all different kinds of lactose intolerant people, for me I can have very little diary it can be mix in with something and i'll be fine then if i was having straight up diary which i take med. for or have lactaid. This video helps me a lot i'm still new to it but i can say that only because your lactose intolerant no matter what it is, it's no different then people who aren't. There not much of a taste difference
Melanie E. Garcia
Link!!!! Where did you get your sweatshirt!!!?
LV_ X Oy oldin
I went to the hospital so I can get Medicean to make my stomach stop hurting badly when I breathe and do things and they said I can’t eat dairy for 24 hours so I can only eat stuff like spaghetti, sandwiches and non dairy things.
Sofia Rivera
Sofia Rivera Oy oldin
link: want to know what butter my bread Rett:? me: a knife
idk im tired
idk im tired Oy oldin
idk about anybody else but i very much prefer the taste of non-dairy/vegan things like ranch, and ice cream and stuff! it tastes so good to me!
I am ALLERGIC to dairy so this was helpful I hate dairy free cheese Btw if your lactose intolerant you can drink milk and eat like cookies and stuff like that But if your ALLERGIC like me then you can't eat ANYTHING with dairy in it
Tinker Dasher
Tinker Dasher Oy oldin
I love tomatoes but hate tomato soup
Xxslytherin_ gachaxX
Yes it can I’m lactose intolerant and it usually tastes the same
Johnathon Jones
Love that Shirt Link :D
Two Hands
Two Hands Oy oldin
"Butter is made from plants?"..........(I thought it was make from milk.....?)
Mohamed Moustafa
Mohamed Moustafa 2 oy oldin
Maggie Keenan
Maggie Keenan 2 oy oldin
A knife butters your bread
Kazuki TheCommander
The first time I heard ranch dressing I actually thought it was for clothes!.. I don't know why!?
Unicorn Char Chan
In my opinion soy milk is better than regular milk. Yeah I'm lactose intolerant...
Phoenicia 2 oy oldin
Not an opinion, it's a necessity in your case.
Shiloh Blake
Shiloh Blake 2 oy oldin
I’m gonna need to know the brands. Because Smart Balance non-dairy butter is really good. All margarine I’ve tried has been better than butter. Some of the dairy-free ice cream sandwiches are better than dairy ones. The dairy-free ice cream sandwich you ate was made of coconut milk. I think the ice cream made from almonds or soy is the best, personally. Some non-diary stuff doesn’t even taste all that stuff.
Clorax Bleach
Clorax Bleach 2 oy oldin
I’m Anaphylactic to dairy so I clicked as fast as I could
Elli loves pizza
Elli loves pizza 2 oy oldin
there were some people commenting "where's my lactose intolerant squad at?" and I just thought I might comment: "where's my human adults aren't supposed to consume breastmilk from another species squad at?" because that's the real question:D
Phoenicia 2 oy oldin
You aren't supposed to eat processed foods. But I bet you do judging by your username.
Elli loves pizza
Elli loves pizza 2 oy oldin
I don't like the taste of milk and animal fat in it so it wasn't hard for me to go vegan :D
fallen_star_2319 2 oy oldin
Coconut milk is a common substitute for dairy milk, thus the coconut flavour in the ice cream sandwich.
Anastasia Busacco
I literally love any version of a tomato except a RAW tomato 👍 I get it
Lets Guesss
Lets Guesss 2 oy oldin
whatdhillanwhat 2 oy oldin
“I don’t eat dairy” **makes video of eating dairy products**
Audrey Whyde
Audrey Whyde 2 oy oldin
you should do like the diet ice creams
Me Person
Me Person 2 oy oldin
Jordan DNB Cx
Jordan DNB Cx 2 oy oldin
I hope Rhett took a lactase enzyme pill before attempting this video or he'd be messing the toilet up because that's what happens with me since I'm lactose intolerant 😂😅
R J 2 oy oldin
I love these dairy-freeeeeee bois
Gage Knox
Gage Knox 2 oy oldin
Um the ice cream sandwich was made with coconut milk I’m assuming
Blu Rooster
Blu Rooster 2 oy oldin
Tender Sheep
Tender Sheep 2 oy oldin
*NOPE LINK WON!* After they switched Link had the dairy free and chose that one! He win fair and square!
James Keating
James Keating 2 oy oldin
I'm allergic to milk, egg, nuts, cats, kiwi, dust and dust mights most of the alternatives for dairy have egg in or nuts in them😫
Wyatt Moore
Wyatt Moore 2 oy oldin
I’m watching in 2019 anyone else.
Jere Vandewalle
Jere Vandewalle 2 oy oldin
Why are they such germaphobes my rule is if I have known them for 2 months or I go to camp with them
Sadie Bug
Sadie Bug 2 oy oldin
The ice cream sandwich that was dairy free was made of coconut milk
Sadie Bug
Sadie Bug 2 oy oldin
I think that dairy free stuff is better than dairy products
Sadie Bug
Sadie Bug 2 oy oldin
I have a milk protein allergy and I love you
Kawaii WEEABOO Unicorn
I’m vegan so......
ducklamp 3 oy oldin
I'm not lactose intolerant, but I'm sensitive to milk proteins, so lactose free milk doesnt help
Fluffie Blue
Fluffie Blue 3 oy oldin
Heartless Bitch
Heartless Bitch 3 oy oldin
Why am I link though?
Holly Hummingbirdriver
Where are my fellow vegans at?!
Evan Canter
Evan Canter 3 oy oldin
Butter is made from milk buddy therefore dairy
Hoseok's Spilled Tae
The fact that Rhett and Link are one of the only UZvidrs left who don't beg for likes makes me happy.
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
Salmon onion bagel... wtf
Ella The Cat Lover
Ya know Zimil milk is just normal milk with something added so lactose intolerants don't suffer the consequences
Stu 3 oy oldin
Should do a lactose free taste test would be way harder!
USSEG 3 oy oldin
FYI: Dairy free coffee creamer is not fully dairy free. It is lactose free, but they still use the casein which is the protein in milk. That is why they still taste very much the same...that and the ton of sugar.
Ava Ringlien
Ava Ringlien 3 oy oldin
*angering the entirety of Wisconsin*
Rusty H
Rusty H 3 oy oldin
That's a very nice shirt.
A N T I - A E S T H E T I C
"Can dairy free be as tasty as dairy?" Hmmmm. No. Negative.
Panda91 Lion
Panda91 Lion 3 oy oldin
I also found I have IBS wich is irritable bowel syndrome I can’t have dairy rather wich I found this useful
Jill C
Jill C 3 oy oldin
I am dairy free so I have had ALL of this!! I like most of it!
Cam x Cam
Cam x Cam 3 oy oldin
1:53 @ x2 speed. 😄
Illuminavi 3 oy oldin
lmfao "I don't like tomatoes, but I do like tomato soup! And I'm not gonna explain myself." Best part of the whole video
The Cody Roark 15
-hi- _hi_ *hi*
Santina Lopez
Santina Lopez 3 oy oldin
I don't have any sort of intolerance but after a couple years of being mostly non dairy, the after taste of dairy is so strong and unpleasant whenever I eat it.
Your Majesty
Your Majesty 3 oy oldin
The lactose they remove from lactose free milk are milk sugars. But get this..... they are bitter milk sugars. Which is why lactose free cow's milk is just a smidge sweeter than regular milk. Go figure.......
SarcasticSalt 3 oy oldin
I’m lactose intolerant Welp. I’m eating everything das nice tomorrow
The 1 the only CHARLOTTE
I am dairy free so I can relate
A Person
A Person 3 oy oldin
Dairy free doesn't seem ranch depeessing
SnapshotOfASoul 3 oy oldin
I have casein intolerance and I was amazed to see how much dairy-free stuff America has... I'm in Canada and we only JUST got dairy-free yogourt.
Hailey Neu
Hailey Neu 3 oy oldin
I loveeeeeee vegan cream cheese!
Jack Smillie
Jack Smillie 3 oy oldin
You should do will it soup? 👍
Francisco S
Francisco S 3 oy oldin
Dairy and dairy free bread taste the same
Sophia DeNault
Sophia DeNault 3 oy oldin
The coconut milk ice cream sandwiches are amazing
ChronicCrow 3 oy oldin
Wait do they make specific non-dairy butter?? We just use canola-based margarine like country crock.
ravioli Squid
ravioli Squid 3 oy oldin
This episode more than others has link saying ‘I do not like’ We get it link You hate food
Charlie Snarf
Charlie Snarf 3 oy oldin
I'm the opposite then link I hate tomato soup but I like tomatoes
trenbolonely 3 oy oldin
I'm lack toast and tolerant so this video was helpful for me.
Imagination Nation
I’m allergic to dairy protein and lactose in tolerant to dairy. They say why dose it taste like coconut it’s because it uses coconut milk 🤦🏽‍♀️
Janelle Margot
Janelle Margot 3 oy oldin
I just posted 🔥🛑why I went dairy free and what I typically eat in a day on my channel!! uzvid.com/video/video-dsZ4kFlpoIM.html
Larissa Rusenescu
I'm not fond of tomatoes but my favorite kind of soup is tomato soup and my favorite tomato soup is dairy free.
MMAS 3 oy oldin
That salmon looked terrible
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