Dakota Johnson Finds Her Inner Supermodel | Vogue

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How exactly does Dakota Johnson get into character for a Vogue cover story? It turns out she takes the method approach, embodying the role of model before posing for a big shoot. Getting into the mood with her best impression of Miranda Kerr and a few minutes FaceTiming with pal Karlie Kloss, Johnson pulls off an adorable tongue-in-cheek transformation. Take a look at a not so typical day-in-the-life, as Johnson finds her inner supermodel and has a great time behind the scenes.

Director: Cass Bird
Director of Photography: Tyler Kohlhoff
Hair: Esther Langham
Makeup: Romy Soleimani
Sound: Keith Rigling, Thump Recording
Sound Mix: Greg Tobler
Editor: Will Town, Modern Post
Post Production: Modern Post
Filmed at Milk Studios
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Dakota Johnson Finds Her Inner Supermodel | Vogue
Featuring: Dakota Johnson
Director: Cass Bird




13-Yan, 2017

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Tony Stark
Tony Stark 23 soat oldin
oh my dakota 😍
Sarah Bourouf
Sarah Bourouf 19 kun oldin
I don't know how many times I've watched this it's so funny
anusha kumar
anusha kumar Oy oldin
She's the cutest. Very genuine
Emma The Hedgehog
Aghh I love her so much
Rema1943 Oy oldin
Godd i love her she's so so cute
Louise M18
Louise M18 Oy oldin
“did this go through osmosis” i can’t she’s so funny and adorable
Stanford Lee
Stanford Lee 2 oy oldin
Dont jurt my mind
Hopingover Leavesinfall
Dakota singing Part of Your World whilst dialling a telephone and holding a coke is really adorable.
alone vera
alone vera 2 oy oldin
Maxie Braxton
Maxie Braxton 2 oy oldin
Jaden Frasco
Jaden Frasco 2 oy oldin
she's so beautiful
최병옥 2 oy oldin
She says "metoo" lol
Shyam Sunder
Shyam Sunder 2 oy oldin
She is so Gorgeous and cute 😍❤️
Adeera Shalina
Adeera Shalina 2 oy oldin
Why does she remind me of irina Shayk?
Adeera Shalina
Adeera Shalina 2 oy oldin
Her Miranda Kerr accent was on point
Stephanie Oropeza C
"Do you guys have any super model water? " 😅😂
Natalia Arce
Natalia Arce 3 oy oldin
Love her! :)
Sophie Clarke
Sophie Clarke 3 oy oldin
I'm Aussie and that Aussie accent was awesome until she said Miranda kerr 😂
ariandinoy! !
ariandinoy! ! 4 oy oldin
please vogue, do it more like this
hartati tut
hartati tut 4 oy oldin
She is so funny and cute and beautiful!!
anusha kumar
anusha kumar 4 oy oldin
nicole ayoub
nicole ayoub 5 oy oldin
her winks are amazing xx ;p
Letycia Chagas
Letycia Chagas 5 oy oldin
why so beautiful
Leyla Rustamova
Leyla Rustamova 5 oy oldin
Dakota is one of the queens of accents! Also, why do women like Dakota look so chic and simple and elegant and stylish in a white T and jeans, and I look like a..... I don't even know a carrot
tina vaid
tina vaid 5 oy oldin
she's so cute and funny and lovely adorable 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Allie Le
Allie Le 5 oy oldin
Is it just me or does she look exactly like young Sharon Stone?
Katy De Perez
Katy De Perez 5 oy oldin
I love her!!!
Ed Afi
Ed Afi 5 oy oldin
LITTLE MERMAID song hahahaha
kathuy 5 oy oldin
what camera did they use
Kyle Elyk
Kyle Elyk 5 oy oldin
*she sang "part of your world"!*
Tiffany Brablec
Tiffany Brablec 5 oy oldin
can I have your number?
Nafija Tabassum
Nafija Tabassum 6 oy oldin
She is funny and awesome
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley 6 oy oldin
She's natural & down to Earth, not pretentious as some of her colleagues seem to be
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley 6 oy oldin
I love Dakota Johnson. She's sweet, adorable, beautiful & funny.
Sumaiya Shah
Sumaiya Shah 6 oy oldin
The first part killed me😂😂😂
soft angel
soft angel 6 oy oldin
awe baby girl
Annacel Sancho
Annacel Sancho 6 oy oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she's soooo funny!
june gumbao
june gumbao 6 oy oldin
She so much pretty lady
이명후 6 oy oldin
이명후 6 oy oldin
lol no no wrong wrong wrong
Bonnita You
Bonnita You 6 oy oldin
SWAG BOI 7 oy oldin
she's lame
alexander geofrey
no earring is so much better..
Yadianna072717 7 oy oldin
She's very very pretty
Arni Sanchi
Arni Sanchi 8 oy oldin
I like her she is so funny not only here even in the interviews😊😊
Elli loves pizza
Elli loves pizza 8 oy oldin
She reminds me of Sia
Giselle G
Giselle G 8 oy oldin
She should do comedy, she's very funny!
Ольга 8 oy oldin
0:17-0:19 is she saying "do you think it was gonna be funnier than it was"? Trying to translate on my native language
jackie 8 oy oldin
She’s adorkable
LBU Makeup
LBU Makeup 8 oy oldin
I don’t get it. She’s not that pretty
Daniella Guerra
Daniella Guerra 8 oy oldin
“No makeup, makeup look” *proceeds to contour*
Angelo Cortez
Angelo Cortez 8 oy oldin
man! the make up got me good! 😂😂
Asher Selbor
Asher Selbor 8 oy oldin
I love her..so cute
Stirlingite 555
Stirlingite 555 8 oy oldin
I love her and her sense of humor! ❤️
Sara Kbiri
Sara Kbiri 8 oy oldin
2:04 im dead
marina tem
marina tem 8 oy oldin
she's adorable❤a good personnality she has
Mash Ash
Mash Ash 8 oy oldin
Ahahahhaha she is HILARIOUS in this video 😂😂😂 love her humor, she's a really funny person 😂😂😂
Anveksha Rai
Anveksha Rai 8 oy oldin
She is so funny
ishaaa 9 oy oldin
73 questions with her!
She does a great Miranda Kerr!!
Alise Garcia
Alise Garcia 9 oy oldin
Her singing at the end is my life
pixie Debbarma
pixie Debbarma 9 oy oldin
She is ugly
MaiisqueBatom 9 oy oldin
Love Dakota 💙💙💙💋💋💋
sara pathan
sara pathan 9 oy oldin
Did this go through osmosis
Evelina Kazragyte
I've seen this video around 10.000 times
Eda Tarhan
Eda Tarhan 9 oy oldin
She was like “did this go through osmosis?” Hahah😂😂
Kim Darryl Catangui
Shes so funny love you dakota!!!
Llianaa Doink
Llianaa Doink 9 oy oldin
That Miranda impression was 💯
Sanjushree Dhara
Sanjushree Dhara 9 oy oldin
How is she so darn likeable?
Cristiano Souza
Cristiano Souza 9 oy oldin
Im in love!
who are you
who are you 9 oy oldin
i love you
César Silva Cavero
Love her personality!❤
Марина Кичкирева
what is the song?)
love tayswift
love tayswift 9 oy oldin
OMG!!! her British accent 😂😂 love her so muchh !!
Hanem 9 oy oldin
Please watch my cover of Gorgeous by Taylor Swift on my channel. Thank you so much.😻
ms riiko
ms riiko 9 oy oldin
Lmao she's awesome
hayley marshall
hayley marshall 9 oy oldin
She s amazingg
Thuy Ngan Tran
Thuy Ngan Tran 9 oy oldin
Can anyone please tell me what camcorder they used for this video?
Lapin Coquin
Lapin Coquin 9 oy oldin
i just love her
Albana Berisha
Albana Berisha 9 oy oldin
Wow her forehead is huge no wonder she got bangs 👀
Scarlet Arrow
Scarlet Arrow 9 oy oldin
I love her so much 💜💜❤️❤️💙
Vasudha Kalia
Vasudha Kalia 9 oy oldin
Besch Amelsous
Besch Amelsous 10 oy oldin
shes adorable and funny. I love her!😍💜💞💖
Pao Pao
Pao Pao 10 oy oldin
happy larry
happy larry 10 oy oldin
So much space in your gap teeth
bulby dorm
bulby dorm 10 oy oldin
can somebody tell me what camera they use?
joanna gomez
joanna gomez 10 oy oldin
She’s so beautiful xoxoxoxox love you Dakota❤️💋💋💋
Maria Suarez
Maria Suarez 10 oy oldin
Soo playfully cute 😂😂
Vega Japarin
Vega Japarin 10 oy oldin
That australian accent was on point
Sofie 10 oy oldin
I'm gonna start saying that about my big forhead
ella Enrile
ella Enrile 10 oy oldin
"There's just so much space" I totally get you hahahha😂 adorable💖
Martina Ráceková
Martina Ráceková 10 oy oldin
her current boyfriend is Chris Martin (Coldplay)
dangerous woman
dangerous woman 10 oy oldin
She looks better with the bang it makes her eyes intense
Spencer Hastings
Spencer Hastings 10 oy oldin
Did this go through osmosis? 😂
ME Adis
ME Adis 10 oy oldin
Sally Daniel
Sally Daniel 10 oy oldin
She's cute, but if she wasn't celebuspawn nobody would pay any attention to her. I see girls everywhere that are just as pretty or prettier that aren't the child of celebrities.
DiMoAko Kilala
DiMoAko Kilala 10 oy oldin
Wow...😊💕💕💕🌹🌹🌹really love dakota
Lucía TianShi Vega
She's so cute!
Andreea Basa
Andreea Basa 10 oy oldin
Her skin is so perfect
Vicky Voll
Vicky Voll 10 oy oldin
This is so funny!