Dakota Johnson Had No Problem Confronting Her Neighbors

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Jimmy and Dakota talk about living next door to each other, and Dakota explains what happened when she confronted another neighbor about a dispute involving Dakota's old truck.
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Dakota Johnson Had No Problem Confronting Her Neighbors




12-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 603
PRAVEEN KUMAR 3 kun oldin
I love Dakota. She's sooooo cute😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
SpaceClown404 4 kun oldin
wow sounds like rich assholes mad it wasn't a brand new trcuk
Shrushti Kulkarni
Shrushti Kulkarni 4 kun oldin
So Dakota, Jimmy, John Krasinski and Kendall are neighbours..
Getting you Triggered
She is incredibly beautiful
Charles Weinberg
Charles Weinberg 10 kun oldin
Shes hot i would ask her to be bae
Gabriela Roman
Gabriela Roman 14 kun oldin
I love how Dakota keeps her life private so whenever she does an interview I get so excited to know just a tiny bit more about her.
S B 15 kun oldin
"I'm not usually like that".... That's what all crazy bitches say lol
Jesse Baskiewicz
Jesse Baskiewicz 17 kun oldin
95 F150 , NICE.
najafa 18 kun oldin
ChocoBabiChan 19 kun oldin
I just love her!
We're Not Funny
We're Not Funny 19 kun oldin
People still think Jerry Seinfeld is funny? What’s up with that?
MsAminaShah 20 kun oldin
Shes soo gorgeous but always has sleepy bags under her eyes. I dont think she gets too much sleep
Chintan Leuva
Chintan Leuva 20 kun oldin
She's cool !
CookieCreamCrumble 20 kun oldin
she doesnt need to be apologizing for selfish pricks removing a car that i can assume was there ligeally, that isnt thiers
Manisha Khowal
Manisha Khowal 20 kun oldin
She is cute😍😍
Quaddestroyer 21 kun oldin
aw she’s so wholesome
Gabriel Legend
Gabriel Legend 21 kun oldin
I cannot believe that someone would be so despicable as to have a family heirloom towed because they didn't like looking at it. I think not being rich is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I would never want to be that kind of awful human being.
Masuma Abdullah
Masuma Abdullah 21 kun oldin
Why she is so adorable and lovely?
Sage Elle
Sage Elle 21 kun oldin
I feel like she’s Aubrey Plazas long lost slightly more adjusted sister
Juliette De Maso
Juliette De Maso 22 kun oldin
Yeah. We know who took the old truck. Dakota just wait a few hours, there'll be an Audi where the truck was.
Michelle Hurley
Michelle Hurley 22 kun oldin
Go back to Russia Chris lessner stays he has probation sorry dude lol
Michelle Hurley
Michelle Hurley 22 kun oldin
Nasty bro
Michelle Hurley
Michelle Hurley 22 kun oldin
You know that was a man that's Kyle Jane Jenner
Meri 22 kun oldin
She has the sweetest laugh
Janae Clarice
Janae Clarice 23 kun oldin
She shouldn’t feel bad for confronting them at all! I don’t blame her! That was so rude! How is that even legal? It’s not their truck!
Prototype 81
Prototype 81 23 kun oldin
She has a creepy and weird look to her.
Nina Gonzalez
Nina Gonzalez 23 kun oldin
I love her laugh
Jaimee Harvey
Jaimee Harvey 23 kun oldin
she reminds me a lil of aubrey plaza! she is so cute
Angelica Andrade
Angelica Andrade 23 kun oldin
Jimmy is neighbors with everybody 😂
hArambe The INFINITE #daRealSosaBoi #OGfinessn
she the type of hoe who clean asf but pussy stenk like blue cheese on crack 💯
maggie m
maggie m 23 kun oldin
she’s so boring
Ocean lights
Ocean lights 23 kun oldin
I legit would of been like “get your ass back here!!!”
Tori Bean
Tori Bean 23 kun oldin
I literally love her so much
Ismael Morales
Ismael Morales 24 kun oldin
Me gusta como nose rie hermosa
the best and you?
the best and you? 24 kun oldin
this woman has everything
Des Kitsch
Des Kitsch 24 kun oldin
Urggghhh.. It seems timing that I watched this. In front of our house there's a beaten truck as well but that truck is owned by someone who lives a few blocks away from us. I want to call a towing compang as well 😂 but I'm afraid I'll have to shoulder the cost. Plus I'm not confrontational as well.
Jessie Lindsay
Jessie Lindsay 25 kun oldin
arent john krasinsky and emily blunt jimmy's neighbors??? hmm...
najafa 18 kun oldin
not no more.
Rick Hernandez
Rick Hernandez 25 kun oldin
A pair of liberal idiots.
Jennifer Chieng
Jennifer Chieng 25 kun oldin
My neighbor’s did the same thing with my mom’s car! It amazing what people will complain about
Asma Chef
Asma Chef 25 kun oldin
I love this woman ♡
Joseph John Anzur
Joseph John Anzur 25 kun oldin
Sounds like a great neighborhood to live in!!!!
ekswAyZee yee
ekswAyZee yee 25 kun oldin
she is so hot.
Natalya 26 kun oldin
OMG I'm an actress cuz my mom is an actress and my dad is an actress and my grandma was an actress and I just didn't have to even worry my pretty little head about picking a career cuz it was all ready and waiting for me when I decided to snap my fingers. And now I come on shows like Jimmy Fallon and I'm just so famous and talented, didn't you know.
SAILOREARTH89 26 kun oldin
wow good for her
Veronica B
Veronica B 26 kun oldin
She is so adorable :)
H. Louise
H. Louise 26 kun oldin
Meine X
Meine X 26 kun oldin
We gotta protect her bois
Anton Markov
Anton Markov 26 kun oldin
She’s pretty amazing. I never knew.
Vid Files
Vid Files 26 kun oldin
Kimmel is ugly
Juan Carlos Pineda
Juan Carlos Pineda 26 kun oldin
This is very true & happens often in prominent LA neighborhoods. Rich white people in these types of neighborhoods have no issues they literally have to create them. Glad she got to keep her truck!
Katherine castro
Katherine castro 27 kun oldin
She is so sweet 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬
Bangtan_Boys 27 kun oldin
her voice is so soothing
Bangtan_Boys 27 kun oldin
what a cool neighborhood
red ruM
red ruM 27 kun oldin
\m/ L😂L \m/
Stefy Battaglia
Stefy Battaglia 27 kun oldin
Con questa tuta dakota e bellissima il massimo della semplicità e della raffinatezza....
Sea Mee
Sea Mee 27 kun oldin
She’s hot.
yiddony sanchez
yiddony sanchez 27 kun oldin
I bit subscribe and I’m waiting for my dreams to come true! Starting with coming to your show then Ellen Kay thanks.
JAMES BASKINS 28 kun oldin
It's not no TV show.
tricia duzs
tricia duzs 28 kun oldin
She needs to lose those bangs she's not 12
Literally Nobody
Literally Nobody 28 kun oldin
2:23 is my fave part😂😂
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime 28 kun oldin
Cute...til you see those teeth. Yikes.
tricia duzs
tricia duzs 28 kun oldin
She needs dental work bad
najafa 18 kun oldin
crooked teeth got personality. CHER ruined herself with the BIG CAPS and NOSE JOB, so DAKOTA, keep it real!
mart nor
mart nor 29 kun oldin
Sooooooooooooooo stop being a fagot jimmy
Jacklyn Marchment
Jacklyn Marchment 29 kun oldin
I love how shes becoming more known!! I love her sm
Brandonlm2010 29 kun oldin
she looks like an average person and an a list celebrity fused
VMeGaMRedZV 29 kun oldin
Mind your own business, you nosy snob neighbors. If anything that's not belongs to you it's not parking nor inside your own property, you've no rights for it whatsoever.
Ra Thesungod
Ra Thesungod 29 kun oldin
Renata Secatti
Renata Secatti 29 kun oldin
She has such a good energy
Erica Berry
Erica Berry 29 kun oldin
“I’m gonna send them a cake... of my truck” lol the shade is real
Erica Berry
Erica Berry 29 kun oldin
Well now if your neighbors ask “were you the ones who talked about us on a late talk show”, you can laugh and walk away.
aech thrasher
aech thrasher Oy oldin
Well they seen the Ford emblem so it's very easy to assume it needed a tow.
hpkntnw Oy oldin
There’s nothing cooler in the world than an old pick up truck.
Catherin Jewell
I want to like her but I can't. Ever since I saw her on the red carpet with her mother one time it changed my mind about her! She was so rude and disrespectful to her mother I was embarrassed for her mother! How embarrassing for her mother on national TV for her daughter to talk to her the way she did! I've never seen another star speak to someone like that when they're being interviewed. I can imagine how she is when she isn't in front of the cameras! After this I've never liked her!
Galicias Gone
Galicias Gone Oy oldin
no class
Bri Andy
Bri Andy Oy oldin
Her neighbors are the Jenner’s lol
adria dr
adria dr Oy oldin
Jimmy lives right across from John and emily and I hope to god it wasn’t them but I’m pretty sure it was
najafa 18 kun oldin
(SIGH) not if it was in the last year or so, as they moved to new York city.
queen rarity
queen rarity Oy oldin
She is beautiful and so sweet and adorable i love her my queen👑❤
Ana R
Ana R Oy oldin
Good mix of genes from Melanie and Don.
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken Oy oldin
Dakota is so gorgeous goddam
JTD472 Oy oldin
How crazy does she look in the thumbnail? Lol
Jigs Arquiza
Jigs Arquiza Oy oldin
She can call the vice squad.
Albany Olmos
Albany Olmos Oy oldin
Is it me or she sounds really mature? Not like she wasn't before but I don't know I like it!
Althea Marie Garcia
Yaneris Roa-green
I love her 😂😂😂
Garlicjr Made
Garlicjr Made Oy oldin
poor girl sold her soul for fame
Probably Hood
Probably Hood Oy oldin
And I'm over here trippin' about my neighbor throwing away my empty soap container, for the bathroom. 😪💩
Veronica Hernandez
I would react the same way 😁😂but no cake !! Lol
Idristardis Oy oldin
She Seems very nice and fun :)
The Ghost of Winterfell
A few days ago Dakota said that she would love to play Catwoman. I can see that. If there was someone with a IQ higher than zero in the DCEU, she would have been cast already.
PrudyM 22 kun oldin
she seems too timid..even after 50 shades idk
cheslyn holland
She cute!
Joy Lopez
Joy Lopez Oy oldin
Funny 😂
John Nazario
John Nazario Oy oldin
God I love her. Her attitude is so seductive and so nonchalant at the same time.
flnthrn2 Oy oldin
A 1995 F150 is NOT a "cool old truck".
Peter D
Peter D Oy oldin
She takes it in the pooper.
Sarah Shanaa
Sarah Shanaa Oy oldin
She is cuteee
Chosen One
Chosen One Oy oldin
1995 F150......gross
madeline garza
shes so cute lol
eagle team
eagle team Oy oldin
Who ?
Lissia J85
Lissia J85 Oy oldin
Oh savage and I love savage, I love her even more now >:)